Minister impressed by Daily News operations

HARARE - The Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services, Jonathan Moyo, has commended Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), publishers of the Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday, for setting up a modern media house with highly-qualified staff.

ON TOUR: Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo (centre) is flanked by his deputy Supa Mandiwanzira (right) and ANZ Group Editor Stanley Gama during a tour of the paper's printing press in Harare yesterday. Pic: Watson Ofumeli

Speaking after touring ANZ’s printing press in Southerton and its offices in central Harare yesterday, Moyo said the company had an impressive human resources base which included experienced graduates from the country’s top universities who could compete favourably with the rest of the world.

“I am really proud of your manpower; it shows seriousness on the part of the media house,” Moyo said.

“This shows that whatever comes from these young men and women is coming from informed people who are eager to hit the ground running.

“You have the set up of a modern media house with young and energetic people who have high qualifications from all training institutions. These men and women can compete against any media house in the world; you talk about journalism in Kenya and Nigeria and of course, South Africa.

“The men and women I saw have what it takes to produce the best not only in the country but globally, so I commend you for that,” he added.

Moyo was accompanied on the tour by his deputy, Supa Mandiwanzira.

The visit was aimed at comprehending some of the challenges facing the media sector, chief among them the taxes imposed on crucial imports such as newsprint.

The minister promised to address the challenges saying he would soon convene a meeting for all publishers.
“There are some challenges that are common to all media houses and we should come up with ways of tackling them as an industry,” he said.

Talking about his vision for the media industry, Moyo said it would be prudent for the sector to take advantage of digitalisation.

He said his ministry’s vision was to craft new policy based on information gathered from interactions with stakeholders in the media industry.

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Vaeni vabepi?- Muvhangeri Chiweshe.

Munhu Chaiye - 9 October 2013

Vaeni vabvepi?- Muvhangeri Chiweshe.

Munhu Chaiye - 9 October 2013

The Staff at Daily News should have asked Jonathan Moyo why ZanuPF bombed their press a few years ago and why nobody has been brought to book?

Gombingo - 9 October 2013

Kuvandirana uku, Jonso has a bone to chew with you daily news.

reason - 9 October 2013

The most Jonathan Moyo should have promised is not a publishers meeting but an independent judicial inquiry into the bombing of the Daily News printing press. No PR stunts will conceal the people's anger at what was done to the Daily News during Moyo's first round as Mugabe's minister.

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri - 9 October 2013

Daily News take this visit careful and make sure that you play your cards safely. This man is a lion in a sheep skin. Do you remember the bombings and those time when Mahoso sent you packing for no apperent reason. So take this visit with a pinch of salt.

Gwenaz - 9 October 2013

The government should compensate Daily News, for all the damage they caused to Daily News over the years. But i must say am shocked at the gesture, Now lets extend that to all the other victims of ZANU PF rampage spanning three decades. The list of ZANU PF's "moments of madness" are too many to mention. Hoping this one is a bona fide gesture. Its a start..

taps - 9 October 2013

During his last tenure, Moyo made hostile remarks about TDN that led to its bombing, twice and attacks by war veterans and then closure. Moyo was unrepentant. Is he a reformed man now is the question?

spraga - 9 October 2013

Be wary of this musorodamba. He is as sly as a fox. The next thing you will hear he has fired the board of director and replaced it with his ass lickers.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 9 October 2013

mvura kunyangwe ikanaya sei haibvisi mavara embada, this guy has never repented and will never, watch out for the 3rd bombing and another closure and harassments

garwe - 9 October 2013

As much as we still have the memories of what happened yesterday, we must at some point work together despite our differences. This is the correct way of doing things in Zimbabwe. I hope to see and hear on ZTV and ZBC clips of what is the Daily News, Newsday, Independent, The Patriot and Financial gazette.

Kambiri - 9 October 2013

This will not end well. Becareful of salivating hyenas dancing around the fowl run.

Lt General - 9 October 2013

To reach the next town why dont we all give the professor the benefit of the doubt and applaud him for dropping his bellicocity which was not serving anyone least of all himself. This takes me helterr skelter to the virgin territory of progress seeing we have done all to prove to all and sundry is that regression which mired us as a community is self inflicted. Is it not said those good with excuses are hardly good for anything else...Blaming our faults and failures on other people is useless and unproductive.Why dont we open a new page and admit our failures, learn from them and take the country out of the mud it has been sinking for the past 13 years? Blaming everybody will not help anyone but rather we should get into high gear and fly out of the blocks and take our place in front of most countries on the continent for this is a place RESERVED for us..we have no business being anywhere near the tail of the continent but should form its eyes..we are the most schooled for crying out loud!!!

gutter poet - 9 October 2013

Now the issue of newsprint is thorny one..why dont the media collectively lobby government to help reopen Mutare Board and Paper. Here they will win twice, they get cheap newsprint locally with shorter leadtimes thus mitigating working capital constraints and advertising revenue from the same company which at its peak used to take care of 1 500 families. To crown this or to ice the cake, so to speak the Daily News will sell more copies to the employees of Mutare how would you guys like that???

gutter poet - 9 October 2013

This is good...a minister going on a familiarisation tour and to to get to grips the challenges besetting an opposition inclined paper..Well done Pro for showing professionalism. You get the odd naysayer bringing up old and tired yesteryear issues about bombings etc. Immaturity!!!

jacktheswede - 9 October 2013

Can't trust him myself.

Maita Manyuka - 9 October 2013

Jonathan Moyo also sued Daily News in september 2011 for US$100 000 for defamtion on the Wikileaks stories. The Daily News also published his articles he wrote when he was expelled from ZanuPF from 2005. ZANU-PF Politburo member Professor Jonathan Moyo has filed a US$100 000 lawsuit against the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe over two articles published in the Daily News based on WikiLeaks reports. The two stories, according to Prof Moyo, were “unlawful, scandalous, contrived, fabricated, false, absurd and highly defamatory”. Jonathan has a longstanding grudge with Daily News.

Musona - 9 October 2013

What Moyo is doing is to spy on the DAILY News and his next move is obvious. He will destroy the Daily either through manipulation or physical harm. Be worry Daily and all Zimbabwean who have depended on the Daily news

Ziziharinanyanga - 9 October 2013

King Hezekaih, have you shown the envoys everything. Even the armoury? You shall therefore go into captivity...

Biblical - 9 October 2013

Cdes and friends....the natty professor is just doing his job. Lets talk of responsibility....things have changes in Zimbabwe....This part of the Media Reform assignments for the Professor so why thinking so dangerously like hyenas we. We better be progressive and forget about the past since times and things are changing for the better. Professor like he said, he wants to change the media fraternity and lets wait for him to do his job. If he fails we go back and ask him ...what about your promises Professor....Time is coming cdes, lets just wait instead of critiquing him before he voters we are watching him.

Clemence Tashaya - 9 October 2013

At least he now has a clear view of where to place the bomb this time around....... hokoyo Daily News

Tozvireva - 9 October 2013

At least he now has a clear view of where to place the bomb this time around....... hokoyo Daily News

Tozvireva - 9 October 2013

Hey wena Gama wapinza mumusha nhubu chenjera kupisigwa musha iyo iBoko Haramu team yapinda pamuzinda pedu unodhuvurigwa vana ukasara uchichema . That stupid Proffessor with too much testerone we dnt want him closer paChitumbu chedu chenya dzechokwadi

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 9 October 2013

Jonathan Moyo is by far the second most intelligent man after Mugabe in Zimbabwe no wonder why Zanu forgave him. What he is doing is showing maturity and leadership. He has extended an olive Branch to all Media Houses showing that his doors are open. Good for Zanu pf as the Media tone has greatly changed ever since Zanu won resoundingly. Moyo does the job and in his last tenure he did what had to be done, it was war times and Zanu was under threat and it needed that kind of approach and man. But showing prowess he understands the environment right now that its peace times and its not a time to court negative publicity so that these so called independent editors can get fake International Journalism awards. Besides Opposition Press proved in the last elections that it can be used to win Zanu Pf votes. BY attacking Mugabe everyday they became predictable more so as most of the stories proved untrue and did not change anything on the ground. On the positive side for Zanu it just meant that Tsvangirayi never got front page coverage and infact was always presented as a stooge a victim forever being outwitted by Mugabe. Hence once again the Foreign Press project failed. If the famed Baba Jukwa did not make MDC win ko kuzoti twana Daily News. Well done Proffessor

JONSO THE ABLE - 10 October 2013

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