A good start by minister Moyo

HARARE - The Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, Jonathan Moyo, has started his new tenure in government on a surprising and refreshingly sound footing, sending firm and welcome indications that he intends to work well with the entire industry this time around.

This is despite the pathetic efforts of a few dinosaurs within the industry who have attempted to set up the minister against the independent media such as the Daily News using well-worn methods.

Shame on these desperate megalomaniacs of yester-year. The bus has left.

Most commendably, the minister — together with his deputy Supa Mandiwanzira — has very quickly indicated that he intends to do things differently this time around, embarking on a much-needed and even-handed fact-finding mission to establish the state of health of the industry, with the ultimate aim of trying to come up with measures that will assist the sector.

Although we are not naive to think that we will always see eye-to-eye with the minister, the government and the ruling Zanu PF party — and indeed should in fact never do so if the interests of democracy are to be served optimally — we are hopeful that this spirit of maturity and mutual respect for our important respective roles will be a feature of the industry’s relationship with the state from now on.

Indeed, the experience of the past decade, where there was a hyper toxic and unnecessarily adversarial relationship between the government and the private media, with the state tending to see the independent media as the enemy of government, did not serve anyone’s interests — least of all, the citizens of this country.

Quite to the contrary, we believe that the unjust shutting down of the Daily News by the government in September 2003, for nearly eight years, contributed to the sharp political and economic decline that afflicted our country during that mad period.

To that extent, it is good to see that there is now an apparent appreciation that Zimbabwe should not walk down that path again.

It is even more important this time that media brands such as the Daily News are allowed to tell it like it is, without fear or favour, because democracy thrives the most when there is a rich marketplace of ideas within the body politic that the media can help to disseminate and interrogate.

We are hopeful that this is the context and the spirit in which the minister visited the printing presses and offices of Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), publishers of the Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday, on Tuesday: recognition that the media are as important a pillar of democracy as the government, the legislature and the judiciary.

In addition, and as pointed above, the necessary fact-finding mission was to establish the state of health of the local media industry.

Thankfully, we at the Daily News have fared much better than many of our competitors despite having had to re-launch our operations from scratch two-and-a-half years ago and competing against players who never suffered forced state closure — and all without donor funds!

The minister recognised these achievements during his tour acknowledging that ANZ had a modern set-up and an impressive human resources base which includes many graduates from the country’s top universities who could compete favourably with the very best in the world.

Hear, hear and may this co-operative spirit long continue.

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Honestly, from the surface, this is a good thing but when you look deeper into this you can easily tell that ZANU PF is now on a public relations and legitimacy campaign. this is nothing more than a re-branding exercise and you private media be warned.......if you take this seriously, it is the ordinary Zimbabwean that will suffer because you are going to stop reporting on ZANU PF corruption. However, if he happens to be sincere, then lets wait and see!!!!

hameno - 10 October 2013

The Daily News seem to be swallowing the bait with devastating consequences of course.

Semhalo - 10 October 2013

Its too early Daily News to comment good about him/praise him, be warned never dine with the devil. Be patient and see what he is up to for you will lament when you are comfortable with his tricks. He is not a professor by accident he knows how to manipulate people's minds and dance according to his tune. Mwana wenyoka inyoka

benzi - 10 October 2013

Benzi kunyagona kufudza mombe totenda dzamwiswa.

Sekuru - 10 October 2013

Please get someone to edit your text before publishing it. The grammar sounds Shona than English. Boring and scarcely academic. Your sentences are too long, repetition, conjunction words used inappropriately. Keep trying.

Day Ndlovu - 10 October 2013

@day Ndlovu usada kuzviidza unozviva chirungu too much chinhu chikuru wahwa here . Ungazami ukuzienza uyawazi isingisi kakhulu why ungabali lawe sikuzwe ukhuthi unjani

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 10 October 2013

A! Va Moyo havasi vekutemba ava zvese nevanovatuma. Ini ndinoti mwana wembwa ndimbwa basi.

James - 10 October 2013

@Day Ndlovu, so your contribution above is the example of erudite, exciting, academic English? We are glad you don't work for the Daily News!

Kumar - 10 October 2013

We are thirty behind ,sorry 34 years . and now you fall his. amen

SIPHO - 10 October 2013

I think the Daily News particularly and other independent newspapers are just being foolish trusting that Moyo and his Zanu PF are willing to engage. There is nowhere in the world where the opposition press or independent newspapers can be friends with the sitting government. A cosy relationship between these two would just compromise the independence and impartiality of the opposition press. Dont be fooled by Zanu PF saying it has changed. Zanu PF is trying to make friends with everyone considered opposition so that they can destroy all semblance of opposition in the country or those they think have a relationship with the main opposition parties. They want to silence alternative voices so that there is never a murmur of an opposition party ever - a strong one that is . Finish and Klaar.

chenjerai matendani - 11 October 2013

Political parties are often propagating ideologies that aim at manipulation and in this case the kleptomaniacs have sent the spin doctor himself to distill nonsensical notions of transformation, are we oblivious that he is the same Dracula who drained out all the media blood and created a non proliferating media environment???

the scribe - 11 October 2013

I am reminded of how the President called a press conference on the day before elections, and promised everyone that he would step down if he lost the elections, apa aiziva zvake kuti akanga atoronga zvinhu zvake kare!

Chawaz - 11 October 2013

jonso came to familiarise with yo set up while he plans to bomb your offices for a second tym.yu wont have him as a suspect coz he has just misled u.nyoka i nyokaaaa

ARV - 11 October 2013

Everyone associated with Zim media and journalism knows who the chief of the dinosaurs and megalomaniacs is. A clue, he is the most fired editor of all time in the history of Zimbabwe. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Mmabatho - 12 October 2013


travolter - 13 October 2013

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