MDC leader shocked by election 'rigging' tales

HARARE - Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he is shocked at horror stories on “how Zanu PF rigged the elections”, as he tours the country to hear the views of the people.

Tsvangirai last week descended on Masvingo — where he suffered the heaviest electoral loss — addressing two separate meetings with representatives of eight districts.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, told the Daily News yesterday that the former premier was told of “chilling” accounts on how Zanu PF allegedly stole the election.

“We were told that known Zanu PF members were used as polling agents. The people also said village headmen cast ballots on their behalf. But, it was inspiring to note that despite the shenanigans, people are still committed to change,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai dismally lost to President Robert Mugabe, who claimed a landslide victory in the July elections.

Mugabe won 61 percent of the presidential vote with his Zanu PF gaining a two thirds majority in Parliament.

Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai was also inspired by people’s confidence in his leadership.

“The people expressed their confidence in Tsvangirai’s leadership. The people are confident that we will reclaim our stolen victory in 2018. The people said Tsvangirai should continue at the helm because he is the best foot forward,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai has been warding off increasing calls within his party to pass the baton in the wake of his defeat, but his spokesperson says he has the full backing of all the organs of the party, and his mandate runs until 2016.

Tamborinyoka said the former trade unionist returns to Masvingo this week to attend to the districts that he had not visited.

“This is a listening tour. We want to visit all the districts in Masvingo. We will be back there this week and from there on, we will visit other provinces."

“Our strategy is clear; we will pursue, recover and overtake. We remain inspired by the story of David, after the devil had taken everything away from him, he soldiered on. We remain focused and we know we shall overcome,” he said.

The MDC leader will meet people from villages, mines, towns and resettlement areas around the country, as he moves to invigorate the party.

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GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your family. Don't waste your time talking politics while? others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling solar panels to the people in rural areas/villages so they can have electricity easily and very cheap. Very interesting. Go to SOLARTECH.CO , not dot com, to see? the methods and companies she was using. SOLARTECH.CO , not dot com. Wake up Africans

wVada - 7 October 2013

whats wrong with known zanu pf members being used as polling agents ,remember there is a difference between polling agents and polling officers,usaratidze hudofo hwako iwe Luke

shelaz - 7 October 2013

please stop trying to give mdc-t relevance it doesn't deserve. no amount trying to prop tsvangirai will help, the party lost the elections period simply because they took things for granted. in the absence of any meaningful restructuring come 2018 mdc t will be irrelevant.

mukadzemusango - 7 October 2013

Even if these elections were to be done after every one month MDC T will continuously loose,why because they don't have a better manifesto and ldeas to make blacks move out of poverty except to promise them to die as slaves/employees of the whites.In as much as there is value to the whites machinery and capital to extract our resources,our God given resources have value too.lts from that basis as to how then can we work together? The answer is 51/49, take it or leave it,thats the law of the land.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 7 October 2013

Luke Tamborinyoka you are a real snake. You are busy fooling MoGay thinking he has a following, yes has anaChimwene like you and not Nehanda's descendants for they own this land and not you aliens who are prepared to sell Zim. It's not for sale and will never be.

martz - 7 October 2013

Nyeperenai henyu

bones - 7 October 2013

How can Tsvangirai be shocked by something he has been telling anyone who would listen that he knew about. Tsvangirai and his spokesman are very confused individuals. What did they send to SADC as proof of rigging if Tsvangirai is only now being said to be shocked by what he is hearing? Was he making it up all along then?

Dzvinyangoma - 7 October 2013

Tongai tione. As we speak nothing is moving 3 months after Zanu's "Landslide victory". Instead life is getting harder by the day. Shit dzevanhu. Varoyi nxaaaaaaaaaaa.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 7 October 2013

VaTamboyenyoka bhaibheri ramunoverenga nderipi? David haana kumborasikirwa nezvinhu akazopiwa zvakare. Jobo ndiye wakasangana nenyaya yamada kufananidza Tsvangirai naye. Jobo waitya mwari kwete uyu wakatengesa nyika yake kuvauyi.

MAkotsi - 7 October 2013

MDC T has been defeated and they had already proven to the people during the inclusive gvt era that they have nothing to offer, no policy @ all. The secret behimd ZANU PF victory is simply consistency. MDC T is always flip flopping. Now you are saying you are going to win the next election. kikikikiki forget and smile tinokuzvamburai zvakare. Next election it wont be small small like this 61% next time it will be big big like 98% big victory for ZANU PF.

ZIM1 - 8 October 2013

lets us this time i mean 5yrs to plan for the next round no matter what asjiki till all we make a zim that we want for our children to come where people will no longer live under the flames of intimidation and fear were human rights will be respected and the rule of law is upheld taramba vano ita give up by loosing a battle when the war is not over uko uko uko uko bwaaaaa

ras Ta - 8 October 2013

shame! shame! shame! morgay and tamboyenyoka!

chimhukwe - 8 October 2013

kkkkkkkkkk Kasukuwere ari kuita chimukuyu chemhuka dzaaka isira cyanade inga zvakaoma akutogadzirira nzara inga ma 1

ICHO!! - 8 October 2013

Mr Morgan Tsangirai, Luke Tamborinyoka and the MDCT must know that evidence is produced in a court of law. The media can say what they want but this will not be taken seriously by the people who vote. The MDC T failed to win the elections because the majority of Zimbabwean do not want them. For as long as Tamborinyoka continues to bootlick Tsvangirai the voters will continue to further alianate themselves from this party of dull people whose leadership is skewed. I will never vote for Tsvangirai as he is only good at women. The new government must remove him from the Highlands Masion because he has a big mouth. Morgan Tsvangirai even lack self pride, why does he want on to hold on into a governement property that does not belong to him. If he has the money he must just look for another better property and move in with his mistress wife Eizabeth Macheka. If President Mugabe allows Tsvangirai to stay in the mansion then we will take to the streets as civil servans as we never got such luxuaries in government. There is no need for President Mugabe to meet with Tsvangirai over the mansion issues because he does not recongnize the elections and that President Mugabe is the president. Tsvangson must go an negotiate with his western masters and they must give him a new home. What a failure. The MDC T is gone and they are now a pain.

Dougy Chaira - 8 October 2013

Tsvangy must pass the leadership to Alheit Mission Boy Nelson nokuti Biti anorwara angazofa chimurenga chisati chapera. MDC pasi Bwa!

mah - 8 October 2013

MDC T has failed becoz they took things for granted maiti mukabirirwa munoramba uye you ordaine yourself stop kunyepa you can not be trusted long live mugabe

MATHS - 10 October 2013

Typical of "Mwanawevhu", to smile when somebody is ill. Shame Shame Shame mah

James - 10 October 2013

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