We'll not give up — Tsvangirai

MUTARE - Movement for Democratic Change president Morgan Tsvangirai consoled his supporters at his party’s sombre 14th anniversary celebrations in the aftermath of a disputed electoral loss to Zanu PF in the July 31 election.

“Today, our collective challenge is not to give up...For the sake of our country, which we love and for which we have sacrificed so much, we cannot as a people and as a movement be held captive by despondency and despair,” Tsvangirai told thousands of supporters who thronged Mutare’s Sakubva Stadium yesterday.

The former trade unionist blamed his party’s loss “on the greatest electoral theft of our time as characterised by the mood of national mourning that still grips this country”.

Tsvangirai called  for peace, but tensions remain high. He said Zimbabwe needs not follow the example of some African states that in recent years have been convulsed by riots and mass protests to protest the “subversion of their will”.

“Our agenda is to respect the rule of law, to respect the Constitution and act in line with the Constitution,” Tsvangirai said.

He, however said his party continues to receive “frightening information, most of it from some of the players involved in the electoral theft.”

Tsvangirai said the election was highly-militarised.

“The militarisation started with the deployment of military personnel such as former Air Vice Marshall Henry Muchena and several other former intelligence officials to work at the Zanu PF headquarters.

“We have a list of 10 senior military officers who were deployed as co-ordinators for the July 31 election in each of the provinces,” he said.

The MDC leader also said they now had “impeccable information that 35 000 youths were trained and deployed specifically in Harare, all Matabeleland provinces and here in Manicaland after Zanu PF said the people in these provinces were resisting re-orientation programmes run by civilians.”

“Inkomo Barracks in Harare had 7 343 recruits who went through training and were deployed three days ahead of the election. Named intelligence and military intelligence department officials were working with Nikuv to manipulate the voters’ roll in both rural and urban areas,” Tsvangirai said.

“We now know who stole how many carats, on what date, who took them to the intermediary in Angola and how much was paid as the regime mopped national resources to fund electoral theft.

“We now know which countries, which individuals and companies were at the centre of this electoral theft. I now have the dossier with me, which I will be sharing with heads of State in Sadc and the rest of Africa,” he said.

Tsvangirai also said six weeks after the election,  they are yet to be furnished with a copy of the voters’ roll, adding there was a deliberate ploy to prevent registration for a certain age group and people from perceived MDC strongholds.

“For example, during the initial voter registration period, Mashonaland East, a perceived Zanu PF stronghold, had 18 mobile registration teams while Harare had only five.

As a result, Harare had only 27 000 newly-registered voters after the intense 30-day registration exercise while Mashonaland East had more than 50 000,” he said.

“750 000 people in urban areas were disenfranchised while the limited time allocated for voter registration resulted in the disenfranchisement of over two million potential voters, 350 000 of these in Harare alone,” Tsvangirai said.

He also said to date, “no one has accounted for the printed ballots and we now understand 300 000 presidential ballots were printed for the special voting even though there were far much less that 100 000 people eligible to vote during the special voting.

“The fact that Zec printed 8,7 million ballots against 6,4 million registered voters raised suspicion.
“We have requested for a full national audit of the production and distribution of ballots but that was not done and we were denied access to the required material.”

The MDC leader also said voter registration slips were abused.

“On election day, we unearthed a scam where tens of thousands of fraudulent slips were issued out and used to vote. In Hatfield Constituency, six people were arrested on election day and they confessed to being part of a large group of people that had been issued with fake registration slips,” Tsvangirai said.

The other area of concern to the MDC, he said, was the abuse of traditional leaders who were told to lead their people on voting day to vote for Zanu PF.

“We have a case of three village heads in Mashonaland East who were suspended after the election for not doing what every village head had done, to commandeer their people to the polling station to vote for Zanu PF.

“We also had teachers, including school heads and principals, nurses and other professionals who are still prepared to testify in court on how they were made to claim illiteracy so that they could be assisted to vote,” Tsvangirai said.

“This is probably the only election where headmasters and other senior civil servants were assisted to vote by Grade Two drop-outs after they were asked to plead illiteracy.

“In short, it was a peaceful but rigged election. A coup by ballot,” Tsvangirai fumed.

The MDC leader said he sympathised with Sadc for having been fooled by the complex rigging machinery but promised to enlighten regional leaders on how the rigging took place.


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Tsvangirai is our best chance for change in our country. He has his shortcomings but I have respect for a man who, without an army behind him, has stood up to Mugabe's brutal repression. How many of us can survive trumped up treason charges, constant surveillance by the army, police, CIO? How many of us can survive a daily onslaught from the Herald, Sunday Mail and ZBC? To Morgan I say keep up the good work. Even in their so called victory ZanuPF are not celebrating and they know it is a matter of time before their perfect plan unravels and blows in their faces. Like Morgan said, you cannot rig the economy, just wait until hunger bites and Mugabe will see that no amount of diamond cash can save him.

Mamvemve - 15 September 2013

tsvangirai has failed ,he must stop telling people that ellections were stollen.He must accept defeat so that the country can move forward.As long as he us the Americans to do the work for him ZANU PF will have the support of the people and he will lose any ellection.All the leaders in ZCTU and NGO who do not accept the will of the pple must rebrand

SIGN - 15 September 2013

Tsvangirai andisekesa - kana iye achirambira pachigaro anogoshora seyi vana Mugabe? Kubvira 1999 achitungamirira MDC asi haana chaakabuda nacho asi achirikungoti kungoti ndimirireyi zvichaita chete. Ivo vano tedzera MDC-T yake havana kumbokwana zvechokwadi, Uyu ndiye munhu asina chaanoziva. Hanzi “I will lead from the front” - kuedza kuita discourage would be leadership contenders. Hapana zve 14 th Anniversary apa - arikuedza kuita campaign for leadership kuti arambe arimukuru we MDC-T. Ko payiitwa rig ma elections waivekupi iwe Tsvangirai? 4 years urimuchi GNU pasina zvawayiita. Inogo ita complain iwe waizviti uri prime minister? Waive prime minister weyi usina chawakaita? You have to have very very low intellect to think MDCs would have unseated ZanuPF from power or will unseat ZanuPF in the next 200 years. Tsvangirai is worse than useless. You got what you deserve. You are angry because Mugabe did not offer you a position in government.

Musona - 15 September 2013

@Sign - America yapinda pai mu nyaya ye ma elections e mu Zimbabwe? Zvawakutaura zvinotaurwa ne vanhu vasina kufunda. Zvakafanana nekuti munhu anonzi arikurwara nekuti akaroyiwa nemuroyi anofamba husiku.

Musona - 15 September 2013

Pfutseki wako iwe Musona. Tsvangirai haana kurambira pachigaro, asi vanhu ndivo vari kuda kuti arambe aripo.

Daniel Berejena - 15 September 2013

@Daniel Berejena - mwana wembwa. Vanhu vapi varikuti arambe aripachigaro? Mwonzora na Elisabeth? Kan munhu akundikana muma elections anoita resign ega kwete kurambirapo. Hapana chaanoziva Tsvangirai. Imi mapofu ndimurikuti arambe aripo. Futseki wako. Imbwa yemunhu.

Musona - 15 September 2013

This man is just wearing a brave face, its very unfortunate that the man is very weak, loose tongued, with all the info in your dossier why on EARTH did you withdraw this case from the court and now you are sharing with Sadc Heads? Are they now the Electoral court?

Laura - 16 September 2013

You and Lawyers representing you are crazy, you cant interpret laws which you drafted barely 8 months ago. If anyone believes you are Executive material, then they are day dreaming, you challenge the same law you drafted less than 8 months ago, you are a DUMB movement. You celebrated, the new constitution had cornered Robert, NIKUV was also involved in making this constitution?

Laura - 16 September 2013

Bennet want heads to roll, He has Realized that he is working with DEAD WOOD. Sacrificing his hard earned cash and donations to a clueless hot headed movement. Your behavior, its that of a worker Representative loaded with baseless arguments. Who argues that they want an increment, based on the number of trucks being loaded out as sales without facts and figures to substantiate your demand.

Laura - 16 September 2013

Now the natural resource which were sold to pay off NIKUV, all of a sudden "kumera se Hohwa" When civil servants asked for an increment you blatant said the coffers are empty, You want us to believe you were robbed, only fools will believe this lame excuse. I was attending your rallies, let me remind you that, you said"We know Zanu PF are thieves but this time, i will tell Robert that punishment plus a good move, coz tsoro yavo tinoiziva" Then election day all of a sudden you lost track? Save Its high time you give others a chance, you have failed to deliver, it doesn't need a rocket scientist to realized that you have failed us. Or are you turning into another little Robert Jnr? Who wants to cling to power despite failing the nation. You are slowly but surely turning into a dictator, there is no need to wait for congress, guys this task is heavy for me, may someone take the button, thats what legends do! Maybe you don't have a succession plan to stir the ship until congress time?

Laura - 16 September 2013

Where is the voters roll.? Chete ipapo. If you Zanupf will make the voters roll public, finish story, you get your legitimacy.

Mukorekore - 16 September 2013

l just wonder who are the advisors of MDC T are and what exactly do they advise him.Tsvangirai and his group claim to be the champions of the New Constitution yet they fail to interpret it,eg the current issue of appointing Mayors,they cld not understand whether the constitution says u choose from elected councilors or not.These guys are a confused group and they can make serious blunders if ever allowed to rule our beautiful country,thanks Zimbos for voting them out.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 16 September 2013

l just wonder who are the advisors of MDC T are and what exactly do they advise him.Tsvangirai and his group claim to be the champions of the New Constitution yet they fail to interpret it,eg the current issue of appointing Mayors,they cld not understand whether the constitution says u choose from elected councilors or not.These guys are a confused group and they can make serious blunders if ever allowed to rule our beautiful country,thanks Zimbos for voting them out.

Hapaz Hapanyengwi - 16 September 2013

guys we need progressive forces munonakidzwa nekutuka tsvangirai haammu gvt vakahwina varikutonga saka imi sei mur worried nekut aitei ataurei asi munorwadziwa kani reality is reality .u can deny it but bound to accept morgan is the greatest presidential contender in zim and his part is more powerful than any part in zim its only that haana ma state apparatus uye adequate resources behind his back.tukai henyu mugoshora but morgan is the man of the moment and it shal be like that for ever. ok beside mogiza who else ane part yake watingataure nezvake.some of these fake commentators are fake -ploys they give purported advice kuna morgan ivo vari vatengesi he morgan step down kouya ani kuuye wamakadheereraka moti mdc yafa then you create more than 200 factions kut isawhinhe save forever kunyange zvikatora 100years rema hakuchina.arikuti morgan ngaabve former part yako wozvivhotera then step down wozowana chokutaura

maisvokwadzo - 16 September 2013

GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your beloved family. Don't waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling solar panels to the people in the rural areas/villages so they can have very cheap electricity. Very interesting. Go to (SOLARTECH.CO) not dot com, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that (SOLARTECH.CO), not dot com, it is a very simple idea but a very powerful One, Wake up Africans

Vada - 16 September 2013

hazvina kunzi MDC is not a strong contender. Zviri kunzi MDC boast is the champion of democracy and they should live to their word. If 2 terms expire step down and another one takes over period. There should be a clear succession plan of who follows after who. What the party should do is to have permanent interests. Leaders are just variables but the same agenda chete chete. what we are refusing is putting faith in individuals instead of institutions, processes, and systems...u see... for as long as we think an individual can do it...for a long time we shall have challenges...lets develop a culture of good governance...and eliminate this syndrome of hanging on....but rather lobby for strong institutions where the leader wont deviate from the set platforms whilst maintaing permanent interests...thats my view. thats all. we should build the confidence of excellence in paries not selfish interests

open minded - 16 September 2013

I dont see an MDC without Tsvangirai,he sacrificed a lot.Am behind you my man we will triumph

beggar - 16 September 2013

Yes they will not give up but will soon give in !!!!!!!!!! MDC-Team yemapofu nezvimumumu, mapofu akarova bora adidzira kuti goal, zvimumumu zvotadza kuramba kuti kwete asi zvichiona!!!!!!!!! 2018 is coming and still you are going to be ousted by Zanu bcoz the 2018 elections is abt intergrity and morality of which MDC lack....Reform and look for God's support,Tsvangirai nemacolleagues ake vanzwa nekubvisiswa butsu vachienda kun'anga vachinonyeperwa!!!!!

more than a conguerer - 16 September 2013

How much political maturity do we exhibit in our discussions? This, by and large, reflects the level we are at. Why is it that more often than not arguments degenerate into platforms for personal attacks. Are we not capable of sustaining a rational argument for a split second? Given our literacy rate as a country I think we can. probably we haven't given it much thought. Why don't we do so now!

Maestro - 16 September 2013

@Open minded, there is a vacant kuMDC-Todawo 4 the chief advisor weparty may u kindly accept the offer see press 4 details! thats the thing Zim is for transparency in governance and properly designed systems and ordinances not persuing selfish desires ana tsvangirayi makurwadziwa nekustriper off maexecutive benefits a PM............

jukwa chatunga - 16 September 2013

@Open minded, there is a vacant kuMDC-Todawo 4 the chief advisor weparty may u kindly accept the offer see press 4 details! thats the thing Zim is looking for, transparency in governance and properly designed systems and ordinances not persuing selfish desires ana tsvangirayi makurwadziwa nekustriper off maexecutive benefits a PM............

jukwa chatunga - 16 September 2013

Before Morgan Tsvangirai entered the world of governance he enjoyed a rather stupendous mass of sympathy support, both at home and abroad. This was precisely because opposition politics was merely about how much Tsvangirai would try to fight down the Western-hated Robert Mugabe -- and never about the MDC leader's leadership character, or lack of it.It took incumbency for many to realise that the decision to join a coalition government with Zanu-PF was for Morgan Tsvangirai like a stupid cow that rejoices at the prospect of being taken to a beautiful abattoir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You r still a minor, Kana Chipostora chotaurwa nevakuru vekare terera, usavarega vachienda vasina kukuratidza gwara!!!!! VaMugabe huyaiwo mutiratidze gwara, indeed Tsvangirai akutevera matsimba akafamba navakuru!

qoute from small man in big chair!!!!!!! - 16 September 2013

Guys in as much as we want to support the MDC the truth is the party is just a confused lot.Look at the level of blunders the so called educated lawyers make,filing papers in wrong courts,writing letters to the judiciary just to mention a few.Kukopawao ZANU strategies is the way to go,the old chaps spend endless hours in discusion on strategic issues in the politburo.It seems ZANU is more democratic than MDC because i cant believe that some pronouncements are collectively agreed

Joseph Manyeda - 16 September 2013

I don't understand how the voters role will vote for us. Don't be fooled, when we won in 2008 the same voters role was used. Its not the voters role which garners support, you get your support from the people not the voters role. One rally i remember seeing our president M T reading from a Zanu PF' manifesto to me it shows the guys were not prepared, i understand they wanted a month more before elections were to be conducted, but that too, is signal of unpreparedness. If you cant see these symptoms then we as supporters are as insane as our executive, if not dumb. If you cant smell this coffee, Bennet who is in exile senses the need for heads to role, has lost faith in the current team which has failed and has a high probability of failing in the future.

Laura - 16 September 2013

Our greatest down fall as a party is that, As supporters, we feel individuals are bigger than the party. What makes you think MDC T is not a party without Morgen? These ideologies we now are borrowing from Zanu. Some of us think the party belongs to an individual, hell NO.

Laura - 16 September 2013

muri kuzvinetserei takakuudzai kare kuti nyika hamungaitongi asi mune nharo dzisina basa munozviti makadzidza hamuna kana kwanzi tiri ma lawyer havazive chinhu politics havadzizive zvachose kumbirai va mugabe vakudzidzisei havamborambe

zvakona - 21 September 2013

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