Zanu PF wants to mend rift with Western countries

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF has said it will work to heal a rift with Western countries as stipulated in the party manifesto.

Rugare Gumbo, Zanu PF’s spokesperson, told the Daily News Zanu PF will keep its doors open for Western countries who wish to open a new page of “mutually respectful re-engagement.”

Amid measured criticism from Western countries of the July 31 elections won by Mugabe and Zanu PF by a landslide, the revolutionary party wanted to open a new chapter.

The United States and European Union have questioned the election, but observers from the 15-nation Southern African Development Community (Sadc) said the vote had reflected the “will of the people.”

Gumbo said Zanu PF will not confront Western countries about their position.

He said: “If the international community considers it necessary to reject the July 31 election, Zanu PF will continue as if nothing has happened.”

The former Mberengwa East Member of Parliament said notwithstanding misgivings on the electoral results from certain quarters, the guerrilla war movement is plodding ahead and will implement its policies outlined in the manifesto.

“It is up to those same countries which have imposed illegal sanctions on us to extend an olive hand to Zanu PF and the Zimbabwean government,” he said.

This year, the EU suspended most sanctions after the country’s voters approved a new constitution, limiting presidential powers and paving the way for elections, but the US has largely maintained its targeted measures.

A cheerful Gumbo refused to discuss the contested July 31 poll outcome, saying it is time to pop the champagne bottles instead of focusing on the negatives.

Asked whether the revolutionary party is going to tinker with the new constitution now that it has a two-thirds parliamentary majority, Gumbo maintained that the party that amended the Lancaster House Constitution for a record 20 times is in no spirit to lacerate the “people driven” charter it co-authored with the MDC formations.

“We made this constitution after we had consulted the people of Zimbabwe, so there is no way we are going to change the constitution without the people’s consent,” Gumbo said.

“Zanu PF is a people’s party and if need to amend arises, we will go back to the people who have approved this same constitution. But our position is that we don’t have any intentions of changing the constitution,” said Gumbo.

Dodging questions related to policy, in particular the land audit and indigenisation programme, Gumbo said such issues would only be addressed by relevant ministers in the incoming Cabinet.

The 73-year-old Zanu PF spokesperson said indigenisation remained the party’s key policy.

“Questions related to that ministry can only be answered when the new cabinet comes into power but l can tell you that, indigenisation is our key policy,” added Gumbo.

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Are the western countries willing to mend the rift with you?

Khalid Sheikh Mohamed - 15 August 2013

Zorora murugare tsvangirai.....ndineurombo nekurohwa kwawakaitwa nemheni ya Chaminuka

bones - 15 August 2013

tsvandirai''s election losts is a clear message to the west that Zimbabwean people don want to work for someone anymore. indigenisation is the way to go.never we will b workers again.

zimbabwe ndeyeropa - 15 August 2013

I believe MDC T won the election and I can write a book about my conclusion. For those that do not know, all the data requested by MDC T is already available through the collating process (adding the polling station figures into the ward, then the ward totals make a constituency total right up to the national total). In other words you can't have the national figure without the breakdown as requested by MDC T. Zimbabweans should also know that the Electoral Act requires that the election be free, fair, transparent and verifiable. Until the information is provided then there is nothing transparent and the results cannot be verified. So the request is noble, feasible and comes at no additional compilation cost as explained above. Having said that the question is why ZEC has not released this information two weeks after the request? Why were Zimbabweans frog marched and ambushed (rushed) to this election by ZPF and its machinery (mudede, ZEC, judiciary, chinamasa, Nikuv, etc)? Why the constitution was violated left right and centre? Why numerous sections of the Electoral Act, Broadcasting Act, Presidential Powers among others were violated and abused? Why was it rushed, why were millions denied their rights to vote (both at registration and voting stages)? Now that thousands were denied chance to vote why is ZEC not petitioning the concourt to allow these to vote? What are they hiding by withdrawing this basic information? ZPF knows it did not win and so is every level headed person. For once think about it my fellow Zimbabwean as you seek answers to the questions above.

Simon - 15 August 2013

They can go hang, that's the language they understand

SG - 15 August 2013

Mr Bones, with all due respect, it is not a Tsvangirai issue at stake, this is a national issue that has the potential of setting a perenial political disfunction in Zimbabwe. Think outside the box.

mafirakureva - 15 August 2013

Mafirakureva, with all due respect, why ddn u think outside th box before the pple of Zimbabwe voted u out?

bones - 15 August 2013

Rugare Gumbo: Do you really think the Western Powers will mend the rift with the CHEATS in ZANU (PF)? I doubt. Also remember the so called Go East policy is a gimmick because the East itself cannot do without the West. Therefore, until the West accepts the results of the fraudulent election, which is highly unlikely, as you very well know Rugare, your so called 'victory' remains HOLLOW.

tryson mathe - 15 August 2013

this can be so simple to solve and yet this charade continues. If there is nothing to hide and you need a fair election then why have chaos in whos coming or going who is bad and who is good etc. Never mind all that just let them all come and i mean the whole world to observe the elections after all if either parties have nothing to worry about then let them come Completely Transparent. Obviously that will not happen so those people out there will just continue to talk a whole lot of nonsense.

little one - 15 August 2013

Well said Simon - all this rudeness like 'Go Hnag Yourself' from a Head of State, President tells you a lot about his MO. Win at all costs, especially at the cost of the ordinary Zimbabwean. Even the Rhodesian Front wasn't as heartless as ZPF.

Chivula Mapoti - 15 August 2013

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