Tsvangirai faces eviction

HARARE - A visit by a team from the Public Works ministry to Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s Highlands mansion (pictured) last week  has set in motion the protocol for his departure from the official residence after losing the July 31 poll.

Despite earlier statements by George Charamba, President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, that “no one will evict him from the house; there was an agreement that he could purchase the property and the agreement still stands,” official sources say hawks in Zanu PF are pushing an order directing that Tsvangirai vacates the   official residence.

The team touring the No. 49 Kew Drive mansion made it clear that if Tsvangirai failed to vacate the house, government would take action and could also enlist the help of the police in taking possession of the house. 

Just before the end of the inclusive government, Tsvangirai and Mugabe negotiated a safe passage during one of their regular Monday tea meetings at State House and that both entered a gentleman’s agreement that whoever lost elections would be treated with respect.

Both Mugabe and Tsvangirai agreed on an assurance that the loser would be given enough time to vacate the official residence or buy the property in Tsvangirai’s case.

But there is apparently an attempt to go back on the agreement to give Tsvangirai the right of first refusal to buy the property.

The move to evict Tsvangirai also comes as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has opened a fraud docket against him and his close relative, Hebson Makuvise, Zimbabwe’s former ambassador to Germany, who are alleged to have received two payments from Treasury and the Reserve Bank in 2009 to purchase the house.

To add salt to injury, all officers, special assistants and advisers to the former prime minister, including those seconded to Charter House from other government departments, are facing dismissal from government ostensibly because of fears that they will “contaminate” the civil service.

“Reference is made to the ongoing restructuring and re-organisation in the civil service,” said a September 27, 2013 Civil Service Commission letter to one of the directors in the ex-PM’s office.

“Accordingly, the commission intends to retire you from the civil service in terms of Section 18(4)(e)(ii) of the Public Service Regulations, 2000.”

Tsvangirai’s five years in power are disastrously drawing to a close. His security details have been withdrawn and reinstated, and aides have witnessed their leader’s painful departure from his Charter House office.

Just before the July 31 blowout, Tsvangirai, a gritty former prime minister, was brimming with confidence.

Now he faces the spectre of losing the mansion that the Public Works ministry is reportedly valuing at over $4 million – a top line ripple for Tsvangirai – a move that could force him to return to his modest Strathaven home.

Tsvangirai and his wife Elizabeth moved into the Highlands pad in April last year ahead of their wedding.

The mansion was renovated by government after the former trade unionist failed to move into Zimbabwe House – Mugabe’s former residence when he served as PM soon after independence in 1980 until 1987.

The father of six, who shared executive powers with Mugabe during the subsistence of the GNU, has a right as a sitting tenant to buy the house and has indicated his intention to do so, raising questions on the push by the “hard-line faction” to evict him.

Tsvangirai’s Highlands house was valued at $790 000 before improvement and officials say its value is nowhere near the $4.5 million being peddled by the Public Works ministry.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, said the ongoing attempts to evict Tsvangirai were part of a “decimation and humiliation campaign despite the role he has played for the country.”

“His work as prime minister responsible for the government work programme which gave respite to the people of Zimbabwe are there for all to see,” Tamborinyoka said.

“His package cannot be decided by junior officers who seem determined to humiliate him. It can only be decided after a meeting between the former prime minister and the president.

“Surely, if there was a dignified exit for (racist supremacist Rhodesian leader Ian) Smith and Abel Muzorewa (the first black prime minister of the short-lived nation known as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia), why try to do it differently for Morgan Tsvangirai?

“Its a barbaric plot to humiliate him,” Tamborinyoka said.

“He remains concerned about the proper package not only for himself, but for the whole country. Zimbabweans demand the package of a legitimate election.”

Tambrinyoka said for Tsvangirai, “it has never been about material benefits for himself but for the whole country.”

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist since independence from Britain in 1980 but faced the biggest test of his rule of three-plus decades from Tsvangirai, the veteran trade unionist and founder of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), who alleges fraud in the July vote.

Observers say Tsvangirai’s insistence that Mugabe stole the vote has angered a Zanu PF faction, which is hell-bent on ensuring that he is tossed out with nothing.

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To show he is one with his suffering Zimbabwean supporters the MDC leader should refuse to fall into a trap over this 'idiot house'. If anything he should simply pack up and go back to Strathaven rather than give a vindictive cabal who are bent on humiliating him in this ugly fashion. He should remove the house from the battle field, he does not need all this bad press over this house..

gutter poet - 3 October 2013

Couldn't agree more with you more gutter poet.

Kache Mhofu - 3 October 2013

Humble yourself Morgan and move back to Strathaven.The people you are dealing with hold masters degrees not just in violence but also in mean mindedness and humiliating!

mascara - 3 October 2013

As long as he continues to peddle lies to the world that elections were stolen, there is no need to respect him. He has no respect for the majority of Zimbabweans who voted freely and fairly and booted him out of office. Instead he is calling them thieves, accusing them of stealing elections yet they voted clearly and honestly. He doesn't deserve respect unless he starts respecting the people who are the once who appoint this country's leaders

aggrey gumisai - 3 October 2013

Aggrey gumisai please spare us the rubbish. Mugabe and all and sundry and some of the few idiots like you know that this election was a mother of all frauds and Tsvangirai is just stating that. If ti means he has to go back to Strathaven then let it be rather than grovel to Mugabe and live the life of a lie. Nonsense. The world does not work like that. You are pathetic to say the least. Mugabe and hid goofs were not appointed by anyone except NIKUV. A 90 year old grandpa who steals elections what sort of moral values is he instilling in the young generation. Should Tsvangirai respect such daylight thuggery? You are pathetic. God have mercy of your poor soul

vongai - 3 October 2013

Go to Buhera Mazidhengere dhorobha rakava. Who are you to reside in such an expensive mansion, dreaming.

komo - 3 October 2013

Luke unonyadzisa pese paunovhura muromo. Did you hear yourself correctly when you said an exit package will be determined by former Prime Minister and President. Fair and fine but which President. As far as MDC T is concerned there is no President in the country hence Parliamentary boycott. I will lose respect for Mugabe if he accommodates Tsvangirayi nekuda pane imba. Pakuda zvinhu ndopamunoti President Mugabe. Shame on MDC-T. Nhaiwe Luke ko kumbopawo Tsvangirai good advice for once. Akatenga imba iyoyo is he going to explain how he has all of a sudden become a multi millionaire. Chinomutadzisa kutenga imba kuBrooke chinyararire chi-I nanga nanga necontroversial iyoyi. Nhai Luke zvauri benzi chairo woti imba iro worthy 790000 saka 3million yakatorwa naSave yakaenda kupi. ZVAMUCHIRI nhiyo zvitoto papolitics nhai

munhu anoda zvinhu - 3 October 2013

Luke how dare you talk of humiliation of Tsvangirayi. You now understand meaning of humiliation because Tsvangirai is involved. Isnt it humiliation to MUGABE when you boycott Parliament when he is addressing or when you boo him. So good things should happen to you MBITI and Tsvancryson alone

LUKE HAAGONE BASA - 3 October 2013

aggrey gumisai i on behalf of others ddnt vote clearly and honestly, freely and fairly as u say. I was one of those who was asked to be totally illiterate yet the pesen who put an x 'where i didnt like " was actually the most illiterate pesen in ma community kkkkkkkkkkk i came out of the ballot box lafing

mamoyoaudrey - 3 October 2013

Its funny how you chinja boys say the election was stolen and then expect a President you dont recognise to give you an exit package! Mdc is full of politically immature ignoramuses!

patrick - 3 October 2013

mamoyoaudrey you are most probably a diasporan who did not vote, that is why you are making nonsensical claims!

patrick - 3 October 2013

mamoyoaudrey you are most probably a diasporan who did not vote, that is why you are making nonsensical claims!

patrick - 3 October 2013

As a staunch supporter of MDC-T, I have been patiently waiting to hear how Mugabe stole the elections. I think Mr Morgan you are taking us for a ride. You can't claim that elections were stolen with no proof of that. Zvinonyadzisa zvamuri kuita. You want to use us so that you can remain politically relevant uchingodya nevakadzi vako chete. I will be humbled if you stepped down before 2016. Your actions make me to start believing in Mugabe something that I initially said will never do

Jabu - 3 October 2013

Tsvangirai, ko ndiye oga here? nemi muchabvawo pamuri, MY STRONGEST WARNING TO MUGABE AND CREW, I will never forgive you for your deeds, mark my words, if we go like this then this country will be of Dogs, I will lead this country, i am young now but sooner i wll take over, your sons and daughter will pay back what you store from us, 10 Farms 1 man, i will recover mine, i am not Tsvangirai who is not prepared to eliminate his enermies and put trust in God whilst being robbed of everything, i am a King by birth, who understand his way forward, ready to do whatever it costs to get to my throne, itai muchiziva nyika hairambi iri mumaoko enyu, Mwari mumwe akakupaiwo mikana iyoyo ikatipawo, Humiliate everybody now but your turn will come. Zimbabwe mark my words. Better i know everyone of you. Tsvangirai buda mumba imomo coz unoshandiswa kubhadharisa zvikwerti wotengeserwa imba nemutengo wekupenga zvawakaitwa naH Muchechetere achida kubhadhara vashandi vaanoshandisa mahara, ramba kupedzerwa mari, ngavagare

garwe - 3 October 2013

Inga zvakaoma

CHANGAMIRE LEO - 3 October 2013

The former Prime Minister, Tsvangirai does recognise President Mugabe, who according to him, stole the presidency. Any right thinking person is surprised why a "gentleman and holy politician" Morgan Tsvangirai should expect the "devil" Mugabe to listen to him with sympathy. If Tsvangirai forcibly remains in the taxpayer funds, he should be evicted in the same way that illegal squatters are being black-booted out. My honest advice to the down-and-out ex-Premier is for him to return to his Srathaven palace. As for his second wife, Elizabeth, I symphathise for her since her dream to move to State House has turned to a nightmare. Regarding Tamborenyoka's comments about his boss' quandary, you may sing for your supper until it goes stale and unpalable.

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 3 October 2013

ndabude muimba yegvt vana sekuru vedu mawar vets vawanewo pokugara becoz they died and fought for this country

baba acho - 3 October 2013

vana luke i thought u said zim has no president saka which president a u referring to, nonsense evict him or push the price to 10 meter kikikiki

liniagozo - 3 October 2013

Brother Morgan's judgment is questionable. Why hang around the controversial house and allow yourself to be humiliated by Bob? Get out of the house today and go to Stathaven or even Humanikwa village in Buhera with your dignity intact. The time for groveling to Bob is over. If you have the $790 000 to buy a house just go into the market and do so before sunset. There are beautiful mansions to be found even for $150 000. It seems there is more to it than the public knows, Morgan. Why did allow yourself to go into backroom deals with Bob. See now the mess you are in!

Buruvuru - 3 October 2013


tellman - 3 October 2013

He can go back to Strataven but that will not help revive industry. ZanuPF rigged the election that is known even by mbuya vekwa Muzarabani vane muzukuru arikutadza kuenda kuchikoro nekuda kwenzara knows it. Morgan just tell them you don't need it and come back home. varikukutuka pano havatorina pekudgara vamwe vacho vanogara muma sewage ekumbare uko vakapfeka m t-shorts ane message inorema Indegenise, empower and employ ivo vachitengesa ma banana pakona apo.

maita - 3 October 2013

All government houses belong to the state, not ZANU, let alone Mugabe or Tsvangirai. Ndezvedu isu vana ve Zimbabwe izvo. That is our tax. Kana Mugabe akadzinga Tsvangirai sembwa, iye achadzingwawo sembwa nguva yake yasvika. Do not forget Gadhafi used to kill people like mapete. He died like a dog as well. Webakatwa anofawo nebakatwa. Farai mufarisise maZANU, zvichapera. Muchashaya pekuhwanda kana zvapera. Go to Malawi muvhunze kuti ma young pioneers aripi kana ku Germany muvhunze those who worked with Hitler, even here in Zimbabwe no one wants to be associated with dzakutsaku or Smith. You will be remembered if you do good, like Mandela. Tsvangirai, siya enda kumba kwako. Zvichapera. Vachashaya pekuhwanda zvapera.

CHIKWAPURO - 3 October 2013

I have no sympathy for Morgan because there is no way his party were going to win a mock election against a ZanuPF military dictatorship assisted by the state police and thugs called war veterans. A civilian party like MDC-T will never ever win a mock election against a ZanuPF military dictatorship now or in the future. Morgan had the chance to inform Sadc, AU, UN, EU and Mbeki in 2008 after the violent run in to the Presidential run-off that Zimbabwe was under the grip of ZanuPF military dictatorship but Morgan chose to sign a so-called GPA with the military dictatorship. The mock election outcome had already been determined by ZanuPF before a vote was cast. Why do those in MDC-T think ZanuPF was collecting signatures for the so-called sanctions petition? To rig of course. The referendum for the new Constitution was a dress rehearsal for the mock election - nobody in MDC-T saw this trick - dozy fools.

Chin - 3 October 2013

My question to Luke. was the house bought for Tsvangirai or the Prime minister. I believe it was a company house or state house and there when your contract comes to an end you vacate the property. Are you therefore saying if Mugabe lost the election you would have sold him state house as an exit package Haaaaaa. Since mugabe had been living at state house since 1980 or 1987 tipeio maserious you corrupt buggers. Tsvangirai buy your own house. You live in a company house for 2 years and you want it as an exit package. No you should not get it that is why Mugabe bought the Borrowdale Brooke house. For your exit package you go to the Pension Office that is if you were making pension contributions.

Nyati - 3 October 2013

Ana garwe tsvina dzoga nyararai kushure

jm kanhu kako - 3 October 2013

look morgan,for one dont take us the general public for fools,you have presented zanu pf for the umpteenth time with an opportunity to ridicule you,why can you not learn,you are ill advised yes but think for yourself,the first and biggest mistake was the gnu when you had zanuon life support you saw it fit to ressucitate them,just get out of that house and behave like a man for once,your follys have made zanu seem invincable and yet they are dealing with a dodo

conciousness - 4 October 2013

iwe vongai tiratidze humbowo wacho, where does nikuv come into play, u a an ignoramus buffoon, is it not factual that zanu pf won resoundingly, the rigging claims are unsubstantiated, did u really expect tsvangirai to concede defeat,unoita hasha dzeyi usina humbowo,tibvireapo,dofo remunhu

shelaz - 4 October 2013


Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 4 October 2013


MUCHANYARA - 5 October 2013

well said gutter poet

mr p - 6 October 2013

Still waiting for the comprehensive report on Vote rigging Mr Tsvangirayi. Until then, please pack your bags and leave the big brother house!

Bhola` - 8 October 2013

If you accept the house Mr Former Prime Minister, you are accepting an exit package. If you accept this exit package, you are accepting that you must exit. If you accept that you must exit, you are accepting that you lost the election. If you are accepting that you lost the election, please shut the F up and stop making noise! Your cat calls about the election are getting boring. Stop using people to try and stay relevant. Please step down, let your party appoint a new leader and let them prepare for 2018 as a matter of urgency. If the MDC try and plan for an election 3 months before like they did this time, you are guarantteed another resounding defeat. Rest assured, while you are still whinning about these elections, we have already started planning for the next one... Shame, shame, shame...

Staunch ZANU - 8 October 2013

Reading all the previous 32 comments by supporters of both MDC and Zanu, the consensus is clearly that Tsvangirai has no entitlement to the house. Neither Mugabe nor Tsvangirai have a right to make private agreements concerning the disposal of State property. What I would like to know from Mr Tsvangirai is where he could have personally come by the funds to buy the house at any price. What is the answer, Morgan?

Joe Cool - 8 October 2013

@Staunch Zanu democracy calls on grassroots electing a new leader and not appointing one because this is not a professional position. That is why some are the longest serving Presidents because they appoint themselves.

Qawe laMaqawe - 8 October 2013

Morgan refused to recognize the election results so why show him respect, he can go lodge at No 7 Downing Street in London.

NDABEZINHLE NKOMO - 8 October 2013

We are Zimbabweans and are a dignified people, there is a way to treat an ex-prime minister in Zimbabwe,if we get it wrong, one day the chickens will come home to roost.Love him or hate him, Tsvangirayi is ex-Prime minister and I thought that comes with state priviledges of ex-prime minister. I would like to see us treat Mr RG Mugabe with respect when he retires just on the premise he was the President Of Zimbabwe.There is a way to treat our leaders whether we love them or loathe them.

Isaya Mufiri - 9 October 2013

If I were Tsvangirai I would demand respectable treatment in this manner and seek Mugabe's public position. If he doesn't want i leave and continue with the struggle from my Strathavern house. MT underestimates the support he can have if he doesn't make some political blunderrs that seem to happen.

Bones - 9 October 2013

The leaders must treat each other with utmost respect. What if Morgan wins next time?

chungaldo@gmail.com - 9 October 2013

aa what role did that Kaitano play sell our country to the highest bidder ngaaende kana kuBhohera anofudaza mombe nhingi yamunhu.

munhu - 9 October 2013

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