The 'Zanu PF fix-it Cabinet' is here

BULAWAYO - The nature of national politics is that State leaders select their Cabinet according to the prevailing situation within their country, for example, a country at war will have its leader select a war Cabinet.

Zanu PF led the 33-year-old nation to a mix-masala mess and the mess now needs some fixing.

President Mugabe and his advisors have given the country a fix-it Cabinet to do the job.

From our opposition ranks, I already hear the voices that are quickly dismissing this fix-it Cabinet as recycling of deadwood.

I can only say to the opposition, please tread with care because I do not see deadwood here.

I see the best fix-it Cabinet on the ground. The crucial question to ask is: what will they fix and who will be the casualties along the way?

Do not mind about the how they will fix it as we are all familiar with how this team operates.

For that answer, we have to be patient and wait for the Zanu PF December national conference where we will get to separate election talk from guiding policy resolutions that will inform the operations of this fix-it Cabinet.

So to the question, what will they fix and how? I don’t want to speculate, I will wait for the December conference where Zanu PF’s full intentions will unfold to the nation.

After December, when the team has had enough time to come together to find each other’s plans and deliverables, we can start on a one-on-one hard talk.

Can our opposition handle this fix-it Cabinet, is the question I want to discuss in this article.
I am afraid that the answer at this stage is “no” judging from the opinion articles coming from the majority of the opposition whose content is too obvious and predictable (excluding Tendai Biti).

I can only feel pity for the opposition because they have a tendency of taking Zanu PF for granted and dismissing it off as a clueless finished bunch of old people.

This attitude is costing our opposition’s revolution. The opposition needs to quickly re-organise its attitude if they want to survive this fix-it Cabinet and come out victorious in 2018.

With this fix-it Cabinet loaded with balanced talent, time is not on the opposition’s side.

To borrow from Zanu PF’s own phrase after the July 31 election; “the people have spoken”, what did the people say?

Zimbabweans just said you people messed up our country and our lives, so you are not going anywhere before you fix your mess.

We are not going to allow anyone to fix your mess while you walk away stinking filthy rich as we wallow in poverty with appalling service delivery. We give you five years to fix it. So fix it.

Zanu PF got this massage and challenge from the people of Zimbabwe and they have responded with an excellent fix-it Cabinet to do the job. By the look of this Cabinet, Zanu PF is in no celebration mood and they will hit the ground running in all directions.

A Cabinet of 26 people and a government of 64 to lead a national assembly of 270 people is not a bloated government.

It is a well fit size government. It is the national assembly that is bloated and not this government.

However the matter of the size of the national assembly is a matter of our constitution and not a Zanu PF matter.

The opposition is looking and seeing only deadwood being recycled but it all depends where you are looking.

Look at the line-up of Zanu PF’s deputy ministers and show me deadwood.

I see a Zanu PF that is headed for a full cycle of re-inventing itself for the future after missing the road in 2000. I see the late Vice President “Mzee” Muzenda being re-born right there before our eyes and soon it will be Bona Mugabe winning a constituency seat in Lupane or Marange. Why not?

If you call this a party of deadwood with no new ideas, then chances are you could be the deadwood.

How can a party loaded with elected young deputy ministers run out of new ideas?

These young politicians are in the ranks to bring in the much needed new ideas and one can only underestimate them at their own peril.

The old names in the field are there to provide the necessary experience and wisdom, while shielding the young and upcoming ones from the enemy.

And you call such an elaborate strategy of party leadership succession deadwood?

Be serious. It must dawn now to the opposition that they are now facing a new Zanu PF institution.

It is also interesting to hear from some corridors of analysts’ some talk of demotion of ministers in this new Cabinet.

Really? I see the hard and tough Zanu PF team players who are no-nonsense fixers being moved to the messy zones to fix things while the methodological managers have been moved to stabilise where the fixers are done with their jobs.

The party elders have been moved closer to the president to assist the aging captain to create assignments for what needs to be fixed.

He needs that support more than ever for several reasons and that is normal depending with the situation faced by the selected Cabinet team.

We all saw Kasukuwere aggressively shifting mind-sets and bringing in new uncomfortable frameworks in the Indigenisation ministry and we heard and saw people scream and run.

Now the quiet and methodical Nhema moves in to take over the ministry to cruising altitude and to safe landing.

Kasukuwere is moved to the Parks where some white families and their foreign connections are still playing god with our natural game and tourism products within the Parks.

I can only say watch out white boys and girls, Tyson is now headed to your door steps in those jungles and you better have some good coffee to offer him and speak his language when he knocks on your doors or better still start running.

He is coming there to fix it and we all know he will.

Soon we will start to hear screaming voices from the Zimbabwean forests.

Mpofu fought the battles of minerals before our eyes and we saw him fix that sector.

Screams came from across the world as he set a new mineral ground plan for Zimbabwe.

Someone moves in to manage that dispensation now while he moves to fix the messy transportation and infrastructure sector.

No economy can turn around with dead transportation and infrastructure such as ours and Mpofu is headed there to fix it. I can already hear whispers of confidence that he will fix it.

Chinamasa, I call him the “Negotiator” fixed the messy political arena through his Justice ministry.

We saw how he pulled the strings for his party during the inclusive government using the old Zanu PF strategy of swallowing the opposition and then finishing it off.

They did that with Nkomo’s Zapu PF and recently with the MDC.

He is now moving to the messy financial sector to fix it. This is the very man who was a minister for less than two months and sent the Zimdollar to the grave yard never to come back again.

Those banks that have destroyed the banking and saving culture of Zimbabweans, you better have a better deal for the “negotiator” when he lands at your door step.

Mnangangwa, the security godfather moves up to Justice to secure what Chinamasa negotiated.

This could also spell the end of senseless invasions of land and or businesses.

I can go on and on but I think I have made my point that there are no demotions yet but top fixers moved to trouble spots that did not get adequate attention during the era of the inclusive government.

One such ministry that did not get adequate attention is Agriculture and they have responded by giving it two ministers to fix it.

Here I see an emphasis on short and long-term interventions to get agriculture working again minus the white farming community if they continue playing to the world the human rights card on land acquisition instead of climbing down to joining the government in making Agriculture work again.

It’s not clever for white famers to make the land acquisition a human rights issue given the history of land acquisitions in Rhodesia.

This Zanu PF team must win or it’s the end of Zanu PF as a party and may blow away the chance of ruling for a 100 years as predicated by some Sadc observers.

I find this prediction funny but it may come to pass given the simplistic facebook activists attitude that is currently prevailing in the opposition.

There is already talk in the air about forming a new broad-based opposition party to substitute both MDCs.
That is an indication of how playful people in our opposition politics are against Zanu PF, a party that Jabulani Sibanda likes to call a “revolutionary party”.

One does not play games against the word revolution. So the Zanu PF team cannot fail.

They must fix this mess to remain in power for the next 100 years and I am sure they want to remain in power for the next 100 years.

Given this background and the fix-it people focused programmes, sanctions or no sanctions, why should Zanu PF change Mohadi’s playing position?

Or that of Mbengegwi, Mzembi or Chombo and many other veterans of the party such as Made and Parirenyatwa?

The only thing I did not understand is this ministry for Psychomotor Activities in Education.

Maybe this one was proposed by the robotics professor as it is just too high for a layman like myself to place it within the pressing needs of the people like other ministries.

It’s common knowledge that rules of any team building prohibit the substitution of the whole team at a single stroke.

A team must always have a solid backbone.

As I said in the beginning that Zanu PF’s next stop is its December conference where its ground plan for the next five years will be fully unleashed, the only force that can stop them is what those that are outside the party will spin into the political landscape of the country in the first twelve months after the December conference.

I am afraid I don’t see and hear any seriousness from outside the Zanu PF ranks that will change and excite the political landscape to a point of unsettling this now ruling new Zanu PF party.

The more I read and analyse the new fix-it Cabinet the more I wish we could get an adequate rainy season and a bumper harvest this year.

I can only conclude by saying God save Zimbabwe and its lovely ever smiling people.

Comments (9)

Wena Cont, this is a wonderful piece. I am an ever-smiling foreign Zimbabweans who was told that while I am outside the country, ever-smiling, I should not say anything about my country. But despite my high qualifications, I cannot understand this Psychomotor ministry's day-to-day activities. When I was at teacher's college in the 70s, psychomotor in the development of little babies meant muscular coordination. How can we have a ministry of muscular coordination? And mnumuzana, you pray for the bumper harvest? Not to worry, the fix-it government will, indeed, fix it. As for the national parks, the no-nonsense Kasu will fix it. Just kill all the rhinos so there will be no rhino poaching. You see, Kasu will fix it. And our Mavhaire, (the boiling one) will fix the Zambezi to make the water flow faster in order to generate more electricity at Kariba. Yes, it's a fix-it cabinet. Kuzolunga this time mzee Cont.

Chenjerai Hove - 15 September 2013

Lovely piece indeed we wait for the "fix-it" gvt to fix it. by the way be reminded that they will fix-it in the genitive side of fixing. cont u did well by articulating wat Kasu is made up of. he is a lion that kills animals simply by roaring. for Kasu, just his presence as a minister of whatever ministry sends shivers down the spine of every Zimbabwean. he is a hungry lion that is ready pound on any predator that comes its way. kasu is a big force to reckon with and this compounded by the presence of the "yes-boss-man" chinamasa as the finance minister; oh my God what a "fix-it" gvt we have. we are going to be fixed until we are fully fixed.

Exiled - 16 September 2013

Sorry Cont, I enjoy your articles but this time you gave us pure hogwash. For a moment, I thought you were being cynical or sarcastic until I realised you are serious. What effect will deputies bring? Oh come on. Zanu PF failed to fix this country, and will never be able to fix it.

spraga - 16 September 2013

Mhlanga, the reason these Zanu PF guys rigged the election in order to stay in power, was that they do not want to face justice for all the crimes they have committed. Anybody that has any credibility has no faith in this cabinet, and if you do, get ready for a disappointment. I for one think that you are an idiot.

Tiger Shona - 16 September 2013

summarise please. we dont have the whole day to read your opinion

shon corner - 17 September 2013

Tiger Shona you are quite correct, they will never be able to get it right. They have had 33 years to do that and failed, there is no MDC to save them now so it's going to be interesting to see what happens and who they blame for the failures.

Peter Macklyn - 17 September 2013

That's your opinion Mr Mhlanga, you might be right in your wrong. I think there is no wisdom in dictatorship, there is no wisdom in killing you own people, there is no wisdom in rigging elections, there is no wisdom in blaming the western sanctions, there is no wisdom to rule at 89 years because wise people will do in two terms (10 years) what fools will do in 38 years.

Foolish belief - 17 September 2013

Cont, get a life. zpf did not win the elections therefore cannot celebrate. they stole the election frm the pipo of zim. this cabinet is full of deadwood and that a fact. i cn single out 2 or 3 good ministers in mzembi, nhema and to some extent sekeramayi. wat do yu expect frm made (apa dai vakaisa chinoz), kasu, obert mpofu, chinamasa and mavhaire?

yaa - 18 September 2013

Hey spraga, Cont is speaking tongue-in-cheek, my man. In Shona ari kurova imbwa akaviga mupinyu. He talks about deputy ministers as if they are a sign of some hope when we know that they are virtually powerless in Mugabe government because they are not even allowed to be acting minister when the full minister is away. Our people might insult you and if you are not smart, you will leave there thinking that you have been praised.

Chenjerai Hove - 19 September 2013

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