Why insult me?: Tsvangirai

BULAWAYO - MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai has questioned President Robert  Mugabe’s motive in his unrestrained attack on him saying the 89-year-old cannot win legitimacy of the people through foul language.

Mugabe has used various platforms including his inauguration ceremony to denounce his former government partner.

But Tsvangirai, who was received like royalty by his Bulawayo supporters at the Large City Hall, yesterday scoffed at verbal assaults aimed at him as uncalled for.

Tsvangirai had visited Bulawayo to thank supporters for voting his party.

“You start insulting Tsvangirai. Okay it’s fine you won, so why insult me,” the opposition leader asked.

“You have been inaugurated as a new president so now fulfil what you promised the people. But the first thing he does is to attack the people of Bulawayo and Harare saying you did not vote for me so go to Tsvangirai,” he said.

“You are insulting me calling me all sorts of names but I am simply saying you made yourself a father, so lead the country,” he added.

The former prime minister said the reason why Mugabe lashed out at the residents from the two big cities was because he knew that his government would not deliver.

He challenged Mugabe and his party to revive the industries in Bulawayo as well as improve service delivery in the local authorities in the wake of the debt write-off by the party.

The MDC leader who was speaking before a fully-packed venue declared Bulawayo a liberated zone.

“I feel proud, elated and humbled. The reason why I am humbled is in spite of national mourning, Bulawayo remains a liberated zone despite rigging by Zanu PF,” he said.

He paid tribute to the people of Bulawayo, the only city where Zanu PF failed to pick a single seat in the recent elections.

“How was MDC spared in Bulawayo in the tsunami is because they faced stiff resistance and left empty handed. They also felt that poor Weshman (Ncube) will finish us off but that was not to be.”

Tsvangirai said it was impossible for president Mugabe to garner two million votes in this country given the history of the party’s insensitivity towards national development.

“Where can Mugabe get two million votes in this country in your wildest dreams,” he asked.

Tsvangirai who appeared strong and confident said the theft of votes set a wrong precedent in African politics as his party never really lost the elections.

He however, bemoaned the loss saying: “What has happened is the democratisation agenda in Africa has been depressed by what happened in Zimbabwe.

“Tell me, which president will want to lose an election through a ballot. All he needs to do is to go to Mugabe and say how did you do it,” he explained.

Tsvangirai accused Zanu PF of spending over $10 million to Nikuv “to subvert the will of the people”.

He dismissed reports by some naysayers that MDC was finished following the loss in the elections saying the party was now in fact a rejuvenated lot.

“The MDC is now at its strongest point. The party represents the future and the expectations of the country,” he said adding that his party was still committed to democratic change in the country.

Turning to the local authority issue that has in the last week torched a storm over the imposition of mayors Tsvangirai said: “People think that I have come to impose the mayor but I won’t do that.  I am not a dictator. I consult first and this is what I am going to do.”

He also announced that unlike in the previous government where local authorities were left to run themselves, programmes for local authorities will come from the party.

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Nyoka yemumhu.go hang .

Eliza Tsvangirai - 30 August 2013

Its very unfortunate that some will prefer to make money with used imported cars and ignoring the very thing that will that will provide brand new cars visa a vis jobs. Shame on you Vada. As for 'Eliza Tsvangirai' we have no idea who they are insulting maybe they can elaborate. Anyway I agree with Tsvangirai if you claim to have won why do you need to insult anyone? This is politics you can never have permanent friends or enemies so why rush to demarcate or insult. Robert Mugabe needs Tsvangirai but will not take the time to realise it and that would be, or rather is, very unfortunate for him. You cannot build Zimbabwe on Honde Valley alone you need Harare and Bulawayo. In Fact you can do without the Honde Valley and work with 10% of Bulawayo and the future of the whole country will be pleasant. Mr President dont insult the people uplift them.

Vincent - 30 August 2013


PETER R MOYO - 30 August 2013

Morgan anogoti “The MDC is now at its strongest” sei? “Strongest” pakudiyi imi makabva pa 47% kudonhera ku 31%? Arikunyepera vanhu vakakotsira. False bravado by Morgan. Otopona nekunyepera vanhu vakapusa. Handiti akati iye kana ndakundwa ndinoregera chigaro ko ngaachiregera chigaro haana chaanoziva. Akatsikwa konzi nekadara kavekuda kutofa hako ka Mugabe. Muna 2018 zvinhu zvichaita worse for MDC-T.

Musona - 30 August 2013

“Where can Mugabe get two million votes in this country in your wildest dreams,” he asked) Tswangirayi, you are totally disception. You deceived others and you are deceiving yourself to the extent of thinking you are the MAN and no other man can gunner 2million votes but you. Zvino chinzwa we voted for R.G Mugabe. We voted for Zanu P.F like it or not. R.G Mugabe is a seasoned politician leading a 50 year old seasoned party that is seeking the interests of Zimbabweans where as yourself you seek the interest of our former colonizers and taking advantage of the disgruntled communities like the ndebeles. Tibvire pano. Une presidential materials. Zvimari zvaurikupiwa kutengesa nyika woda ku simudzira dumbu uchihumana pano. We are teaching our children to be careful of such people like you and the young Zimbabweans have opened their eyes. Again the city of the kings yaurikuita boast of please see the increase of the Zanu P.F supporters 2013, compared to those who voted for Zanu in 2000/2002/2005 and 2008. This year the number has doubled and trebled though you pulled more votes. So tirikutora maseats iwayo in 2018.

naume - 30 August 2013

you mdc activists you are so short minded. when tsvangirai addressed his supporters in mash east he openly/criticised the chiefs that when he gets into power he will deal with them. he even went on to say muchamama masabhuku is that not insulting switch on yu poor supporters makadyiwa you won in 2008 so does it mean that you stole/rigged the elections kana ma-dhongi avenenyanga tichabva papower

mabwe - 30 August 2013

@Musona you are a horrible person and you are ZANU PF that is why you write insults to MDC T. Please go hang .

Tibvirei Apo - 30 August 2013

it is unfortunate that empty vessels make the loudiest noise. Who is not aware of what was happening in the communities? Musona and Naume, i will bet my last dollar that you were also part of the gangs that were used to distribute registration slips from the 10th of July right up to 30th. Where in the world have you heard of a party running a parallel voter registration to be used during national elections? We have been here longer than you and we know why we left our families to go to the bush and to tell the truth am now ashamed to have fought under the zanla banner

Justin - 30 August 2013

@mabwe if Morgan openly/criticised the chiefs what is Robert doing about Harare and Byo? @naume Zanu will never ever get Byo, mark my words. Come 2018 even with Nikuv you shall not do anything because not a single industry is going to reopen as promised by RGM. Watch this space

Qawe laMaqawe - 30 August 2013

Its true, do what you promised the people and as a leader you do not have to discriminate anyone . zvekutuka vamwe zvakapera paku kambena ikozvino poda chokwadi handeyi Mr President mafakitori aya ngauye maIndasitiri aya ngamuke zveku vanda ne ma sanctions bodo . ngatishandiseyi zvedu zvacho tisiyane ne America yacho pls deliver mabasa ari kudiwa

mr honest - 30 August 2013

Ko iyo Nyaradzo ye mushakabvu MDC irikumboitwa riini uye kupi?

Dzingwena - 30 August 2013

Just judging by the responses to this particular post, and considering that this is a pro MDC-T newspaper, it clear to me that there are more Mugabe supporters than morgan. there are 10 comments, 6 to Zanu and 4 to MDC.

Nationalist - 30 August 2013

If what i sa in Gweru nezuro is anything to go by I honestly believe Morgan is far from being dead saka hakuna nyaradzo. A thousand plus people just came from nowhere to have a glimpse of the man.

jabulani makuluni - 30 August 2013

@nationalist - Zanuist have nothing to do but analyse newspapers and try and identify who said what and report to....... read on comment back

s shumba - 30 August 2013

musona zvino ngoda yamatemba nayo zvoyoda kuteverwa 100m down muchasura neeconomy

JAYJAY - 30 August 2013

BREAKING NEWS; GOVT FAILS TO PAY SALARIES FOR AUGUST As I write i am reliably inform that the government is failing to pay salaries for civil servants and state university lecturers. Moral is said to be very low at the country's state universities, and some are already pondering going down South. It appears soon we will be where we were in 2008. Kutaurawo zvangu zvandanzwa.

Watikiritai - 30 August 2013

Tsvangirai is correct. The yardstick for the success or failure of the promises given are in Bulawayo and Harare. The effort being made here is like that of a baboon. Rinodzonyongodza mvura risati ratanga kunwa kuti risazviona. But rinongoramba richizviona mumvura imomo! Harare and Bulawayo will continue to be the measure of the successes and failures of any political party. Nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. kikikikikiki

Red Robotics - 30 August 2013

@Tibvirei Apo - pfungwa dzako ishoma - you are brain dead. Kana Morgan achiti "MDC is now strongest" iye akabva pa 47% kudonhera pa 31% ndochiyi ichocho? Which is bigger 31% or 47%? Morgan kungozvifadza hapasisina zviripo. Idzungu rekukundwa kurikuita kuti ataure semunhu akadhakwa. Ndo kuparara kwe MDc-T kwatirikuona uku. hakuna mwedzi akundwa asi avekuti "strongest" anoziva zvinoreva "strongest" here? Ngafzokere ku Trade Union zve politics zvamuramba. Akatsikwa konzi nekadara kavekudaa kufa, Mugabe.

Musona - 30 August 2013

@Musona you are the very people who rigged elections, you stole elections because you knew Tsvangs would trounce you if we had had free and fair elections pasina NIKUV na Mudede and ZEC yose is full of ma CIO. You assisted educated people to vote because you intimidated them. You forced people to vote for ZANU PF , you stuffed ballot papers. We all know that you cheated at elections, 61% yehumbabva, @Musona you are MBAVHA MBAVHA MBAVHA, you stole elections. You won by cheating!!!! Cheating!!!! Cheating!!!

Tibvirei Apo - 30 August 2013

@MUSONI, you are a disgrace to the male specis ,l think even your mother is regretting of you being his SON .you talk of percentages which cannot be verified .ZANU knows very well that towns have outright rejected them so your GRANDFATHER MUGABE is frustrated by all this .surely speaking how do you live in an area were all your neighbours reject you.The results of your rigging are starting to show ,civil servants some of them haven't been paid for AUGUST .You can rig the elections and celebrate percentages but the economy will show you it's true colours.Even NIKUV cannot assist in this one . ZANU cannot run the economy from ZVIMBA OR UZUMBA ,towns are the main economic hubs.

CASHTALK - 30 August 2013

I dont understand how a head of state wastes most of his energy on insults instead of formulating policies to develop the country. As for those who think ZANU won squarely, how can a sane person vote an 89 old into power.

wise man - 30 August 2013

The promises would come into effect only if you voted for zanu whats this nonsense about harare and bulawayo being the measure of success for a party. We in the rural voted for zanu and promises atotanga kuburuka barely a month into the term muchadya izvozvo

pasi natsvangirai nevarungu,pamberi nezanu nekutora macompanies - 30 August 2013

I just read in an online paper that Rita Makarau is the wife of Wayne Bvudzijena of the ZRP. Why I am mentioning this is because of her role in ZEC and the elections. I wonder whether when she presided over these elections she thought with her brains or her heart! There were lots of things that were against MDC in this election. I wonder what all the ZANU PFutseki commentators think Tsvangirai should have done to win. Tsvangirai is right, Mugabe got his mandate through stuffed ballots in the rural areas. The verdict has been pronounced by both Rita and Godfrey that he was duly elected. So why does he continue on the path of using vile expletives against losers? His term began when he was inaugurated. He has to hit the ground running. Fulfill your promises Mr Mugabe, this ain't time for looking for scapegoats. People want jobs, health, education for their children, social amenities, and most of all freedom!

Observer - 30 August 2013

To be president of Zimbabwe you dont need Harare and Bulawayo.You can loose all seats in these two towns and win anywhere else and still reign supreme.Zimbabwe has 14 million people of which Bulawayo has hear this only less than 800 000 and harare maybe 1.5 million to 2 million so what about the other 11.5 million.Harare and Bulawayo are not the rest of Zim madinga eMDCTsvina.Wise up madinga because come 2018 its not going to be 61% but rather 91%.You are already TOAST FINITO

NyakoNyako - 30 August 2013

Nyaka urinyoka iwe. In 2005 MDC lost seats it had won in200 but come 2008 it almost wiped out zpf because vote was not rigged. Remember zpf crying faul in 2008 saying teachers were given money by pta, some were even jailed uchiri kuzvirangarira? Then it was hell for all teachers in rural areas we know this. But then the people voited because for the first time they felt free to express and use the vote wisely. But come the rerun all their freedom was taken from them. Some lost the hands they had used to vote, others suddenly became iliterate even teachers iwe! Saka how can you than say you won when over million people failed to vte despite being rgisterd. 2018 MDC will be back to wipe out Zpfuseki watch my words. May be even before soon as mazanoids die MDC will win all the bielections

ndauyawo - 31 August 2013

@NYAKO NYAKO you are the most brainless & unreasoning person on earth even a chicken can do better than you .these figures of HRE &BYO you are talking about are not real .Why is mugabe swearing at these cities if they are only a few people in these cities,ZANU supporters if your brains have been rigged by your party by being given false information don't expect everyone to agree with this falacy you are living in .IF ZANU can do without these cities why is CHOMBO trying to impose his councilors to be mayors in these cities.Percentages are just a figure used by people who try by all means to ignore reality give us figures so that you justify your story or l had forgot in MATEBELELAND ZANU performed dismally so next time NYAKO NYAKO & YOUR evil brothers get your facts right before commenting.

CASHTALK - 31 August 2013


muvengwa munondivengerei - 31 August 2013

Musatukane Zim ndeyemunhu wose

Mutare - 31 August 2013

@Tibvire Apo - ukaverenga article yakanzi "Mugabe turns biblical" iri pekutanga uchaona kuti ndiri kuny'gomba Mugabe kuti imbavha. Kana ndichituka Tsvangirai hazvireve kuti automatically ndiri we ZanuPF. Chokwadi ndechekuti Morgan haabatsire - haana zvanoziva, Mugabe ne ZanuPF imbavha ne mhondi. Zimbabwe irikushaya political party chaiyo inondigutsa.

Musona - 31 August 2013

Honestly to continue insulting losers is an act of immaturity especial if the man is in his nineties . The language during elections and after should not be the same , this is the time that those who have been given a mandate should focus on the job at hand and work .

Mpilo Moyo - 31 August 2013

“The MDC is now at its strongest point. The party represents the future and the expectations of the country,” Tsvangirai said. How the devil did he work that one out!

Wilbert Mukori - 1 September 2013

Nyako Nyako remember only a small fraction are eligible to vote and not 14million like what you try to potray. Think first before passing a comment. Idzungu renhamo rokutenderedza musoro.

Chuknoris - 2 September 2013

Chiichinonzi byo,Zimbabwe can do without byo.Morgan uri motengesi and you will never rule Zimbabwe

cobra - 2 September 2013

Hooo nhayi mamdct munotorwadzivawo nekutukwa kwedinga renyu iri? Asi kana imi muchituka nekupa mazita kuna President wedu munofunga tinonakirwa nazvo? After all its tsvangirayi who started insulting our President by calling him and us all who voted for what we want "THIEVES" Are we election thieves as you always lable us to be? If I dont want mdct and vote for zanupf why calling me a thief when in fact I used my democractic right to what I want. Rinonakidzwa richakweva rimwe kana iro rokwehwa roti mavara angu azara mavhu. As long as tsvancry boycott continue making us suffer through sanctions PASI NAYE!!!.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 3 September 2013

what goes around comes aound

uzumbamarambapfungwe - 3 September 2013

so why waste time on trivial matters than pondering on matters that drive and rescucitate the economy. small minds discuss people, average minds events and big minds ideas. unfortunately mugabe and his loyalists are small minded little wonder he is always fuming at anyone and anything except himself

ATZ - 3 September 2013

This is the time to teach people to start there own business by giving them loans not just taking someone's well established company which employs 3 000, retrench 2 996 of them and employ only four. After that we can say we are creating employment.

Morejobs - 3 September 2013

Mr RG Mugabe and MR R Tsvangirayi are merely Zimbabweans like you. Name calling is just but wasting time. Politics is a very dirty game and if you are unware of this fact then you snooze and lose. There is always next time and please hope for the best in 2018. Mr.Tsvangirai please find better strategies to win in the next election! Mr.RG Mugabe please go ahead and deliver your promises since you are the winner in the race! Why the ordinary Jik and Jack waffles continue to be some unnecessary discsord within our peaceful society. Prof Mutambara is looking for an office in the new govt and let us wait and see what happens! Vana pombi yadonha you can continue shouting at one another but this just reflects the levels of understanding in the society. Kings are installed by the mighty GOD and noone will ever change this old philosophy like it or not.

PROF PACHENA BVUU - 4 September 2013

Mukuru va Tswangisi ngavachiwedzdzera ruzivi nekuenda kuchikoro. Panopera makore mashanu vanenge vave pane chimwe chinhanho kuti vaite match matakitika ababa Chatunga nokuti umbpowo hurikuratidza kuiti even pamubatananidzwa hapana chavakadzidza kkkkkkkkkk

Crazy - 4 September 2013

mhata dzenyu mazanu pamwe nababa chatunga venyu vakauraya pamire kuti vatore mukadzi ivo iri ngomwa.to hell with you.

sinohydro - 5 September 2013

@ naume you voted zanu pf not everyone get a life

cde blacx - 5 September 2013

@ naume you voted zanu pf not everyone get a life

cde blacx - 5 September 2013

@ naume you voted zanu pf not everyone get a life

cde blacx - 5 September 2013

When Mugabe was running around campaigning Tsvangirai was running around wth hot pants and an open zip fucking every bitch who crossed his path and u expected us to vote for such a moron....it's high time u accept that elections are not erections....

African Cadre - 5 September 2013

I wonder why Zanu Pf is worried about Tsvangirai,if Mugabe won let him rule the country and those who voted him its time for celebration.Democracy will one day beckon in our country, it may tale long but its coming.Long live the the democracy fighters.long live the resilient overcomers,long live those who stretch their boundaries of endurance.victory is certain.

matida matida - 5 September 2013

well president mugabe garnered the 2million votes n he won. Stop politicking and go to buhera n grow sweet potao there

bones - 5 September 2013

“You start insulting Tsvangirai. Okay it's fine you won, so why insult me,” the opposition leader asked. Is this the new opposition 's position regardind the elections ??

Chokx - 5 September 2013

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