Madhuku to step down from NCA

HARARE - Lovemore Madhuku is set to step down this week from National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) to form a new political party.

Blessing Vava, the NCA’s director for information and publicity, confirmed to the Daily News yesterday that there will be leadership change during the constitutional reform lobby group’s congress which is pencilled for September 28.

“There will be leadership renewal at the congress as stated by our constitution,” Vava said. “Madhuku has indicated that he will not seek another mandate and we respect his decision. Who will take over, I cannot tell you because the decision solely lies with the delegates.”

Madhuku has been the chairperson of the NCA since 2001 when he took over from MDC  leader Morgan Tsvangirai who, two years earlier, had ventured into mainstream politics through the then united Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

There had been fears that Madhuku will turn the lobby group into a political party but Vava allayed the fears.

“There is nothing like that which will happen,” Vava said. “No one will turn NCA into a political party because it’s not an individual’s organisation.

If someone wants to establish a political party he or she should first resign from NCA before pursuing a political career.” Madhuku stated earlier this year that he intended to form a new political party after the harmonised elections.

The constitutional law expert was unavailable to comment on the matter as his phone went unanswered.
Vava said the NCA will use the congress to re-strategise.

“The congress was supposed to be held in 2011 but we deferred it.

“Now it has come at a right time as we need to re-strategise and determine the course of action that we need to take to remain relevant,” Vava said.

The NCA was founded in 1997, and officially launched in 1998 at the University of Zimbabwe by civic organisations, amongst which were trade unions, opposition parties, student groups, women’s groups, representatives of the informal sector, and church groups.

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Is he stepping down or is winding up NCA? The correct statement is NCA is Winding Up. Madhuku may refuse to accept this but that is the fact.

maita - 24 September 2013

who will join a flip floppers party?

sober - 24 September 2013

hahahaha,another laughing stock,even if you step down we will never support you Madhuku.Mr Tsvangirai will be the President as simple as that.So do not worst your time Lovemore.Mr Tsvangirai has got our support and we will die with him.We all know who sent you to launch a party of your own and we all know who your sponsors are.think twice about what you want to venture on baba.

josefa chinotimba - 24 September 2013

Mad- huku 's party is a Zanu pf project. I for one will not support it.

Mupfana weBikini - 24 September 2013

We saw it coming. Another ZANU_PF SHIT LUCIFER project in the name of an opposition political party. Good luck with it. A a matter of principle Zimbabweans I pray will not be hoodwinked by your greedy to join this your ZANU-PF project. Kutsvaka mari uku.

vongai - 24 September 2013

Madhuku is disrediting himself by giving in to temptation of deluding himself as a future president of Zimbabwe given his anti MT campaign. Morgan Tsvangirai is the only credible opposition leader in Zimbabwe at the moment. That is why he was targeted for maximum harassment, humilitation and slander during the sham election campaign and since Zanu-pf successfully bought repeat bought the Nikuv vote, the former liberation movement is gloating about an MDCT defeat that never was. I am not an MDCT member but I have a lot of respect for the people who were murdered by Zanu-pf for their MDC affilitaion. Another party at this moment will do little to allay fears of it being a Zanu-pf project given the diamonds cash that is being misused by Zanu-pf. Some journalists also risk falling for the same temptation - accepting blood money in order to tarnish Tsvangirai's name as he is still viewed by Zanu-pf as a stumbling to its long term looting and plunger programmes. Basketful degrees have proved a liability to Zimbabwe's leadership problem with Mugabe as one big example of that failure. We need not details other who never made it into State House with their rosy qualifications. Therefore people must respect Morgan Tsvangirai for his courage and charisma. You cannot take that from him. Of course he makes mistakes and wrong decisions. He is not an angel, as I have said in the past. What is important to know is that MDCT needs to start new projects for fund raising and resurrect its external assemblies overseas for massive membership subscription drive since they have no access to diamonds cash.

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri - 24 September 2013

NCA is broke period. That ex-convict was only there it milk donor funds.

Watikiritai - 24 September 2013

Since he was both the leader and members of NCA I feel give the mman a chance maybe he might have a handful of followers. What we need in Zimbabwe is not another political party but we want a united front that will dislodge Zanu pf not to split the votes.

Shepy Tarzy - 24 September 2013

Since he was both the leader and members of NCA I feel give the mman a chance maybe he might have a handful of followers. What we need in Zimbabwe is not another political party but we want a united front that will dislodge Zanu pf not an idea that'll split the votes.

Shepy Tarzy - 24 September 2013

Lets give Madhuku a chance. Let us hear his policies and then judge him. MDC T failed to listen to his advice and labelled him all sorts of things. See where the MDC T is now. Behaving like a headless chicken.

Simba - 24 September 2013

tsvangirai is a credible leader of mdc t but his dullness has relegated the party into political dust bin

LOLI - 24 September 2013

Madhuku failed to deliver a peoples. constitution but no one has called for his resignation. Double standards.

Mavara Azarevhu - 24 September 2013

people,,please give madhuku a chance.It is within his democratic rights to form a political party..I for one will follow closely and see what he has to offer!

humba - 24 September 2013

My issue is with the heading of this does one step DOWN from an organisation which one killed? Rather he steps UP...into the unknown in this case. Brings Poet Mansfield to mind..."The unkown passsing through the strange"

gutter poet - 25 September 2013

What is the relevance of this NCA today from which Madhuku is stepping down? What is the purpose of its existence if ever it exists? Shame on these guys who take people for granted

chirandu - 25 September 2013

Zimbabweans are full of it, i for one dont support MT nor RG, but i do know that MT will never rule, his time came and went, the oppotunity was there asika akadyiwa nenguva. I would think about votinng for MDC if they change leadership nokuti we cant just continue with this mentality of voting in people for a prolonged time vanozonetsa mangwana lol. lets move forward not remain stagnant.

MINDFULL - 26 September 2013

'Mindfull' neva say neva, Smith used to say it but he got egg on his face. I think Mogiza will rule next year, mark my words. Madhuku has a right to form a political party if he wants to. whether he will get lots of supporters or a handful is another thing. Nway, it's good for democracy

Pascal - 26 September 2013

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