ZBC TV a pain

HARARE - As a journalist and citizen of Zimbabwe it is natural that I watch the 8pm evening main news bulletins on the national broadcaster, ZBC TV.

And for many Zimbabweans, it is also natural that they watch the ZBC TV main news bulletins because this is a state broadcaster through which government communicates policy issues and national announcements with the rest of the populace.

It is also through ZBC TV news items that we are able to read the mind-set of those who rule us, of Zanu PF’s thinking and all the bootlicking and politicking utterances.

I would not be wrong to say that millions of Zimbabweans and foreigners living in the country take time every evening to view ZBC TV main news bulletins — what with the ZBC channel now found on DStv
While it has become religious that I and several other millions watch ZBC TV evening main news bulletins, I also would like to say that the 45 minutes or so of that news broadcast is quite a pain to the viewer.
Indeed an eyesore! Every night there are similar embarrassing technical lapses during ZBC TV evening main news bulletins that you would think the station is being run by a bunch of amateurs.

Most times when the news reader introduces a news item, the wrong footage is released to accompany the story — only for the same news reader to apologise.

At times when we are introduced to an outside news report, it does not come and we have this news reader just staring at us through the screen, eyes open and confused. 

And it does not end there as this occurs on several instances throughout the bulletin.

Like I said above, there are millions of people who watch ZBC TV main news bulletins, some by choice while for others there is no option if you want to get local news updates.

I am sure among the people who religiously watch ZBC TV evening main news is our learned President Robert Mugabe and all his ranking officials, judges, academics and professors.

Since Mugabe and his close associates watch the news slots every day— where they also prominently feature — I am sure they too will be making the same remark every time the ZBC TV news bulletins make the familiar mistakes:  “Ah, ndizvo zvinoita ZBC — hamuizivi here?” And where is the ZBC chief executive officer when all this happens?

Does Happison Muchechetere as the boss at the broadcaster watch the ZBC TV main news bulletins? I do not think so, not at all.

If he does, then he is not a broadcaster. ZBC should not be known for being technically bankrupt, for mediocrity and a lack of professionalism.

The state broadcaster should respect us as citizens, as taxpayers who are funding operations there.

The quality of news productions during the evening main news bulletins is so poor and out of taste.

It is like ZBC TV is using very old or ancient equipment that is failing to measure with current technology.

At times the evening news bulletin comes five or 10 minutes late and you wonder why it is like that.
Why shouldn’t someone be fired a lack of respect to us viewers?

Heads should roll at the State broadcaster so as to save the little light that is still there, at least for now.

As a state broadcaster we expect the best from ZBC TV, more so that they are the only television station in the country.

Is monopoly making you guys to sleep on the job, and sleep so deep? Just recently when Mugabe was set to take oath of office and everyone was glued on ZBC TV, the footage came without voices, and for a long time.

Surprisingly, the ZBC is always in the news buying outside broadcasting vans and one from China arrived in the recent past months, but nothing is changing much in terms of quality programming, especially on news items from within the country.

The mediocrity being exhibited at ZBC TV is actually chasing away potential advertisers who should be oiling the State broadcaster.

Without advertising and coupled with the dominance of Zanu PF propaganda news items, day in, day out, the ZBC TV will one day completely collapse.

The corridor talk doing the rounds within the media is that the ZBC is broke and has in the past months not been managing to pay salaries to its staff. 

Without salaries, people can also do anything in protest, including punishing the broadcaster through bungling of news bulletins.

The technical hitches being experienced at ZBC TV are not normal as exposed every other single night and this might serve as a silent protest by technical staff to their bosses that all is not well since salaries are hard to come by.

The incoming Zanu PF government should urgently address issues at ZBC before they explode.

The guys working at the station fought tooth and nail for Zanu PF during election campaign time and the former liberation party should do the honourable thing and facilitate outstanding salaries for ZBC staff.

The incoming minister of Information has a lot of work at ZBC as he has to transform it so that it makes money.

That broadcaster is a cash cow if entrusted into the hands of true professionals who have a sense of business and are alert to opportunities.

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thats the results of looking with blinkers east.look at zupco faw busses-6months they are absolute,zbc the same. all parastatals are none functional. thats the results of zing zong investment.yet they are bizz looting our minerals.cry beloved country. cry zimbabwe.

zorodzai - 6 September 2013

it doesnt matter as long as u get to watch the news

General Junta - 7 September 2013

Ndipo panoti Zanu PF. u can't expect good from BAD people. To them being called Comrade is enough. To Muchechetere and the likes of Tazzen Mandizvidza (atizvidza for sure), ZBC is already THEIR cash cow. look at the cars, allowances, etc.....

hohoho - 7 September 2013

i feel sorry for my country because of ztv. just look at jacket ranga rakapfekwa nasports presenter nefriday makuseni. iyo wizitech zvayakazobvisa sabc nepress tv, tiri munhamo sure...5 years of agony

lola - 7 September 2013

its true indeed watching ZBCtv especially from 20:00 up to 21:00 ma1 chaiyo, sometimes poor sound and wrong file footages, lots of apologies by news readers. ZBC boss (Muchechetere) should do something, its embarassing.

Zimbo - 15 November 2013

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