We were shocked: Zec official

HARARE - Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) deputy public relations director Tendai Pamire yesterday said they were shocked to be presented with ballots by the MDC’s chief election officer.

Pamire, who is still on the witness stand in Morgen Komichi’s trial, had been asked by Alec Muchadehama what their reaction was when they were presented with the ballot paper.

“We were shocked because personally I wondered how somebody could have managed to pilfer an envelope at an area where I thought security was very tight,” Pamire said.

Muchadehama suggested the commission was crucifying Komichi in order to cover up for Zec’s inefficiencies and for their role in the alleged poll rigging.

Pamire however, disputed this saying the commission, which comprised of a judge and other respectable lawyers, would not sit down and connive to make false accusations against Komichi.

He told the court that he does not know of any media statement which the commission issued against Komichi.

“We did not flight any advertisement however, I remember the chairperson giving a statement on the issue pertaining to Komichi and the ballots,” Pamire said. “Statements on such issues are normally given by the chairperson or the chief election officer and our role is to ensure that they are in the public domain.”

His statement was however, disputed by a Zec statement that was read by Muchadehama which was published in the Daily News of July 29, with reference to Komichi and the ballots.

Pamire also highlighted that he did not know of any commissioners that resigned from Zec as this was not communicated to him by the chairperson.

The deputy PR director said if nothing of that nature was communicated to him by his superiors, then it might not have happened and that he would not comment on newspaper stories regarding the issue.


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What a strange man this Pamire is! He does not know that two of his bosses resigned? Does the man live in Zimbabwe? Even people in Iceland know that two electoral commissioners resigned soon after the elections. Does this gentleman think such an untruth will convince even a dozing judge? If such is the kind of person running our institutions, I am afraid we are doomed.

Chenjerai Hove - 18 September 2013

why is it that Komichi(whatever that is the name or what it mean)did not bother to positively identify the person who claim to have picked this envelop?why?

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 18 September 2013

Hapaz, there is a good reason Komichi refused to disclose who gave him the ballot. He is protecting that person from persecution similar to what Komichi is suffering right now. If anything, this witness would be murdered because he/she knows exactly how the election was rigged.

Chipikiri - 19 September 2013

Chipikiri, asi ndiwe chipikiri simbi chekwa Rusape? You got it right, somebody has to be protected here. Consider the pain and harassment Komichi has gone through for such a name in politics, what about this nameless individual. Shaa, hausati waita ngura ba.

thoughtful - 19 September 2013

Chipikiri and "thoughtful" you are dangerous elements in the society. The fact that you seem to be literate and very conversant in your negative speculative attitude, you harmful to societe. I pray that the current sitting parliament put up a law to thoroughly deal with persons or groups who wish harm, or actually perpetuate harm in this country. Look at what other countries do - one is hiding in Russia and another was sentenced to life for harming America.

dungas - 19 September 2013

Stop harassing innocent people you Mugabe fools. You are afraid of your rigging.

Gushungo Old Man - 19 September 2013

Komichi is an honourable man. It is his duty as a leader to take the flak rather than sacrifice the messenger. ZEC as you are currently constituted, you have placed the whole commission into 'disrepute' if this adjective can be used to such an undemocratic group of shenanigans. USA rather than America by the way, have imposed long sentences because they have been embarrassed by the disclosures. This is what we are witnessing in the courts. The truth about Zanu is coming out for all to see.

Mavara Azarevhu - 19 September 2013

Stop this nonsense you people. The elections were not rigged. Komichi and company wanted to tarnish the image of ZEC which he himself was part of. We had it that if the envelope had been sealed why then did Komichi open it? If it was then it showed that the ballot paper had not been used. Conveniently so, the ballot paper was marked for the Prime Minister!!!! You people think we are retards huh? Look people, I have said this and I will say it again, MDC-T has only itself to blame. These guys enjoyed the good times and forgot all about the electrorate. You took us for granted. We had voted for you out of anger back then, but you did nothing to keep us under your wings, NOTHING. Another cause for the downfall is that all of you never accepted criticism!!!! We tried to warn you that you are headed for a brick wall but you labeled us sellouts, Zanu PF apologetics! You refused to listen!! Your undoing was the independent media, the likes of the Daily Nesw, Newsday, Independent, Baba Jukwa. All these gave you a false hope that all was well and you went to sleep. We almost booted Mugabe out in 2008 by voting for you, we have just gone back to our roots. You imposed candidates knowing fully well that that would cause despondency but again you refused to listen and now you say the election was rigged. The truth of the matter is that Morgan Tsvangirai is Zanu Pf to the bone and he knows it he aided and abated Mugabe. Well done Tsvangison!!

Cheziya Mfirakureva - 20 September 2013

Cheziya sorry ZEC is a discredited organisation. First it messed voters registration, messed postal voting refused with the voters' roll, had no updated vpoters' roll during elelction time allowing zanupf to give voter slips to anybody who could accept their 10 dollr note or had fear even 16 year olds got IDs and voter slips to vote on the eve of the election. pavapfana vaive mu zupco hapana aitombove ne id ye rata kana plastice vaive ne ma id ane zuro chaiwo. Fine chotongai makahwina but don't persecute vakaona muchiba.

maita - 23 September 2013

'Pamire however, disputed this saying the commission, which comprised of a judge and other respectable lawyers, would not sit down and connive to make false accusations against Komichi.' Which one of them is respectable if they did such a shameful thing? Pants down and you are respectable, my foot.

maita - 23 September 2013

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