MDC can join govt

HARARE - The media has been awash with reports that President Robert Mugabe might be considering taking on board MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and some in his team.

Both parties have denounced claims of ongoing talks towards some form of inclusive government as false and baseless. 

The purpose of this write up is not to approve or disapprove such claims but to advance the argument that, there is nothing wrong for the MDC to join government if extended the offer.

The following arguments seek to highlight some of the advantages that the MDC will gain by being part of the government.

Firstly, by joining government, the MDC will rekindle its relevance in the Zimbabwean politics.

Some of their leaders will remain visible thereby moving away from political oblivion.

Some have started professing the beginning of an end to the once vibrant and seemingly invincible opposition political party ever to emerge in the country.

Secondly, the MDC will be able to guard their zones of autonomy when in government rather than pushing their own agenda from outside.

Unfortunately, it seems as if there is misinterpretation of the idea of protecting the zones of autonomy with the MDC.

I would like to suggest that the zones of autonomy also include the policies, programmes and ideologies that the MDC managed to advance for the past 13 years. Most of these developments will be reversed if they refuse to be party of the current government.

Zanu PF ministers — one after another — have been stating in unequivocal terms that this clause or this change was advanced by the MDC. Classic examples include Patrick Chinamasa and Ignatius Chombo.

Chinamasa, claimed the current status of Public Order and Security Act (Posa) reflect the will of the MDC so are some of the new provisions in the Electoral Act.

Chombo is again quoted as saying the MDC advanced a new approach in the appointment of mayors.

Although, there are various interpretations to Chombo’s claims, it is clear that MDC ministers and members of Parliament (MPs) had noticeable influence in the formulation of government policies and programmes.

Thirdly, Zanu PF can start from where the MDC has left in terms of economic planning, distribution and redistribution of national goods.

The structures, discipline and serenity installed by former Finance Tendai Biti in the management of national funds will all benefit the Zanu PF government free of charge.

The same will apply to economic planning and investment, all the STERP I and II will be of immeasurable value to the coming government.

In short, what Zanu PF will be facing is a very simple task of ensuring accountability. The Zanu PF government will simply spice the current economic formulas with their vaunted indigenisation and economic empowerment programme.

In other words, the Zanu PF government is likely to be the body of a car on wheels while the MDC policies will be the engine component.

When the world sees the car (Zimbabwe) moving they will observe a Zanu PF flag being lifted high.

Thus, besides having the two-thirds majority in Parliament, the Zanu PF government is set to enjoy more on the structures and frameworks set up by the inclusive government.

In addition, the 100-day plans, the Agenda for real Transformation (ART) will be available for Zanu PF free of charge for them to take bits and pieces and fitting them into their own agenda.

As a result, the MDC would become an unpaid researcher for the incumbent government. Sadly, the credit will go to Zanu PF not MDC.

By joining the government, Tsvangirai will deal with pressure of looking for alternative employment of his huge entourage team who will simply relocate to new offices.

The MDC leader will also have opportunities to go back to the people through the use of government resources.


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Given the insults Mugabe is unleashing on MDC, its leader MT and urban voters in Harare and Byo, I don't see the logic of the MDCT joining Zanu-Pf except to legitimise electoral fraud for the second time, albeit in 2009 it was due to the GPA. This time there is n o GPA, so Mugabe should get on with his "victory" and not seek MDC to sanitise his daylight robbery. Government is not for employment creation for political parties as suggested in this story. parties should get funding from membership subscriptions and Treasury as provided for under The Political Parties Finance Act. Furthermore, MDCT should not await Zanu-pf to determine its relevance. We should not allow electoral corruption to thrive in our society no matter how partisan we may be. I for one feel vindicated that Mugabe is now desperate for legitimacy. See my book

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri - 31 August 2013

It would be an act of foolish madness for Tsvangirai and his team to join a Mugabe government whose leader is exuding with insults for Tsvangirai every time Mugabe opens his mouth. I would never join hands with a man who calls me 'an ignoramus.' To work with such a man for Tsvangirai, is to acknowledge that he is, indeed, an 'ignoramus', an extremely ignorant person. The MDC should never allow themselves to be swallowed the Nkomo way which is total humiliation for the purpose of Mugabe's self-aggrandisement.

Chenjerai Hove - 31 August 2013

they must go alone they stole no going into bed with these thieves if they want to join hands first declare your assets,hand over everything they grabbed one man one farm we must know who owns what and how you managed to acquire your wealth those who killed must be arrested police chief army chief president to explain what took place in MATEBELELAND and MIDLANDS

MURAMBWI - 31 August 2013

There are absolutely no benefits for MDC to join the inclusive government because there is nothing new they can achieve given that they failed to deal with the arrogant ZANU PF who happen to be the minority in the fake and evil inclusive government created by useless SADC and directionless AU.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 1 September 2013

This is a stupid article by Shakespear Hamauswa. There is no point in joining the ZANU PF govt. Events in recent weeks show that indeed ZANU PF is a terrorist movement interested in looting national resources. They have been insulting the MDC leadership even at funerals!

Geza Tidye - 1 September 2013

What besides pissing off their constituency does the MDC gain by joining the government..They will be abused by their colleagues in government and called liars, cheats and careerist sellouts by their supporters, so who REALLY would gain from such a move??? The socalled visibility in government did them a lot of good last time they were there when they actually won the elections now imagine what would happen to them now? They got negative visibility with that clamouring for two cars each and other trappings of royalty..and a fat lot of good it did them. If of course this is what they are after, I mean crumbs from the top table then what are they waiting for??

gutter poet - 1 September 2013

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