ZBC turns down Barwe resignation

HARARE - Reuben Barwe, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC)’s veteran chief correspondent has resigned from the State broadcaster, but authorities have refused to cut him loose.

Barwe, 60, confirmed to the Daily News that he resigned last month after reaching the retirement age in March.

However, the national broadcaster declined his resignation and offered him a three-year contract to continue being the chief correspondent the position he held prior to his resignation.

“I reached retirement age in March this year and tendered my resignation in August because I wanted to help cover the harmonised elections, but the ZBC management offered me a new contract for three years and I am still around at the ZBC doing my professional work, which I have been doing since yesteryear,” Barwe said.

Sivukile Simango, the ZBC spokesperson, asked for written questions, which were emailed to him.

Barwe joined the ZBC in 1987 as a junior reporter and rose through the ranks to become the chief reporter.

The reporter, who regularly covers the president’s beat locally and internationally, denied charges that he was biased.

“It is not true that I am biased but I am patriotic,” Barwe said.

“I am not threatened by the political developments in the country as I respect the political processes that are happening.”

Barwe is amongst some Zimbabwean journalists who have been blacklisted by European Union.

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Rubie, Rueben. Rueben amai we Rueben. Not biased, but patro what. Shame shame. You are not patriotic Ruebs. If you were, you woud have been advocating for a more fairer Zanu Broadcast Coorp. I am sure your patriotism has earned you a farm and possibley a mine claim. Bravo patriotic Ruebs.

Upenyu - 8 October 2013

I respect Rueben Barwe just like i respect CNN,SKY NEWS and other international journalists although at times they are dangerously baised.Journalists should stand by their countries and thrive for constructive critisism not some of our local private mediahouses are doing,Zanu iripo zvachose, Some are already closing down because donors have used them to no avail viva Reben

baba t - 8 October 2013

Yes Barwe was given a farm in Norton.I know where it is in case there is need to fish him out.

Mupfana weBIKINI - 8 October 2013

Am i missing something here? When one has reached retirement age, does one have to tender a resignation? Resignation turned down?????? Can someone well versed with HR educate me.

Robsugar - 8 October 2013

Is reporting falsely about Cain Nkala's murder being patriotic? You have no conscience a all Reuben.How do you feel about those guys who were tortured for nothing? Shame, shame, shame.

Mutirowafanza - 8 October 2013

Reuben Barwe retiring at 60 that is totally unAfrican, bet that is the reason why ZBC turned down his resignation.

Nyasha Mpani - 8 October 2013

continue with your job Mr Barwe. you are an inspiration when it comes to humility.

tsitsi timaz - 8 October 2013

There is no element of patriotism in your reporting cde. You are a zanu(pf)utseke stooge. Shame on you. There is God above. The Cain Nkala news ! It seems as though you were the only journalist in the country. Satan !!!

Momberume - 8 October 2013

I have known this bastard for quite sometime,he indeed is a sellout.

josefa chinotimba - 8 October 2013

Reuben... You know yourself that you have been a pathetic, biased journalist who allowed himself to be used in harping and parroting Zanu PF propaganda. You can not work for a professional news publisher. Its sad. What could you do. You wanted to feed your family.

gerald - 8 October 2013

"Patriotic" Imi maida kuti ati chiyi iko kuriko kunobva rake sadza.

tea - 8 October 2013

Wanga wagona kuratidza gwara asi varungu vako vanoda vanofira paBadza kuti vaginzi sons of the soil, 3 yrs padzinopera uchapiwa 10yrs, But you are not as evil as Charamba, Zvayi and the crew, vanokuvenga ngavakuvenge but basa rako unorigona

garwe - 8 October 2013

Reuben Barwe, @ 60 you are nearer joining Nkala, hope u are ready.

Fogmaster - 8 October 2013

Ruby, I enjoyed the day when they beat you up you obese zanu pf bootlicker and you lost some teeth in Fiyo, I was there, oh those good old days.

Stop-a-Thief - 8 October 2013

He is a bastard ,vabereki vake vari kutambudzika kwa Gananzara [Rusape].iye anezidumbu rakakura kudaro

gugulethu - 8 October 2013

Ko unoda kurega basa boss Bob vasati varega?

Chaminuka - 8 October 2013

Musi waunonzi chienda, ndiwo musi wetsaona mumugwagwa, ndiyo resignation inozikanwa neZANU, either that or firapo!!!

Muchadura - 9 October 2013

only time will tel sekutaura kwako Reub, but beware mface handitsitsi.

chipoko - 9 October 2013

when you are due for retirement you donnot tender your resgnation ,HR write to notifying the dates you are suppose go for retirement.

mr honest - 9 October 2013

when you are due for retirement you donnot tender your resgnation ,HR write to notifying the dates you are suppose go for retirement.

mr honest - 9 October 2013

when you are due for retirement you donnot tender your resgnation ,HR write to notifying the dates you are suppose go for retirement.

mr honest - 9 October 2013

when you are due for retirement you donnot tender your resgnation ,HR write to notifying the dates you are suppose go for retirement.

mr honest - 9 October 2013

fuck patriotism Ruuuuuuuuuuuuben Barwe kinshasa whilst zim has no electricity.

aaron - 9 October 2013

I am sure he got frustrated somehow but does not want to tell the truth.

Sambiri - 10 October 2013

when someone retire it doesn't mean he resigned its very normal that when you reach the retirement age you will quit and you can be given another opportunity on contract basis is that news deno akaramba ndopamizoti inews

maths - 10 October 2013

...and what did you think you were doing rubie? once in its for life, did they not tell you kuti ndeye ropa? saka waakuda kunoita repoter ani? wakawona zvakawanda iwe, saka wakuda kunozadza makuwa manje! Oh no, nikuv or UK or USA offered you something?

mammoth castle - 10 October 2013

Rueben na Mugabe same fanana gudo nemunhu, wosiya basa sei iwe uchiziva kuti kuzanu apinda haabudi anotobuda nerufu. Hausi serious iwe unoda kusiya Bob achifamba nani........Rueben Barwe ZanuPf news State Houze, kkkkkkkkk waona kuti hakusi kuhorewa wava kuda kutiza, but I don't think iwe hausi kuhora (right hand man waBob)

Makaita - 10 October 2013

Munhu ane 60 zveshuwa here uyu? Ndaramba!

Nyasha Shumba - 11 October 2013

Rubie ZANU ndeye ropa wanga washinga wani

Hazvie - 15 October 2013

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