Still no ministers

HARARE - There was high anticipation that President Robert Mugabe would announce his new Cabinet at the weekend but Zimbabweans were disappointed when the 89-year-old leader failed to do so raising speculation that he is struggling to come up with an acceptable team.

A month after Mugabe won the July 31 disputed polls, government operations are virtually at a standstill as the Zanu PF leader is reportedly battling to come up with a Cabinet.

He is said to be coming up with a team which caters for factions in his party, tribal considerations, loyalists and deadwood, some of whom have been ministers since 1980.

At the same time, Mugabe is said to be considering a development Cabinet which will see radical changes in the ministries in a bid to win investor confidence.

Mugabe has already said that he would not appoint candidates who lost elections to Cabinet posts.

The president is empowered to appoint five non-constituency Members of Parliament and hopes are high that he will consider technocrats in industry who will turn around the economy.

Investors have been trading cautiously since the July 31 harmonised election, a development that has impacted negatively on the economy.

A top government official told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe was battling to balance his options.

“From the day election results were announced, there has been massive lobbying for cabinet posts and the old man himself has to make astute appointments otherwise the country will slide into economic chaos.

Yes, there are loyalists and hardliners who helped him win elections, but he has to bring in new people with new ideas.

“The President is aware that bringing back the likes of Didymus Mutasa, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Nicholas Goche, Sydney Sekeramayi, Saviour Kasukuwere, Olivia Muchena, Ignatius Chombo and many others like them will bring him loyalty but  honestly speaking, re-appointing these people will be like saying to hell with everyone.

“He has to bring in technocrats and young Zanu PF Members of Parliament who won in the harmonised elections. But cabinet has to be appointed and talk around Munhumutapa Building is that it will be announced this week any day from tomorrow (today). The president is keeping everyone guessing,” said the source.

Other officials who spoke to the Daily News said Mugabe’s delay was due to the fact that the Zanu PF strong man was also considering persuading MDC officials to join government after the success of the unity government.

Political analysts say the economy which had begun to show signs of recovery during the four year period of the coalition government is slowly collapsing.

Political analyst, Maxwell Saungweme says Mugabe is in a catch 22 situation as he is facing pressure to balance his appointment based on different interests of the factions within his party.

“The new cabinet is very crucial for him in terms of succession and his legacy. It also makes sense that he will be looking at accommodating some officials from the MDC as the issues around the economy require that he extends his invitation for ministerial posts to the opposition. He needs everyone to get the economy right,” Saungweme said.

He added that; “At his age and given the complications in his party and the economy, it makes sense that he takes all the time he needs to appoint the right people to the right positions.”

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer, Shakespear Hamauswa concurred with Saungwemwe.

He said Mugabe has to seriously evaluate his appointees because the status of the economy requires that he appoints ministers who can deliver.

“There are intellectuals and war veterans who Mugabe has to reward. The security sector, the likes of Oliver Mandipaka and others will also be looking forward to being rewarded and there is of course the Unity Accord which poses another challenge for him when appointing ministers. There are also constitutional provisions which require him to consider gender balance,” Hamauswa said.

In a post on his Facebook page, the faceless but popular Baba Jukwa who enjoys cult hero status among Zimbabweans yesterday said  Zimbabweans may even wait for the end of September before the swearing in of government ministers.

“Zimbabwe, the coming few days are days of intense suspense. As we speak I tell you all that Mugabe has proposed retaining Tsvangirai’s successor apparent Tendai Biti in the Finance Ministry. Other MDC officials from Tsvangirai and Ncube factions are also under consideration; but it will be an embarrassment if the offers are made and then rejected. George Charamba dreads this happening and they have all admitted in meetings this past week,” Baba Jukwa said in a Facebook post yesterday.

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Tsvangirai aichimboti every two weeks oenda abroad achizviita kunge ndiye President, iyezvino haachaenda kunze kwenyika akamirira kuti Mugabe amufonere kuti amupe chinzvimbo mu hurumende. That is why Tsvangirai hasn't stepped down - akamirira kuti cabinet isarudzwe first kana awona kuti hapana chake azoti "I am stepping down". Mutambara, Job Sikhala na Madhuku varikudawo zvi nzvimbo - vavekuenda ku Heroes Acre kuti vaonekwe na Mugabe kuti vagonzi ma patriots vopihwa zvigaro.

Musona - 9 September 2013

The list of possible cabinet members has been send to NIKUV for meticulous verification. Just be patient as by the end of the week the list would have arrived from Tel Aviv !

Labious Chokocha - 9 September 2013

cant wait any longer before the cabinet is announced

brian chitendere - 9 September 2013

Give president some time, Needed to confirm with some people before announcing the cabinet. Many previous cabinet ministers will be retiring as well, new young energetic cabinet will b enounced tomorrow at rainbow towers. Surprise tomorrow

Shumba - 9 September 2013

I extremely concerned about how Mugabe has reduced some Zims to virtual idiots. Here the article speaks of a vacant cabinet which should be of real concern to all right thinking Zims, but people Musona think this is all about Tsvangirai.

Tiri - 9 September 2013

If the president is not sure who to appoint to ministerial posts, he should just advertise (full page) in The Herald for people to apply for the positions. I am sure he will get interesting applications from the whole spectrum of Zimbabweans, a much better crop than the last ZPF chuff which he had last time. For all these ministerial positions, there are over 5 million potential candidates since all political appointments have no need for any academic qualifications. The only requirement is that one should be aged over 18 and be a Zimbabwean citizen. Come on guys, let us all apply now. Unemployment is still with us while new jobs have just opened like this. Dear President, I beg to apply for the post of Minister of ............... .

Chenjerai Hove - 9 September 2013

Who cares. When other governments are voted into power they have plans. We seem to have no plan for the future. Others will even give their people 100 days to change people's lives and citizens will see some changes. We are past forty days and others see no problem Zimbabwe as if we are moving forward. Australia voted a new government on Saturday and by the end of the day yesterday the PM had assembled his trusted aides

Taira - 9 September 2013

I support MDC members if appointed to participate in the cabinet and help uplift the country this thing of partisan politics will lead us no way

gidza - 9 September 2013

zanu should just get going and rule alone. MDC will be fools if they accept the cabinet positions. World over it take maximum of 48hrs to announce the cabinet. Its planned ahead. ZANU was not anticipating to retain power and they have drafted policies for opposition party. Now mugabe is holding 13 million of us to ransom. Life is at a stand still now. Cash shortage is biting, industries at a stand stil waiting to see what direction the country will take. Thats the price of trusting a 90 year old with the keys of power when 75% of the population is under 40

mafikizolo - 9 September 2013

@Tiri - iwe ndiwe IDIOT. Ini ndiri chizvarwa chenyika ino ndinotaura zvandinoda maererano nematongerwo enyika. Morgan Tsvangirai is a major political actor in this country and I have to scrutinise and criticise his every movemnet because it affects my life you stupid fool. If Morgan doesn't want to be criticised or his life srcutinised then he must retire or resign from politics but for as long as he is in the political arena I will criticise and scrutinise his every move.

Musona - 9 September 2013

Tiri I like your observation. Zimboz are so stupid that they cant even see it. Even the so called political analysts are just a bunch of rubbish. They seem to so proud that Mugabe keeps everyone guessing. Wake up pipo pliz the country needs a government. Even the reporter is so dull he sees nothing wrong with all this. Lastly pliz leave Tswangirai and MDC out of this mess. Tongai mega. nxaaaaaa

Mhofu - 9 September 2013

Morgan hatimbosiyana naye nekuti ndiye aifamba pasi rose achiti chiregerai Mugabe ave munhu kwaye Zimbabwe is now going into a new era of peace - ndiyo peace iyoyo? Mess yese iyi yakakotserwa na Morgan who decided to go to bed with ZanuPF and give ZanuPF a modicum of legitimacy. Tinaye Morgan kusvikira abva mu politics. Vasingade kuti Morgan ashorwe regerai kuverenga ma comments nekuti hatiterere zvamutaura isu. Morgan ndiye nyakuti - Mugabe is part of the solution. Vana Biti vachiti wo "Mugabe was a fountain of knowledge and stability". Hatimbovaregera. Kushorwa mu politics comes with the territory.

Musona - 9 September 2013

Zanupf is like a thief who steals oversize shoes.

Mukorekore - 9 September 2013

MDCs MPs should not accept any cabinet posts because the outcome of the election was not the will of the people.We were given election results which we did not vote for and therefore Mugabe and his team should proceed with their process which is not transparent.

chimwango - 9 September 2013

@Mukorekore - excellent stuff. Iwe unogona manje kupa mufanidzo.

Musona - 9 September 2013

@musona waksvatsva kare kare. iwe uschiri kuzvituta isu vamwe zuva rabuda, kunze kwakayedza kare kare. asingazivi kuti vakuru ava vanotaurirana nerweseri ndiyani. zvako zvekuti he tsvangison arikunyengerera here aramba kubuda muoffice ndezvenhema...vanatsvangirayi vanotobuda muhoffice musi unodzikwa cabinet nekuti parizvino GNU ndo ichirikutonga saka tsvangirayi akadzoserwa security, vanaBiti ndovachiri kutobata mari semafinance minister nekuti hurumende inofanira kuramba ichienderera mberi

taTanga - 9 September 2013

Pse let CDE President do what he knows best.It is his constitutional right.Patience Povo.Iwe Mind your own business.

masterfox - 9 September 2013

There are nomore technocrats in our country they left long ago.If we had any of them particularly in zanu then they could have revived the economy.As long we have mugabe then no sane investor is going to set his foot here maybe chanise .To say mugabe will choose good people to cabinate who he is going to work with is like some ddressed up nicely but with feaces in yo underpants you are still going to smell badly and people not going to appreciate your smart gear. The problem in zim is mugabe finish and kla

Dibulaanyika - 9 September 2013

@ta Tanga - What a load of crap. Zvauri kutaura hazvina nemusoro wese - ivo ve MDC vanogogara mumahofisi vachiti vakamirireyi ivo vachinyatsiziva kuti hapana chavo? Zvichagobatsirei kuends kuhofisi ivo vachizva kuti mabasa avo hapichisina? Kuti asi Mugabe angango vanzwira tsistsi oti rambai muri ma Ministers? Munhu ungasunge tie kuti urikuenda ku basa kwaurikuziv kuti hapana chako? Vanoswera vano swera vachiiteyi mumahofisi? Vanhu ve MDCs vakakotsira zvisingaite. Vakashandiswa ne ZanuPF for 4 years iye zvino vave kunge huku. What was the wisdom in forming a coalition with ZanuPF?

Musona - 9 September 2013

Went to buy from OK ZImbabwe (Budiriro) yesterday. Had R200 note. I was told that I had to buy goods worth US$6.00 for them to accept the note. On investigation I was also told that for R100 note, one has to buy goods worth $3.00. KUITAWO HERE IKOKO????? Zvakatanga Riini?????? TIBATSIREIWO VANOGONA.

jerenyenje - 9 September 2013

Went to buy from OK ZImbabwe (Budiriro) yesterday. Had R200 note. I was told that I had to buy goods worth US$6.00 for them to accept the note. On investigation I was also told that for R100 note, one has to buy goods worth $3.00. KUITAWO HERE IKOKO????? Zvakatanga Riini?????? TIBATSIREIWO VANOGONA.

jerenyenje - 9 September 2013

Where dones Mdc t fit in this whole story? This is all about zpf and mugabe nominating a new cabinet. Mr president ws r waiting on your promises clearly printed in your party manifesto......

zimnewcabinet - 9 September 2013

Do you honestly think Mugabe is capable of running the Zim economy? Lets be serious. If he is capable surely just a day after announcement of election results he should have announced his cabinet. Mugabe the thief is a failure.

Exiled - 9 September 2013

Your paper is a highly priced commodity by most Zimbabweans locally and abroad, please fo us all a favour and stop labelling every Tom, Haruna and Sifiso a political analyst..rather call them commentators because that is what they are..Please.

gutter poet - 9 September 2013

@jerenyenje - what next!? if you are going to use one of the emergency taxis you will be asked to supply one litre of petrol or diesel before you get on and then pay the fare.

Musona - 9 September 2013

Hoping common sense prevails and the President appoints comrade Joseph Chinotimba as minister of finance. He will “Grow the Zimbabwe economy something brilliant".

Tony Blair - 9 September 2013

Now that Mugabe is stuck with his landslide made in Israel, he has come to his senses now after all those insults he was hurling at MDC in his Heroes day speech. After all that Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe, I cannot understand why MDC would like to bail him out for the second time. All he is desperate for is the lifting of restrictive measures on him and his wife. With The Herald rubbing it in saying MDCT celebrates defeat, MDCT will be out of its brains to join Zanu-pf . If they do, they will regret it because Mugabe will order them to denounce sanctions first before they get paid. War vets are saying MT should not come back to Buhera. Let Mugabe get on with his Nikuv victory and all those bank statements we saw. He got what he ordered. Musiyei akadaro.

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri - 9 September 2013

Its appropriate to take your time when you know that the decisions you are making will define your legacy and the lives of millions of people. its sad however to note that even after all the teachings not everyone has the guts to take the reigns of their lives and take charge of their resources. why still is a Zimbabwean expecting a foreigner to solve a local crisis. Indeginisation is for Zimbabweans lets embrace it so as the define our future, control our heritage and success will be inevitable. we should be thankful that its God who appoints leaders otherwise we would be crying now. May the face of God continue to shine upon us, may He grant our president elect the wisdom to lead this nation with boldness. Lets move on with life Zimbabweans its ok to not get your way in election its a race its supposed to have a winner and otherwise, now that its over lets develop our country local solutions, never putting our trust in other countries. if we do not grow up we will not enjoy the full rights of a heir; a Zimbabwean.

zimbo - 10 September 2013

Zanu pf a thief who steals oversize shoes, size 89 and half, very interesting no one can fit. MDC T leader should not resign unless he serves his genuine presidential teams. This man can change Zimbabwe positively not these looters.

Mukuru - 10 September 2013

Well done reporter I am quite impressed with the reporting yeDaily. It was focusing too much on covering for mdc t and tsvangirai but you are now maturing from that and reporting on key matters i.e. our bread and butter issues. Unlike herald which keeps hitting at tsvangirai haichina nyaya dzekutaura. Keep up the good reporting and keep focusing on our needs as Zimbabwe.

Kanhunzi - 10 September 2013

ADVICE: Do something for yourself, for your family. Don't waste your time talking politics while others are making money without politics. See how this Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accident cars, Very interesting. Go to (USED.CO) not dot com, to see the methods and companies she was using to do it (USED.CO) not dot com, it is a very simple idea but a very powerful One, Wake up Africans

Vada - 10 September 2013

We have a lousy constitution!!! So this 89year old fellow can go for as long as he wishes without forming a cabinet!! What if he decides to govern alone, what does the constitution say about this mischief!!!

jojo - 10 September 2013

Zimbo, dont use God's name in vain. Give me the verse that says God supports leaders who kill, like your ''gods'' did during Gukurahundi!! Get a life!!!

kimicoo - 10 September 2013

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