Byo outraged by Mugabe's threats

BULAWAYO - Bulawayo residents have angrily reacted to President Robert Mugabe’s speech where he disowned Bulawayo and Harare residents for not voting for him in the harmonised elections.

In his speech during the burial ceremony of Mike Karakadzai at National Heroes Acre in Harare on Sunday, Mugabe said residents in the two big cities should go and demand services from the MDC because they do not support his party.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (Bupra) co-ordinator Roderick Fayayo said the statement by the veteran leader came as no surprise.

“I think for us it is not a surprise. That is exactly the behaviour they have showed us in the past 33 years,” Fayayo said.

He urged Bulawayo residents not to take the president’s speech seriously as it was just but a continuation of history.

“We are so used to Zanu PF’s destructive policies since they have done nothing remarkable for this city and the people of Matabeleland.

“Its common knowledge that they presided over the closure of industries in the city and with the perennial water problems we face here, they have also failed to build a single dam here. It’s no secret that Zanu PF has never been for people but for personal gains,” Fayayo said.

He said it was also sad that 33 years after independence Mugabe was also happy to see the people of Matabeleland whom he persecuted during Gukurahundi continue to suffer.

Fayayo said he was confident that Mugabe was definitely going to live up to his declaration.

“Given his history we know that Mugabe says what he does and does what he says,” he said.

Friends of Zapu leader Ray Ncube described the president’s speech as a misplaced statement.

“That’s a seriously misplaced statement considering he promised people so much during his campaigns and now that he is in power he turns around. No that’s not how it goes,” retired colonel Ncube said.

“If you are in power the whole people becomes your responsibility, talk of trees and animals they also becomes your responsibility but anywhere I strongly believe that he did not want to say what he said.”

In a statement, Bulawayo-based pressure group Ibhetshu Likazulu said the people of Bulawayo had never been so zealous to expect a lot from the revolutionary party.

“The president’s speech was not really shocking because expecting development from Zanu PF is tantamount to expecting diesel from a rock,” group spokesperson Mbuso Fuzwayo said.

“We know that they don’t have the capacity to revive particularly the once vibrant industry in Bulawayo. So now it’s a shrewd way of hiding their failures as they start their new government,” he said.

Fuzwayo said Zanu PF’s history with regard to the treatment of the people of Matabeleland was well written therefore nothing was new.

“We really don’t want to emphasise what animal that party is but what is surprising is to see Satan preaching about holiness in a chapel,” he said.


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He is now too old . Why does he deny that he is a dictator yet he threatens to punish Harare and Bulawayo urbanites for not voting Zanu PF ? Total insanity and evil . No wonder why his best friend is Michael Sata(n) .

TRIBESMAN - 28 August 2013

Zimbabweans,especially those in urban areas may suffer as Mugabe said, but Mugabe himself is suffering from anger and hatred of rejection by not only the urbanites but by the entire country. Unleashing his venomous speech is a deep reflection of that anger and he is just behaving like an angry snake. But the good new to Zimbabweans is that Mugabe's days are really numbered and it will surprise even himself if he goes beyond 5 years.

Ziziharinanyanga - 28 August 2013

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (Bupra) co-ordinator Roderick Fayayo & Ibhetshu Likazulu spokesperson Mbuso Fuzwayo you are on point. You need to help "Friends of Zapu" leader Col (ret) Ray Ncube to pull a finger out and stop apologising for Mugabe. He said what he meant or what his military junta meant. Remember he is only a figure head as he candidly admited about the militarisation of all institutions of state. I dont get it why grown men like Col Ray Ncube, Dabengwa, Makoni, Mawere et al who are supposedly opponents of Mugabe's policies or lack of spend so much time and energy fawning over him and making excuses for his corruption and incompetence.

Truth - 28 August 2013

vakatadza kuchisidzira vanhu vemutaundi ndokusaka saka munoti vekumaruva vaizoita sei apa.sandiyo rigging yacho here iyi?

diva - 28 August 2013

Bob knows his time is too short to deliver what he promised during his campaign so the only alternative is these threats. well bob after all nobody really voted for you. enda kumusha

ATZ - 28 August 2013

As if we ever enjoyed anything from the old madhala anyway we don't we appear like we give a damn??

ME - 28 August 2013

Dzaakutamba nepwere.

nosm - 28 August 2013

MUGABE can say what he wants but the economy is driven by people in towns so uttering these statements will not change the that the economy is in shambles .He forgets that the money he needs to pay his comdrades comes from TAXES paid by these urban dwellers so lets just wait and see if he is going to open industries in the rural areas.ln towns they can subortage the economy easily by just not banking their money which will make it hard for him to take it .so l think he should just go home and get a massage from his GRACE coz he is exhausted in thinking straight

DISASTER - 28 August 2013

We are doing exactly like what the West wants us to do. Put ourselves in a corner, well good luck!!! We keep showing some unguided lunacy in the media attacking while they are probably watching and laughing. If you want to play with others you go there and ask to play. Open dialogue and see what happens instead kungo wawata in the media which will not do any one good. You expect sanctions to be lifted engage dialogue with these cowboys. Yes they have an agenda but don't give them a chance. Yes they are devious but we did it in the election too. When you are in Rome, you do like what the Romans do. Look at Kenya, they had a land reform which was even more aggressive than Zimbabwe but they are quiet about it. Vanorova imbwa vakaviga mupinyi. Think about the election game, that Houdini that sealed our fate. Ok Tsvangirayi is out but we are in deep waters. Kunzvengesa bora to Tsvingirai and have been celebrating it. Now reality is slowly sinking in. It is either you comply with the big boys or tinongoramba tichidya mugaiwa mupunga urimo muzvitoro.

Taurai Mutangadura - 29 August 2013

There you get people like Cain Matema claiming Bulawayo is not marginalised, yet their leader openly shows he is doing so.

msongelwa - 29 August 2013

Maybe I'm dim, but could this be an opportunity for Bulawayo and Harare to go it independently, unfettered by political oversight? Not much hope of that really, I guess.

dimziaspora - 29 August 2013

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