Anxiety over new Cabinet

HARARE - President  Robert Mugabe’s continued delay in announcing a new Cabinet has caused anxiety in the economy.

Mugabe (89), who won the disputed July 31 election with a 61 percent vote, is yet to appoint a new Cabinet — a move which analysts say intensifies economic stagnation.

The southern African nation’s economy — which showed signs of life, growing by an average of seven percent annually under the government of national unity that was formed in 2008 after a contested election — has begun to wean off.

Respected economist John Robertson said Mugabe’s failure to initiate investor-friendly policies as well as announcing a new Cabinet has caused apprehension in the economy.

“At the moment, no one is aware of where the economy is going. There hasn’t been a clear enunciation of policies that will take the economy forward,” he said.

Robertson noted that the current economic inertia is being caused by the people’s disappointment in the election results.

“All investors were expecting that the MDC will win and bring with it new policies that are friendly to business.

“However, we still have a hostile business climate and no one is willing to put their money in an environment full of uncertainty,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s equities market, which plunged 11 percent immediately after the announcement of election results — its biggest one-day decline since 2009 — has failed to find direction since then as foreign investors are taking a wait-and-see approach.

Government was recently forced to slash this year’s economic growth forecast from 5 percent to 3,4 percent due to elections, low aggregate demand in the economy, falling metals prices and drought among other factors.

With the country’s economic indicators painting a gloomy picture, analysts say Zanu PF seems more determined to worsen an already messy situation as opposed to coming up with the correct economic remedies that could take us forward.

Last month, Zimbabwe’s long-serving president threatened to expel foreign-owned companies over what he said was the West’s interference in the politics of the country he has led since 1980.

Economist Christopher Mugaga said the wait-and-see approach obtaining in the country is now more of a culture than anything.

“People were waiting for the referendum, elections, and results and now they are still waiting for the cabinet.

“I don’t think a new Cabinet will change anything because we all know that it’s going to be an all Zanu-PF Cabinet,” he said.

“I think the same old guard will be reshuffled but the indigenisation policy will take centre stage. So really, I don’t foresee the announcement of Cabinet changing anything in the economy,” said

Since winning another term, Mugabe has vowed to push ahead with a black empowerment programme to force foreign and white-owned businesses to cede 51 percent ownership to black Zimbabweans.

Some economists warn that the programme will trigger another economic downturn similar to what Zimbabwe suffered after the Zanu PF government violently seized white-owned farms in 2000.

Mugabe, however, says the economic plan to force black control of companies will create jobs and economic growth that had been hindered by what he called “a tenuous and fraught coalition with uneasy partners” in the opposition led by former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The MDC leader favoured attracting Western investment during the five-year coalition forged by regional leaders after the last disputed elections in 2008.

Mugabe says Britain has opposed black empowerment because he forced thousands of white farmers to surrender their land.

Critics of the programme say it disrupted Zimbabwe’s agriculture-based economy, shut down industries and scared away foreign investment in mining and other businesses.

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Everyone thought forming a cabinet as soon as the president was sworn in was a priority. People believed this cabinet would HIT the ground running but now, it looks like they need not worry about this as some already know NOT much is expected of them anyway hence the time it is taking to appoint one. It maybe that we will continue as we are for some time yet. In any case we seem to be doing ok without one, there might be no real URGENT need for one. Or maybe there is a vicious behind the scenes fight for positions and we will only see a cabinet in the new year perhaps?

gutter poet - 7 September 2013

The July 31 elections were disputed by the sour loser MDC-T and their western backers. As far as the SADC , the AU and the international community will work with the hands-down winners ZANU(PF). Thats the way of the world.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 7 September 2013

WIth the stampeding we were forced for an election everyone thought Mugabe was so ready to get things going. These guys over rig this election. They were not expecting to win anything. It came as a shock even to mugabe. he is starting afresh thinking who to please within his faction riddled party. Zuma appointed his first cabinet 36 hrs after winning election. Sata of zambia took 48hrs to appoint one. And mugabe i sat 38 days now with no sign of the cabinet coming. Herald told us 2 weeks ago that ''New cabinet this week'' Its 15 days now since that screamer of a headline. Is this the behavior of land slide winners? Is mugabe failing to chose 20 people from a pool of 300 winning candidates? Whats really going on here?

mafikizolo - 7 September 2013

@Nyundo thats what you wish for Zanu Pf.But a wish remains nothing but a WISH.Reality and rhetoric are different.Politicking and providing service on the ground are totally different.Zanu pf over-rigged the election now they are like a headless chicken running into fire.Racism wont take them anywhere.A fictitious landslide victory will show its colours on the economy which they are virtually failing to repair.The situation as its stand now borders on public confidence and trust issues which the people who zanu pf purpotedly say voted for them, are lacking.Gvt has since failed to avail salaries to certain ministries just in a mnth after a rigged vote what about up to December?What of the nxt 5yrs?The loot and grab policy WILL NEVER BUILD ANY COUNTRY.

ZVIROTO ZVEZANU - 7 September 2013

@Nyundo- Have you noticed what happens to the hammer when it loses its handle? Other than break the heart of its owner it becomes a useless piece of junk in the workshop...any similarities are not coincidental and are intended. No one has declared the election fair yet..ask yourself why even our friends are skirting this one word that would validate the poll? Now if our friends can not pronounce on this who should?

gutter poet - 7 September 2013

With China and India's economies sneezing, our over-taunted natural resources will not be enough to fill "our" leaders' blown tummies and feed starving masses.

Honour - 7 September 2013

THE HEADING READS: Anxiety over new Cabinet. The article goes on to talk about delays in announcing the cabinet and blames Mugabe for this delay. Please people don't just oppose just for the sake of opposing. Are you forgetting Tsvangirai challenged the election result and filed unsworn affidavit at the courts thereby delaying the inauguration of president Mugabe by 2 weeks. Now you want Mugabe to nominate a cabinet within a few days when you delayed him by such a long time! Silly Fools! Mugabe has no hurry to do what you delayed him from doing. Why are you so shameless to write sick arguments like these! Tsvangirai is gone and gone for good. Even in 2018 he is no longer in the race.

Gatsi Rusere - 7 September 2013

The urgency that characterised the "election" is a complete opposite of what is prevailing on the ground. We are in month 2 now, can someone in zanu then explain this delay!! I am not surprised because I don't expect anything anyway from these people butter continued sufferering! Tongai tione.

Simon - 7 September 2013

The argument or reasoning by Mukoma Gatsi Rusere is, frankly, a bit embarassing. It is almost as if he thinks the Daily News delayed the election. And only he can see the contradiction between the headline and the story. Eish!

Mercy - 7 September 2013

Gatsi rusere, i agree with you, people are being unfair to the president!! By the time one reaches 89 theres no need to hurry, the brain has slowed down, thinking and decision making become a monumental challenge, urgency disappears from our vocabulary. So people should be patient, it's unAfrican to rush elders!!! kkkkkk!!!!

jojo - 7 September 2013

Vana Mugabe kumhanyira kuti tinoda kuzvitonga pasina chamuziva. Tarisai ku Australia - voting yakatanga a few hours ago ma results atobuda kare. Mu Zimbabwe hakuna noziva kuti ma results anobuda rinhi kana kuti cabinet yacho inobuda rinhi. Asi wo zvazvo cabinet mu Zimbawe haina ne basa rese. Mugabe ndiye President, Chief Justice, AND cabinet. Inogonzi cabinet inongoita basa rekuita rubberstamp zvinodiwa ne army na Mugabe i cabinet iyoyo?

Musona - 7 September 2013

Sydney Sekeramayi muzukuru wa Solomon Mujuru saka from 1980 he was an automatic choice mu cabinet - hameno kuti zvicharamba zvakadaro here nekuti Solomon Mujuru haasisipo. 33 years Sekeramayi akakotsira pasina chaaiita achidzirirwa na Solomon Mujuru, sekuru vake. The same goes for Slyveser Nguni - hanzvadzi ya Nguni yakange yakaroorwa na the late Richard Hove. Hameno kuti achapinda here mu puppet cabinet ya Mugabe nekuti aimumirira mukuwasha Hove haasisipo. Olivia Muchena ane hama Henry Muchena we Air Force pamwe achapinda zvakare mu puppet cabinet ya Mugabe - hameno? Zvese zvinoita depend nekuti unehama iripamusoro mu party.

Musona - 7 September 2013

TONGAI TIONE IMI MAZIMBAVHA!! So now i need to hear the so called analysts admitting that the Zim economy showed signs of recovery simply because MDC AND Morgen were in there. So its their policies that were working NOT, NOT anything fom Zanu

Mhofu - 7 September 2013

let gushungo take his time to announce the cabinet vanomhanyirepi. enda unogara kuAstrilia kana wakafadzwa nazvo.

papa - 7 September 2013

you cannot surely rig the economy

yes we can - 7 September 2013

The problem here is that NIKUV, after being exposed, is refusing to rig the cabinet selection process on behalf of Mugabe. It is now going to be a dog eat dog situation with these succession aspirants fighting to have their sympathisers in the so called cabinet- just wait and see. The implosion and demise of ZANU(PF) as we know it is in the offing.

GUy Gusu - 7 September 2013


MDC_forever - 7 September 2013

@papa - stupid fool. Zimbabwe haisi yamai vako kana kuti ya Mugabe - tinotaura zvatinoda - futseki wako. Mwana wembwa.

Musona - 7 September 2013

Arthur Mutambara arikunyangirawo chigaro mu cabinet, na Job Sikhala na Lovemore Madhuku. Vakaenda ku Heroes Acre kuti vaaonekwe na Mugabe vagonzi ma patriots. Ndokubva Mutambara ati - Ha vanhu ve MDC-T munofanirwa kuuya ku Heroes Acre nekuti "it was not a party function but a national function" - kuedza kufadza Mugabe. Iye Mutambara akaona kuti ma elections aitwa, ZanuPF yabirira kuhwina, ndopaakabva aenda ku Court kunoti nyaya yake yekurwiisana na Welshman ne hukuru we MDC aita withdraw - izvi aiitira kuti vana Mugabe vazive kuti haasiri we MDC - that he was ready for some cabinet post in some unity government arrangement via the back door asina amusarudza mu election. Anotya kupinda muma elections asi anoda ku nyangira cabinet position.

Musona - 7 September 2013


Prosper Chinamhora - 7 September 2013

@ musona. u hv totally failed to giv yo comment on the issue other guys are referring to.u hv a problem of fake emotions.its guys like u who failed the MDC-T coz u were biz giving fake emotional sermons in beerhalls when others were casting their votes.l will allow you to continue using your fake words such as 'pfutseki' and 'urimbwa' for the next 5 yrs up to 2018 the same time.enjoy the leadership of gushungo my brother or my sister.

papa - 7 September 2013

@papa - futseki urimbwa. braindead, brainwashed Zanupf idiot. Makaba ma elections wavekutaura zvenhando. Unogonditi ndiende ku Australia seyi? I nyika yawakatenga here ne mari yako? Isu tiri ma raxpayer tine right yekutaura zvatinoda pamusoro pevanhu vari kutonga. Handisi we MDC-T kwete - I am a concerned citizen.

Musona - 7 September 2013

Pa comment ndanga ndichida kuti "Isu tiri ma TAXPAYER tine right yekutaura zvatinoda pamusoro pevanhu vari kutonga".

Musona - 7 September 2013

Biti once said, "If you delay nema-results a2008, Zimbabweans are creative, they can create their own (results)" They are still creative, they can create their onw cabinate. Ahiii....!!

Botorekwa - 7 September 2013

Varikutsvaga cabinet musango since mughedhi musina cabinet, makazara mabhora!

mughedhi - 7 September 2013

I am sorry but Mugabe does not have ministerial material in his people hence the delay. He is just waiting to see some slip up from the impatient and use it to discard some thugs. He seriously is lacking in manpower because those who are nearest him have let him down full time for 33 years. As of MDc I think they should just bury the past and work for Zimbabwe if appointed but donºt let him embarass you by firing you later on.

maita - 8 September 2013

I don't think the generality of the people are interested in who gets into the cabinet because cabinet yacho haibatsire nyika but self-serving individuals whilst our country continues to go down the drain. Unoona headline yeHerald ichiti "Zim diamonds to dominate the world" but mari yacho haitaurwe kwainoenda why?

Lazy Boy - 8 September 2013

@musona.pasi newe ndakkuudza kare kuti kana uchirwadziwa nekamari kako ketax after all u contribute us20c cum and get ol that u had contributed for the past 6 years that u had been employed and start campaigning for 2018 wetha for mdc-t ,or for mdc-n or for samba or for mkwazhi,dabengwa kuitira kuti usarwadziwe kana kuti ugokwanisawo kunakirwa netax lets mit paNSSA building Monday morning.kana kumba kusina imbwa ndokuvigira nemonday jus giv mi a no coz ndaona kuti wakakura uchingonzi imbwa pawaikura saka izwi riri mu fakeblood rako.wakajaidzwa mwanangu unoda nyasha dzedenga.

papa - 8 September 2013

This is a typical sign that ZANU misjudged the whole rigging game ,they thought that they will turn things overnight but reallity has shown them that the economy can not be rigged,lf he had confidence in his comdrades they should be a cabinet as we speak but allas he is still applying his rusted,rigged mind.What l am seeing here is that MUGABE is still trying to negotiate with credible opposition members who are qualified to serve in these key positions in order to revive the economy which is his major nightmare as we speak because in ZANU right now they are no candidates that can give confidence the international investors .To show that ZANU is MUGABE'S personal property ,NO one from his party has passed this question of why this long .It has never happened in ZANU history for such announcement to take this long.To ZANU supporters the reality is coming to light, things are going to be bad for sometime to come.

CASHTALK - 8 September 2013

Cry my beloved country. when will we rest. i long for that Zimbabwe where food was cheap, where we could eat longman bread, eggs, cheap meat, fruits. Now is Zimbabwe where pple shout at @ other, swear and tear down each other. Varimi rimai chikafu chichipe, kwete kuita basa rekuteya mbeva mumapurazi airimwa wheat, beans achichengetwa mombe. zvekutukana ngazviite zvishoma kushanda pamberi.

mak - 8 September 2013

kuzomhanyira ku proclaimer election date tikati zvimwe mune chinangwa chenyika chikuru zvino hezvi nanhasi cabinet muri kutadza kuironga! Nhai veduwee madii kumutsa Mawarire uya wokuendesa "president" ku court kuti zvimwe court ingapazve imwe dubious ruling yekuti cabinet igadzwe!

maita zvaita - 8 September 2013

Zanu PF yakazara vanhu vane dzungu rega rega. Cabinet ingabude here panana Chinoz? Arikutonetsa kuti ndinotodawo Ministry izvozvi. ZPF ndiwo mahumbwe chaiwo. Kumhanyirira election makaisa NIKUV kumberi zvino makasiiwa pachena, chiitai tione hamuchazvigoni. Mugabe anofunga kuti kurwa hondo ndizvo zvese iyo hondo yacho asina kubvira amboipinda. Vanhu chaiwo vakarwa hondo yacho yamunoda makauraya. Saka imi mbwende zvavakutokushupai zvinhu izvi nekuti hazvisi zvenyu.

Takarwa Hondo - 8 September 2013

ZPF has been shining on everything prior to the elections and one wonders why it cannot do same for the Cabinet. RGM knew he would knock down MRT and he should have planned the Cabinet a long time ago. ZPF is RGM's property and noone questions his decisions and should just hand pick the Chinoz and lot and come-up with a Cabinet. Mamwe madhara ake haamboarasise nokuti vanofanirwa kukotsira vakawanda imomo mubasa macho! Bhora mughedhi vakomana!!!

SHINE ON ZPF - 8 September 2013

Tsvangirai was quoted saying "I will announce the results if ZEC delays with the results" We are still waiting. When is he going to announce those results???? It means akadyiwa fair. Dai akawhina angadai aka announcer kare.

Tino - 8 September 2013

Only logical explanation to this delay is he is negotiating with non-politicians possibly techno-crats to fill the econo ministries. This would obviously be quite hard given the track record with previous techno-crats, ana Nkosana Moyo etc

Don't wanna wait in vain. - 8 September 2013

@TINO, you are a disgrace what other result do you want ,ZANU rigged the election and stole it so now ,we are talking about the CABINET that your president is struggling to appoint from his very comdrades ,l will also like the MDC to take him to court for failing to execute his duty of announcing the cabinet on time becoz as we speak the nation is on AUTO PILOT ,by the way were is that CIO who took him to court about the election dates ,l think this one is a case he can take to court & get support of everyone .This time l am not seeing any rightfully thinking TECHNOCRAT joining this cabinet ,they will do it at their risk because ZANU is now in a position to ammend the constitution as they wish which can affect these TECHNOCRATS in executing their duties effectively.

CASHTALK - 9 September 2013

@ Gatsi and @nyundo, you are the biggest fools of the 33 years of Zanu PF's rule. This is the economy we are talking about, the welfare of the nation of Zimbabwe, your well being. But you comment as it has nothing to do with you. sure vanhu vangu vaparara nekushaiwa zivo! it is not proprotional that a delay in inaugration delays all evens after! Dai kuri kuti tinoda budiriro munyika, everyone would urge the President to quick put the house in order so that people start workiing for the country-kwete kuti vanaBiti nana Chombo varambe vachiita mabasa avakapiwa makore mashanu apera. Pmwe hausikuziva, Biti ndiye achiri kubata mari yenyika kusvika pavanemumwe Finance minister!!!

TaTanga - 9 September 2013

@Tino if you are behind with current affairs of this country, please shut-up! We are talking of the cabinet and you are still dwelling on elections results which everyone is fully aware of. Wake-up Tino and stop day dreaming. No wonder why you are a sympathiser of the OLD PEOPLE'S HOME (ZPF)!

BARANZI TINO - 9 September 2013

Mawarire basa ramuka you are an expert in legal issues. You are a concerned citizen who protects human rights to the extend that you can take the president to court for delaying elections. Once again take to the appropriate court for delaying to announce the CABINET. If you were not operating on a ZPF ticket in the first instance I am sure you will find no hassles in the CABINET delay issue.

LEGAL EXPERT - 9 September 2013

@ Nyundo, Papa and Gatsi you are refuse and you should be dumped at the ideal sites! Wherever you are please be by the road-side because I am a refuse collector and I am on my way to pick you up! At this day and age you are not in line with what has been happening in the past 33 years? Wake-wake!!

REFUSE COLLECTION - 9 September 2013

@EDITOR,LEGAL EXPECT raised a valid point there if possible please send one of your JOURNALISTS to MR MAWARIRE to find out his position on this cabinet delay even two lines comment is enough because it is time for follow ups with our concerned citizen,who was not even arrested for telling the president on what to do in court ,in other ways he exposed indecision on the part of the president,If it was an MDC supporter who had done this he would be behind bars right now.Our rights as citizens are being trampled on ,so MR EDITOR PLI........Z get us a comment from this MONKEY.

CASHTALK - 9 September 2013

The delay in announcing the Cabinet is because the man behind the victory is flexing muscle to show Mugabe is not in-charge.

ZVAZVIRI - 10 September 2013

i have always reiterated the fact that politicians will take advantage of the povo if they feel that povo yacho is a confused lot. why hauling insults at each instead of tackling the issue at hand. the question to ask is, 'is zim suppossed to have a cabinet or not?'. if the ansa is yes, then why are the politicians taking us for granted. we need a cabinet that runs the affairs of the nation for the betterment of our lives. there are many projects in the various ministries that need approval by ministers but in the absence of these ministers certain issues are being compromised. surely this is not what we want as a nation. kutukana pachedu will never bring bread on our tables. thats my opinion guys and i am sure i am entitled to it.

yaa - 10 September 2013

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