Tsvangirai not gracing Mugabe's inauguration

HARARE - Outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says he is not going to be part of the “charade” when president-elect Robert Mugabe takes oath of office at State House tomorrow.

Mugabe’s swearing-in ceremony had been stalled by Tsvangirai’s election challenge in the Constitutional Court, which has since been withdrawn.

Although Tsvangirai withdrew his poll petition on Friday last week, the matter was heard yesterday with Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku declaring that Mugabe’s re-election was free and fair.

Tsvangirai says he will not grace the occasion.

The 61-year-old MDC leader, who will return to opposition politics after serving four years as prime minister in a unity government, maintains that elections were rigged.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, said attending Mugabe’s swearing-in was tantamount to endorsing a stolen election.

“We are not going to be part to that robbery, how can we attend a farce?” Tamborinyoka said.

Party spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told the Daily News yesterday that the party has received no invitation from the presidency.

“We cannot attend a ceremony where we are not invited, that is beside the point though, the fact remains that we don’t recognise the elections and legitimacy of Mugabe, so we cannot be part and parcel to that charade,” said Mwonzora.

Zanu PF said the presence or absence of Tsvangirai at the swearing-in ceremony will not stop the show.
Didymus Mutasa, outgoing minister of State in Mugabe’s office,  said Tsvangirai was “behaving like a child” and urged him to accept defeat.

“People are not forced to come to ceremonies, they can do what they want,” Mutasa said. “The elections we had were as free and fair as anybody can see.

“Tsvangirai now says they were rigged, is he saying they were rigged even in the many areas where he won. This is now boring. Can we really stay with such a person? He is now behaving like a child.”

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indeed he is behaving like a child.i think I have to start supporting zanu pf now.mdc dosent have firm leadership.i need zanupf membership now.

tea nechingwa hazvitenge nyika - 21 August 2013

mdc -t is digging their own grave.they were overconfident before the elections.now they cannot stomach the outcome.''tichasangana pakuyambuka mukwasha naambuya''tsvangirai told the chiefs during his election campaine. few hours before the results mdc say its a farce.now fighting the outcome its like digging their grave .they are fighting GOD(psalms 75;6,7)

evidence - 21 August 2013

Its not a surprise that Morgan doest think,the people who think for him do not know true facts about the politics of Zim.We know where we came from,where we are going Tsvangirai is wasting people's time with his cheap politics.Go and do farming or find something frofitable .

cobra - 21 August 2013

It really wont matter. No one will miss them.

danisa tshawe lama tshawe - 21 August 2013

iwe Tsvangira, bvisa chigunwe mukamwa,stop sulking, bhora rakatotambwa, whether free and fair or ot, the fact is rakapinda, mirira imwe match ,this one is past, get over it!!!!!

baba t - 21 August 2013

Kakata Tsvangirai kakata

simba - 21 August 2013

Hitler once said that a lie told so many times becomes truth. MDC-T has come to believe their own lies that the elections were rigged. Being a polling agent of one of the losing parties, this rigging mantra is all nonsense even if we were to open the boxes. Compared to other Zim elections since 1980, these were the most transparent, free and credible.

Bambazonke - 21 August 2013

Hitler once said that a lie told so many times becomes truth. MDC-T has come to believe their own lies that the elections were rigged. Being a polling agent of one of the losing parties, this rigging mantra is all nonsense even if we were to open the boxes. Compared to other Zim elections since 1980, these were the most transparent, free and credible.

Bambazonke - 21 August 2013

PRESIDENT TSVANGIRAI don't attend musangano we MHONDI dze zanu mangwana. Nkala gukurahundi murderer iyo yafa kwasarawo MHONDI cum MBAVA. Imbwa dze zanu ndodzinoenda ground chete isuvanhu chaivo we refuse to be associated with THUGS & MURDERERS. viva SAVE pasi nema CONMEN JUDGES

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 21 August 2013

My PM Tsvangirai is right,he will never attend a ceremony of thugs,crooks and murderers.Our election victory was clearly stolen here.So why should he attend,infact those who are attending should brace up for the hard times coming soon after Mugabe's so called ceremony.Shame on Mugabe.

josefa chinotimba - 21 August 2013

its very unfortunate that some people are shallow minded that they can not see that election were seriously rigged something a pre-school child can see .A dictator does all he can so that he can stay in power ,he has no respect of the rule of law he break it at anytime so that he can achieve his demonic satanic goals .What an evil mind taking the little funds to finance the rigging of election at expense poor people without( basic needs food medical facilities bad roads no electricity poor education facilities poor salaries ) only to pay Nikuv Co,ferry people from one constituency to another, making IDs for dead people & fake registration slips its a pity . Give the old grants like SA they deserve better life they are old its natural

Nhamondeyedu - 21 August 2013

morgan kuwapo kana kurega there is no difference coz wat significancy do have to the nation other than crying like a baby anoti pakurara anotanga achema, kupiwa chikafu anotochema chete, kugezeswa anototi acheme even pakufara anopedzisira achema saka gara warega hatidi kutombokuona zvachese

moral t - 21 August 2013

I would like to congragulate Mugabe& his cronies for stealing the election ,but its unfortunate you cannot rig the economy you must deliver what you promised don't hide with the sanctions they directed towards individuals who used to enjoy lavishly on shopping sprees dining with state funds at the expense of poor suffering citizens.

robert gushungo - 21 August 2013

I see that ZANU-PF is starting to try and stop the avalanche of negative comments online - but they fail. They are seen for the thievs, thugs and terrorists they are - may Mugabe leave this earth soon and ZPF devour itself from within - starting with Mujuru and Mnangagwa.

Chivula Mapoti - 21 August 2013

3 times losing candidate like Morgan Tsvangirayi must have expirience how to rig elections like other old coaches he must be a cry baby...i did know the word rigging ...i knew it after Tsvangirayi calling te word everyday

silungisani ndlovu - 21 August 2013

Wakakomborerwa zvako umwe weumwe asingamiri, kugara, kudya panorangana wakaipa. The Bible explains that in the book of Psalms. It is more blessed not to be part of the crowd of thieves, murderers, conmen....

Mutape - 21 August 2013

Of course, the once- upon - time Prime Minister Morgan Richard Tsvangirai knows that he would be misfit at the inauguration of his political nemesis Robert Gabriel Mugabe. In fact his presence at this auspicious occasion would have disgraced proceedings. Note the former Prime Minister Tsvangirai's love of the words "farce" and "charade". These are words that best describe the ex-Prime Minister's phantom marriage to Ms. Elizabeth Macheka.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 21 August 2013

2013 kikiki full of surprises whether by design or chitsotsi,there is more to come.......wait and see the game will change,pray for Zim

Preacher - 21 August 2013

This pig Mugabe, he has no shame!! He lies he steals, he misleads, now he wants to show the world that he can get away with it. I feel sorry for the people that live in Zimbabwe brace for hard times, back to the dark old days

Preston - 21 August 2013

Why attend the inauguration of the granymaster of the mafia..,evonomics hadzi rigike,,tonga asi mwari ari kudenga ndewedu tese uye chokwadi anochiziva kuti akawinner ne vote yechokwadi ndiyani , kuno vano rarama nehukokopo kopo gore hari peri pasina chaitika kuchema kwenyika yese ,misodzi yedu yese simba redu tese ratakapedza taka mira muline kuti ti vote tichitambiswa bhora risina mweya achavarwadzo kumbavha dzaka vote yedu ne mhuri dzavo nemadzinza achatevera ,mabirwe akaitwa vote tichamaziva pasina gore manje manje vachataura zvakaitika

Chatunga Resiliant Rigging Master - 21 August 2013


nungu - 22 August 2013

Late 2008 pavakatanga kubvumirana GNU Morgan akati "I HAVE THE KEY , I HAVE COME TO UNLOCK" 1) God does not want munhu ane pride . 2) God is very jealous , key yavo ndiyo yega inoshanda . Thats why watadza kutonga zvisinei nekuti fair or rigging . Humble yourself before the Lord first and you will take over .

chakuti - 22 August 2013

Evidence unopenga here? thats Blasphemy. Zanu is not God

zvichapera - 22 August 2013

zimbabwe is a dictactorship,period,,,zimbabwe is nt different from cuba,iran,burma.but tsvangirai ne red family must lose hope,it took the lsraelites 40 yrs to reach canaaan,mdct hve very well in their 14yrs of exsistence,,be inspired & be encouraged that nothing lasts for ever,those who support zanu pf ar there to loot ,zanupf supporters ar very lazy they want to ripe where they didnt sow. surprised nemaposts on th site fmo p zpf suports,zpf wil hve to fulfill their oromises,l hop they served msre yevangavasikaendesi kutreasury ,its game on .

shumbureshumba - 22 August 2013

TsvaNgirazi, kwaaakkkkk....... were you even invited? vanhu vanonyima maneighbours avo mvura chaiyo chaiyo pamughodhi wavo ivo vakachera a very very deep borehole that drains everybody's well in the neighbourhood to irrigate their 2 hactare plot. rendering the poor Makanda people vulnerable, without a clean source of water, relying on Nyazvidzi river for daily water needs, I wonder what kind of a persident he was ever going to be. kunyima vanhu vemuraini mvura chaiyo chaiyo chaiyo. zvakaoma. manje satan kanoorora mapenzi. wakanyura TsvaNgiraZi. apa mukadzi nekudivi achibayisa vana Ngirazi, ha zvakaoma. ruzhinji runohura harwo sekuhura kwaunongoitawo but hey, hazvizodi kutsva kudumbu nekumusana one time.

papa dhemba - 22 August 2013

And remember pple need no excuse,zanu must grow the economy after they imposed themslves on the very poor pple of zimbabwe using all forms of threats.Hatichadi kunzwa munhu anotaura nezvema sanctions cz yu imposed yoself masanctions aripo,so yu have solutions to zimbabwean problems.No xcuses,no to being cry babies on sanctions u new they were and will always be there.

sau - 25 August 2013

all will be well thus says the lord...he has chosen ROBERT MUGABE to lead the nation...,have faith in the lord ..all will be well

prophet moses - 27 August 2013

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