Zanu PF tears into Madhuku, MDC

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has poured scorn on National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) chairman Lovemore Madhuku’s bid to form a new opposition political party, saying his project was “doomed.”

Madhuku’s NCA holds its long overdue congress today where the University of Zimbabwe law lecturer will officially step down and subsequently launch his political party which the law professor says will be “Pan-African.”

Psychology Maziwisa, Zanu PF junior spokesperson, tore into Madhuku on Thursday evening during a public seminar held in Harare, declaring that the constitutional law expert was wasting his time trying to form a useless party.

“We understand that Madhuku wants to quit NCA to form his own party. We ask the Lord to bless him in his endeavours. But everybody knows that the Madhuku party will not bring anything new,” Maziwisa said.

“His party is an attempt to hoodwink Zimbabweans and it will fail because the people are intelligent. Some parties have been formed in the past to deceive Zimbabweans and they have failed.  Madhuku is no exception. His project is irrelevant and therefore it is doomed.

“Let it be known to Madhuku that Zanu PF remains the only people’s party and we will continue to win elections and govern for a very, very long time to come.”

The attack on Madhuku came as a surprise as the constitutional law expert has been singing from the Zanu PF hymn book.

During the build up to the harmonised elections, Madhuku was seen as ingratiating himself with Zanu PF, proffering legal opinions in the press to Zanu PF in disputes between the liberation party and the MDC.

Reached for comment, Madhuku told the Daily News: “We have taken note of his comments. We acknowledge that everyone, including Maziwisa, is entitled to his opinion. As to whether the party will fail or succeed, let us wait and see.”

Madhuku declined to divulge information on his imminent resignation from NCA and his  new party.

The party is expected to be fully-fledged by December this year.

Maziwisa also railed against the main opposition MDC, which he claimed faced a bleak future with Morgan Tsvangirai as the leader.

“The future of MDC hangs in the balance with Tsvangirai at the helm,” Maziwisa said.

“The calibre of a leader is fundamental to the success of a political establishment. I am very sorry to say as long as Tsvangirai is the leader of MDC, the party will remain irrelevant. Tsvangirai is clueless and an immoral leader who thinks that we need a white person in Zimbabwe to prosper.”

Luke Tamborinyika, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson has said since the July 31 vote, there have been two national council meetings of the MDC reaffirming that the organs of the party still have faith in his leadership.
“Now, the worrying development is that the debate is no longer taking place in the MDC,” Tamborinyoka said.

“It is now taking place in Zanu PF where a fund has been created to destabilise and decimate the MDC; to decimate the character and person of Morgan Tsvangirai.

“It was to start with the ceaseless attacks on his person and his marriage, the huge payouts to MDC councillors to vote against their party; and now the sinister plot outside of the MDC structures and platforms, which plot is to the effect that Tsvangirai must be removed from the body politic at all costs.

“The ‘removal’ ranges in nature from a sponsored coup to the murky and ghastly form of ‘removal’ that only Zanu PF can muster. Zanu PF cannot discuss and plot around an MDC issue more than the MDC structures themselves. Surely, the Devil cannot be allowed to discuss the need for leadership renewal in Heaven.”

Maziwisa said the MDC should stop complaining about vote rigging.

“It’s not about Nikuv or what, but it’s about MDC policies which failed to appeal to the people,” Maziwisa said.

“Whilst MDC was talking about job creation, Zanu PF what was talking of empowerment through indigenisation. The better team won and the MDC should accept that they were rejected by the people.”

MDC spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora — who was also a panellist — quickly rubbished Maziwisa and said Tsvangirai was not going to step down.

Mwonzora claimed the military rigged elections for Zanu PF and claimed his party had evidence proving this.

He declared that his party will bounce back in 2018.

“Since 1999, we have been having a boom and slump cycle,” Mwonzora said.

“In 2000, we had 57 seats in Parliament, in 2005 we had 41 seats and in 2008 we bounced back with 121 seats. Now at our lowest we have 91 seats. In 2018, we are definitely going to come back and win the elections.”

Takura Zhangazha, an analyst who was also a panellist at the discussion forum, said opposition parties remained relevant but they needed to re-strategise if they are ever to dislodge Zanu PF from power.

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mazivisa should know better why should you waste people's time writing rubbish you know the truth that's why you making noise. now you have become MDC spokesperson. what indigenisation or empowerment are you talking about empowering who? even you yourself you are as poor as a lice.

hamurevesi - 28 September 2013

Maziwisa is just too excited to have found a husband Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo also as "small house". Otherwise if MDC-T uis doomed why did ZANU(PF) have to use the military and pay $10million to NIKUV to rig elections. The leadership crisis is in ZANU(PF) which fields a 90 year old granny to lead great great great grandsons of the age of Maziwisa as if there are no capable alternatives in the party, a leader who was almost being moved around in wheel-burrows as he campaigned because he no longer has the strength to walk.

Chipoto - 28 September 2013

A country of talkers and noise makers but are good at doing nothing the whole year round always insulting each other doing nothing. Our country is cursed for real.

Tjehondo Mabonyane - 28 September 2013

Why do you keep calling ZanuPF a “liberation movement or party”? Whom did they liberate? When did this liberation happen? Some of these terms are unhelpful. There was no single party which “liberated” any country in Southern Africa. Freliom were handed power after the coup in Portugal by General Spinola and so did MPLA in Angola. SWAPO was handed power after negotiations with S Africa. The same goes for ANC.

Musona - 28 September 2013

I think it must be a tough job being a journo these days for what value does this article gove to your readers where one upstart political whipper snapper lays into a moribund nowhere man? You are really scrapping the bottom end of the barrel here, no? That there is a new political party led by this clown in the offing is not only offensive but down right banal

gutter poet - 28 September 2013

Maziwisa wants MDC to change leadership but is it not taboo to talk about leadership renewal in his own party? How can a 90 year old continue to be a leader when he can no even stand?

Gandavaroyi -Machichiri - 28 September 2013

Zimbabwe is a country of cowards who are afraid of dying for the their country.

skunky - 28 September 2013


f - 28 September 2013


GRRR - 28 September 2013

ZANU supporters talk of leadership in MDC what have they got say about their party ONE president for 33YRS ,does it mean that they have dismally failed to get a successor , l would say YES........They are good at analysing what is happening in MDC but ignoring their biggest problem of succession in ZANU PF even if you look at the CABINET 95% are OLD GUARDS , AS for MADHUKU he should just forget about going into politics his party wont get a single councilor lets not even talk of parliament instead he should start writting NOVELS about his dreams that will never come true of being in parliament.PSYCOLOGY MAZIwISA is this a name of a person or a SUBJECT ,or shame on some parents you begin to think that his parents were visiting PSYCOLOGIST a lot ,that is why he got this name ,even his analysis proves it all that he is a half baked cake, JUNIOR SPOKESPERSON

CASHTALK - 28 September 2013


zim - 29 September 2013

It is a waste of time to try and form another political party which will go nowhere. Lovemore Madhuku is much too young to challenge dinosaurs like ZanuPF. The question is what does he hope to do which hasn't been done by the other parties like the MDCs? ZanuPF is not a civilian party and Madhuku's proposed civilian party cannot unseat a military dictatorship. He is going to fall into the same trap as the other parties which have treated ZanuPF as a civilian party which us why they have failed to unseat ZanuPF. No amount of astute planning will unseat a military dictatorship. Zimbabwe has been crying for a political party which can call a spade a spade not ignore tha fact that ZanuPF is indeed a military dictatorship. I have given Madhuku the clue(s).

Chin - 29 September 2013

One sentence should read, "He is going to fall into the same trap as the other parties which have treated ZanuPF as a civilian party which IS why they have failed to unseat ZanuPF."

Chin - 29 September 2013

GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your family. Don't waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without politics. See how this Zim poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling solar panels to the people in rural areas/villages so they can have electricity easily and very cheap. Very interesting. Go to SOLARTECH.CO , not dot com, to see the methods and companies she was using. SOLARTECH.CO , not dot com. Wake up Africans

Vada - 30 September 2013

madhuku is now in a delusion Prof. He may only do well if he joins Zanupf coz thats were visionless people are welcome

takashinga - 30 September 2013

Musona. Whether you like it or not, Zanu PF is a liberation party/movement. It is a fact and you cannot wish it (execution of the liberation war) did not take place. MDC has brainwashed people into living believing lies. But it only needs a sane person to think on his own. Shame on you.

Mr C - 30 September 2013

Jesus Christ once said "Remove the log in your own eye so you can see clearly before you can take out the spec in another's eye.". Maziwisa should take heed of these wise words when he talks about leadership renewal!

Johno - 30 September 2013

Jesus Christ once said "Remove the log in your own eye so you can see clearly before you can take out the spec in another's eye.". Maziwisa should take heed of these wise words when he talks about leadership renewal!

Johno - 30 September 2013

Maziwisa urimhata. Mugodhoyi womunhu. You are busy singing for your suffer while the masses continue to toil. You dont impress us at all you human shit.

Mutirowafanza - 30 September 2013

Maziwisa urimhata. Mugodhoyi womunhu. You are busy singing for your suffer while the masses continue to toil. You dont impress us at all you human shit.

Mutirowafanza - 30 September 2013

@Mr C - How old are you? When did this "liberation" take place? Where exactly did it happen? I never saw it myself. You ignorant fool.

Musona - 30 September 2013

nguva ichakwana zvishoma nezvishoma tinosvika chete. chinja mafungiro MDC NDIZVO nomatter what

morgan is more - 30 September 2013

"....Tsvangirai is clueless and an immoral leader ....."- Maziwisa. May you read Matthew 7:5.

Chinotimba - 30 September 2013

Maziwisa haasi Zanu PF,unatinyarawo munyori

carter - 1 October 2013

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