New Cabinet a disaster: Analysts

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s new huge Cabinet is a disaster, analysts said yesterday, as the veteran leader retained most of his loyalists who have been blamed for bringing the economy down over the past three decades.

Ibbo Mandaza, a respected academic and political scientist, said Mugabe’s new Cabinet did not bring any new surprises. He however, said it was too early to predict its effectiveness.

“What is clear is there is a provincial balance of three per province but I do not see the gender balance as there are only eight women in cabinet,” Mandaza said.

He said the fact that few young Turks including Supa Mandiwanzira who was appointed deputy minister of Information, and Paul Chimedza, who was made deputy minister of health, showed that a political establishment was not easy to split.

Philip Pasirayi, a political analyst said the new cabinet was nothing short of “jobs for the boys” rather than a team appointed based on merit.

“Instead of change, there is going to be continuity of the same policies that have hurt our politics and our economy,” Pasirayi said. “Most of the people who have been brought back to Cabinet like Jonathan Moyo, Savior Kasukuwere, Ignatius Chombo and others have nothing new to offer to the people. It is a huge disappointment.”

The director of Centre for Community Development said the only positive thing about the new administration was the demotion of former Transport minister Nicholas Goche and former Mines minister Obert Mpofu and Kasukuwere.

“But the president should have sent a clear signal that corruption will not be tolerated in the new government by excluding some of his ministers who were fingered in corruption in the mining sector, lands, local government and parastatals,” Pasirayi said.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer Shakespear Hamauswa said it is simply a reshuffling of the old guard.

“Another explanation is that Zanu PF’s primary focus is on consolidation of power. This explains why the old guard came back. These are the people who are Zanu PF to the core, so economic development is actually secondary,” Hamauswa said.

Sydney Chisi, a human rights activist, said the new government was an attempt by Mugabe to mix reformists and hardliners.

“The movement of people like Francis Nhema is an indication that Mugabe wants someone who is ‘soft’ at sight to deal with issues of indigenisation and allow foreigners to see the programme with a different lens,” Chisi said.

“The opposite is for people like Jonathan Moyo, Sydney Sekeramai and Mnangagwa who retain the hard militant stance around the discourse of sovereignty and independence, a reminder of the pre-GNU war cabinet.”

He added: “The deputy ministers who are generally young are not of much influence in a government where deputy ministers are as good as non-existent, but good for grooming.

“What shocks me is the bouncing back of Dzikamai Mavhaire into the fold and for him to hold such a critical portfolio, which is a national asset.”

“The thinking in that appointment is not far from thinking that Mugabe wanted to deal with factions, remember Mavhaire was appointed the most senior in Masvingo province, the balance was to give Josiah Hungwe some funny ministry.”

Chisi said the role of extractive minerals in Zimbabwe’s economy will be quite academic especially in the advent of the West’s position and the Kimberly Process, hence a good legal mind is required to ensure that the economy is set to challenge any legal provisions from the international community.

“The bouncing back of Muchinguri, the non-moving of Sithembiso Nyoni and the move of Olivia Muchena to an Education ministry for a former lecturer shows that Zimbabwe is driving whilst looking in the rear view mirror,” he said.


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Kana nemiwo ministry of psychomotor motor education yaJosiah Hungwe ndochii ichocho?

Kana Nemiwo - 11 September 2013

I doubt the old Hungwe will even be able to pronounce his title. Minister of Motor in education is what he will say. ah! aya ndiwo madhaka atoitigwa naMugabe.

gorogoza - 11 September 2013

Open letter to new cabinet ministers Our misery is all but complete. A cabinet formed from a stolen election. These cabinet ministers should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Zvechokwadi ungasunge tie nekupfeka suit kunoitwa appoint mu cabinet yema election aunoziva kuti akabiwa? Zvinonyadzisa. No integrity whatsoever. Notwithstanding what the corrupt Constitutional Court said you as fathers and mothers how can you accept these cabinet positins when you know very well the election was stolen and you did not win? Hunhu hwenyu huripapi? Muchivanhu - imi vatungamiri munofanirwa kunge muri “whiter than white” asi ndimi murikuonekwa muchiita hutsotsi. Ko vaduku vanozodzorwa nani. Zvinonyadzisa. What the new cabinet ministers have done is no different to someone who buys or accepts stolen property knowing fully well it was stolen. This is also no different to someone who gets a top job with fake certificates and diplomas. Have these people not got any morals? Very unchristian.

Musona - 11 September 2013

Old wine in new bottles. This is not a surprise at all. The nation was not expecting anything better from Mugabe. Mugabe is good at tribalism, useless ministries are given to provinces like Masvingo, Mat South, Mat North, Bulawayo and partly Midlands. What it means is this country is only for Mashonaland provinces. If the situation continues like this it is highly likely that after Mugabe this country would plunge into tribal conflicts. Cruelty is the only qualification for you to be appointed a minister by Mugabe e.g Jonathan Moyo, Munangagwa, Chombo,Chinamasa, Mutasa, Kasukuwere, to name just a few. Hapana chisingaperi, nerimwe zuva tichazotaura kuti takamboona nhamo under Mugabe era. Vanhu vemuZimbabwe ngatirambe tichinamata chete, the Germans and Italians went through difficult times during Hitler and Mussolini, asi nhasi vava kurarama upenyu huri nane chaizvo. Africans are well known for corruption, humhondi, hutsinye. Mwari komborerayi cabinet yembavha idzi. KumaZimbabweans vane mari dzavo please musaiye mumabanks, chererayi pasi pedzimba, mbavha dzadzoka, be prepared to suffer.

Zvichapera - 11 September 2013

Shame on us Zimbos. Mugabe, majuru, munangagwa, mutasa, sekereramari have a combined gvmnt experience of 165years, most of which was spend on reducing our nation to rumbles. saka tirikuti zanu pf haina vanhu vane brain here chokwadi. ivo vamugabe vanoda kutosiya pasisina kana chinhu. this time i foresee companies closing en-mass unemployment raising to 99.9999% people just seating hopelessly schools closing cause of fees, pple flocking to neighboring countries where wages are going to plummet . but why zimbabwe why, do we deserve this curse. ko vana vedu toita sei nayo kuzoti harawa ne chembere. ndazvitadza, chimboitayi.

FC - 11 September 2013

Zimbabweans where you expecting anything new from an old uncle its imposible .now the oldman has put real hama pa mongo ministry of mines walter chidhakwa muzukuru ,chidarikire bhimha hama dzoga dzoga

mr honest - 11 September 2013

Some of these so called analyst are deadwood and if we were to rate their performance by their analysis against actual results on the ground these so called analyst would have been out of their job by now. Therefore in summary do not take people like Ibo seriously after having given MDCT false hope through untested unverifiable improper in complete analysis.

john ndebele - 11 September 2013

Mahumbwe ezanu, vana kubika jecha ne weti zvonzi isadza. Re-cycling the same poeple who have destroyed the economy for the past 33 yrs. Ana mandiwanzira vapihwa mukana welooter wo

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 11 September 2013

Guys, let us have hope. Let us not curse our country.

james - 11 September 2013

Mbudzi na Mbizvo vauraya TVET. Students have been getting Certificates/Diplomas on the basis of coursework without necessarily passing final examinations. The guenea pigs in this experiment are the unsuspecting polytechnic students who are made to believe its Tivertisation... my foot.... Mbudzi's child is in Algeria.. Mbizvo's children have had good university education.... Non have been experimented on in a polytechnic. The HEXCO Board is helpless... They are all polytechnic principals who report to Mbizvo..... There is no external validation of HEXCO programmes. The so called external examiners are selected and paid by the same system that they are assessing and the few who have dared to criticise have found their names off the register of external examiners. .. In the end HEXCO "externally" assesses itself... Its impunity of the highest order..... And the standards are tumbling down.... who wants a craftsman, artisan, technician, technologist who has a certificate but has not passed the examinations... And all this is about setting up ZIMEQA ... A national qualification authority in which the two guys to get posts in Executive..

TVET to the dogs - 11 September 2013

The truth is that it is not 'old wine in new bottles' BUT 'old wine in old bottles,! There is nothing new here.

Honaivo Izvi - 11 September 2013

Exactly there is nothing new here,just old wine in a new bottle,shame on these thugs.They will not deliver anything at all here.

josefa chinotimba - 12 September 2013

By the word of the foolish a nation is destroyed but by the word of the wise it is built. Stop creating a skeptical and pessimistic view of tomorrow. You know can not let challenges that are above one's ability to befall him, if this situation was in America, or any other country there was going to something else think of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, our neighbor Moza,. Think of it. Will Zimbabwe not find grace in the eyes of God? Its not in one's ability but in God's ability through Zimbabwe!!!!!!!!! Dedix: Nyika yeZimbabwe by Charles Charamba

kwanai mhani - 12 September 2013

Mugabe has now proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is certifiably the worst the most incompetent leader Southern Africa has ever produced. He is all about rhetoric bur no delivery. He is selfish, power hungry and does not have the interests of the people at heart, He is worse than the colonial powers. At least they left a healthy economy and infrastructure. Mugabe and his looters destroyed all that. Now the looters are back...AGAIN. The man is a curse to Africans.

connie - 12 September 2013

connie you are as stupid s your leader who thrives on the suffering of masses

MOMBE - 12 September 2013

People are too ignorant to understand the scope of the appointments........the president on his return from one of the summits said''tichakuzivisai nezveCABINET kuburutsa navanhu vamakandipa through elections'' meaning he has to choose NOT from ordinary citizens, but from elected MPs. U wanted him to choose any of the remaining MPs irrespective of qualifications and experience? Inga zvinonzi experience is the best teacher.....also, it is better to work with the devil u know than an unknown lot that could create dishamorny in any set up. Ngwarai vanhu imi. Whom did u want to lead DEFENCE; FINACE; etc?

ndire ndire - 12 September 2013

Old guard is everywhere and in any party.......MDC-T could have assembled the old guard that failed to do any meaningful changeswhen leading respective ministries whilst in inclusive govt. Mavambo could not even field three[3] ministers if it had to win, so let us seperate cheap politics from business........we should leave politics to politicians and concentrate on work issues. U think as if these guys would bring bread to your tables..........shame coz muchafa neBP vamwe tichirarama nezviripo. Bunch of idiots like your leaders we cannot mention here.

ndire ndire - 12 September 2013

MOMBE: You are the stupid one if you think this senile old man can fix his 33 year looting spree which destroyed the perfect country left to him. What CONNIE says is quite true and anyone who knows what's going on knows that as well (excluding mombe who probably does have four legs and eats grass)

Peter Macklyn - 17 September 2013

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