Cabinet hold-up: Mugabe under fire

HARARE - Opposition parties have come out guns blazing against President Robert Mugabe for crippling government operations by delaying the announcement of a new Cabinet.

However, Zanu PF yesterday said the nation should be patient.

Although Mugabe won elections resoundingly, albeit in controversial circumstances on July 31, the 89-year-old is yet to compile a Cabinet that will serve  for the next five years, stalling key policy issues which should be directed by ministers.

Opposition parties told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe was holding the nation at ransom.

Job Sikhala, who leads MDC-99, slammed Mugabe’s delay in announcing a new Cabinet.

“Zimbabwe without a Cabinet is truly affecting the functioning of the State,” Sikhala said.

“Whatever is brewing in the head of Mugabe the victor still surprises all of us. For government departments to function, they need policy direction from their ministers and its departments. Problems that need the attendance of ministers are indefinitely postponed until a new minister is in place.  Sometimes you wonder why this plastic victory has created the arrogance of fools in  Zanu PF?”

Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni said the country is now functioning without crucial cogs.

“The country is functioning without a government; it is not good and paralyses everything. For now the civil service is running the government. It is worrisome that there is no strategic direction,” said Makoni.

Mugabe, in power since 1980, is reportedly in a quagmire as he seeks to reward different factions in his party keen on harvesting the merits of a landslide victory that ended the coalition government.

Nhlanhla Dube, spokesperson of the smaller MDC, said Mugabe is probably trying to play a balancing act so as not to upset the election maxim “bhora mugedhi” which saw all factions fighting from the same corner as opposed to 2008.

“The question that should be asked is, are they now motivated by fear of failure that they take long to reach decisions,” Dube said. “They don’t want to create a Cabinet that will reverse what they achieved but again people will ask can a leopard change its spots. These delays create doubt because Zanu PF has done the same things since 1980 it has failed and is now ruled by fear.” 

Dumiso Dabengwa, the leader of Zapu, said the delay in announcing Cabinet was an indicator that Mugabe was now too old.

“Normally you would expect Cabinet to be announced within a week or two weeks,” Dabengwa said.

“This delay could not have taken place 10 years ago when Mugabe was younger. Now he is suspicious of everyone. Old people don’t want to be pushed. He is suspicious of any advice that he gets and we should now get used to that.”

Douglas Mwonzora, spokesperson of the mainstream MDC, said Mugabe was now clueless.

“This delay shows the character of decision making that we are going to have for the next five years with Mugabe as president,” Mwonzora said.

“We are going to have a confused Cabinet and the explanation for the delays is that Mugabe does not have talent within his party from which he can pick his ministers.

“We are glad as the MDC that we are not part of this embarrassing confusion and vacillation.”

But Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo called on Zimbabweans to be patient, saying “Cabinet will be appointed very soon, there is no question about that.

“The president is a very systematic father, he is a very methodical man who looks at every aspect of people who he wants to appoint in his Cabinet,” Gumbo told the Daily News.

“We can’t blame him. We should bear in mind that we have had a traumatic experience in the past 10 days when we buried three heroes. The president only started work on Monday (last week).”

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Recycling garbage????

King Zimuto - 10 September 2013

ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your family. Don't waste your time talking politics while others are making money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting. Go to (USED.CO) not dot com, to see the methods and companies she was using to do it (USED.CO) not dot com, it is a very simple idea but a very powerful One, Wake up Africans

Vada - 10 September 2013

One commentator by the name Mukorekore put it brilliantly yesterday when he came up with one of the best comments I have read - that ZanuPF is like a thief who goes out to steal oversized shoes! The thief now doesn't know what to do with the oversized shoes. Mugabe is now a victim of politics of patronage - he has to reward many patrons who helped the party steal elections. I don't see why other small parties are complaining at the lateness of the naming of cabinet ministers - that willnot change anything in Zimbabwe because Mugabe is President, Chief Justice and cabinet all the minions (cabinet) do is rubberstamp what he and the military say.

Musona - 10 September 2013

Vada- you are very stupid. Politics affect the economy hence business. It affects the generality of the mass. We are not talking about individuals but the ordinary people in our country hence dont mislead people

MUGOBI - 10 September 2013

Whatever it is he is planning, I guarantee you its not for the good of the Povo, but for himself and his inner circle. I challenge them to prove me wrong within the next 5 yrs.

Tiri Hungwe - 10 September 2013

i feel mugabe realiss he jst has to include the MDC. He is now old but he is still sharp and tactful. i suspect there is intense debate within zanu bcz he wants to gve Tsvangirai nd co key posts in govt

soulman - 10 September 2013

Lord have mercy on Zim

time money - 10 September 2013

I must be a dummy or something. Rugare Gumbo are you normal upstairs? You need your head examined? We are talking here about taking the country Zimbabwe forward. Surely you can not give us this idiotic explanation about Mugabe mourning his three thieves while the rest of the nation has to wait for him to make a very important decision. He cannot be fiddling while Rome burns. He should get on with the jov kufa kwembavha or not. We want jobs and food on the table he promised us. Mugabe should realise here that the country Zimbabwe does not belong to him to be at liberty to do what he wants when he wants . This is not his personal property or business. Chanetsa chii NIKUV gave him the mandate to rule he should rule. Pwetere pwetere kufirwa kwei? Nonsense. Thief indeed stealing oversized shoes and now do not know what to do with them. Geriatrics and despots with nothing to offer for the majority of Zimbabweans

vongai - 10 September 2013

God's will always overides the human will, God's ways are for the fulfillment of his children's desires. Zimbwabweans are christians, God fearing, so, he has great plans not to harm us but to prosper us, to give us an expected end. Lets give glory to the God of David.

shepie - 10 September 2013

Gumbo you are one of the craziest men in the world. no mental institute can examine a mental incapasited fool like you. how soon is soon, is it today? tomorrow? what is your definition of soon if I may ask? how did you acquire the post of zanupf spokesman? by dubious means. what your party stole is obviously difficult to contend with. tell your master to wake up and work they are very crucial decisions to be made inorder for the country to forge ahead. you can't tell us to be patient. what is so traumatic about the death of a thief it is good ridance

atz - 10 September 2013

What ever this ailing guy is going to do is not going to benefit the country bcoz he is not clever enough to run a morden govt .So suffer continues for the next 5 yrs unless god intervens as for you Tswangirai never never never take ministrial post offered to you and yo guys for the sake of yo supporters let the frailthing soil itself

Dibulaanyika - 10 September 2013

Adiwa Editor Ndanyora tsamba ino ndichikumbrisisa kuti kana monyora nhau dzenyu taurai nemo nemo, morega kuva partycentric uyezve murege kushatisa nyika yedu munarangarira kuti media muromo wenyika yose. Ndapota, Kunemi wana weZim doregai kuhviringidza nezvima headlines zvaTsvanginews or Mugaberald vari kuda kuzvinatsa kuvanhu dzose imbahva, kungosiyana malevels ehungwaru chete, Mugabe 61%, Tsvangirai 34% Ndohunhu hwavo. Wenyu akatendeka Zimbabwe ino wanirwa nyasha chete naJehovah.

Tsamba, Mwadhi, Tsitis asinganyari!!!1 - 10 September 2013

Bhora mugedi, ibhola egedhini.............tkriimwisa waka wanza mastriker instead of madefend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savoir Kasukuwere - 10 September 2013

He is under fire from who?we his staunch supporters are patient enough to wait who are you then in the selection of the cabinet.Guys you thought we would sympathise with you for an Egyptian style manje makanya.Tell us where is Baba Jukwa?facebook votes are illussionary. REAL COMRADES HAVE THE GUTS TO WAIT

Chikwanda - 10 September 2013

@Dibulaanyika, your Tsvancry is not even clever enough to run a City Council for your own information. He is dull and absurd to the extending of telling Zimbabweans that he will be the next president of this nation, reaping where he did not sow anything. Dull to the extend of following social media gossip (Baba Jukwa) think he would redeem him from stupidity. Ahegh if you want to propergate the gospel of Rhodesians? Go to Rhodesia man, this is Zimbabwe.

Hlongwane Spinach - 10 September 2013

I quote'' Douglas Mwonzora, spokesperson of the mainstream MDC, said Mugabe was now clueless. “This delay shows the character of decision making that we are going to have for the next five years with Mugabe as president,” Mwonzora said. “We are going to have a confused Cabinet and the explanation for the delays is that Mugabe does not have talent within his party from which he can pick his ministers. “We are glad as the MDC that we are not part of this embarrassing confusion and vacillation.” end quote One Dagarasi Mwonzora is the one who is clueless right from Copac to most recent elections. How many cases have you witdrawn from the courts because of your stupid puppet politics. Do you think we are dump? 'We are going to Mutare to celebrate our 14th Aniversary and the ''President will expose how ZPF rigged the elections (may be erections man). That which you have failed to do in the courts??. MDC-T believes in mob physcology kind of politics, and if I'm right then let them go to Nolyhood Thearters in Nigeria and do the thing. nxaaa....

Hlongwane - 10 September 2013

Here is a man who stampeded us into an election on the pretext of not wanting to rule by decree but finds it difficult to appoint cabinet so that all three arms of state can function. He should have had his list as soon as the results were announced and only waited for the court case and swearing in.

magame - 10 September 2013

Hlongwane your stomach is still full of the food from the economy which was revived by just wait for a year from now uyobe usubhotsha amanzi fowethu

Dibulaanyika - 10 September 2013

kikikikik aya!

ndoozvo - 11 September 2013

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