We won: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said he won the election with a landslide, adding the only solution to the current crisis was to have another election.

In an address to Provincial Council delegates at Queens Hall in Mutare yesterday, Tsvangirai said real legitimacy of the election will come from the people of Zimbabwe.

“Legitimacy does not come from outside,” Tsvangirai said.

“It comes from the people of Zimbabwe. AU (African Union), Sadc (Southern African development Community) and the outside will only give superficial legitimacy. It is the people of Zimbabwe who should legitimise an election.”

The former trade unionist said Mugabe can rig an election but he cannot rig the economy.

“If Mugabe really won the election, he should deliver what he promised to the people. If he succeeds, I will shake his hands and tell him that he really won the election. The truth of the matter is he can rig an election but he can’t rig the economy,” said Tsvangirai.

He said he will not betray the struggle of Zimbabweans to have democracy.

“We won the election but they stole our vote. What Zanu PF doesn’t know is that they have made us stronger, more positive and more robust,” he said.

“Zanu PF knew very well it could never win a free and fair election. The election was lost 20 years ago when the military took over election process from the civilians.

“When voter registration was taken over from civilians, we should have known what it meant. When people’s names were recorded by traditional leaders, we should have known what it meant.”

The MDC president said it is amazing that even Zanu PF is still in a state of shock.

“They can’t even celebrate. Their biggest challenge is how to garner legitimacy when the whole country is in national mourning,” he said.

The MDC leader said everyone was hopeful for change but were disappointed. He said there was mass disenfranchisement through the voters’ roll, displacement of voters names, bussing of people, use of fake ink, a chaotic special vote and some alleged police officers were given more ballot papers in a case of duplicate balloting.

“We won this election, Mugabe knows it,” Tsvangirai declared.

“Zanu PF knows it. The international community knows it. This was a massive fraud. The biggest question is what then is the way forward? What can we do as MDC? Interestingly, they (Zanu PF) were already ready for us before we even reacted,” he said referring to police deployment to Harvest House and potential flash-points.

“Some of you are scared of how they will spend the next five years under Zanu PF leadership. Let me assure you that we will never betray the struggle of the people to have democracy. Zanu PF can do all it wants but this time we won’t join them,” he said.

“They can’t force us to accept defeat when we know that we won the election and they know it. We are together till we win the fight,” he added.

Manicaland provincial chairperson Julius Magarangoma said they will remain strong and resilient until a new democratic government is delivered.

“If Zanu PF thought they had dealt with us for good, they lied to themselves. We have gained more courage than ever before,” he said.

He explained: “Simply because no one was killed, it does not mean the election was free and fair. People were heavily intimidated and there was massive fraud.”

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i and millions others will remain resolutely behind you. in addition God will also fight in our corner.

lola - 17 August 2013

Mr PM sir, what is your implication there when you say he can't rig the economy? Is it another clean the shop shelves campaign? This time haulume manje! The election have always been stolen from you since 2002, the problem is you have never done anything meaningful about it except to make noise. wined and dined with him for 4years if you are sincere why did you not address the issue based on what had happened before? Kuzoti nyika yacho imi muchibirwa elections all the time? Is it not going to be stolen from us if and when we have entrusted you with signing deals? Kunyepa so this time i took my vote away from you and gave it to ...YES, that Mugabe! You have short changed us Mr Tsvangirai, you were benefitting from the GNU so much that you forgot to campaign and even that it had a tenure. It could not be extended all the time. We saw it coming! Sorry and better luck next time! Zimbabwe ngaiende mberi!

Gaylord - 17 August 2013

mr out going prime minister makashaya manifesto,that is why you lost I was a neutral voter who after readingthe 2 manifestoes I had more confidence in the Mugabe party than yours this might be your ending as mdc leader so goodbye may the remaing part of your life be good

fungai - 17 August 2013

Gaylord ,what could he have done besides making noise ? I thought you had an alternative view but you are just critical ? Tell us what should be done to stop the electoral theft that you say has been happening since 2002 ?

Gaylord - 17 August 2013

What else can a puppet say,prove your allegations teabioy.I live in rural areas of Zvishavane but we never saw soldiers in our area.Wakadyiwa Morgan bvuma kwete kutinyebera

cobra - 17 August 2013

Tsvangirai uri shasha shamwari God is with u only time shall tell

GIDZAMALEE - 17 August 2013

Cobra you are a real snake. 99% of Zimbabweans are depressed at the moment from the rigged outcome of the elections. Do you really believe that what came out as results was the true reflection of the Zim populace? If you call Tsvangirai a tea-boy, what are you in life if you are not a mere hwindi.

tomasi tohwi - 17 August 2013

I feel for mdc, its back to the drawing board and I hope they put in better leaders if the party is to survive and contest in 2018

Z - 17 August 2013

I feel for mdc, its back to the drawing board and I hope they put in better leaders if the party is to survive and contest in 2018

zidzoro - 17 August 2013

True Zimbabwe has to move forward. But we must stop passing hatred and propaganda at the same time tell the truth for the benefit of future generations. Everytime I recall 2007 my heart bleeds! Where are we going from here? Are we going to be poor millionaires again? Do we see the coming back of long queues?

Regalia - 17 August 2013

We are not going to change our leadership from Tsvangirai just because the every people who robbed us are suggesting it.Leave us alone with our leader.You fix the economic problems the the country is facing.

chimwango - 17 August 2013

We are not going to change our leadership from Tsvangirai just because the very people who robbed us are suggesting it.Leave us alone with our leader.You fix the economic problems the country is facing.

chimwango - 17 August 2013

They should be entered in the Book of Shame!!!

Hango Yapalala - 17 August 2013

Z - MDC could have gone back to the drawing board but alas! even the drawing board is no longer there

dungas - 17 August 2013

Chimwango and other diehard supporters of the dwindling MCD-T should be prepared for the break up of your party as those tired of Tsvangirai's three-time failure to kick Mugabe out of State House. The 47 MDC-T who won seats are likely to ignore Tsvangirai's directives whenever national issues are being debated. Its likely that the most senior MDC-T in parliament Tendai Biti will effectively lead the party. The MDC will eventually remove the T in the party name. Truth hurts but it has to be faced bravely.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 17 August 2013

Judging from some of the comments above, it's clear some brainwashed idiots think it is Tsvangirai & MDC 's business to make Zim democratic & prosperous, hence all us proud Zimbo's again. How shallow is that kind of mentality?? One wonders how many right-minded people can proudly declare themselves Zimbo's at any international arena or even among our SADC peers for that matter. All thanx to Mugabe & ZANU PF's autocracy & kleptocracy. Only stupidity of worst kind sees sense in throwing innuendos at Tsvangirai & MDC instead of the well-known author Zim's problems - who is Mugabe & ZANU PF.

mapingu - 17 August 2013

Tsvangirai you won elections as you claim and now you rubbish SADC and AU this two organastions listened to you whenever you cried foul summit after summit was called on your instigation you claim that you have friends whobwere coming with money during your election campaign this is the time to call them when you are in the wilderness chimbotaridza mhuri yezimbabawe zvaunokwanisa kwete kurotomoka uchiti you will sabotage the economy uri baba verudzii vanoda kutanga vaonesa vana moto pour in money or run a parrallell government and say tarisa muone mari yandaisa kumufakose,zaka,lupane,mount darwin vanhu vano ona.

Colonel - 17 August 2013

Great point colonel I am waiting to see a live project from MDC!

Neutral - 17 August 2013

Colonel, wataura zvako. Neutral, there is a project yakaitwa ne MDC, drip irrigation at Tsvangirai's rural home!! I understand kana vana Khupe na Amai Makone vakaitawo vachibatsirwa ne Nikuv!!

steve gore - 17 August 2013



This idiot can't even take control of his harlot, then he expects to lead a nation. go hang.

reason - 17 August 2013

This idiot can't even take control of his harlot, then he expects to lead a nation. go hang.

reason - 17 August 2013

mdc tahiti wake up you are still thinking of 2008 its now 2013 tsvangi went on a sexual spree 4 years as pm he did nothing gvt had $200 dollars left in its coffers according to biti why did your friends inject money you should have done by example kwete kungotaura nemuromo saka ma votes edu 2013 takachija tainge tarasika takadzoka kumatongo zvine mutsindo chete afirwa hatariswi kumeso imbobatanai maoko tsvangi is now old fashioned in politics as the belly bottom

pasirino - 17 August 2013

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Totopururidzira nhamo kunge rugare. Maenda ku Court ma withdrawer. Who ever told you God is for the MDC(t).

muvengwa munondivengerei - 17 August 2013

Morgan go back to masters and ask for more sanctions..we not vote for you...you are proud with your sanctions on Zimbabwean masses....you laugh when you see them thin...declare more sanctions no vote to MDC-T...uzakunya uzaze ufe ungangenanga e-Parliament wena mudoyi morgan tsvangirayi

silungisani ndlovu - 17 August 2013

I am very happy with the election results and I think MDC-T is arrogant, and dillusional dont be sour losers

Shupi - 17 August 2013

MDC cant beat Uncle not becoz they cant but coz the playing field is never level. ZEC is ZANU ZRP is ZANU Judges are ZANU Tobaiwa is ZANU and the list goes on and on. Sane pple support MDC coz there are the only ones who can stabilise the Economy proof being the last 4years. ZANU will once more wreck the economy its clear. The panic money with drawals fall of the stock exchange just wait we will see. What legacy is the Uncles party going to leave i wonder. Our own children have left the country and most are too far to return or unwilling to ever return. Cry the beloved country. And to all those who support ZANU you are retarded or you are drunk from MASESE amunotengerwa neku rigger kwamakaita. BUT achapera nhamo ichakugadzirisai ye this time haidzimurike and like always you will blame the west but VANHU HAVACHADA FULL STOP.

john mushona - 17 August 2013

Silungisani Ndlovu you have forgotten how your people were massacared nhaika. Killed and made to dance praising Uncle. Killed for not speaking shona hmmmm. Youare HIV positive chete

john Mushona - 17 August 2013

morgan wakati hatina ma underwear why ddn,t u buy the underwears for us tingadai takakuvhotera takapfeka ma underwear acho the problem is hauna solution rather than to go round the world crying.kna ma americans need you why they cant take you to be the president of America ivo votipa Obama w are young patriotic zimbos who need to heel the econoy not to kill it coz manifesto yako yanga yakaora

toda nyika - 18 August 2013

iwe zvimbwasungata wakambopiwawo kana cent na morgan here sei uchiramba empowerement wakajaira kuita garden boy sa tsvangison muchamwa tii isina sugar vapfana pamberi neupfumi kujekerere

toda nyika - 18 August 2013

wakadyiwa futseki, go and die

The Good Shephered - 18 August 2013

vamwe vaiita maElection, imi muchiita maErection. Those are the results.

chots - 19 August 2013

Guys as much as we want disagree the fact remain the same we are human beings from the same mother land and its CHANGE we need in life for us to progress .Look at this since the 90's the register general is T.Mudede,Police Comissioner its A Chihuri,Army general Chiwengwa .So tell m with all your understanding n knowledge are these guys experts in their own field ?A their batteries still fully recharged?A their still bringing new ideas on board ?These questions remain to be answered by you the reader.Come on Zimbabweans we a better nation with better people .

nyathi - 20 August 2013

any credible human being with brains that are not corrupted will stand with Tsvangirai. asi kana uri tsotsi unohwanda nezanupf kuti purazi rawakatora nechitsotsi usatorerwe richipihwa vechitema zviripachena. Kakata Tsvangirai kakata

simba - 21 August 2013

its true MDC yakaita irrigation project kumba kwa tsvangson as he claimed during his camapings, unfortunately draining everyone else 's well in the neighborhood. ahhh yeah, regai regai. ini ndainge ndati president woita wematongo zvedu zvaita but evo, regai dzive shiri mazai haana muto. pamaraini hatina kuzomboda kukuvhoterai futi atsvangi senge zvatakanga taita muna 2008. pasi nemi. kusvika matigadzirira borehole yedu yakaurawa nevanhu venyu vachiti they want to rehabilitate the community borehole tofawo here nenyota takatarira lawn yenyu ye green nema bage egreen. tongoda hedu yekumwa basi yekugeza toenda kuna nyazvidzi.

muvakidzani - 22 August 2013

ARE YOU 99 % tomasi

NDABEZINHLE NKOMO - 23 August 2013

There is a syndrome that has killed Zimbabwe, a belief by Zimbabweans in an individual. Those who vote for Mugabe believe in him that noone is better than him. These people have been blined to the extent that they can't see the mistakes that Mugabe has done, they hero worship him. 33 years panyanga, Mugabe has nothing to offer except Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Those who vote for Morgan do the same, they believe he is the only person to topple Mugabe. They also hero worship him such that they have been bilnded to the extent that they don't see his shortcomings. Morgan has failed, he is indecisive, lacks the charisma and confidence of a leader. Wake up Morgan this is politics not trade unionism. Both Morgan and Mugabe are not capable leaders of Zim.

Interest - 24 August 2013

regai vatonge

samaz - 24 August 2013

ko banda akaita sei vachafa chete sekuru inguva yavo

dori - 24 August 2013

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