Tsvangirai tours poll 'crime scenes'

HARARE - Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai heads off this week on a campaign in two provinces where he suffered the heaviest electoral loss in a move designed to take his presidential challenge directly into areas President Robert Mugabe won resoundingly on July 31.

The provinces to be covered — Masvingo and Matabeleland— all present strong opportunities for the former prime minister, Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson told the Daily News yesterday. 

The trip, which starts in Masvingo where the MDC failed to win even a single seat, marks Tsvangirai’s most intense effort at retail campaigning since his devastating electoral defeat on July 31.

Tsvangirai hopes Mugabe’s government will “cave in” under the pressure of growing economic troubles, in-fighting and a belief by many Zimbabweans that it stole the July 31 election.

Tsvangirai is still disputing the election, which he lost to Mugabe by a wider-than-expected margin.
But if, as expected, the fraud claims get nowhere, Tsvangirai says other forces may sink the socialist leader. Tsvangirai has said “Mugabe cannot rig the economy.”

But the election blowout in July has handed a new opening to Tsvangirai’s potential presidential rivals — from his right hand man Tendai Biti to former National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku who transformed his NCA into an opposition party on Saturday.

Tsvangirai heads to Masvingo after a lull in the aftermath of the harmonised elections.

The former trade unionist will visit every district in Masvingo as he seeks to remove the “lethargy” that has descended on the nation following the elections.

Tamborinyoka said the MDC leader will meet people from villages, mines, towns and resettlement areas around the country, as he moves to invigorate the populace in the wake of the harmonised election defeat.

“He naturally has chemistry with the people and he is going to touch base in Masvingo province from where he will proceed to other parts of the country,” Tamborinyoka told the Daily News.

He said the MDC leader chose Masvingo as his first port of call because it is the “scene of unmitigated crime.”

“In the last election, the province showed the audacity of mischief,” Tamborinyoka said.

Before the 2013 vote, the MDC had 14 seats in Masvingo while Zanu PF had 12. After the vote, Zanu PF won all the 26 seats.

“The people of Masvingo were left with nothing and so the president will be sharing ideas with them and also coming up with a way forward,” said Tamborinyoka.

From his Masvingo foray, Tsvangirai is taking his dialogue meetings to the Matabeleland provinces, in a campaign tour aimed largely at ordinary Zimbabweans in all crucial battlegrounds in the July 31 presidential election.

The MDC president’s trip is his first since the 2013 presidential campaign.

Zanu PF won a significant number of parliamentary seats in Matabeleland region this time, garnering 13 seats in Matabeleland South and six in Matabeleland North provinces.

In Bulawayo it failed to win a single seat.

Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai will be preaching a message of hope, inspiring people to look ahead.

He said the MDC leader’s struggle against Mugabe was similar to the Biblical story of David.

“We remain inspired by the story of David, after the devil had taken everything away from him, he soldiered on. We remain focused and we know we shall overcome,” said Tamborinyoka.

Now he and other opposition leaders seem to be banking on a steady deterioration in Mugabe’s  popularity and power.

Some opponents, though, say Zimbabwe’s economic problems — slowing growth, liquidity crunch, and hard currency bottlenecks — may prove too much for Mugabe, coupled with a purported rivalry between factions vying to succeed him.

Tsvangirai is also heading off increasing calls within his party to pass the baton in the wake of his defeat, but his spin-doctors say he has the full backing of all the organs of the party, and his mandate runs until 2016.

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Find better news, zvouyo hatichina basa nazvo.

reason - 1 October 2013

Mr. Tsvangirai should also visit the areas such as mberengwa where the party has not win a single seat since its inception. mberengwa is a remote place where ZANU PF is basing on the poverty of the people but I am sure that if mdc leader himself go there and advise the people in that area, I assure you that the net election will be theirs. I think the mdc is the only party that can deliver in that stricken poverty area of mberengwa. the area is rich with natural resources but there are all taken by big fish like rugare gumbo and his family leaving the area suffering. once again I urge Mr. Tsvangirai to rush to this area and start his party from the grassroots all mberengwa residents who once passed through primary school are behind you Mr. Tsvangirai.

gotamie jakos - 1 October 2013

The fact for a dismal failure of Mdc in Masvingo is completely ignorance. In Bikita Mdc had scooped all 3 seats and the Senator 2008 elections, come their term they did nothing some pple could even forgot the names of their legislator. A good example is in ward 23 where Heya Shoko visited only ones with 2 crates one for drinks and the other one for scuds. Unfortunately the Mp forgotten his cell phone which we heard was handed back to him with chief Marozva later that week later. They did not campaigned or complained why they had failed to act. Let this be clear what Mdc has done in Masvingo after that chance made no more hopes in it. I BET MDC WILL NEVER NEVER AGAIN GIVEN A CHANCE TO WASTE LIKE THAT PPLE HAVE EXPRIENCED ENOUGH. I wonder why pple say the election was rigged. Mr Editor try an empirical research from the pple from that region and the PREVIOUS Mps Masvingo has infinite problems which pple cannot watch 5 yrs not attended to and wish to add more, wise Zpf came and collect list of problems now and then give some solutions at least and disclose where failed. No rigging no violence MDC had proved its a non starter.

komo - 1 October 2013

@Jakos ndinobvumirana newe svana svokumusha kwade isu kuno kuMberengwa tirikukacha shomo nemeno ZANU PF haitivoni so Save ngavasvikewo tizuwe nawo ndipo paneTariro ana Rugare ativuraira dunhu chaanogona kurumbidza baba Chatunga vachiisa Budiriro kwave . Mberengwa toitora chete asi tinoziva vanhu vanohlihlidzigwa nenduku zhar ichitimora

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 1 October 2013

In Buhera Tsvangirai was busy on his personal drip irrigation project which has an effect of crowding out the water table hence starving villagers of water sources. In that meantime in the same backyard Chinotimba who had lost the previous election relocated from Harare to stay right on the ground and went ahead to use personal (may be ill gotten wealth ) to deliver tangible developemnt and resuscitation of roads, cattle dips schools you name it. And what were the results Chino's now in Parliament. Even the villagers who have recently been feasted-on by the hyena Chino's was the first to be there for them. So dont talk about rigging You slept on duty hence the thumping by people like Chinos.

chama - 1 October 2013

Even if MDC did nothing for the pple after GNU in Bikita, voting back Zanu Pf is actually worse

makomo - 1 October 2013

The Former Prime Minister Tsvangirai's political future is very bleak to say the least. What with his white backers particularly Bennett, Kay and Freeth calling for his ouster from the MDC(T). His political fate was sealed by his dismal performance against his nemesis President Mugabe. His junketing around Zimbabwe will not help him.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 1 October 2013

Ninety-five percent of men over 70 years of age have cancer cells in their prostate, But very few succumb to the malignancy. When Mogabe's "Sands of Time run out we will simply bury his remains. But his Valour will not be interred with his bones. Mogabe is not Zimbabwean. He is not African. He is a phenomenon ! His maniacal Patriotism has set a new paradigm for doggedness. Mogabe is our new polemical Plimsol Line.

Dharma Appavoo - 1 October 2013

Ninety-five percent of men over 70 years of age have cancer cells in their prostate, But very few succumb to the malignancy. When Mogabe's "Sands of Time run out we will simply bury his remains. But his Valour will not be interred with his bones. Mogabe is not Zimbabwean. He is not African. He is a phenomenon ! His maniacal Patriotism has set a new paradigm for doggedness. Mogabe is our new polemical Plimsol Line.

Dharma Appavoo - 1 October 2013

Whilst rigging was massive but MDC also dug its own grave with this confirmation excesises they carried out some which were not done clearly. I hear one who talked about Shoko, true the man started to appear towards confirmation but he was never with the people, maybe kumusha kwake hake aionekwa but when you are MP you have to be with the people especially vekumusha. pane imwe funeral paakatenga ka coffin ke 30 dollars achida confirmation and he was confirmed nechitsotsi and it started from the top. We once advised Chamisa kuti this execise they are carrying is wrong they should just go straight into primaries so people saw kuti these guys are protecting even lazy bones so they dumped them unfortunately they went for zanupf instead of other parties which to me was wrong.

maita - 2 October 2013

TO Tsvangirai: Tsvangirai should make sure that he and his MPs are visible on the ground and in close contact with the voters. Some MDC MPs are very useless. For example Brain Chuma of Hwange is always in Harare and South Africa. He just buys a few crates of beer for the MDC youths when he is in town. We do not want him to contest next time. His ZPF MP-aspirant Reads Dube is always with the Hwange community, assisting here and there, infact, he only lost because Hwange community hates ZPF based on the poor ecomomic performance of HCCL. Its high time the MDC leadership opens public offices for its MPs where people can go for information. Tsvangirai and your leadership please make your MPs accountable to the people, we want development, show us what you can offer. If need be, go back to the British, Europeans and Americans to ask for sponsorship and use that money to develop and sponsor self help projects in every constituency in the country. People do not want to be associated with a political party that is broke financially and strategically. Where are the MDC think-tanks or intelligency. Be more creative, do not fight the army and the security sector of this country, talk to them, sell your policies and offer friendship and assurances that you will not turn the tables on your perceived enemies. This also applies to the regional bodies like SADC or AU. You need to bounce back strong. I hate leaders who lack plan B. Oppologize to the supporters for having lost the elections and take the blame for the dismal showing in the harmonised elections whether rigged or not. Promise to listen to the people now and going forward. Otherwise people will dump the MDC. Please also lead a morally GOD fearing lifestyle, no more scandals.

Underdog - 2 October 2013

Mugabe can not rig the economy! So true Mr Tsvangirai. Only MDC could do that as a desperate means of getting into office... What's next? You are the one who's capable of destroying what others are building. Chenjera kuMasvingo ikoko unobviswa chiri kumeso navo coz havanyari kana ani zvake anouya netunyaya tusina maturo!

Gaylord - 2 October 2013

tsvangirai is a misinformed bafoon who is failing to stomach a vigorous defeat,his defiance is futile,he should hv touread masvingo during campaigns not now.When zanu pf was busy campaigning,tsvangirai was busy denigrating traditional leaders and now is ironically claiming that elections were rigged,he is a very funny person.If the mdc could win 14 seats in 2008,whats surprising abt zanu pf reclaiming the same seats,after all the 2008 margins were very slim,so the mdc slept on duty and they lost period

shelaz - 2 October 2013

the sooner that mdc-t realise that it dug its on grave the better. look at Binga, they have consistently voted for the MDC but what did they get in return, not a even a visit by the tsvangirai to thank them, let alone dvpt in the area, this is taking people for granted, come 2018 ,you will see what will happen in Binga, politics is not like soccer, there are no fanatical supporters, we are pragmatic and realist

temper dube - 2 October 2013

I am very sure that Zanu PF did'nt rig the election, they won fairly. Mr Tsvangirai you are destined to lead this country, to greater heights but, have you ever visited the place called Zhombe (kwa samambwa). we voted for Mdc in 2008, and Tazviona Rodgers could not do anything which could possibly differentiate him from the evil acts of the ruling party(Zanu PF). In Zhombe we dont have a leader, the only thing we need is a leader who can make our lives better, Tazviona has failed, McKenzie of Zanu failed ten years ago. Mr Tsvangirai you need to go to Zhombe in person. we are ready to vote for you as we did in 2008., i know you are capable of leading this country.

mapy - 2 October 2013

Zimbabwean bumper sticker: Tsvangirai has turned out to be the best politician that money can buy

Dharma Appavoo - 2 October 2013

don't we have a Prophet in Zimbabwe? Is there no Balm in Gilead? so why are my sons and daughters NOT healed? are people in Zimbabwe born again? are they TRUE CHRISTIANS? do people in Zimbabwe have SPIRITUAL EYES? I wonder? who told you that its time for God to change any government? who told you what God wants to do with this outcome? open your spiritual eyes? to be spiritually-minded is LIFE and to be carnally-minded is DEATH!!! Pray the people of Zimbabwe. battles are won by people who pray!!!! All physical things/happening first happen in the supernatural/spiritually.hapana kana munhu ONE(1) anombonamatira Zimbabwe and you just expect WONDERS!!! God says If my people, who are koled by my name humble themselves, pray and are holy and righteous , then I will heal their NATIONS!!!!!! muri kupedza TSVIMBO kumazizi BUT hanga dzichauya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple Cesse - 3 October 2013

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