Obama strikes back at Mugabe

HARARE - US President Barack Obama’s administration says it is ready to add more names to the sanctions list, after President Robert Mugabe rubbished the nation at the recent United Nations General Assembly.

Mugabe, who during the 8th Parliament official opening pledged to mend relations with “detractors”, rebuked the US, Britain “and her allies,” for sanctions, a move that prompted the US delegation to walk out on his speech in disgust.

Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Thursday said US sanctions on Zimbabwe would continue on both companies and individuals, though she could not give a time-frame.

“We will be reviewing those sanctions on a regular basis, and if there are additional individuals who should be sanctioned, we are prepared to add them to our sanctions list,” she said in a LiveAtState teleconference with international media.

“And if there are people who we think can be removed from the sanctions list, we will remove them,” she said.

Thomas-Greenfield added that Washington was disappointed with the conduct of the July 31 elections.

“While it was violence-free, we’re not convinced it provided an opportunity for all Zimbabweans to express their views in the election.  And again, we will be reviewing our sanctions in light of that,” she said.

The European Union last month lifted sanctions on the government diamond body Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation as it “begun the process of delisting”, despite raising concerns of election irregularities.

Mugabe was re-elected to serve for the seventh term in a disputed election that was a major yardstick in defining future relations with Western countries which soured over a decade ago.

Zanu PF has blamed sanctions imposed on its party officials and linked businesses, for the country’s current economic woes.

The party claims an estimated $42 billion is said to have been “robbed” from Zimbabwe by sanctions.

Mugabe told the UN General Assembly that sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States and the European Union violated fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter on state sovereignty and non-interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign state.

Saying “shame” thrice to the US, Britain and its allies, Mugabe ordered them to remove sanctions he deemed “illegal and filthy from his “peaceful country”.

He said if the sanctions had been intended to effect regime change, they had failed.

Relations between Zimbabwe and Western countries have been sour for over a decade with Mugabe and his Zanu PF associates being banned from stepping foot on Western territory.

Despite claims that the current US government shutdown will affect its Africa investments and funding, Thomas-Greenfield said the US will continue its operations in Africa uninterrupted.

“The State Department and USAid are major funders on the continent of Africa and because of that, we are able to continue operations, albeit sometimes at lower levels as we move forward,” she said.

“But most of our funding right now is 2013 funding and that funding will continue. 

“We’re hoping that this is short-lived and we will be able to move forward, but I think most of you will not see any difference in what we’re doing in Africa on the development front or on the investment front,”  Thomas-Greenfield said.

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Shame shame shame, this old man is digging his own grave. shame, shame,shame!

Shame - 5 October 2013

Shame newe shame yako.

muvengwa munondivengerei - 5 October 2013

Kwave kuchembera. Forgive the old man. The brains have rotten.

Haruna - 5 October 2013

I am surprised that this old man can shout obscenities in American Soil whereas here if one dares then you are denigrating the person on the President, I cannot imagine here in Zimbabwe one standing up in any fora and say SHAME SHAME SHAME Mugabe and will be left to go free. Kamudhara aka kajaira and I hope more names of his goons and their families will be added to the list. Mugabe and his goofs are morally bankrupt and will do anything to stay in power. Which other leader had a group of 80 people going to the UN and their kids? Wasting resources when people here are living in abject poverty. Dirty water, no magetsi women dying while giving labour and children dying from simple treatable infections because there are no drugs in the country. SHAME, SHAME SHAME SHAME MUGABE

vongai - 5 October 2013

Mugabe pronounces shame and three days later the us gvt shuts down loool lets hope it stays shut and soon we will have the last laugh. How can we worry about being put under sunctions by a gvt wch is dead shut

joman - 5 October 2013

Mugabe will go down in the history books.The man is an Afriacan legend.Its only that the whites had already whitewashed the majority of blcks but a few will stand for once right.Lucky Dube meant when he said the enermy will stand aside while we slaugher each other. We should support Mugabe.

chidomavi - 5 October 2013

ana Haruna, shame and Vongai kushure how can honestly a dead gvt impose more sanctions of a functional gvt. Obama is gone and he is the worst president of u.s.a. and I repeat what my president said shame, shame, shame

jm kanhu kako - 5 October 2013

He went and ranted last time. He went and ranted this time. Nothing has changed. So? Get a grip old man. These rants achieve nothing. Its funny that anyone can celebrate that America has shut down. A government that cannot provide such basics as water and electricity to its own people is good as shut down; it has been for a long time!

spraga - 5 October 2013

well said spraga

mr p - 6 October 2013

@spraga - smack on the dot man. Tell them again and again and again - these zpf dumb heads

fokolo - 6 October 2013

Shame, shame, shame on me - kuwawata kwangu kwandiparira. i was asleep all the time and thought I was dreaming. Shame. Saka ndichafa without shopping kuHarrods anymore. I need access to the advanced medical care in the US & EU. Shame.

Me - 6 October 2013

spraga so so so true man.. tell them... The same shutdown government still affords to pay its workers in full while not showing up to work... while the Zanu logs have failed dismally

Obama Bin Laden - 6 October 2013

Mugabe is a british Puppet and as such will stay there until british influence is removed inside of Zimbabwe.

Agent Orange - 6 October 2013

Lets not be delusional by comparing the USA to Zimbabwe. The shut down of government in the USA is all being done within the constitutional framework of the USA. It has be done before during the Clinton era and in 2011, but the country is still standing, extremely functional and powerful. Thousands of Zimbabweans are making a living in the USA including children of Ministers and so called revolutionaries. In Zimbabwe the government has been effectively shut down for 33 years.As a result we don't have electricity, clean water, a functioning transportation system, roads, own currency, and the list goes on. What we have in abundance is massive government corruption, maladministration, repression and general despondency in the national psyche. Good people lets not flatter ourselves. We need to eat humble pie. This is a diplomatic and economic game we cannot win . The US does not need us for anything. Guess what..we need their currency, their aid, their entertainment, their innovation etc. We are small fry. Period.

connie - 6 October 2013

Once the US gvt lifts sanctions and travel bans on Zim gvt officials, Zim gvt will go on shutdown, because all senior gvt officials will have gone to the US for shopping.

Underdog - 7 October 2013

this old goon thinks he can rant his way out of sanctions but alas mugabe you are the oldest biggest puppet of the west. keep on ranting for that's what you know best to do. shame on you big time keep the screws tightened on every one of them. they can go to hell

atz - 7 October 2013

You hate the Americanos but you cant resist the urge to go to New York on the pretext of attending UN meetings. Shame ! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!!!!!!!!

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 7 October 2013

The old man is selfish.He has lived for ninety years and has enjoyed. I say all of them. I say this b'coze while in jail he obtained degrees.If you are imprisoned 2day,u'll rust like iron. U'll come out of it if lucky a useless rubbish.Who can go to jail now and come out with a chain of degrees?Those out can't access gvt assistance 4 unversity education. The song is ,Gvt has no money.It has no money when u go telling the world Zimbabwe is paradise.U a clevr 4nothng.We no u.U wnt 2ruin other ppl's lives by keepng them pacified while u milk the resources dry.U rent and foam at the mouth so that majority suffers whle u& yo cronies loot the country dry.Are u any better? Fuckshit!Wee-ee Kuchema!

Wee-ee kuchema! - 7 October 2013

The point needs to be made that Mugabe is President of Zimbabwe as much as Morgan was Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. These offices and officers represent ALL Zimbabweans, like it or lump it. An assault on our representative is an assault on ALL of us. That is one motivation to make sure that there is credibility in how we elect the representatives. When our systems appear to fail us, or the majority elects for one we do not like, the democracy we want enjoins us to ALL stand with our representative. It seems Zimbabweans are slowly getting to grips with this, and not before time. Robust systems and institutions at home is what we want, not sanctions from abroad.

Mutongi Gava - 7 October 2013

Thanks Mutongi..did yu know that the minority can not get land, are still afraid of associting themselves with their views..and you expect them to stand with 'their representatives.

Doritori - 7 October 2013

Mutongi Gava dont tune us shit. You think we are that dull not recognise good from bad? If your limping donkey spews vitriol against the likes of Obama he should also not attend the UN meetings coz it is in US of A. to show that he is serious about keeping his poor Zimbabwe.

Mutirowafanza - 8 October 2013

Tell them, Sir

Nyakurumavapambevhu - 8 October 2013

Mutongi Gava, your called 'representative' was voted by NIKUV, not Zimbabweans. Stupid!

Professor - 8 October 2013

All those who speak shit about Mugabe are hypocrits,forgive them lord for they have blinkers just like race horses.In democracy people of different thinking and views are accomodated but in US you are bannished,so where is the democracy.Stupid people go back to school

cobra - 9 October 2013

when 2 bulls fyt the grass is the 1 that suffers

njeba - 9 October 2013

Mr Cobra sir, in our country anyone with different views is a sellout and is victimised, tortured, killed, raped, maimed, has his/her homestead torched. So much for democracy. Hameno kuti democracy yaurihukura nezvayo ndeipi.Ndeyamaishandisa kuhondo here?

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 9 October 2013

Help me get this right, nikuv helped bob score, but the same nikuv is a friend of the americans who are cursing bob with sanctions; what manner of chaos or stew is this?

mammoth castle - 9 October 2013

Mugabe is the best of the best but yu don`t see it coz yu whre brain washed with whites fuckers like yo big brother Zobar Tsvangirai

level - 10 October 2013


MATHS - 10 October 2013

Shame shame shame to those in today's age still dance Mugabe 's tune, their states o minds requires divine intervention for them to see light. MUGABE HAS RUINED THIS COUNTRY PERIOD.

mtikey - 10 October 2013

I am really saddened by this paper, because you are practicing "an eye for an eye" way of doing things. I know that a few years back journos in this publication were forced out of their jobs when it was closed down by influence from the powers that be. But don't you get tired of revenge? Mr. Tsvangirayi once said "an eye for an eye will make us all blind". Can you not as Daily News find it in your hearts to forgive ZANU(PF)? I don't want to believe that these ZANU-PF people have not done anything good ever. Your reporting has proved that. You call yourselves "independent press" but your reporting is conspicuously biased towards MDC-T. Why do you copy everything ZANU-PF does? They have the Herald which hears no evil, sees no evil and speaks no evil about it. I pray for a day when as Zimbabweans we are going to get balanced reporting from a news paper publication. It is this sort of gutter news reporting that turns our leaders into demi-gods. They end up being intolerant to any form criticism because some of you even compare them with God. What heresy and blasphemy. Abadala bathi isigogo sigoqwa sisesemanzi. Ubaba uTsvangirayi should be taught ukuthi as a human being laye ulamaphutha. Pho nxa lizamenza umuntu omsulwa esebusa kasoze asithwalise nzima yini? Yini njalo eladlisibandla ngoba lamenza waba lethemba lamanga wayekelukusebenza ngamandla. Akhe lizameni zizalwane zeZimbabwe to call a spade a spade. Kini lina elijabulela amasanctions kimi liyafana lomuntu ohlala phezu kogatsha esihlahleni esikhulu kakhulu abesequma lolo gatsha ngesaha khonapho equma ingxenye ahlezi kiyo. Nxa ugatsha lolo lusiwa laye uyawa lalo. Pho lingaze lale ukuthi amasanctions akhona njalo lithabelukuthi setheswe amanye njalo amasanctions kakhethi ukuthi umuntu lo ngoweMDC-T kumbe ZANU-PF. Ubuhlungu bawo buzaziwa nguye wonke umuntu weZimbabwe. Omakhelwane basempumalanga bale saga sabo esthi "uchafarire nganga neichabata amai"

Mabhengeza - 10 October 2013

Kwedu tine madhara ava ne 60 years zvichienda mberi . Vanopa mazano pano nepapo asi dzimwe nguva vanobvotomoka zvekuti tava kungovaregerera. Chavakanakira ndechekuti vava kuzviziva kuti vakura . Saka unonzwa voti , " A! Regai vakomana vaite. Isu hatichazvigona". Asi kana takonewa tinozomhanya kwavari topihwa mazano. Ndozvatinotarisira kumadzisekuru ( kubatanidza nevekwaZvimba vatinoziva) , zvimwe zvinhu siirai pwere . Inga penyu makaita wani? Zvonzi nevakuru GUDO GURU....

James - 10 October 2013

in such matters, i pray that GOD do justice to the affected innocent

Raymond Masakadza - 10 October 2013

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