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EDITOR — It has often been noted of old that, “Children are the future” but however, with all due respect to the old adage I beg to differ.

Allow me to safely say that “Children (especially the youths) are not only the future but the now”.

The Zimbabwean elections came and our astute and visionary leader President RG Mugabe was the victor.

Regardless of whoever won the elections, the peace and nature with which the elections were held are all sobering factors that Zimbabweans have had enough of the suffering of the past decade and are now willing to work together to build a new Zimbabwe.

Presented with such an opportunity, this is why I say the youths are the now.

To put it in the words of Albert Ellis, “The best days of your life are when you decide your problems are your own. Do not blame them on your mother, the ecology or the president. You realise that you control your own destiny.”

This is true to the Zimbabwean youths countrywide. The economy or the society has not been merciful enough to spare a thought for us.

Yes! You might not be living a life that you want probably because of your parents, you are not rich enough, or that there are very few educational and employment prospects in the country but guess what, we are masters of our own destiny. No matter where in the country you were born; white, coloured or black; intelligent beyond comparison or a slow learner, we control our destinies in the palm of our own hands. Therefore we have the ability to change the status quo!

Many people were waiting for a change in the political administration to do something for the society and some for the economy to swell.

The time never came! The economy never changed, so did the presidency and for those of who waited till they were older, they missed the whole point as maturity is measured in the mind and not in the advancement of years.

One cannot agree with me more that it is indeed high time that we the youths decide to actively participate in the shaping and building of a new Zimbabwe, just as we all imagine it in our dreams.

Surely the economy is stressed, educational opportunities limited and job prospects scarce but remember the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that, “No one makes a lock without a key.

That is why God will not allow problems to come your way for which he has no solutions.” God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers.

If he sends us to the edge of the cliff it is either he wants us to fly or to jump so that he can catch us, so fly or jump!

We the youths have to believe in ourselves because we are the now and the future is unknown. Zimbabwe is recovering from a decade-long economic and political meltdown therefore there seems to be no opportunities open for us.

If opportunity does not knock then build the door! Let us not dwell anymore in what we do not have, in what we cannot accomplish but rather in what we can do with the little that we have.

In 2011, E. M Chidamahiya at the Ngatifunde Expo noted, “We excel by polishing our diamonds rather than washing our coal.”

Zimbabwe has a lot to offer than we see, hear or are told. A saying goes that when life gives you lemons make grape juice out of them and sit back, relax and watch the world wonder how you did it!

We have the lemons so it is now up to us to decide whether to make grape juice out of them or to wait for the bleak and unknown future.


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Yes Mr Anonymous it is up to us but in an enabling environment with good governance. We would not need the government if at all they were insignificant in shaping our destiny. Remember when we were using Zim Dollars what the situation was like but once the government introduced multicurrency everything became alive. Let us not run away from the fact that good governance is part of friendly environment that is ripe for development. Peace is one of them. You are dead right. But being a landlocked country we have to rely on others. There is no person who does not benefit from good neighbours. This is one thing that we tend to forget. If we decide to go it alone let us face the consequences and stop blaming the world and sanctions for our problems. Let us use our resources to develop our country and forget about the detractors and not even talk about them. Like a farmer focused on making a straight furrow with a hand-plough let us focus ahead and do what we can with our minerals and other resources; for the benefit of the Zimbabweans. Forget about who recognised the legitimacy of the elections or not, let us move ahead. But there has to be political will. The more the leaders become selfless and start thinking of the general populace rather than lining their pockets first, the high the likelihood of us developing for the better this Great Zimbabwe Nation.

charles charingeno - 11 September 2013

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