'Zanu PF sponsoring MDC rebellion'

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s main opposition party has made sensational claims that President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF is sponsoring dissent within its ranks.

MDC organising secretary Nelson Chamisa told the Daily News that the party had unearthed a plot hatched by Zanu PF to destroy the opposition movement, but hastened to add that “the party is on guard”.

Zanu PF yesterday denied sponsoring the rebellion, saying it has no money to waste destabilising a party that dismally lost the July 31 vote.

But Chamisa insisted there was a desperate ploy to influence matters in the MDC.

“We even expect the same ploy that was used in regards to councillors to be employed in Parliament,” Chamisa told the Daily News.

“We have seen these ploys even in our structures, trying to plant discord and a destabilising agenda, but we are vigilant, we have told our cadres to be vigilant and to be on the watch out.”

Since losing the July 31 elections, the MDC has endured a rough-run, amid allegations of serious divisions in the movement.

Senior officials, such as the party’s influential treasurer-general Roy Bennet, have come out guns blazing calling for leadership renewal.

Meanwhile, last week, the depth of the party’s crisis was also exposed when councillors defied the party’s directive to vote for selected candidates for mayoral posts.

Several councils where the MDC has a strong majority went to Zanu PF amid claims that the ruling party had compromised its councillors using cash.

Dissent in the MDC has given currency to calls for Tsvangirai to pass the baton.

However, Chamisa said the party is fully behind Tsvangirai, who lost his third election bid against bitter rival Mugabe since entering the political fray 14 years ago.

“Far from the misbegotten and misconceived perceptions of an organisation that is cannibalistic and eating itself from inside we are focused,” Chamisa said.

“We are focused that the crisis in Zimbabwe is a crisis of governance, a crisis of mandate and the deficit of democracy and we are focusing our energy on that.”

“Let me state this, there is no succession crisis in the MDC. You cannot have succession where there is success.

“Our leadership has succeeded to fight dictatorship in this country. Now as regards to people like me, we are neither capable nor suitable to constitute any succession that is being talked about.” Chamisa said reports that the party faces an implosion amid an internal revolt were false.

“We are solidly behind our leader, we have done a survey of our party and our structures and all are behind his leadership,” Chamisa said.

“There is no need for any false debate, which is being sponsored by Zanu PF. If anything, Tsvangirai is the centre of stability. We reject any attempts which have been placed by Zanu PF to cause discord.

“MDC is not a house on fire as is being sought by Zanu PF. I am glad I had discussions with Roy Bennet and we are open to debate.” Bennett has called for Tsvangirai to quit saying he is no longer popular.

The Kuwadzana legislator said, ranged “against a formidable opponent such as Zanu PF” there was need to inculcate discipline in the party.

Didymus Mutasa, the Zanu PF administration secretary, said his party does not have money to waste infiltrating the MDC.

“Ngaafunge zvakanaka mfana uyu (he should be reasonable),” Mutasa warned.

“In Zanu PF we don’t have money to waste. The MDC are the ones who say we are in a free Zimbabwe, so people are free to make their choices.”


Comments (41)

Chamisa hahahaha, you failed to mobilise your supporters to vote for MDC-T last July. Now you say ZPF is infiltrating your poorly organised,poorly lead party. You are doomed to live in change.What makes you think you are the custodians of change in Zimbabwe??

Hlongwane - 24 September 2013

Chamisa be serious. You destroyed the MDC-T before elections and you now want to blame ZANU(PF). That is being childish. Blame game no longer works. You pretend to be behind Morgan and yet behind hid back you ridicule him. Grow up Chamisa and be serious.

L Makombe - 24 September 2013

So, Chamisa says Zanu pf is sponsoring decent in the MDC-T?? They are paying Bennet and Ian Kay??? You must take us for fools!!! Deal with your own problems sir...

admire musingarabwi - 24 September 2013

thats wat u think u corrupt juntas u use ur threat to but u are a deafeted party everybody knows it

BLESSING KARUMBIBZA - 24 September 2013

thats wat u think u corrupt juntas u use ur threat to but u are a deafeted party everybody knows it

BLESSING KARUMBIBZA - 24 September 2013

MDC is the strongest rival of the so called ruling party. Save makosha

aaron - 24 September 2013

well chero arohwa haadi kubvuma chamisa the party was poorly organised how cn u say u r on guard wen councillors are voting zanu pf and u lost dismally rigging yakatambika sei muri organised

TATENDA - 24 September 2013

The juvenile (delinquent), Former Minister Chamisa's gloating about success is rather strange and bizarre. His chosen party and its politically out-of-depth Former Prime Minister, Tsvangirai, lost dismally in the harmonized elections yet the puerile (pwere) Chamisa hallucinates that that was success. The so- called ''rigger'' President Mugabe and his party pulverized their political counterparts into near oblivion. ''Rigging" as claimed by the politically maimed MDC-T and its limping leader will not change the situation on the ground. The HAMMER's advice to the self overrating juvenile Chamisa is for him and his leader (Fuehrer; leader in German) Tsvangirai should realise that they will politically perish in a self-dug bunker. Be warned.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 24 September 2013

Chamisa thanks for proving to the few MDC-T donors left that Zanu pf is always better and bigger than you. Clearly it seems Zanu pf not only have better national policies than Mdc-t but better political strategies. Why is the shoe in the other leg.You should be gloating as you were keen on doing before that you are the ones who have infiltrated Zanu pf but its always the other way. Waiwanzira Jonathan Moyo uchiti he is not fit to shake Tsvangirayi's hands before he goes thru you vanahwindi. You remember uchiti hausvike kunadriver usina kupfura nekuna hwindi. Who is the Minister now. Chamisa unlike the other ministers who have hit hard times I urge you to pursue acting or arts career. Une nyambo jokes netsumo nemadimikira ari rich. Pota uchienda kunafirst palunch ukandirwe mari. Zanu pf has gotten mayoral seats in your strongholds which means successful infiltration. Ko imi naBABA JUKWA makaitei. Zanu valembe

chamisa asikana iwe - 24 September 2013

Mdc are advocating for change which is good. Their councillors also want change ,thats why they voted ZANUPF CHIORORO.

group captain - 24 September 2013

Hey listen you people who think being free is licking other peoples' boots. When water and electricity are not available, this does not choose whether your party is in charge or not. We suffer together including those who say 'we are in control.' We cherish a leadership which is people oriented and those who see to it that the country develops for the prosperity of generations to come. Surely three decades without tangible policies is a disgrace.

tomasi tohwi - 24 September 2013

I thought you were the omly gentleman in your party who doesnt open his mouth before thinking. Now you have joined your mwonzoras who just think if their wives commits adultery it is zanupf. Chamisa stop hiding by the finger, your party is nolonger wanted by the people. Why cant you accept the truth kuti your party is practizing undemocratic methods. Ko mapetitions ayo maipiller kuhigh court makawithdrawer nekuda kwezanupf zvakare here imi muine malawyers enyu? Saka vanamwonzora naanabiti vakatengwazve nezanupf here? If so then kwangosara iwe namorgan that means you are now heading for nose diving into the save river.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 24 September 2013

chamisa guys you are finished just like save how can you tell us that utter rubbish gone are those days when you used to lie to us you mean zanupf put those words in bennet and kays mouth , you blame all your shortcoming to zanu pf . mdct you are slowly disappearing from our political land scape ,you are now a confused lot,

mbudzi - 24 September 2013

even zanupf imposed candidates for you what a poor party, you are now history

sori - 24 September 2013

The opinions that are being expressed appear vile. Most of you are encouraging MDC members to be despondent. We will forge ahead. MDC is the best party that articulates the hopes and dreams of honest citizens. We do not want to steal peoples votes, we do not support the raping of innocent tuck shop minders, we do not beat up those who do not support us. We want jobs for our children and parents, schools with books and well paid qualified teachers, a police force that executes its duties without fear or favour, a free media, opportunity for our gifted sports persons, a judiciary that interprets the law without favour. MDC stands for transparency and democracy. Chinja maitiro will not be dissuaded by its opposition. We know what we want and we will get it without violence,

Mavara Azarevhu - 24 September 2013

Apa vaChamisa mapererwa! Rambai zvatiri kuona muchifunga kuti ndimi makabata njere dzedu! Muchasara mega kana mukasagadzirisa. Ini ndaenda ini!!!

Mapererwa Manje - 25 September 2013

Unopenga Nelson. Waifurira Morgan kudzwanyirira vamwe vose muMDC uchiti ndiwe ani? Now you want to blame ZPF for your own personal mistakes! Forget, we know exactly what you; Nelson did. You rigged primary elections in ways worse than those of Nikov. You are childish, immature and undemocratic. The problem is that you rely on malice, you have never worked in your life and lack experience. You need to be relieved of your duties so that you can go back to industry to gain experience. Some one must teach about something called teamwork, where everyone has a role to play. You must also learn to say 'I am sorry'. For now 'go to hell'

wapusa wapusa - 25 September 2013

Where democracy prevails you do not impose moyors,where democracy prevails you do not fire members because of their opinions.learn from ZANU PF,Iit suspence and teaches gwara remusangano.YOU ARE FINISHED CHAMISA

cobra - 25 September 2013

I agree with Wapusa wapusa. Wakapusa - learn to say 'I am sorry'. The game is over for you. tsanga basa kana pachigayo udzidzire kushanda nevamwe mush

maPlan - 25 September 2013

Please MDC u have just unearthed u should not sleep on the job, background checks etc should always be done on a continuous basis, u snooze u loose

mindfull - 26 September 2013

ZANU remains a vampire party that has employed all sorts of unorthodox means to continue to hold on to power. They killed in 2008 and they stole in 2013 now they are using diamond money in an attempt to cripple the only hope of the people

norman gonorenyuchi - 26 September 2013

I read with dismay the report that you belittled women in Masvingo before elections when they were clamouring for Gender representation. You misfired on that ocassion and you are misfiring this time around by protecting someone who always come up with an excuse after loosing elections. As long as Morgan is the leader of your party- HAMULUME!!!!!!!!!

Bwasvisvi - 26 September 2013


EDDIE - 26 September 2013


EDDIE - 26 September 2013

Wy cant MDC sponsor a ZANU rebellion ?

Jojo - 26 September 2013

MDC T was formed against the background of the popular protest vote gravy Train . But failed to establish itself as a formidable opponent to Zanu Pf . Formed with a base of the labour movement they soon forgot and still do not seem to be aware of what to do and were to go . Varikuita sevanhu vakbatwa nechidzimira . There is needs for the party to have idealogies that can sell and win people's Hearts . their competition is not with Zanu Pf but with their past and presnt perfomance ,they must wise up and size up .

cornelio Sunduza - 26 September 2013

chamisa you are lying. You say that you have succeeded in fighting dictatorship. We are back to a one party state. Imagine that? people preferred a defacto one party state to an even match MDC vs zanu. Tsvangirai GO NOW! TODAY! we do not trust you because you failed us.

wordwriter - 26 September 2013

why cant we wait for e next tym, tho ey wl b NO nxt tym.

hilarious student - 26 September 2013

Guys, give it four month, only four months and you will see MDC melt into oblivion. This Western sponsored party is finished. Varungu havarambi vachiisa mari pasina chimuko. Varungu vaida kuti MDC ivape Zimbabwe manje zvakakona and varungu vakatsamwa nemachende ose. Zvinotonzi vamwe vacho vari kuronga kuuraya Chematama vachiti chakavapedzera nguva saka Zanu PF please double security pana Tsvangirai, tinganyarirepi. Musarege varungu vachipupura mutenda uyu.

Naison Nyereyegona - 26 September 2013

I also am of the opinion that its high time Morgan leaves the leadership to someone else..3 times failing its enough we are not that patient else will go back to ZANU cz change yacho haisi kuuya

Chock wadi - 26 September 2013

Cdes, l have read all the comments and for sure it seems vanhu are angry over the MDC-T.....Nelson my young brother who was expelled from Harare Polytechnic isu tavekutoshanda kare and while studying course yehuLecturer...must go back to school and do exactly what Professor Jonathan is doing for ZANU PF......this time my young brother, wairasa........l used to respect your opinion although uri junior wangu but pliz stop bwarfing and consult before you open your mouth...and please don't behave like the open the zip and mouth and shut the brains........nhai....you are the future leaders of the opposition and people must trust what ever you bwarf nhai youner man wedu......vanhu vose vakatsamwa and hope you have read their comments for this story...........l personally thought kuti wakura now but please don't follow the footsteps of chematama ok...that's my advise Nelson..

Clemence Tashaya - 26 September 2013

All of u hu have commented r clearly angry & disappointed, u shld go for therapy. It's clear u expect kwik results & if u don't get it u then want heads to roll. This is the same behaviour as regards the national soccer team coaches. Wat many fail to realise is that Mugabe & ZANU (PF) r cunning & will sell their souls like Jay Z to get wat they want. We are still in a struggle that started with the Chimurengas, we need to keep pressing on. Ndatenda!

Pascal - 26 September 2013

chamisa imboko. kanamakasimba pabatorenyu rambaika kutengwa.

tirimunzara sigauke - 27 September 2013

ndaverenga macomments ese vanhu varikutsigira zanu makanganwa chazuro nehope. haidi anoipikisa zanu iyi saka ichiita zvesezvese kuti MDC iparare.munodya chikafu makabata mhuno kusada kufema mweya wedhodhi ririkuerera pamusiwo penyu asi muchingoti zanuzanu yakaitei pamakore ayakatonga iriyega? kuurayana sehuku chete. chinjai mafungiro. tsvangiraihaanakukundikana kubva 1999 arikukundikana ndiwe uchirikuda zanu ukamira naye anokunda dai akaramba ndaitenderana nemi kuti akakundikana.SAVE NDIZVO

morgan is more - 27 September 2013

Not one complimentary comment above. Absolutely amazing. Did Nikov rigg this thread?

Nationalist - 27 September 2013

Chamisa is right here. Charlie ten is at work. Its just that most of those comments above are either from blinkered ZANU PF hardliners or the ordinary citizen who thinks the MDC-T is finished. MDC-T did not loose the 31st July election. Neither does the serious MDC-T member/supporter want Tsvangirai out. THE TRUTH, AND I REPEAT THE TRUTH, IS THAT IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT ZANU PF IS AFRAID OF; ITS MDC UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SAVE, MORGAN RICHARD TSVANGIRAI.

Zvanga Zvanyanya - 28 September 2013

Well when wish-washers storm the media with rhetoric and virility one wonders when Zimbabweans are going to grow. With frenzy they tear each other to shreds,Now Zimbabweans while the media plays a pivotal role in the dissemination and conveyance of information it is of essence to uphold ethical inputs that reflect maturity, reason and wisdom while abstaining from zealotry and dogmatism. We know ZANU PF the party formed in 1963 in Enos Nkala. house in Highfield Harare was born with grandiose mission. We applaud the visionaries of that time . What irks and boggle the mind today is that those same people who paraded themselves as visionaries have abrogated and obliterated the very essence of humane consideration culminating in ambitious inclinations and usurping the ideals of the visionaries by covert and overt machinations. So if constructive criticism is in the offing it derides from the fact that people expect better especially from their fellows. Look 21st century calls for practical and pragmatic overview of the sanctity of life and all its freedom enshrined. Suppression and oppression of humane values breeds contempt and avarice. We need opposing ideas not suppression of ideas the masterpiece of ZANU PF mantle today Look Morgan Komichi does not need leg irons in the 21st century for revealing the truth. Employing NIKUV to suppress the will of the people and denying them their freedom to choose who leads them is works of miscreants and malcontents. Rigging and stealing elections is a stone age debacle symbolized by sleeping throughout the whole proceedings only to wake up and balk like an old hog in world forums such as the recently concluded UN assembly . SHAME to Mugabe the demagog and to all who still revere him.

maisokwazo - 29 September 2013

Chamisa enda kwaChingombe kwawakapinda chikoro tonoda mukomana anokama mombe dzeMission uye akadzidza ipapo enda unoona vaTaguta HeadMaster very fast MDC Bwa!

Alheit - 29 September 2013

Chamisa enda kwaChingombe kwawakapinda chikoro tonoda mukomana anokama mombe dzeMission uye akadzidza ipapo enda unoona vaTaguta HeadMaster very fast MDC Bwa!

Alheit - 29 September 2013

Chamisa is very very correct, munhu chaiye akakwana ane pfungwa dzichiri kufunga zvakanaka, haadi zanu nokuti chayakaita chaicho hapana kungotitambudza chete.Free education yavanotaura ndeipi, I paid for my education, medicals, and civil servsnts' sallaries bt they stil piss on us.I was born some 33years back vamwe tikabarwa vachingonzi maMP nanhasi vachingori maMP ko havachinje basa sei? Mongorambva makamira kunge makachererwa amana.Save ndizvo, Morgaan ndizvo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

persiouspkay - 30 September 2013

Obviously, Zanu PF is now scared of the civil servants' impending strikes. They will be exposed. While Tsvangirayi was busy fixing the economy, Zanu PF was busy hatching a plan to rig the elections. But now they are in a fix. MDC T has never been convicted of any terrorism, even when Zanu PF planted its own bombs on rail lines and police stations. But we all know that Zanu PF never gives up. No one is coming to state house to demonstrate, the people simply said ok, since you said you won, chi-deliver tione. Now they are looking for new scape goats. The MDC delivered working hospitals they inherited from Zanu PF non-functional. The same for Electricity. Zvirikutonzi Mangoma went away with his electricity. ha ha ha.

Gora - 30 September 2013

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