Julius Malema party to fight SA poll

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's former African National Congress Youth League leader, Julius Malema, has registered a political party to contest next year's elections.

The party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, will seek to redistribute land and nationalise South Africa's rich mines, he said.

He launched the EFF in July but did not say whether it would take part in the 2014 poll.

Mr Malema was expelled from the governing ANC in 2012 for indiscipline.

He also faces corruption charges, which he says are politically motivated.

Mr Malema described the launch of his party as "the beginning of [a] real radical, militant and decisive political programme which will lead to real emancipation of the people of South Africa, Africa and the world", the South African Press Association quotes him as saying.

"The oppressed and exploited people of the world should now expect real anti-imperialist actions and political programmes which will practically and programmatically undermine neo-liberalism and global capitalism."

As well as redistributing land and nationalising the mines, he promised to provide free, quality education, healthcare and sanitation.

BBC South Africa analyst Farouk Chothia says Mr Malema is popular, especially with the young and the poor, but it is not clear whether he will be able to set up a nationwide party, capable of grass-roots campaigning and mobilising voters.

Once a close ally of President Jacob Zuma, Mr Malema has become one of his strongest critics and campaigned for his removal from office at the ANC's national conference in December 2012.

He has accused the president of not doing enough to help the poor black voters who had helped to elect him.

The ANC has a huge majority in parliament and has governed since the end of white minority rule in 1994.

But analysts say that increasing numbers of South Africans are losing faith in the party, accusing it of corruption and failing to improve the lives of ordinary people.

South Africa is the continent's biggest economy, largely based on its mineral wealth, but it has experienced sluggish growth in recent years.

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May I introduce "Robert mugabe junior", radical, unscripted, loose cannon and the ruination of South Africa. Does he and his EFF goons not realize that these Evangelical rantings only scare off investment, development and peaceful advancement. I agree, Zuma is an idiot and a backroom thug, but don't blame the whites, the West, the past for the poor people's predicament. Put the blame where it is due, at the feet of the corrupt ANC, that are too comfortable in their shoes. Make South Africa a beacon of fairness, co-operation, consolidation and peace. You cannot undo the past, however cruel and unjust. You can undo it's results and do it rationally, unlike the great Robber, north of the Limpopo. Malema is a dangerous man, for both black, white, mulatto and asian.

Chivula Mapoti - 6 September 2013

if Juju hire the notorious NIKUV Zuma will know better than endorsing zpf's stolen victory. he could not just look at the Zim political situation crush whilst he was the facilitator

chenhamo - 6 September 2013

viva CDE Malela

General Junta - 7 September 2013

More fire Juju. Feed the locals and the aliens who want to stay on a local diet. No Africa is free while the other is enslaved by a system whose days are gone. The USA economy is imploding on debt and the Zulu, Xhosa, Venda etc of those rich lands can not wait for them to come looting your minerals. Change NOW! It will not be nice BUT it has to be done. The "system" will not willingly change or embrace the outcomes EFF is ranting about. So, Juju, Go For It!

Local Diet - 9 September 2013

Those who think that Black people can prosper by feeding on crumbs which fall off the whites' dinner table in South Africa have some thinking to do. Whites exploited the wealth of South Africa for the past 500 years plus and to think that the best thing to do is let the economic set up remain as it is so that somehow Blacks will benefit is stupid indeed. Were it not for land reform and indeginisation and economic empowerment Zimbabweans would have taken 500 years to get to where they are now. Go to the Tobacco Auction floors, the stock exchange and the mining conferences and the agricultural show, you will see Zimbabweans dominating the auction floors, selling tobacco; you will see Zimbabweans exhibiting agricultural products and livestock - all these things were dominated by foreign whites only a few years ago. South Africa needs to embark on a more radical land reform programme, a more radical economic empowerement programme and take the land. Yes, the economy may suffer, but unlike what they did in Zimbabwe, the imperialists will not afford to impose sanctions on South Africa. They will need South African resources to live. They managed to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe because they continued to get, from South Africa, all the resources they used to get from Zimbabwe. Go Malema Go. I hope you can be the next President of South Africa.

Naison Nyereyegona - 10 September 2013

have u ever paused to eximine hw the white man amased all their wealth how come black mens actions ruin the economy but white man's action's caused their economy to flourish open our minds not our eyes

manjowe moven - 10 September 2013

Nothing to fear, NIKUV is there no African ruling party will lose elections.

Goritoto - 10 September 2013

Yes at least today l can read some better and valid comments.....Guys, SADC, AU, COMESA and other regional electoral bodies declared the elections free , fair and credible.....why can't you think twice......who established these organisations so called regional blocks.....its is the same guys like vana Cde Robert Mugabe and other leaders who have since retired meaning that whether, they want to change the system or not.......they will adhere to these leaders demands....because of these oganisation (blocks) belong to the liberation movements or those called ruling parties.....except for other few states guys....zvimwe muchiona our African history especially our SADC region

Clemence Tashaya - 10 September 2013

Malema's a puppet. empowered to sabotage the current ruling party. All he will achieve is divide the existing ANC support as it is highly unlikely he will lure supporters of any other parties.

BKay - 23 October 2013

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