Mujuru wins Cabinet war

HARARE - As the battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe rages on, the faction led by Vice President Joice Mujuru seems to have come out with an edge over the camp believed to be led by Emmerson Mnangagwa in the new Cabinet announced by the 89-year-old leader on Tuesday.

The bulk of ministers in the new Cabinet are said to be Mujuru loyalists, although they publicly deny belonging to any camp.

And as a sign of her consolidation of power, her key ally Sydney Sekeramayi has taken over the reins at the Defence ministry following the relocation of Mnangagwa to the Justice portfolio.

And another key Mujuru loyalist, Didymus Mutasa will now effectively run the State Security ministry from the President’s Office.

Simon Khaya Moyo, the Zanu PF national chairperson and a close Mujuru ally, is poised to be the second vice president with the party’s December extraordinary congress standing between him and the coveted post.

In the latest Cabinet, the ex-diplomat was appointed senior minister.

Mujuru is the motherly and affable wife of the late retired general Solomon Mujuru, the powerful former head of the army who enjoyed widespread support in Zimbabwe’s straight jacket military establishment.

Informed sources told the Daily News that the Mujuru camp was in celebratory mood after the Cabinet announcement, while the Mnangagwa faction, which remarkably won the battle for Parliament, was sulking.

Authoritative sources said Mujuru played a big role in the setting up of the Cabinet and reshuffling of certain ministers to their new portfolios.

A senior member of the Zanu PF consultative assembly told the Daily News that Mujuru held sway over the appointments, removing some deployees from the Mnangagwa faction on the Cabinet line-up especially in Masvingo, where the Ngwena faction was literally buried.

In Masvingo, alleged key Mujuru loyalist Dzikamai Mavhaire has earned the powerful post of Energy and Power Development minister while Walter Mzembi and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, also believed to sympathise with Mujuru, obtained ministerial posts.

Mnangagwa faction loyalist Josaya  Hungwe was given minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education, a move analysts described as a “mockery” to the faction.

Most of the key posts in the new Cabinet went to members said to be of the Mujuru faction, save for a few, such as Patrick Chinamasa and Jonathan Moyo.

It is however, not clear if Moyo is still loyal to the Mnangagwa camp after the Tsholotsho debacle.

So far, Mujuru has shown not just an incomparably greater grasp of the situation but a real fire in the belly in going after Mugabe’s vulnerable flank.

But for Mujuru to show the kind of transformational leadership the Zanu PF succession crisis demands, analysts say, she needs to be more solid.

Political analyst Masimba Gonese said Mugabe was systematically positioning Mujuru to take over from him.
“The move by Mugabe to sideline Mnangagwa and his faithful in the Cabinet and ministerial posts was a deliberate ploy to weaken him while positioning the vice president strongly to succeed him,” Gonese said.

“His members, including him, were appointed to less influential ministerial posts to silence them.”

Mujuru’s star has been rising since 2004 when she secured a Zanu PF congress resolution, which stated that one of the party’s two deputy presidents had to be a woman.

Analysts say Mugabe and Mujuru both belong to the Zezuru subgroup of the majority Shona people and are from the Mashonaland provinces.

After her elevation to the vice presidency in 2004, Mugabe said, “When you choose her as a vice president, you don’t want her to remain in that chair do you?” — a suggestion that Mujuru, could be the next Zanu PF leader after Mugabe, 89, steps down.

Trevor Maisiri,  a senior analyst with the International Crisis Group (ICG),  said Mugabe has built a Cabinet whose loyalty was primarily to him than it is to Mnangagwa or Mujuru factions. 

“President Mugabe wants to run for the full five years of his term and therefore wants to dissolve factional alignments and bring everyone into a line of loyalty that leads to him,” Maisiri said.

“This gives him stable support for his five-year term. The faction that has therefore benefited in this Cabinet is the Mugabe faction.”

He added: “I think you will find Mujuru and Mnangagwa loyalists in the Cabinet but that was not the main point in this Cabinet.

“There are key Mnangagwa and Mujuru loyalists yes, but the push of their appointment is not to leverage their support for those factions, rather it’s about them being channelled to  primarily be loyal to Mugabe; not necessarily their traditional factions.

“What will happen is that even those who are aligned to either Mnangagwa or Mujuru will in the end endorse a successor whom Mugabe prefers because their loyalty has been realigned primarily to Mugabe himself.”

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Mnangagwa recently said there are no factions in ZANU-PF. Official comment when he was celebrating his victory at his farm over the weekend. So where do you get your factions from? Mai Mujuru is a member of the Presidium while Mnangagwa is not. She is the boss. she is the next in line. it is what it is. so speculating on things which are obvious.

mizha at Africvillemagazine - 13 September 2013

Mujuru has no real power; nor the power to effect change. her faction only controls one of the key institutions of the state – the security forces. You need the civil service, the media, the judiciary, finance, ZEC, etc. to ascend to a position of power

sam - 13 September 2013

Whatever analysis done in the report is really of no use

dungas - 13 September 2013

Zvimwe ndemwe, this is a true analysis and people are more comfortable with Mujuru than Ngwena. Its working well.

kedu - 13 September 2013

So level of education does not apply when it comes the Presidency. Of the two who has the educational credentials,,,,, thought l H.E. RG Mugabe said it all. Kikkk so Ngwena ayivarike panze.

NANSI LENDODA - 13 September 2013

if she held sway why did she not give her sidekick Nguni a ministry or she wanted him by her side ,bedroom politics

nyarai - 13 September 2013

hopeless report, you will not use the power of the pen to destabilise the part, come 2018, it will still be united as it is a goal oriented party, goals enunciated in 1963. read the founding principles and you will realise ZANU(PF) has stayed the course. wasting your time trying to plant divisionist mentality

Prosper Chinamhora - 14 September 2013

I am not a ZANU supporter but maybe this woman is the best candidate in this party not these man who just agree to whatever MUGABE says.This woman sometimes says things that are sensible if given a chance l think she can deliver

CASHTALK - 14 September 2013

Cdes and Friends.....kindly note that the woman you are talking about is just a useless meme like the Malawian lady Joyce.......remember this is Zimbabwe and as long as Ngwena and us are in power........we shall never and never and ever let a woman rule Zimbabwe.......what happened to his husband anyway if l can ask you guys........please again and again l would like to remind you faggots and supporters of this balderdash message that l and Ngwena shall tolerate this kind of shit to happen in our beloved Zimbabwe...............ok......those who have ears have heard........Salute you....if you have ears

Clemence Tashaya - 14 September 2013

Muchamama chete kana muchida mukadzi wenyu iyeyo guys..........We have no time to waste.

Clemence Tashaya - 14 September 2013

It was by Grace of God {excuse the pun} that the Tsholotsho Declaration failed miserably.Should the plan to topple Mugabe in Palace coup, have succeeded then Zimbabwe would have been ruled by the biggest,the most brutal and wicked dictatorship in the world. Imagine Munangagwa as President and Deputised by none other than the Serpent Jonathan Moyo.This regime will make Pol Pot and the Kymer Rouge look like the Vatican.These two thugs are dangerous and the fact that the "Ngwena"knows where all the bodies are buried gives,him too much power to abuse and blackmail opponents.

Squarebasher - 15 September 2013

GOOD ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your beloved family. Don't waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling solar panels to the people in the rural areas/villages so they can have very cheap electricity. Very interesting. Go to (SOLARTECH.CO) not dot com, to see the methods and companies she was using to do that (SOLARTECH.CO), not dot com, it is a very simple idea but a very powerful One, Wake up Africans

Vada - 16 September 2013

Poor and shallow analysts. Mugabe will hand over power to no-one. He will die in office. Period. It's always a power game, keeping the chasing dogs guessing among themselves which dog is closer, while the clever hare (Mugabe) keeping a safe distance. Simply prepare for the man's demise in office

dick mboko - 16 September 2013

mujuru is in the presidium, therefore she automatically qualifies to be the next president.ngwena's time shall come.

tunga - 17 September 2013

mujuru is in the presidium, therefore she automatically qualifies to be the next president.ngwena's time shall come.

tunga - 17 September 2013

mujuru is in the presidium, therefore she automatically qualifies to be the next president.ngwena's time shall come.

tunga - 17 September 2013

mujuru is in the presidium, therefore she automatically qualifies to be the next president.ngwena's time shall come.

tunga - 17 September 2013

mujuru is in the presidium, therefore she automatically qualifies to be the next president.ngwena's time shall come.

tunga - 17 September 2013

Knowing Mugabe, most of these people that are being alleged to belong to this and that faction could find themselves with no jobs come reshuffle time, unless he knows that they are only loyal to him.

Biggie Taaptsi - 18 September 2013

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