MDC addresses Tsvangirai ouster push

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC said yesterday leadership renewal will only be dealt with at the party’s next elective congress in 2016.

Douglas Mwonzora, the MDC spokesperson, admitted yesterday that there were some in the party’s top echelons including the national executive, national council and the national standing committee who felt that it was necessary to allow the party to reinvent itself  in the wake of the recent electoral defeat to Zanu PF.

The former Nyanga legislator said there were varied opinions in the party’s top brass over the issue and the other party structures, from provinces to cell branches were yet to give their opinion in the debate.

He however, indicated that it was not permissible for party members to discuss leadership renewal through the press while there were platforms including the national and provincial council meetings, to do so.

“The subject of leadership renewal is an internal party thing,” Mwonzora told reporters.

“We do not discuss these things in the press without exhausting the debate internally.”

Mwonzora explained disciplinary measures taken against Ian Kay, who suggested that Tsvangirai should step down.

Mwonzora accused Kay of ignoring protocol when he spoke to the press about his opinion on the MDC leadership.

“It is not undemocratic to call people for disciplinary hearings,” Mwonzora said.

“The MDC is a party of rules it has a constitution and it has regulations. Part of the party’s responsibility is to make sure that all party members abide by the constitution and abide by the rules and if these rules are not abided by, the leadership has a mandate to make sure that the party rules and regulations are followed.

“The position of the MDC and the position of Morgan Tsvangirai is that the issue of succession and leadership renewal are not crimes and people within the party are free to express their views in any manner that they like.”

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This is what we call democracy

Daniel Berejena - 11 October 2013

Tsvangirai is doing exactly what he criticises Mugabe of doing - clinging on to power whatever the odds, or the feelings of the party. Mugabe and Tsvangirai are dictators, arrogant, always blaming others for their shortfalls. When Mugabe was rigging, if he did, what were you Tsvangirai, doing about it? As a prime minister then, you should have been aware of it. Maybe you had your own rigging plan which failed. Mugabe is just a smarter dictator than you Save. In fact voting for Mugabe is better than voting for Tsvangirai, talk of a better dictator who stands for the resources of his people.

Me - 11 October 2013

I symphathise with them, what I don't like is like putting the blame of the loss on Tsvangirayi alone. They must dissolve the whole national executive and start afresh. The same executive pushed for confirmations when other parties where doing primaries. The same national executive stayed in hotels as Zanupf central committe was massing and distributing voters registration slips to anybody who accepted tp vote for Zanupf. So why Moergan alone there must be a complet transformation of the party. We observers can come and dissolve their national executive and call for elections of new members from people who really want change kwete tuma vendors twavakaisa utwu twakukorokotedza vaka riga ma elections.

Maita Manyuka - 11 October 2013

kubva kwake kana kusabva zvakafana asi kana vanhu vakajoina havafaniri kutaurisa, Uzve vaivepi pamira varume vachi campainer for posts nngava mirire nguva plus kungorwira pasina ari kutonga ngavatange vatongaka

kuziva mbuya huudzwa - 11 October 2013

Yes Ian Kay did not follow protocol.You don't rush to newspapers and say Mugabe must go and expect Mugabe to keep quite. Go to the organs of the party and say it. Its allowed. He was not suspended for calling for removal of Tsvangirayi but for not doing it in the right fora.

Maita Manyuka - 11 October 2013

Why does it seem like everyone is missing the point? Did MDC lose the elections?

Monya - 11 October 2013

No no no no MDC did not lose the elections. The elections were rigged. That is the truth of the matter. The whole world and the riggers themselves know that.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 11 October 2013

First of all MDC T did not lose the elections.Second no one in the Party can and will remove Mr Tsvangirai from the Presidency.I said it before and now I will say it again,only the Youths can remove Mr Tsvangirai,however the youths has already declared and come 2016,Mr Tsvangirai will return the his post.Those who are calling for his removal must think twice or else we will tell them to go and madhuku's party.We will only start counting his years when he becomes the State President,but for now forget,he will never be removed as long we are around.

josefa chinotimba - 11 October 2013

Tsvangirai haasati atonga Zimbabwe musati kana makaba moda kuti Morgan ngaabve akakufemesaika makushanda flat out kuti abve muwane rimwe boora ngoma rinoda mari risina zvido zvevnhu pamoyo. viva Save tinemi kusvika matonga Zim.

kurojaimhosva - 11 October 2013

Tsvangirai haasati atonga Zimbabwe musati kana makaba moda kuti Morgan ngaabve akakufemesaika makushanda flat out kuti abve muwane rimwe boora ngoma rinoda mari risina zvido zvevnhu pamoyo. viva Save tinemi kusvika matonga Zim.

kurojaimhosva - 11 October 2013

Ndinne urombo kuti vamwe ve mdc murikurwira chigaro chinTsvangirai, asi regai ndikuyambirei kuti party haisi yenyu asi ndeyedu isu vanhu. ndisu tinovhota. vazhinji makapinda pazvigaro NEKUDA KWA TSVANGIRAI. Hatikuzivei imi but we voted for MDC T coz we voted for Tsvangirai. -Please guys do not commit political suicide and this I mean it.

muchovha - 11 October 2013

Is there anyone in Zanu who has asked to Mugabe to resign? Those who are asking him to go do not belong to Zanu. It is the same with MDC. Those who want him to resign must go to the grass roots and mobilise party members. You can try but we want Tsangirai to lead.

Mavara Azarevhu - 11 October 2013

people we dnt want to learn simple welshman tried this guys check where is he Tsvangirayi is so far the best he realy knows what people are after

mudiikani - 11 October 2013

Tsvangirai must go, hapana nyaya apa. He must just go, PERIOD

Spencer - 12 October 2013

If we are for a democratic dispensation, the MT should remain at the helm of MDC till the next Congress. In any case he is the face of the opposition-just look at what happened to Welshman Ncube when he split-where is he today? The same fate will befall power hungry morons within our midst. I am, however, not happy with a top-bottom leadership approach within the MDC because this has cost the Party.

Chief Charumbira - 12 October 2013

Guys if you agree kuti term its 5ys not exceeding that whether you win or not respect that period! What makes one shift goal posts thats where the problem is. MDC T leadership lacks integrity and consistency which is making the educated start to doubt you. LISTEN! You should not put faith in individuals but rather in strong systems and institutions to protect the party, its vision, mission, values and goals. Our country will be in for a long problem if we dont do this, because individuals are unpredictable and they gravitates towards selfishness if put in a corner. So the party needs to put a clear succession plan which has to be respected, not individuals. The party should outlive individuals. Look if MT had willingly stepped down and no imposition of candidates, there would be no tension. And also let me tell you about leadership, leadership is all centered on character and integrity which lacks big time in MT. You may want to deny it his loose morals also RIGGED the election....and continued marital problems....ummm gentleman its time you really need to take introspection if you need a good future...I am for leadership renewal So a new face

open your mind - 12 October 2013

It was not Tsvangirai who caused elections to be rigged.If so where was everyone else in the party.Zanu Pf has diverted your attention from focusing onto how to prevent election rigging into dividing you through calling for leadership change.Let him contest under fair conditions and then call for leadership change after his five year term.If you remove him now who ever replaces him will never be as popular as Tsvangirai and that will be the beginning of the death of MDC.

chimwango - 12 October 2013

Kubva kwa Tsvangirai pachigaro MDC matokuvara, akauya neushingi murume uyu, siyayi atonge

Hazvie - 15 October 2013

Those who call Tsvangirai to go must go hang or go to hell,the agenda is not to remove Tsvangirai but to remove Mugabe and his systems.Tsvangirai formed this MDC-T because of an out dated relic commodity that Mugabe was selling that was equally poisonous and extremely dangerous to the ordinary zimbabweans,eg you Spencer. why can't you put that amount of energy towards removing this Mugabe of yours who made you look so stupid and inconsiderate.

hazviurai - 15 October 2013

It a matter of principal. I understand MT was elected by the masses to lead the party and the masses are the ones who have the power to remove him not some power hungry power at the party. My friends be careful of how you tackle this issue because you might end on the losing side know where your bread is buttered.

Tati - 15 October 2013

All I would love you to understand is that in as much as you might like to believe otherwise, the MDC is a political beast just like ZANU PF. On the surface it might look different but underneath it is the same. If only the MDC had won then you would have witnessed the MDC morf into everything you say is bad about ZANU PF.

Zugi - 15 October 2013

@Hazvie Don't you think that the ZANU PF crew deserves to rule by virtue of their braving the fight against colonialism. Lets not contradict ourselves please - this is a disease that a lot of MDC supporters suffer from. Luckily I happen to have a cure for it: its called a REALITY CHECK - despite all your claims of rigging, ZANU PF is in power and is going to rule for the next 5 years and if you keep your head in the clouds again in the next elections, they will rule for yet another term.

Zugi - 15 October 2013

I like it when ZanuPF people push for leadeaship renewal in MDC when in their party its taboo and they say only the man's maker can decide on such matters.

mupositori - 15 October 2013

Yes, Mavhaire said Mugabe must go and is now a minister of Energy

Shainai Mufiri - 15 October 2013

respect the constitution of the party 3 terms failing to depose mugabe it clearly shows that tsvangirai has failed for how long would he actually talking of removing mugabe.Its now 13yrs gentlemen this man tried to be the president but it seems that he is a failure vakuru vanoti ushe madzoro.zanupf have agreed according to their constitution kuti vamugabe kana mdc yotadza kurespecter what they gave birth to hw can they respect the wishes of the people.kana mongoti morgan pane unoziva here mazuva ake ekurarama ko akafa nhasi wil you say thats the end of mdc then if it is like that yakafa part yacho rotate to make a difference.Morgan was part of the gvt failed to notice the rigging and expose it.Morgan's statement on the voting day contradicts with what he is saying now so he cannot be trusted.When a bulldozer prepare a road haizofambi nayo asi rinototakurwa thanks morgan nekuda kwezvivindi asi nguva yatiri haichada zvivindi yava kuda brains live it to those with brains otherwise you will suffer another massive defeat becoz bob akatokudhoma kare

maths - 16 October 2013

From the outset Cross, in a self critical paper titled, 'What did we get wrong?' recognizes and acknowledges that the Morgan Tsvangirai led party did have the final option to veto many of ZANU PF's transgressions but never used it and in the end 'we paid the price.' MDC was outmanouvered and lost the election, whether it was through rigging or fair.

WIser - 16 October 2013

Tsvangirai Tsvangirai chii.....imi maka winner kupi ????.....Tsvangirayi for MDC-T President and for ZIMBABWE President.....not pwetere pwetere leadership renewal kuita kunge song The Blair that I know is a toilet...on 100% local content introduced by musoro bhangu.......MT for President....akuenda anosiira ini Bikita Kata.....

Bikita Kata - 17 October 2013

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