Mugabe, West come face to face

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe will this week come face to face with the Western leaders whose countries have rejected the outcome of the disputed July 31 polls, particularly United States President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mugabe is in New York for the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly running under the theme: “Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Other Internationally Agreed Development Goals for Persons with Disabilities” where he is likely to meet face to face with Obama and Cameron.

Both the US and Britain have imposed sanctions on Mugabe, and dismissed the polls which saw Mugabe winning by 61 percent as a fraud.

But Mugabe last week appeared to soften his stance towards the West ahead of this week’s UN General Assembly telling Parliament that he was ready to engage the West.

It is not clear whether Mugabe, who has used the general assembly to blast the West, will go on his usual tirade or will seek reconciliation with the people whom he has for many years, described as his detractors.

The 89-year-old ruler said he was ready to “work even with those who, before, were at odds with us, our detractors”.

Political analyst Ibbo Mandaza said it would be tricky to judge on how the Western countries would react to Mugabe’s re-engagement efforts.

“We have no choice but to re-engage, however, we don’t know how they will react, but obviously they have a lot to consider,” he said.

Relations between Zimbabwe and Western countries have been sour for over a decade with Mugabe and his Zanu PF associates being banned from travelling to Europe and the US.

Zanu PF has blamed the sanctions imposed on its party officials and linked businesses, for slowing Zimbabwe’s progress on the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), whose deadline is in two years.

The party claims an estimated $42 billion is said to have been “robbed” from Zimbabwe by sanctions.

Normal ties with the West would help Zimbabwe’s economic recovery from a decade-long slump that ended in 2009 with the scrapping of the “worthless” Zimbabwe dollar.

However, the successful running of the elections which was to go a long way in proving that Zimbabwe is a democratic country capable of a democratic process, failed short of impressing the West.

Mugabe was re-elected to serve for a seventh term after a disputed July 31 election this year, he has so far sworn in a new Cabinet, which is expected to carry the country forward after the coalition government.

Lovemore Madhuku, a political analyst and constitutional expect said it was time sanctions on Zimbabwe were lifted so that Zanu PF’s performance can be properly judged.

“I think it is about time the debate on sanctions is ended to open up a new discourse in Zimbabwe.

“Of course, Mugabe and Zanu PF are sincere on re-engagement, they will be happy if sanctions are lifted because they have suffered a lot under them.”

“Sanctions have always been Zanu PF’s excuse for poor service delivery even in a country with resources Zimbabwe has,” Madhuku said.

However, it will be a different story for Kenya, as for the first time since its independence, the country will not be represented at the UN Assembly.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his  deputy are facing trial for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

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MUGABE is now trying to play holy ,but the truth is that even if he pleas for re-engament CONDITIONS will be part of the package from the WEST.Those radical speeches he uttered all over the world about the WEST ,this time l think he will be begging for forgiveness becoz now he needs them more than CHINA which is ROBBING him day &night .Sanctions were imposed on ZANU OFFICIALS & COMPANIES LINKED to them not ZIMBABWE as a country but due to MUGABE & his party they divert resources of the country to their party & blame the W EST,MDC & ANYONE who doesn't agree with them.And to MADHUKU he acts like a POLITICAL prostitute he flows with anything that benefits him as an individual, now that CABINET post he was promised didn't materialise that is why he is trying HARD to impress ZANU.WE don't need people like him in ZIM ,,,,SELLOUT

CASHTALK - 23 September 2013

Ofcourse Mugabe and ZANUPF are never wrong - they never make mistakes. Ofcourse the elections were rigged - who would vote for a govt that has run everthing they touched into the ground. How many sculls did they crack during the land reform process? Its all a matter of clinging to power no matter what the cost. I hope they will come to some agreement.

vortex - 23 September 2013

Mugabe is the brand now the West are on their knees begging to work with the annointed one

Colonel - 23 September 2013

i don't see mugabe softening his stance and begging the west for reconciliation. He would rather run down the economy due to his ego

Concerned - 23 September 2013

Ifever there is anyone who is very sick in mind it is CASHTALK. Well I think it is because of the democratic principles being upheld by his mdct party that makes him not see the reality of sanctions on zimbabwe. But whether you want to yhink what our President is not thinking its all up to you and that can not change anything. Who told you that our President now need the west more if this is not your wishful thinking. Pse concerntrate on firing each other so that democracy prevails in yur party. Leave our President alone and yur dreams for begging the west. Urikutodzingwawo futi mumusangano wenyu iwoyo. Ndichakubvunza wauya kwedu.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 23 September 2013

Ko look East Policy haisi kuinza mareturns here? Why does he bother wanting to trade with the WEST after the name calling and tirade against them? He should play with those who want to play and do business with him given his poor showing for democratic principles that are the hallmark of modern day Politics and governance. It is Mugabe needing more of the WEST than the WEST needing Mugabe? Look at their economies the way they are growing and look at Zimbabwe's Economy pathetic. So who needs who here. Nyamb we here the song our friends in the EAST yet hapana chiri kubva ikoko. It is just rhetoric. Shame kulu Mugabe

vongai - 23 September 2013

Chiyangwa indicated that he did not need bussing of voters or Nikuv,and the fact that there is no chief or headman to intimidate the people of Chinhoyi.Just like Harare and Bulawayo. Now thats what I call a free and fair election!Mugabe is hiding behind a finger,he is trying to sanitise the truth by attributing braggadocio as reason to Chiyangwa's defeat.

Squarebasher - 23 September 2013

Mogabe has an Ego and he has the Balls to match. He is a true Patriot and he is wrestling with avaricious and amoral invaders who arrived as the hoy-poloy from Britain and settled down as squatters. They soon mutated into the aristocrats. But a thief in good clothes is like a gold ring in a pig's nose. Bravo Mogabe, and Viva Zimbabwe.

Dharma Appavoo - 28 September 2013

Dharma Appovoo whatever name Chinese portugues gusu ngai got all mixed up as his name suggest ego and balls, patriotism and aristocrats well well you are confused just like the confused demigod who fumes makazonyanyawo NIKUV kubva mandihwinisawo zvakadaro Dai makandihwiinisawo zvine difference inobvumika kwete kunditi ndakatvsira Bulawayo Bulawayo kwandisingambodiwa kana nepadiki pose honai vanaAmerica havachada kundibvisira masanctions Zvinondodini ndofawo zvakandimomotera ndisina kumbofamba fambawo ndichionawo mashiripiti e budiriro enyika dzakabudirira Veduwee

maisokwazo - 29 September 2013

@vongai...according to martin Luther king ,he said and I quote who made the USA (the west )the umpires of the world.Mugabe has defied the west...despite the evil economic system that has been imposed on the entire globe.any country who refuses to play the western game is labelled a terrorist or dictator and killed as well as their countries destroyed. Have you ever asked yourself why Africa does not have their own generally accepted equivalent of the dollar.the west did it so we can be sapped .Now pple like Mugabe are the real African leaders who have the balls to challenge the system but sadly he is alone in the struggle .I tell you bro if their were eight strong leaders like Mugabe in Africa ,they would have rivalled the west and probably succeeded.Even if Mugabe does not win them at the end of the day,at leat he stode his ground and wise africans ought to celebrate such and intelligenct man.who outwitted the whites

Darksnpw - 7 November 2016

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