Top cop implicated in car theft scam

HARARE - Embattled ex-top cop, Oliver Chibage, has been implicated in a car theft scandal involving a local dealer, Innocent Gumbura.

Chibage, who according to sources was forced out of the police force due to a series of dodgy dealings, allegedly shielded Gumbura from arrest and thwarted criminal proceedings against the accused.

Attempts by the Daily News yesterday to get comment from Chibage over the fresh allegations proved fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered, but on Wednesday he denied being involved in any corrupt dealings.

The Toyota Sequoia at the centre of controversy.

But well placed sources within the police force yesterday told the Daily News that Chibage played a crucial role in preventing the prosecution of Gumbura for car theft.

Omega Chatyoka, the owner of the stolen Toyota Sequoia, later took the matter to Chihuri, who ordered Gumbura’s arrest and instituted investigations against Chibage.

According to sources, Gumbura, who took advantage of the absence of Chatyoka, sold the car to Noah Taguta of the Johanne Marange Apostolic sect for a staggering $250 000.

“He (Gumbura) lied to Chatyoka that he had sold the car to a Congolese man and bought a replacement, similar to the original,” the source said.

“But he could not deliver the vehicle as he had promised because the car had been withheld at the border, forcing Chatyoka to report the matter to the police.”

According to sources, the replacement vehicle arrived late in December last year and was given to Chibage as a token of appreciation for protecting him from arrest.

In April this year, the luxurious vehicle, which Gumbura had claimed to Chatyoka that he had sold to a Congolese businesses tycoon, was spotted being driven by David Sewera together with Taguta in Harare, forcing Chatyoka to alert traffic police officers who immediately impounded it.

“The vehicle was impounded  and taken to Southerton Police Station and  Chibage again told the officers there to release the vehicle back to Taguta despite the fact that the car had been stolen,” a top police source told the Daily News.

“Gumbura was arrested by details from Ruwa Police Station who handed him to Harare Central Police Station, but Chibage ordered his release around 11pm, against police regulations which prohibit release of a suspect after 4 pm,” the highly-placed source said.

However, Gumbura’s luck ran out after Chatyoka reported the matter to Chihuri, demanding reasons as to why her car was returned back to Taguta despite proof that it was stolen property.

Chibage, police sources said, openly told Chatyoka in a meeting held at police general headquarters that he was responsible for the illegal release of Gumbura from police custody in the dead of night.

He also admitted that he had ordered Southerton Police Station to release the stolen vehicle back to Taguta in a bid to harvest votes for Zanu PF from of the apostolic sect ahead of the July 31 polls.

“He (Chibage) told the woman (Chatyoka) that he had been instructed to release the vehicle by Kasukuwere (Saviour), because Taguta is the president’s (Robert Mugabe) pastor,” the police source said.

Chatyoka narrated her ordeal to Chihuri in a meeting also attended by his deputy, Josephine Shambare, the deputy commissioner responsible for crime and other senior police officers.

A fellow up meeting was held in Chihuri’s boardroom by senior officers, although in the absence of Chibage, which sanctioned the impounding of the Toyota Sequoia pending the finalisation of the criminal trial of Gumbura - currently underway at Harare Magistrate Court before regional magistrate Noel Mupeiwa.

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This is what people are supposed to have voted overwhelmingly to maintain. Although Chihuri has to be commended for helping the poor lady, Oliver Chibage is still a free man despite the glaring evidence against him. And no prizes for guessing he will never be touched because he was only emulating what Chihuri and others have been doing for donkey years. If he goes down he will spill the beans; if they ecer arrest him he will "commit suicide in prison". This is what all independent newspapers should be doing- investigate and expose all forms of corruption and this govt will sink sooner or later.

Disaster - 11 October 2013

A fellow up meeting was held....

norest - 11 October 2013

Yes thus PF for you. Kasukuwere comes in and sucks in our dear president. It appears many pple have abused the president's office and name for their personal enrichment. Chibage will be the first to confess.

dhewa - 11 October 2013

Saka Noah Taguta is driving a stolen vehicle and he is said to be a prophet. Mlimo guy's prophecy may come true. Noah Taguta akadziya moto wembavha saka imbavhawo.

Maita Manyuka - 11 October 2013

Anyway people should take heed when elections are run. I dont know what gets into our people to behave in such a manner. As for the poor Commisioner, i believe he is sacrificed as the root of the corruption is from the top. Unfortunately few will be sacrificed in as far as Masimirembwa is being sacrificed. Thats life for you anyway. Indded as he said we believe and understand he was send to do certian things to protect a political party and his wish was to get promoted. However, i have always maintained that police should act professionally and desist from being political . I have noticed a lot of overzealous officers who did things out of proportion .

MNK - 11 October 2013

The President's pastor according to Saviour was bought to force his congregation to vote for ZanuPf now the car is gone. He should be arrested because he knew after the car had been initially impounded that it is a stolen vehicle and for him to keep using a stolen vehicle was bad for a man of the cloth. Kutondpinza pasika asina kuchena, ndatya because ndakkurira mu positori ini havziiti kuti udyise vanhu pasika iwe une zviri pauri no clean yourself first. Ndovasungwa ne tambo vozodhonzwa vadonha vafa in The Holy of The Holies temple in the Old Testament

Maita Manyuka - 11 October 2013

How can this car be sold for $ 250 000 wen it cost $ 55 000.00 brand new

George - 11 October 2013

Manenji aya!!! Mapurisawe! tangatichitoti ndimi mutemo wacho!!!

Patriot - 11 October 2013

aaahh..! saka mfana wanetsa uyu..!

mammoth castle - 11 October 2013

Zvakaoma. Manje Mudhara akachenera futi.

Ganyamatope - 11 October 2013

Police in Harae have always benefitted from Hardcore thieves.Police got vast sums of money to warn car thieves of warrant of arrests or raid on their premises and they would skip the border.This has been happening since 1980.No surprises here.

Squarebasher - 11 October 2013

mbavha hadzisunge and this is the case in zimbabwe those who have money are free men

tsangu - 11 October 2013

mbavha hadzisunge and this is the case in zimbabwe those who have money are free men

tsangu - 11 October 2013

Why has he not been arrested?

Mavara Azarevhu - 11 October 2013

hehehehehehede. Seka hako Mukorekore. Chibage thinks bringing the President's name into this mud will save him? This is just a tip of an iceberg. There are more shoddy and underhand deals going on in the name of ZANU PF. That is why ZANU PF must be disbanded altogether.

Mukorekore Mukuru - 11 October 2013

Please Squarebasher tell the truth. Corruption in the Police only grew to unprecedented heights after Augustine Chihuri became a Commissioner. Do you remember that he was once convicted of a car theft related case in the Harare Regional Court, only to be acquitted on appeal? He was a Deputy Police Commissioner at that time. After he became national Commissioner of Police, he disbanded the CID, in a rage for having dared to investigate him in the first place. He replaced seasoned and Africa's best crime fighters with his own charlatans. For example he deployed Mutamba, who used to be in charge of CPU a unit composed of plain clothes officers whose only role was stop and search and don't have any clue in investigations and compilation of crime files. And Zimbabweans know the hundreds of cases that have been shodily investigateand resulted in acquittals because of the utter uselessness of the new so-called detectives. Saka please kana tichitaura nyaya idzi ngatitaure chokwadi chingabatsire nyika. Kumele sikhululume iqiniso ukuze ilizwe lethu liphumelele. Ask yourself why why Chihuri used Dumiso Dabengwa to get rid of the experienced Deputy Commissioners Phillip Mhike, George Kundeya, David Blake and Enock Ngwenya. Ask those who are in the know. Chihuri has presided over a very corrupt police force. At one point the entire police service had 20 000 members yet you could see officers on the beat everywhere including residential areas like Hatfield, Borrowdale, Highfields and Mbare. He has expanded the force to over 50 000 yet we don't see any police presence where we live. Where are the police and what are they doing? You guessed right. They are manning roadblocks, squeezing us of our hard earned cash in a country with no employment. They have neither heart nor scrupples! Shame!

Taurai Chokwadi - 12 October 2013

Imi mota iyo itsva yegore rinouya irikuita US$60 295 iri Platinum. Ko US$250 000 ndeyekutengei? Is it made of gold? That, people, is the real story!

Kev - 12 October 2013

MUGABE is the biggest culprit when it comes to condoning corruption. If he cared Chombo would be in prison, not a minister.

Mbongeni Sakhe - 12 October 2013

baba mugabe naba chihuri vadii zvavo we are safe tiinavo

brodgia - 12 October 2013

if they cared they must have arrested these people before the elections not after,not kuzotora mota yemuporofita wamwari Taguta after these harmonised elections

mbumbu - 12 October 2013

Noah Taguta has done more than just car theft. Google:" In defense of apostles church"and see how the church has been sold for 30 pieces of silver. The truth about apostles church abuse will come out even after a century.

John Mushawatu - 13 October 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends lets initiates zim web to expose corruption. Real names, places of occurrence, time and date, and short story. With the literacy rate of Zimbabweans should give us ability to handle any issue in this country. The issue of corruption is not political but any evil. The only group of people to be in the front to fight it are the Police. Chihuri must tell the nation now not tomorrow - what he is doing about it.

dungas - 13 October 2013

Corruption has severely inflicted the country true, it is a two way any event the vehicle for corruption is the society itself. officers and officials and members of the public must all fight the pandemic.tise tine basa muhondo iyi. the commissioner cannot win it alone.corruption is everywhere but the commissioner is not everywhere to be fanning it as charged.

zvakanaka - 14 October 2013

chasara kuongoro your finance department mr Chihuri, that one is corrupt. a superientend owing two houses in the low suburbs, lots of property hey God for bid

bmoyo - 14 October 2013

chasara kuongoro your finance department mr Chihuri, that one is corrupt. a superientend owing two houses in the low suburbs, lots of property hey God for bid

bmoyo - 14 October 2013

chasara kuongoro your finance department mr Chihuri, that one is corrupt. a superientend owing two houses in the low suburbs, lots of property hey God for bid

bmoyo - 14 October 2013

I am also a victim of a more or less similar network involving Plocice Officers at Southertin Police and a bogus car dealer,Muchetwa, who am informed recently lost to Retired Brig A Mutinhiri in Mashonaland West.He varvished with a toyata Vits which i was selling on behalf of my friend without paying making any payment.By the Grace of God we managed to recover the car in town ,but funny the Police and the Dealer abused their Powers to have the car released this is despite having opened the case number : VTS OB 3461/12.Pitty i am now holed before the courts to pay for the car instead.If you guys can help me to have justice prevail.I have all the details with me

ephrage - 15 October 2013

I have always wondered kuti mazimota anodhura anenge ane mapostori anombotengwa neyi since they don't appear that well off apart from wheeling & dealing in tin foil. I have said it before that the rate at which Zimbabweans are engaging in cult & occult practices & abusing religion to further their own personal interests is frightening. Kwasara ma 'donations' emazimota ne mazimba atinongonzwa vamwe ma so called Prophet vachiti vakapihwa pachena ne spirit havasi kuba.

Black Wadada - 15 October 2013

Zviri pachena kuti mbavha munyika MAPURISA vachadurana vese zvavo.

Hazvie - 15 October 2013

why is police so corupt?cant they take a leaf from our well disciplined national army,we rarely hear about scandals or coruption stories by members of the defence forces

musoja - 16 October 2013

Don't worry.. They rotten will soon be chucked into a new snakepit at new chikurubi

boss - 17 October 2013

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