Time for reality Mr President

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe was sworn in yesterday at a lavish ceremony at the National Sports Stadium but the real work begins now with the 89-year-old leader under pressure to revive an economy ravished by years of mismanagement.

Mugabe yesterday promised to improve the lives of the people — 80 percent of which are wallowing in extreme poverty while a few well-connected and close to Zanu PF are swimming in luxury.

Our economy has for the past few months shown signs of stress and if Mugabe wants to leave some legacy, then he has to make sure the economy bounces back to where it was in 1980 when the country
attained independence.

With other economies in Africa in general and the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) in particular growing at phenomenal rates, Zimbabwe cannot afford to regress to the hyperinflationary period.

It is against this background that we make another passionate plea to Mugabe to appoint ministers on merit and not reward dead wood some of whom have become career ministers since 1980.

Mugabe must not be hoodwinked by useless bootlickers who have been masquerading as ministers in the past few years but have delivered virtually nothing.

It is a well-known fact that 90 percent of Zanu PF ministers who were in the inclusive government failed to deliver and if Mugabe is to be serious about reviving this economy, these individuals must go.

Mugabe must come up with new faces with fresh ideas to pull us out of the economic quagmire we are in.

If Mugabe brings in the right people, this might help bring back confidence in the economy especially in view of the serious allegations of vote theft levelled against Zanu PF.

The country desperately needs Foreign Direct Investment and Mugabe has to make sure he does not appoint people only because they are loyal to him or they bow down each time he meets them at the Munhumutapa offices or at State House.

Most Zanu PF officials have proved time and time again that they are incompetent, corrupt, greedy and incapable or running even small businesses.

The time for accommodating ineffective ministers should end.

Zimbabwe needs people who can deliver results.

Whether Mugabe likes it or not, the success of the inclusive government should form the basis of the new government’s economic direction.

The figures themselves are telling. For the first time in eight years Zimbabwe’s economy grew by 11 percent in 2009 and recorded an average growth rate of seven percent between 2010 and 2012 and in the period maintained the inflation rate below five percent.

By any rate, this is quite a record for a country that registered unprecedented figures of inflation in 2008.

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It will not do our nation good if mugabe retains his dead wood he must do a thorough reality check and do away with the dead wood regardless of who he/she is

ATZ - 23 August 2013

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ona - 23 August 2013

Mr Staff writer and Mr ATZ please there are plenty of things to write about than to pretend to be lecturers to President Mugabe on how he should do things. That is totally none of your business. After all you lack respect for the head of state, calling him Mugabe Mugabe as if he dont hold any office. If you are so pained to call him by his appointment it is even better to say Mr Mugabe. After all he never requested any advice from you. I for sure know that the reality on the ground is paining you to the bone for your party was beaten hands down. So pliz Mr staff writer stop your lecture to our President. He is far more intelligent than you all. You better give that lecture to your party president who seem to be lost on everything.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 23 August 2013

It can only be a fallacy of the worst kind to expect the 'deadiest' wood itself to realize dead wood as dead and purge it. The mistake Zimboz make is to forever believe that the top most wood is alive & its only the underneath wood that is dead. The truth is: Death started from the top long-long ago. Its only that Chimusoro is a very mysterious man - the more dead he gets the louder he talks. No wonder many of us still believe he is not dead wood & mighty eventually wake up and identify dead wood. That will never happen -in fact the more dead the wood the more referrable it is to Chimusoro. Watch this space. Guess what; wait & see: Ucahavovona zvako mapromotion achapiwa to the worst of what is obviously dead wood to any normal person. Then u will agree with me.

mapingu - 23 August 2013

Yes, it is time for reality but the greatest challenge is that at 89 going towards 90, someone has to keep on reminding him that he is president, dementia does not care whether you rigged the elections or not, it still takes over.

Johnson Temba - 24 August 2013

Iwe takeit easy chinja zita. Propaganda hainei nechikoro wanzwa. Kana wakajaira kungotuka tuka, tuka vana vako wanzwa. Panoapa panoverengwa nenyika yese. Ikozvino toda kuverenga zvineungwaru isu, hatingatengeri macomputer kungonzwa talk yako iyo yekumpedza nhamo kana kumatererini kumbare. Chokwadi ndechekuti President anofanira kuda nyika ogadzira nyika nekuti ndeya Mwari haisi yake. Kutonga ndekwenguva asi nyika inoparara kana Mwari vada. Nyika yedu yakapfuma kwazvo zvekuti hatingambotamburi zvatiri kuita izvi with good management. Kana usina chikoro ndiwe wega wakagara imomo uchifunga kuti zvicharamba zvakadaro. The truth is zvinhu zvinochinja. Enda Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi nyika dzaive pasi kwazvo peZimbabwe uone zvadzave izvozvi. Haisisiri nguva yekusveropopoterarana vana veZimbabwe. We need a good Government tiite macompany isu kwete zvekungotora zvese movhara zvisiri kuita production. Tinoda industry ishande isu taneta nema gmo ekunedzimwe nyika netumitenje twehembe isu tine zvinhu zvedu. We want a vibrant parliament nyika ifambe kwete vanongoda kunovata vopiwa mari month end. Pamberi neZimbabwe!!!

Hausvodi nei - 24 August 2013

We cannot call Mugabe President - he lost that title in 2008! He is just plain Robber Mugabe now!

Chivula Mapoti - 24 August 2013

After the wonderful Nikuv Victory, Robber, Dis-grace,Sarah and John all agred that a vacation was overdue. Where to go they asked, well Dis-grace, Sarah and John opted for the Bahamas, while Robber wanted a visit to Dubai. Well, they said, let's put it to a Vote! Results: Bahamas - 3 Dubai - 68

Chivula Mapoti - 24 August 2013

kuti president ndokurevei?munhu anodaidza zvaanoda hazvimanikidzwe munhu izita here kuti president?,wangu president ndiTsvangirai wandakavhotera ndega pasina kumanikidzwa wanzwa here Takeiteasy.

SAUNGWEME - 24 August 2013

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