Mugabe's punishing schedule

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has a punishing schedule that will see him bury a comrade today, open the Harare Agricultural Show tomorrow and inter another ex-guerrilla war hero on Saturday.

The 89-year-old Zanu PF leader, who has not taken any rest since sweeping to a disputed victory in the July 31 harmonised elections, will on Tuesday preside over the official opening of the 8th Zimbabwe Parliament, as he puts serious strain on himself.

Mugabe inaugurates a new legislature as the MDC is mulling a boycott of the official opening of the 8th Parliament next week, and is facing a headache over the vote for a new Speaker of the National Assembly.

The veteran Zimbabwe ruler will also appoint Cabinet next week, and is said to be cracking his head over who to appoint and who to leave out from a number of loyalists and factions within Zanu PF.

While the MDC had earlier resolved to abstain from Parliament, the party backtracked after the suggestion failed to gain traction.

Zanu PF has nominated Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission chairman Jacob Mudenda as candidate for Speaker and also want to retain Edna Madzongwe as Senate president.

Mugabe, begins a punishing schedule just after enduring a rigorous campaign period that saw him criss-cross the breadth and length of the country.

Experts who spoke to the Daily News on condition of anonymity, said the schedule was too hectic for an 89-year-old man and it would be healthy for the Zimbabwe leader to pass on some duties to his vice president.

Today, Mugabe will officiate at the burial of Zanu PF founding member Enos Nkala, who died on Friday last week.

Nkala will be buried at the National Heroes Acre, a shrine for fallen liberation war comrades and Zanu PF loyalists.

Mugabe will then officially open the Harare Agricultural Show tomorrow, a diary that includes an energy-sapping walk-about to tour the more than 700 stands.

On Saturday, Mugabe returns to the National Heroes Acre again to preside over the burial of yet another liberation war hero Kumbirai Kangai, who died on Saturday last week.

Political analysts have warned that Mugabe, might not have the stamina to stand the rigours of his office, including supervising his ministers, a situation which could further entrench corruption and fuel economic collapse.

His new government is tasked with the unenviable task of extricating the country from the jaws of economic stagnation, sky-high unemployment and also attracting the much-needed foreign direct investment.

Since plunging into the gruelling election campaign, where he held more than 10 rallies in a month, and at times spoke for more than two hours, Mugabe has been seized with both domestic and regional affairs.

MacDonald Lewanika, national director for Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, said Mugabe wants to prove that he is in charge.

“He sees these events as a way of fortifying his legitimacy which is very unfortunate because in leadership you don’t have to show what you are but prove it,” said Lewanika.

Before his inauguration last Thursday, Mugabe had travelled to Malawi where he attended the Sadc heads of state summit on August 17.

The following Monday he attended the burial of retired Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai again at the Heroes Acre.

He then flew to the official opening of the UNWTO tourism extravaganza in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Despite his advanced age, Mugabe appears spritely and feisty and has since vowed to serve his full five-year term notwithstanding his advanced age.

He is yet to anoint a successor within his Zanu PF which is rocked by ugly factional fights as pretenders to the throne prepare for life after the former guerrilla leader.

Questions linger on whether at 89, he can serve out all of his new term and who will succeed him if he is no longer there.

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Well, well you can blame NIKUV for Bob's predicament!

Mushungurudzi - 29 August 2013

Imi ma journalist ndimi munojaidza ana Zanupf kuti vafunge kuti ndivo ma heroes. Kana muchiti "ex-guerilla war hero" murikuda kutiyi? Hero wei? Hakuna ma guerilla akakunda Ian Smith zvatinoziva isu vakuru taive muno munyika. Nyorai chokwadi kwete manyepo

Musona - 29 August 2013

Wegona act like an educated man please. We don't like this type of behavior, if u don't have anything to say keep quiet. I am really embarrassed. This is an international paper, stop that forever.

CDE - 29 August 2013

Wegona I don' blame you but I do blame you parents who taught you that kind of language, I think kumhuri kwawakaberekwa kwaoma nezvitutsi zvinonyadzisa. If you are a family man/woman I wonder what kind of kids you have back home, I feel pit for those kids because they don't have a parent. Nyarawo mani, be human. Thanx CDE for giving this Wegona some advise.

Mukuru - 29 August 2013

Ko maZANU madii kuzorodza mukarahwa uyu nhy, sei muchimutambudza kudaro, ugwara ndihwo hwunokunetsai, saka muchingoramba muchiti naye naye mudhara uyu, pass the button to a much younger candidate mhani but not Chombo weutsinye uyo.

Matuzviembwa. - 29 August 2013

@Wegona - I repeat, Zanu or Zapu never won a single skirmish against the Rhodesians - I defy you or anyone else for that matter to tell me where Zanu or Zapu won a skirmish against the Rhodesians. It is us the ordinary people who voted Zanu into power in 1980. Blacks had already started voting in 1979 when they voted Muzorewa to be Prime Minister. How can journalists say "ex-guerilla war heroes" heroes for what? Kana urimuchikoro ukakundikana mugwaro rechishanu, ukadzokorora kanokwana kashanu uchingokundikana hauzomboendeswa pamberi kupuhwa certificate iwe wakundikana. Zanu or Zapu vanogorumbidzwa ndepapi pavakakunda muvengi? Vanopirwei rukudzo pasina wavakakunda? Kutuka hakukubatsire nekuti urikudaa kuedza kuchinja history to suit your own agenda. MuZimbabwe hamuna chinonzi war heroes nekuti hakuna akakunda muvengi sezvakaitwa ne marwi veku Libya - iyo ndiyo inonzi "liberation" yatakaona tesetese pa TV kwete ye mu Zimbabwe ye ku nyepera vanhu - fiction.

Musona - 29 August 2013

The bottom line is that ZANU is in deep SHIT ,comrades are dying every month like coachroaches ,soon it will be weekly .This is a sign of bad management were people rely on one person to hold them together.Now ZANU supporters does it mean that you have failed to get a successor ,It shows that you are all woman even the very man in this organisation are brainless .This division that is there in ZANU is a good thing to the opposition because they are doing a good job of destroying themselves ,To MDC the chance to take over is getting closer by the day with this rate of deaths soon we will have elections .OLDAGE cannot be reversed.

CASHTALK - 29 August 2013

Well your silly paper calls it a disputed victory, but sane people call it a credible landslide victory against a poor educated, idiotic puppet who the people of Zimbabwe rejected en-mass. Several times you talked of fake stories about Mugabe's health, but i think what worries the nation more is Tsvancry's mental health and a band of his few idiotic supporters.

reason - 29 August 2013

@Reason you are brainless your should be handifungi. no right thinking person ever voted for zanu and that they stole is a fact of facts.

ATZ - 29 August 2013

@REASON,why are you reading this paper if are not silly ,this shows that you are an idiot & insane.The reality is that your beloved president is old and rusted we need new blood not same policies for 33years ,this shows that you ZANU supporters are a bunch of selfish people who do not think outside the box

CASHTALK - 29 August 2013

It shows that contrary to claims of illhealth, the President is in good physical and mental health. He has put to shame those who wish ilhealth to others. However, i do agree that just like any other human being, he needs to rest and at times delegate some lesser duties to his vice.

Alexio - 29 August 2013

I like the pressure. I hope God will intervene in the ensuing pressure. I had a dream!

Watikiritai - 29 August 2013

Murume waamai anonzi Baba. This is fact and not fiction. Mugabe Robert Gabriel Matibili ndisekuru vakwegura and this is fact and not fiction. Unfortunately this is nature and we have no control over it. Over-loading him with work-load which requires young blood will only worsen his situation although some people might take it as sign that he is still strong and fit. Ko even zvaanotaura handiti zviri pachena saDriver wetractor kuti munhu akwegura odzekera muupwere here! If we have a soft heart and believe that this old man played some vital role to liberate this country then we should all see that he needs some rest, but if he is a criminal and that he is serving his life imprisonment term, then let it be then! At times selfish people are punished by their deeds and if that is the case, then let it be!!!

Bvuma Chete - 29 August 2013

Mugabe is the one crying that the West is not lifting illegal sanctions. We have the shame to call them illegal yet we ignore the rule of law. If it is illegal why doesn't he go to a court of law? What is illegal when a person refuses to help a person playing by a different set of rules that are not fair to his people? How many times is the Herald quick to say the West plot has been foiled? Too many. Well the real foiling hasn't been done yet because the West is not talking but who is crying about sanctions? So if he wants progress, the bottom line is to reform the Military Institutions. Unfortunately he can't. If you recall Musharraf in Pakistan complied with the West demands to give up the military position and it did not take long before he was kicked out. Mubarak was easily toppled as the West encouraged him to resign. Khadafy was ready to be a good boy, quickly gave up his weapons of mass destruction in fear that they would do a number on him like they did to Hussein. Well the French did the dirty work and the Colonel is history. Mugabe, if he tries to reform the military he loses power and it would not take long to face his fate. So what is going on now, he is crying to the West to remove sanctions, they say reform. Even if he wanted to reform he carries a lot of baggage, Gukurahundi etc. He has no choice but continue to play it safe lead and nobody touches you, which becomes a dilemma because the country is wounded economically, the infrastructure needs to be rebuild, unemployment is high. If it was you what would you do? Read the Daily News and you will be fair to yourself.

Taurai Mutangadura - 30 August 2013

Hapana chinhu chinofadza sekutukwa nedofo iwe wapasa with flying colours. Tumamdct sapotaz turi kungohukura zuva nezuva hameno kuti zvinobatsireyi. Chero kumutuka seyi Mugabe munenge muchitowedzera madire ayo tinomuita. So I want the daily news to put its name correctly by being DAILY MUGABE NEWS. Thanks for continuing writing about the man it shows he is a true hero and has defied all puppets from selling out our country. And by the way right thinking people will also see it clearly that it is just a few rhodies who are so pained to the bone about the man. Asi chokwadi ndechekuti madofo ese pachikoro anoblamer mateacher and they make a lot of noise becoz ndiko kwakapererawo njere dzawo. PAMBERI NAGUSHUNGO!!!

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 30 August 2013

why obsession with mugabe,tsvangirai despite his relaitively younger age than mugabe presided over the most corrupt mdc bureaucracy ever both in government and council

vincent moyo - 2 September 2013

@Musona, I agree with you 100%. I have often asked the so-called war vets to give me just one town that was said to have been liberated right from the start of the war up to 1979. NONE. All you hear from the dead bc documentaries is "takazorara tichifamba neusiku, mushure mekunge tatengeswa." Ask them what was your war strategy and they had none. Peter Walls said their strategy wa contain and hold and when it did not yield the desired results they changed strategy to "pursue and destroy". You can see that the latter was working very well, hence the pursuits even beyond our borders to the likes of Chimoio, Nyadzonya, Tembwe where there were devastating attacks on the guerillas. Hondo chaiyo havana kuihwina. Smith only capitulated to international pressure, hence the settlement. Musanyepere vanhu.

ezvedu - 2 September 2013

Ezvedu na musona mungati kudini imi murimi vatengesi chaiwo. You are even showing your appreciation for the massacres done to Zimbabweans by the rhodesians because either you or your fathers were party to that. Well mafungiro enyu semamdct aripatambo yevarungu. Munotofanira kudaro kuti mugopihwawo zvavanenge vasiya. Dogs are better than you two.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 5 September 2013

IAN Smith was under was sanctions and pressure from the west that's why he tried UDI then the later. We did NOT win any war he SIMPLY decided to do the RIGHT thing for the good of the country and one would think if one before you can let go why not you? Even Smith himself would refuse to take over right now and he would be asking this one big question "WHAT KIND OF PRESSURE OR AGE DO YOU THINK IS ENOUGH???"

martin - 5 September 2013

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