Mugabe threatens British firms

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe has threatened punitive measures against British companies operating in the country if Western powers fail to remove  sanctions imposed on him and his Zanu PF cronies.

Addressing mourners at the burial of freedom fighter and former National Railways of Zimbabwe boss, Mike Karakadzai at the National Heroes Acre yesterday, Mugabe, who is celebrating his re-election as the country’s president, said “enough and enough of passive attitude towards the West”.

“Time will come when we shall say tit-for-tat, you hit me and I hit you as well. You impose this on me and I will also impose that on you.

“There are so many British companies operating in this country, we haven’t done anything to put any sanctions on them, but soon we will hit back at them,” he warned.

Mugabe cautioned that soon he will turn the heat on foreign-owned firms with unspecified action, if the Western states continue to isolate and punish him for his “pan African ideology”.

“We want to assure the West that our attitude won’t continue to be what it has been in the past — passive — enough is enough,” he said.

The European Union and America have placed sanctions on Mugabe and his party stalwarts on allegations of electoral fraud and human rights violations.

Almost all western countries have refused to recognise the July 31 election result, citing massive electoral irregularities contrary to the 89-veteran leader’s stance that he won the election fairly.

Since 2000, Zimbabwe has experienced frosty relations with Western nations and at one point, Mugabe told Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister to keep his “Britain and I will keep my Zimbabwe.”

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Bob stop talking. Time for action. Its as simple as declaring a war on these countries and cut off the snake's head. Time to walk the walk. Lol but i know u won' t anything except talk the same rubbish because u know who runs this world. Time is up for u old man.

obama4eva - 26 August 2013

The two towns have got all the companies please take them vanhu vaite urban rural migration tivadzidzise Gwara remusangano nyika inoenda madhongi achikuma

chakatipu - 26 August 2013

Robert is being dishonest. If he shuts down the British companies that have remained doing business in the country, he knows that the country is finished. There are some companies operating under international agreements which he can not wilfully breach because the nation has no financial muscle to compensate them. He may continue with his 51% ownership madness for a start. Otherwise any other move is akin to committing suicide. Nations survive by associating with others!

Observer - 26 August 2013

I dont know how to express this madness mathematically. You want to impose what on British companies? this is just like a grade zero pupil calling for fists with a weight lifter. Amugabe wangu we chIbhakera chenyu chapera supu, hamuna dhiri vakuru tinyararirei apa

tingo - 26 August 2013

Mr Editor or anyone, may you please help, I profess my ignorance here. Which British companies is he talking about ?What percentage of shares do the British have in these companies? Thank you

Dangwe - 26 August 2013

about time we stood up to the west

chucknosis - 26 August 2013

maktora mapurazi asi murikutadza kurima ne mvura yekudenga nezuva zvemahara. munozogona kutenga ma rawmaterials ne machinery for these companies here. you just want to destory and u don't even care for other people's children, better ufe hako robery ngano dzako hadzinakidze

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 26 August 2013

This is what happens when you are very old - hallucinations after hallucinations. He seeing the American and Bristich economies falling after imposing sanctions on them. God help us - this is BIPOLAR DISORDER!

Watikiritai - 26 August 2013

Help!!! Does anybody with a half brain think that America and Britain give a damn about Zimbabwe imposing sanctions on them. We don't produce anything . According to the politicians Zimbabwe is endowed with mineral wealth.....but comrades its underground and zim on its own cannot create value. Hapana dollar ma comrades. We are a poor third world country whose hope of development is waning fast because of ignorant leadership.

connie - 26 August 2013

Yeah zimbabwe is a real player on the worlds stage, lol!

Shane - 26 August 2013

What sanctions is this dictator shouting about. We have Chinese, Russians, Africans all Asian countries. if sanctions are remove do you want to do business with the opressors?? Let them have their western countries and you will have your Nikuv. pasi nemabhunu pamberi nemazhingzhong. please forget about sanctions deliver your promises what do you want from UK or USA. Stop hiding behind sanctions for your failures. Smith was under United Nations sanctions and he did very well during that time. So are u saying Smith was better than u.???? Wake from the slumber. build bridges do not divide the nation. call Morgan for lunch and discuss about the future of our country remember you are all Zimbabweans. just for infor are you sure you swore to GOD holding the HOLY BIBLE to do good after your robbery engineered by Nikuv??

Gukurahundi - 26 August 2013

Lets see if you can ban the use of the American dollar first and we will shake your hands.Then we know you have the balls of steel.Otherwise this is cheap politicking.Just the usual platitudes from you.You are a shameless election thief and nothing else.

Squarebasher - 26 August 2013

this man the so-called zimbabwean liberator is decieving pipo with his deceptions. why killing the zimbabwe. u live in a 20 million us dollar house while other people are in the streets. u are robing pipo mr president. i rest my case.

greater - 6 March 2014

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