'Chibage abused office'

HARARE - A Harare couple has alleged criminal abuse of office and harassment by ex-commissioner of police Oliver Chibage and his top lieutenants in what they alleged was a relentless drive to illegally seize their investments.

This is one of the cases that could have led police commissioner-general, Augustine Chihuri to fire Chibage as it emerges that there are three more top police officers in the firing line over different allegations of corruption.

Some of the officers were said to be using Chihuri’s name to fleece individuals of their money and property.

Loice Shekede alleged Chibage, chief superintendent Joel Tenderere and a retired army major Chademana waged a battle to ensure that the couple was removed from Outdoor Living Centre, a stone and slate miners and purveyors in Msasa.

While Chibage was not picking up his mobile phone yesterday, on Wednesday he strenuously denied the corruption allegations.

“Munhu wa commissioner angaita zvinhu zvakadaro? Ini ndiri busy kuno kugadzira nezve Miss Universities. (Do you think I would do that? I am busy organising the Miss Universities contest),” he said.

Chibage has since been forced to resign pending a corruption probe into his dealings.

In a detailed October 4, 2013 report to Chihuri, Shekede claimed that the police commanders were harassing her to an extent of setting up criminal gangs to harass her.

“Chibage, Tenderere and their gang have deployed several criminals who are illegally occupying my residence, thus making it impossible and unsafe to live there for me and the children,” Shekede claims in the detailed report to Chihuri.

Shekede, through her company Prisgate Trading, operated Outdoor Living Centre in Msasa, at premises she had been leasing from a white couple, Terry and Lorna Rhodes.

“We have not been able to operate our business since the criminal invasion because Chibage, Tenderere and Hwemende (Gedion), a former worker of the white couple and their gang have taken control of the premises by breaking our locks and putting their own, deployed their guards who have chased away our customers and intimidated our employees to leave,” Shekede said in a scathing report to the police boss.

According to documents, Tenderere and his group were also accused of taking over a house next to the company’s premises.

The house was used by the company directors as their residence.

The matter was also taken to court, where High Court judge Hapias Zhou,  issued a damning ruling describing Tenderere and his group as greedy people.

“The matter presents a sordid picture of a culture of wanting to reap where persons did not sow,” Justice Zhou said in the damning February 2013 ruling.

Before being taken to Justice Zhou, the matter had also been dealt with by Justice Felistas Chatukuta on September 28, in 2011, who ruled that Tenderere and his group should stop interfering with the operations of the company and that they should cease occupation of both the company premises and the residential property.

But according to Shekede, soon after Justice Chatukuta’s ruling, she was immediately arrested while leaving the High Court.

She was taken to Tenderere’s office where she claims she was threatened.

“On September 28, 2011, they organised my arrest on trumped up theft charges by Sergeant Supurayi of Harare Central CCU as I was leaving the High Court,” the report says.

“He handcuffed me and walked me all the way to Tenderere’s office. I spent one hour being insulted and he threatened to rape me because “you are essentially a prostitute pretending to be a decent housewife, just like a hyena in sheepskin’,” read the report.

“I was held incommunicado for four days at Harare Central Police Station without access to food, my lawyers, family or even breastfeeding eight month-old baby, in violation of the law.”

The report, which according to sources triggered Chibage’s departure among other issues, exposed how “in typical mafia fashion, Chibage, Tenderere and their gang illegally operated”.

To ensure that the police force’s image was protected, Chihuri yesterday dispatched an anti-riot police squad accompanied by senior police officers and the deputy sheriff to evict all tenants at the premises who were brought in by Chibage and Tenderere.

The report further exposed how the top cops “became untouchable by the law to an extent of disobeying court orders”.

“Chibage, Tenderere and their gang also abused their public office by forcibly removing and taking away all the documents belonging to my companies,” Shekede said in her report to Chihuri.

The businesswoman further claimed that Chibage and his team “protected convicted criminals who are fugitives from justice”.

“On November 6, 2011, Hwemende and his workers were caught red handed stealing slate at our mining claims in Chinhoyi,” the report said.

“The matter was dealt by Chinhoyi Magistrate Court under case CRN 876-9/11 and Hwemende and his cohorts were convicted and given a suspended sentence on condition that they restitute me for the slates they had stolen.

“Hwemende failed to comply with the court’s sentence and an arrest warrant was issued against him in July 2012. Police have never bothered to arrest him despite the fact that they know where he lives. He has refused to comply with the court order made by a Harare magistrate to leave my premise because he has been told to stay put by ‘big chef’ Chibage,” the document claims.

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Zvaiwana ngwarati kudya irere!!!

norest - 11 October 2013

He-e ndinonzi Chibage. He-e ndiri Commissioner kana uchida nyembe ndinokurongera. Mapepa Chengeta anondipa ndokupawo. Dog!!!!!

Chakanyuka - 11 October 2013

We have always known this was going on and this is what we wanted to vote for and get change. And worst of all Mugabe has always known this was going on but he has never lifted a finger to deal with these thugs because some of the shady dealings involve him and his family. So how do you even begin to deal with this kind of cancer? Mugabe told us corruption will not be tolerated but this Chibage chap is still roaming free.

Mamvemve - 11 October 2013

This is just but a tip of an iceberg.A lot has been happening in the Police Force and nothing has been done.l wonder why Chihuri wants to act now when the damage has already ben done

Wellington - 11 October 2013

Mazvita Baba Chihuri nebasa rakanaka ramuri kuita. Vose vakaora ngavabatwe. Zvichida isu vana venyu tingambozorodzwe. Taidzvanyirirwa nemboko idzi. Uye gadzirisaiwo nyaya yekutorerwa mari kwatinosingoitwa. Mari inotirwadza iyoyo nekuti tinohora mari shoma.

sjambok - 11 October 2013

Some of these rogue cops have become so brazen in their behavior because they have a sense of impunity. The most recent by these rogues is to track men who seem to be affluent and drive German cars. They wait outside bars and if the rich guy comes out of the bar with a girlfriend they follow him and stop him on a trumped up traffic violation or drunken driving. They then proceed to take pictures of the guy and the girlfriend and threaten to send the photos to H-Metro unless the male involved pays off a minimum of USD$2500.00 and a maximum of USD7500.00. This in the hope that the guy is married and ignorant of how H-Metro operates and would not like to be exposed. This happened to a relative of mine and the matter was reported to the police.

connie - 11 October 2013

Zvokwadi, zvomene Baba Chihuri, rambai mchiita basa. Mutore mutsvairo une tuminhenga tutete twakasimba, nechiworero mutsvaire marara ose ari muvachengetedzi vemutemo.

Munhu Chaiye - 11 October 2013

Mapurisa emuno muZimbabwe. Akatiwona tichiputa mbanje. Akanomhan'ara kune maticha edu. Ayuwi-yuwi, chamboko chatirwadza!!! Zvino mapurisa osungwa nani? Iwe, iwe, iwe!!!!!!

Patriot - 11 October 2013

Well done to the Commissioner-General A.Chihuri.Your office is a strategic one to the well being of the country and it is confidence building if you maintain these high standards that have been associated with you so far during your illustrious career.I oft wonder why the President continue renewing your mandate now it is clear because with the level of lawlessness in our country(now even practiced by such high ranking officers like the dismissed one) the law enforcement arm of government needs an astute leader like you.

tafamutekwe - 11 October 2013

the most amazing thing in ZRP is that everyone knows there is corruption and we have always kept quite. no one in that qrg is innocent from the top right down to the one who passed out last month. companies that are supplying uniforms to the police are in serious financial trouble as they are not bieng fully paid for services rendered but those with links to chefs are paid some even twice a month. if you investigate fully you will find that most companies that supply uniforms are collapsing yet they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. the company mentioned that supplies substandard goods is paid sometimes in advance because of top links. the uniforms that that woman made are stuck at ordinance store and noone can wear that rubbish. shame

vhavho - 11 October 2013

Yah Chihuri you need to leave a legacy because under your leadership the police has lost direction so act now madzibaba kuti mbiri yenyu iwanikwewo apa. So how many innocent souls have suffered not only under Chibage but others like him in the force?

Maita Manyuka - 11 October 2013

...and the beat goes on..! I suppose we're cleaning the from the outside, then we take our time to finish from inside. Same old approach like the willowgate, how old were some of you guys?

mammoth castle - 11 October 2013

...and the beat goes on..! I suppose we're cleaning the house from the outside, then we take our time to finish from inside. Same old approach like the willowgate, how old were some of you guys?

mammoth castle - 11 October 2013

Nowhere in the world over has it happened that a police force becomes partisan and behaves professionally. Haasi ega Oliver Chibage. Vakawanda. Chihuri ngaambocleaner the corrupt, arrogant and spiteful police leadership. Only then can he redeems a measure of respect from the public

Mukorekore Mukuru - 11 October 2013

It seems most of the people commending Chihuri are 'born-frees'. Iye Chihuri was involved in a serious car theft saga when he was in charge at Southerton. Nyaya yacho yakazovharwa pachiZANU

Mangwiro - 11 October 2013

Wow.another zanoid to be despatched at our new chikurubi snakepit. Can't wait

biggest boss - 11 October 2013

Wow.another zanoid to be despatched at our new chikurubi snakepit. Can't wait

biggest boss - 11 October 2013

Mr Editor, why did you not publish my comment? Saka hamudi chokwadi nhai. Tell Zimbabweans the truth!

TAurai Chokwadi - 12 October 2013

Chibage thus nonsense, you are corrupt. Get arrested and go rest in prison.

gushungo Matibiri - 12 October 2013

@Vhavha. U are wrong to say all police officers are corrupt from top to recruits. I agree that bad apples are many these days but I also would like to tell u that I have 8 years in the organisation but don't take people's money. my salary has been sufficient for me. I know most people don't believe this but let me assure the nation kuti achiriko mapurisa anotya Mwari akamirira kuuya kwaJesu kuzotora vatsvene.

Clean cop - 12 October 2013

Those who like to see Commr Chibage arrested are enemies of the State and ZRP, they dont know the functions of ZRP especially nyaya yemota he did that in the interest of the State

Mufudzi Akanaka - 12 October 2013

Those who like to see Commr Chibage arrested are enemies of the State and ZRP, they dont know the functions of ZRP especially nyaya yemota he did that in the interest of the State

Mufudzi Akanaka - 12 October 2013

Mr Editor earlier on you censored my comment in which I said despite Chihuri expanding the police force from around 20 000 members when he took over to a ballooning figure of over 50 000 there is nothing to show for that except corruption. In the days the force was only 20 000 or so we used to see police officers on beat in all our neighbourhoods including affluent and poor communities. Where are they now? They are busy squeezing Zimbabweans through unwarranted roadblocks every 200 metres! They destroyed the elite CID and put amateurs who are corrupt and have no clue whatsoever except to enrich themselves. We know of many stories where dodgy contractors who are well connected to those based at police headquarters have done minor repair works worth USD20 000 are routinely paid in ecxess of USD100 000. We know one very senior officer was rewarded with a pick up truck after facilitating a similar deal. The excesses of Crispen Makedenge are well documented. I mean his abuse of office if it is what is alleged Chibage did. He is only a tip of the iceberg. This is the time for the President to demand that Chihuri cleans up the whole force from top to bottom and that it must reform to be at the service of the people instead of the other way round. Mr Editor, sir, I hope you wont object to publishing this. Zimbabweans are in agony visited on them by this police force which we used to be very proud of.

Taurai Chokwadi - 12 October 2013

What does a filthy corrupt thug have to do with Miss Universities...???? amana...!!!

fokolo - 12 October 2013

This debate must squarely fall into the ears of the presidium, both houses of parliament, minister of home affairs and all political circles in this country. Mr. Chihuri needs support left right and centre to effectively tackle this issue. Corruption in the police force is assumed to have started when the economy of the country had gone haywire and it was "every man for himself and God for us all". Likely Mr. Chihuri is true MADZIBA. Mr. Chihuri, sir, clean this mess and most importantly the nation must be well informed for the Force to gain its original fame. Parliamentarians, please the nation wants to hear this issue of corruption - in particular in ZRP, debated openly. The media- press, broadcasts and internet go on a deliberate posture to investigate, publish and inform the nation. There should a big press award given the best journalist.

dungas - 13 October 2013


JURIST - 15 October 2013

Batai vanhu vaChihuri, taneta nadzo mbavha idzi. these are the few people vari kutikanganisira nyika.

tariro - 16 October 2013

this tyrant culprit Chibage is being involved in many corrupt activities, and this is the end of it,

political analyst - 17 October 2013

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