God is on our side!

HARARE - To be in or out of court? That is a question.

Strategy is about outflanking opposition and never doing what your competitor expects of you.

Dexterity is the ability to move out of the orbit or zones of doubt to zones of confidence.

While we must confess that we are not the firstborns and lastborns in the field of foresight, strategy, courage and skill, the decision to refuse to give Zanu PF an open cheque to write and confirm their false legitimacy of the rigged and stolen election through the courts is the best under the circumstances.

Understandably, Zanu PF is shocked and angry at our refusal to be kowtowed and shepherded into the political slaughterhouse by allowing them to narrow and define the four corners of our political song and dance.

Zanu PF advised us to stick to the legal route. We refuse to accept Zanu PF advice.

Hell can never be heaven’s consultant firm!!!

We have redrawn the battle lines and contours as well as terms of the political struggle or battle. From the onset, the reasons for going to courts were political.

The legal route was inherently designed as a validating act to the political one which I may not be at liberty to delve into at this juncture.

We were aware from the first day that with the inarticulate major premise and political colour of those who control the levers of the legal route, little if not nothing would come out of the courts.

We however, occasioned to extract the maximum take home political value out the evidence that would be adduced and played out during the trial.

The key reasons for the legal route were premised not so much on the axis of a favourable outcome but primarily on the pivot of the court process and evidence that would be exhumed during the trial and submission of viva voce (oral) evidence as a way of proving beyond any shadow of doubt that the election was encyclopaedically rigged.

The trial process would have entailed the summoning of key witnesses and election material to prove the veracity of our well-founded claims.

As you may know, our lawyers have been denied the opportunity to inspect the voting and election material.

In addition, no oral evidence would be submitted for the case. With the aforementioned circumstances, participating in such a hopeless and futile case would have been fatal and would be to allow ourselves to be dragged into the washer.

Zanu PF would have wanted us to remain tethered on the legal route without some of the crucial material evidence being adduced during the court process.

Quite evidently, our case was going to be attenuated and subsequently dismissed.

That would weaken our political case and be the centre of focus away from the election skulduggery and shenanigans that unfolded in the context of the July 31 farce.

The court decision would have pre-empted the actions and judgment of forces and friends of Zimbabwe who would want to help the loving people of Zimbabwe to ward off illegitimacy and return to majority will.

The key question was do we proceed to give a veneer of legitimacy to Zanu PF on a silver platter through the courts by sheepishly going to the court regardless of the imposed restrictive and prohibitive conditionalities or we deny them the grandstanding opportunity provided by the slippery legal route and continue to strengthen the political route to undermine the pillars of illegitimacy.

The key question is what next? Our major narrative is that the Zimbabwean crisis is essentially a political one not a legal one. The crisis in Zimbabwe is a crisis of legitimacy.

In short, a crisis of governance.

The latest development firmly places the election matter back into the province of politics and the people where it rightfully belongs.

The key starting point is that both the AU and Sadc, the people of Zimbabwe including those in Zanu PF have not pronounced the Zimbabwean election as free and fair by arriving at the conclusion that whereas the election was contestably free, fairness was a totally contested terrain and function of evidence to be provided by all aggrieved parties.

In this regard, we have tonnes of evidence and acres of dossiers of the alleged manipulation.

We need a forensic audit of the election process and material.

Above all, we need a new, fresh, credible and proper election in Zimbabwe. As a student, activist and practitioner of democratisation I posit a five-pronged approach for a return to legitimacy and democracy:

a) Refusing to be swallowed or cohabit with fraudulent schemes and outcomes.

b) Guarding zones of autonomy by maintaining the mass line as our punch line.

c) Increase the cost of cheating.

d) Erode the pillars of autocracy and dictatorship that undermine our nationhood and people’s sovereignty.
e) Build and strengthen a credible alternative.

While we may not have cruelty, blood and sorrow as our DNA and default setting, we have the people and our God on our side. We continue our march to a New Zimbabwe.

God willing, A new beginning is around the corner. Real change is in the air.

We will complete that which we started. We begin to finish.

And this struggle shall be finished. President Tsvangirai is the face of our struggle. Let’s move to more.

God bless you.

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Bullshit you lost you mule and we dont need machinja to govern this country we have done so since 1980

Colonel - 18 August 2013

Colonel should shut up. Allow people to express themselves. S/he sounds like a macaw-repeating the master's voice.

moyondizvo - 18 August 2013

Tsvangirai you are so F***ING confused.

KORES BINA - 18 August 2013

U did the best. Thanks Chamisa for clarifying. One thing is certain: Nobody steals what he can obtain lawfully. I urge you and the party to keep on doing what you have been doing all these years. That way you maintain the losing party's inability to get the people's vote fairly. Another thing is obvious: You won the election and this is not the first time. Let nobody fool you into believing something else. You won. Every Zimbabwean knows it. And God knows it too. So, keep on keeping on. Let it continue to be more costly to cheat and time will tell whether they can still afford it. Do not be offended by the bad things people are saying. Many of them have very little understanding of these matters anyway. Imimi ingorambai muripo. Guard the party jealously from disintegrating. Soon, and very soon, Zimbabwe will romp into victory

Sadhak - 19 August 2013

Wake up Chamisa. God is for us all and not just for you and your party. Zimbabwe will be getting back to work soon, with or without you. You and your high sounding sermons will never get get you anywhere. Do a thorough reality check on the ground and you will easily find out why the voters deserted you. Stop living in dreamland and face up to the reality that you are not as popular as you think you are. Simple

pretty - 20 August 2013

Surely this so-called chamisa is very funny. How can a clever someone refuse to accept a good advice. If ZANUPF gave you the advice to continue with the legal process surely it was a brilliant advice if you are telling the truth that you were cheated. However I am wondering what this country will be like if by chance mdct assumes power. MDCt party does not have confidence in the whole security sector, in the whole judiciary sector and any organisation which is not aligned to the west. But I think mdct should have demonstrated that they uphold the principles of democracy as they pupports to be by accepting defeat. But surely to continue insulting us majority who voted wisely is further sinking itself into more embarassing moments. My advice to Chamisa is talking bad about ZANUPF and the judiciary system without proof of such allegations will never do you any good if you want to remain relevant to those who voted for you, otherwise you are dead and burried. See in 2018. For now just know the reality is Cde Chinotimba is tsvangirayi's member of parliament, and I hope President Mugabe is going to appoint him Minister of labour so as to rescustate the labour unions in this country.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 20 August 2013

Commending doesn't mean scolding someone. I have read many papers in different countries but to a surprise those supporting ZPF are used to talk mumbo jumbo. This actually shows that these people rigged because a person who is bad can cover it through cruelty in both, orally and deeds. Zim is good country but with people like Colonel we are always going backwards. Why cant you be ashamed of yourself! Malawi, Zambia, Angola... is now much better than Zim but we have every thing. Colonel is eating alone. The truth is MDC won the election even starting from its inception in 2002 but rigging is the predicament. With this Zpf government the only place we are going is to hell.

Sekuru - 20 August 2013

God is indeed on our side. The idea of a new zimbabwe will manifest whether zanupf likes or not it is bound to happen

ATZ - 21 August 2013

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