Mugabe disowns Harare, Bulawayo

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe says his government will not assist Harare and Bulawayo residents after they voted against his Zanu PF party in the recent harmonised elections.

Addressing thousands of mourners yesterday during the burial of Mike Karakadzai — a former liberation war fighter and head of ailing National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), at the National Heroes Acre — Mugabe said Harare and Bulawayo residents should go and demand service delivery from the MDC because they “don’t support” his party.

“Did you really think that level of ignorance could run the country? Harare and Bulawayo actually voted for this amount of ignorance, chiendai munopihwa zvamakavhotera (now go and get what you voted for from them). I hope our country will never repeat this feat again,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe’s Zanu PF party has never won meaningful seats in the two cities since the formation of the MDC in 1999, until this year when the ruling party managed to get six parliamentary seats from Harare — but still failed to get anything from Bulawayo.

During his campaign, Mugabe promised jobs to Bulawayo youths and an improvement in service delivery, and with his party winning over two-thirds majority in Parliament, expectations are high from unemployed youths in the once industrial hub of Zimbabwe and indeed throughout the country.

The former guerrilla leader — who has led the country since independence in 1980 also said military personnel will continue dominating key government institutions because his “Zanu PF cannot be separated from the military”.

“We have not militarised the public sector, nothing could be further from the truth. Zanu PF is already militarised.

“Yes, it has the political side for which its military fought for, but the life of the party which led to victory came from the armed struggle,” the octogenarian leader said.

During his 33-year rule, ex-military individuals have been appointed to head key institutions especially parastatals.

Some of the institutions that are still being led by either ex-serving or current soldiers include National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ), Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, and the State broadcaster, ZBC.

Serving soldiers such as Douglas Nyikayaramba have been appointed to lead NRZ while Karakadzai — himself a retired Air Commodore — left the Air Force to revive the State railway company.

During his reign as general manager of NRZ, the company struggled to survive with workers going for months without salaries while some locomotives were grounded.

Mugabe said he will continue using military personnel in the civil service.

“Whose civil service is it anyway? Is it not Zanu PF? So what’s this nonsense I hear? As Zanu PF, we are more of a military party, we went to the liberation struggle and freed this country through our military ranks.  I don’t see why people would be surprised with this,” Mugabe said.

“These are people in the military who embody leadership virtues which enable them to lead the parastatals, they know what we fought for and how to preserve it,” he said.

Senior military officers have in recent years been appointed to top posts in public institutions, including State-run companies and the judiciary, as the armed forces increase their influence.

Military individuals such as Christian Katsande, a retired colonel, is deputy secretary in the office of President and Cabinet while Elliot Kasu — a retired Brigadier sits on the boards of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa).

Another retired military boss who is active in public sector is Col Tshinga Dube — who is chairman of a State owned mining firm — Marange Resources.

Opposition parties have accused Mugabe of holding on to power through the aid of the military, who also have in the past said they will not salute a president without liberation war credentials.

On the eve of the 2002 presidential election, senior army and air force bosses issued a statement saying they would not support a president who lacked credentials from the 1970s war of liberation against white rule — a clear reference to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mugabe, at the same function also took a swipe at the MDC leader, who lost the recent elections saying the former prime minister was an “ignorant person”.

“An ignorant person who is aware of their ignorance is redeemable, but if you are ignorant of your ignorance we have a problem,” Mugabe said of his arch rival.

He said this referring to Tsvangirai’s attempts to challenge his election victory in the courts after he had previously lashed out and questioned the impartiality of the judges.

Mugabe was declared the winner of the disputed polls with a 61 percent margin compared to Tsvangirai who got 34 percent of the total vote.

He attacked his former inclusive government partners for attempting to reform the security sector during the lifespan of the shaky coalition government.

“What security sector reforms? I had never heard of that word before, sector reform ipi yaunoziva iwe (what reform do you know of)? Since when has a frog aspired to being a crocodile?” Mugabe said.

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There u have it folks, the army is the personal property of zanu and hence its not there for the people of zimbabwe. Smh. Good thing u dnt live forever old old old man

obama4eva - 26 August 2013

We've known that for ages. There's nothing knew here. He's a paranoid psychopath.

Madlezinye - 26 August 2013

Ibva apo mhani iwe Robert Mugabe - hapana chaunotiita haisi nyika yako - mbwa yemunhu.

Mudonhi - 26 August 2013

Mugabe's vindivictness is legendary.It shows he is responsible for the political violence that has claims lives of innocent people in the past. In front of world leaders last week he said something else and today he is angry because he lost the election.The political barometer of a country is measured by the people who live in the cities.There was no chiefs or headman to do his dirty for him.The rural areas was threatened with violence.

Squarebasher - 26 August 2013

Its a huge honour to be disowned by Mugabe. Let him take care of his illegitimate sons Shamu and Obert Mpofu

shon corner - 26 August 2013

Hahahahaha i am supprised everyone voted for MDC-T 61%not mentioning minority party MDC-N non players it is as good as saying good bye to politics Welshman

Urbanite - 26 August 2013

They gave a directive to city council to write off bills and then damp them?

General Pancho Villa - 26 August 2013

If we take productive time and waste shouting at each othere there will be more hunger and deaths please work for your living who will dig your field and garden

chakatipu - 26 August 2013

If we take productive time and waste shouting at each other there will be more hunger and deaths please work for your living who will dig your field and garden

chakatipu - 26 August 2013

Those who want to know a bit about real ignorance should go and ask London University how one African first lady performed at one time while trying for a BA degree. Then you will know what ignorance is all about!

Chenjerai Hove - 26 August 2013

This fossilised dinosaur is now totally bonkers . What is the purpose of an election if not to choose candidates of one's choice ? At 90 Bob should not be vomiting such rubbish fit to come from the mouth of the uneducated Jabulani Sibanda . He can go hang , to use his own phrase . We will never vote Zanu . Dead or alive . Such utterances will make people celebrate his demise when it eventually comes . He can go to hell . This country is not his property. He should know that Obert Gutu of the MDC-T is now his new mayor whether he likes him or not.

tribesman - 26 August 2013

STOP bothering my father. You already had and ate what he promised. Makadya muka guta pa rally ne inauguration. Chicken inn was there. Matee shirt munawo, ma cap hobho. Mai mother gave you a lot of salt ne sugar, now you want magetsi nemvura futi. Inonzi each man for himself and that includes women and Mugabe for himself and family. Muchamama until you pay for magetsi nemvura. My father promised to cancel debts because you are all poor and not to give you magetsi ne mvura. 2 million jobs ndedze Juice kwete daddy. Daddy is going to destroy 2 more million jobs so that you are too hungry to ask for anything. Go back kumarizevha povho. My mother taught me to be kind and honest and that is what i have just done.

Chatuga - 26 August 2013

everything is being run and said by the soldiers, we know it

mamoyoaudrey - 26 August 2013

Zim and it's resources including human beings it's your PERSONNAL PROPERTY. This is what GADDAFFI used to think about LYBIA, ndo zvauri kifurirwa na MEGISTU here isu hapana chatinoda from you expect that ndiwe urikuto abuser INCOME TAX yedu which you survive on. hauzive kuti kana munhu achembera anofunga kungu kanwana ke ZERO GRADE. Go and hang citizen mbava iwe.

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 26 August 2013

Haisi mhosva yenyu machinja. Problem ndeyekuti munoona semunofunga asi njere zero. Simba rose ramakapedzera painternet kutuka vamwe dayi makariisa paballot paper Aaah!!! mungadayi makavana 61% + another 61% from baba jukwa mobva maita landslide chaiyo. Zvino zvamakada zvishoma zve 33% munokwana here kusheya imi muchiti mune 12 million supporters? Zvekutuka tukayi zvenyu. Asi "TEERERA UNZWE KUTONGWA, MUHOFISI MUNABOB" HAZVICHINJISWI NEKUTUKA.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 26 August 2013

The country is only waiting for the day you will die old rubbish. I know I might be the first to die but there are some who will be alive when you die and people will shout in the streets as they sing; "Chikara chaenda". Mugabe you are going to die and people will sings hymns never known to this world. We are only waiting for the day. even the diasporans will come down home to laugh at your copse. wait and see.

The Day - 26 August 2013

Matako akakunyana. Imbayemunhu Roberto.

Haruna - 26 August 2013

The writer Majaka is ignorant of a number of issues. Ex-military personel are the ones leadind in government in all developed world. For Mugabe"s loss in Bulawayo is no surprise because of the tribal connotation which of which the unity accord was supposed to have addressed. At large people in cities worry much about their salaries than anything else. We are like prostitutes. For thinking the elections are not a reflection of the majority is really foolhard and a mockery Zimbabwe.

dungas - 26 August 2013

Yes,and that is why we will always vote for our MDC T,bloody bastard Mugabe.Keep your zanu pf and let me keep my MDC T.

josefa chinotimba - 26 August 2013

Yes,and that is why we will always vote for our MDC T,bloody bastard Mugabe.Keep your zanu pf and let me keep my MDC T.

josefa chinotimba - 26 August 2013

What a shame. This is unbecoming of a leader in any position. Mr. President tell us how you are going to resuscitate the economy. What growth rate do you see within the next 3 years and what measures will be in place to achieve that. What are you going to do about improving the investment climate. Health and education need to be revised. The people of Zimbabwe need clean water, and reliable electricity. The road and rail infrastructure has been totally destroyed. The country is an eye sore in the region and yet there is time and energy to insult your fellow Zimbabweans. Please Mr. President release yourself from mental slavery and love your country.

connie - 26 August 2013

I have said this before and I am going to repeat it! It was Mugabe who brought democracy to Zimbabwe, but it was a democracy ONLY if you voted for him. If you voted for someone else it is called "Toppling the government". We do not have they choice of voting for whom we want. He is a dictator and a vindictive one at that. When he dies he should donate his ego to the nation.

vortex - 26 August 2013

pa internet mdc is good .they can talk .vanotuka havajaidze.they are angry,no respect.a frog in the middle of the road trying to block any incoming vehicle.thats mdc for you.

evidence - 26 August 2013

its about time MR PRESIDENT you start talking of how you gonna resuscitate the economy with your army generals. People need food and jobs not your war stories and for your on information we don't fuc*ing care

martin - 26 August 2013

There is Matibili again, the father of vitriol. There is dementia in action again because he has forgotten he is at a funeral. Shame! He has also forgotten he is the 'president' of Zimbabwe NOT ZANU(PF). Shame again! This is the man who is supposed to lead Zimbabwe, on his knees, for the next 5 years. What a joke. How can he plan not to help the two largest cities in the country? A very stupid way of driving away investment surely. I feel sorry for Karakadzai's relatives for coming to listen to such rubbish from an 89 year old octogenarian. Whither Zimbabwe honestly?

Tiri Pondai - 26 August 2013

A countries most valuable asset is its people. The diamonds will one day be gone as will all other minerals. And because of what mugabe and zanu have done the people have no skills, imagination or work ethic.

Shane - 26 August 2013

When is our country going to have leaders who are ready to serve nt these warmongers. you rigged the elections for fear of your future what a coward. forget about MDC just simply implement your policies so that come next elections you may not need Nikuv for you to win u will just win, Now if you blame Byo and Hre for your 2 thirds i am lost. i know even Nikuv can not rig the economy. Build more Border Gezi camps and ask Gono to print more US$ at Fidelity Printers. buy brand new locomotives for NRZ, buy 10 or more new Boeing or Airbus planes. Reduce the unemployment fro 90% to may be 5% by Dec 2013.

Chamboko Chewaya - 26 August 2013

An election is about choosing what you want. Your promise to make us safer is a welcome. We can not expect anything new if nothing was realized for the past 33 yrs. What ever.

Inihangu - 26 August 2013

Whoever voted for this old man is not a Zimbabwean. Is this the person who you must contend with for next 5years? Its time for real revolution

Mpiwa - 26 August 2013

This is Stone Age politics. Any decent nation should have opposition. A president is a national leader not a party leader, Mugabe should know that.

Rebate Rungabe - 26 August 2013

For Bulawayo it is still a protest vote over perceived neglect of it's perennial water crisis. What needed to be done is to explain to the people in Bulawayo that redress of their water crisis required massive resource mobilization which was not easy. Even lead them to appreciate that water problems are no longer peculiar to Bulawayo alone but even the capital Harare and other smaller towns. For Harare the vote for the MDC is simple delinquency rooted in fear of refusing fashionable ideas. Being anti-establishment attracts certain people for its appearance to represent progressive thought and not for what it is really worth. I mean Harare was the most let down place among all MDC. Administered municipalities. To then reward the MDC with such support is behavior with no criteria or basis for it.

Kudakwashe Munenharo - 26 August 2013

No, Bob, Harare & Bulawayo disowned you first & a longtime ago, therefore you cannot disown that which you never owned. Wochienda unogara kwaunodiwazve nhai!

Mangwende - 27 August 2013

Rumblings of a mad, hallucinating old man, we disowned you kudara that's why we haven't voted for you since 2000

vayevaye - 27 August 2013

It is unfortunate when a blind person sees the blindness of another person who at least can see a short distance. Education is not equated with wisdom. He is out of reality now and more of past tense. We want competent people with requisite skills to manage enterprises that generate wealth not people with war credentials but illiterate in running businesses. The later is recipe for disaster

Mberikwazvo - 27 August 2013

Mugabe is not President of Zanu PF supporters only. He is the President of ZIMBABWE. If he does not want to serve the whole country let him leave the job to someone else who will.

Mhof - 27 August 2013

We have a very serious problem here. A wk after election results people in Mutoko,Muzarabani and MT Darwin were being victimised for being opposition supporters. Its less than a wk after inauguration and we are already seeing some sections of the society being disowned? Hey guys, did this oldman really win? Why is he behaving as if he is not convinced himself. Maybe he is angry, members of DARE GURU are all gone now. Perharps, he will sober up after the lined-up burials. Lets pray for him.

kiyoro kiyoro - 27 August 2013

It took me along tym to really understand why parastatal are bleeding and always reeling under losses.The militarty leadership while they can be good srategists(kune zvimwe)most of their decisons of economic sense but to preserve statusquo.Service delivery will be compromised and who suffers-the electorates alas suffering and poverty and dirty water does not discriminate it runs and flows thru the taps of both ZANU,MDC or Kiss-me-not activist.God free us from evil.

HEZVO - 27 August 2013

Robert Gabriel Mugabe (made in Rhodesia) a sectarian national socialist suffering from a vindictive paranoia.

Dimziaspora - 27 August 2013

There are three unfortunate things that has happened to Zimbabwe: 1.Robert Gabriel Mugabe; 2.ZANU PF; and 3.Grace Mugabe. 1. Robert Gabriel Mugabe Has caused many deaths for Zimbabweans. During the liberation struggle, he would send ill-trained or ill-equipped guerillas to fight the Smith Regime. Thousands of our beloved brothers and sisters perished because of that. Secondly, the guerillas relied on civilians for their welfare (food, clothing, medication etc) resulting in Smith's army killing thousands of civilians in the process. Zanla or Zipra can never claim to have won the war; the war ended through a negotiated process (Lancaster) which, in my opinion, they could have done in the beginning without committing anybody to war. In any war, there are no winners, just dead bodies. Because Mugabe is so stubborn, he committed people with the dire consequences. Post independence (after 1980); so many atrocites were committed including the infamous Gukurahundi and Murambatsvina where, again, civilians were the casualities. He has never even apologised!!

Emmerson D Mnangagwa - 27 August 2013

2.ZANU PF Zanu PF in all honest is a one man party, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. RGM has been leading that party since 1975 (38-years) and no man or woman in Zanu PF has ever challenged him, its either its incredible or ridiculous!! I'm sure there are good leaders within Zanu PF but not man or woman enough to challenge him. I read a speech about him saying Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi is ignoramus (no nothing) and he doesn't know why people in Harare and Bulawayo vote for him (Tsvangirayi). Sorry Mr (Cde) President, with all due respect, infact, its you who is ignoramus. You don't know, despite having been a teacher sometime in your life, a simple thing called retirement. You should have retired 24 years ago at the age of 65!! Because you are so ignoramus, you think you are president until 'death do us part'. I don't blame you, but if you lead a part full of ignoramus men and women, you probably (mis)lead them until 'death do us part'!! Look at our roads, electricity and water supply, rail network; we have been travelling in reverse gear since you took over Mr President. At least now you can blame it on sanctions what an ignoramus excuse!! 3.Grace Mugabe She also thinks she is First Lady for life. Someone once said Second First Lady, regardless, she likes the limelight so much so that she was the leading the campaign for RG Mugabe. I dont blame you madam but you are creating an atmosphere where when RG Mugabe is no longer in charge, everyone will be baying for your blood. Remember you are only 49-years with kids as young as 16-years. They will hate you for life when the octogenarian is gone (this year). As a parting remark/question; how do you feel, as a President that people living in your capital city and second capital city don't vote for you? I'm not saying those who voted for you are ignoramus, no, but there is something that they don't see or are made not to see to vote for you, in the absence of rigging of course.

Emmerson D Mnangagwa - 27 August 2013

The headline is misleading: Mugabe disowns Harare and Bulawayo - It should be : Harare and Bulawayo DISOWNED MUGABE

Emmerson D Mnangagwa - 27 August 2013

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ona - 27 August 2013

My President you will not know peace until you step down from that stolen post. You will suffer while you are there and whatever your plans are they will not come to pass

Tabhoikana - 27 August 2013

It is cacophonous for Robert to be still backward looking. So long we continue referring to past histories and with little references to the now and future, then we had rather go home, sleep and snore. It is high time we forget and forgo this assumption that war is what was, is and shall always be. 'Kuzviminipisa kunepundutso,' Robert. The funny thing about power is that, this second it's there, the next it's gone. God has a funny way of bringing down vanozvitutumadza; remember, Nebuchadnezzah ate grass for 7 good years nokuzvitutumadza, so, please, be humble...

nemburungwe - 27 August 2013

Inzwaiwo tsitsi mudhara orwara nekukura uyu. Bva ngaaende hake anopiwa tax pamari dzematomatisi kuUzumba. Mari dzedu dzemaTax vanodzida but voti havana zvavatiitira? Endai munopiwa mari kumusha kune vanhu vanoshaya $1 rechigayo. Hatikupei mari dzedu DzemaTax kana imi muchida kungodzidya nevanhu vekuUzumba. Kana vasina mari piwai miriwo mugobhadhara vashandi nemaBundles nemaBasket ematimati. Mudhara anopenga uyu.

Mabhora Mugedhi - 28 August 2013

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