Zanu PF wants talks: Tsvangirai

HARARE - MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai said yesterday president-elect Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party were seeking talks with him after a disputed election on July 31.

But the opposition leader said he would not countenance giving Zanu PF an audience until they did the “right thing” by going for a fresh poll.

“...Another thing, after they stole the votes like that, what I know is they are stuck, they don’t have a starting point,” Tsvangirai told mourners at the burial of Rebecca Mafukeni, one of the 29 MDC activists accused of murdering a police inspector in 2011.

“Now they are looking for me to talk, Tsvangirai aripi, ngaauye titaurirane (where is Tsvangirai so we can talk). What do we talk about?”

Mafukeni, 29, died at Parirenyatwa hospital on Monday after being remanded in custody for more than two years at Chikurubi Maximum Security Remand Prison.

Tsvangirai said MDC cadres had sacrificed a lot in a bid to serve Zimbabwe.

“They (Zanu PF) should first fix their legitimacy, and the only way is to go back to an election, we won’t rest until the heroes lying here can rest in peace,” the MDC leader said.

“We are mourning Rebecca but the whole nation is in mourning because of someone who is saying he won the election fairly, an election which presents the biggest fraud this country, even the world, has ever seen,” he said.

Mugabe insists the presidential elections were free and fair. The 89-year-old leader said in his first public speech at the Heroes Acre in Harare on Monday that his big win in the general elections two weeks ago was above board.

“Those who were hurt by defeat can go hang if they so wish,” Mugabe said.

“Never will we go back on our victory.”

Mugabe won 61 per cent of the votes in the July 31 polls as compared to Tsvangirai’s 34 percent.

Tsvangirai, 61, has challenged the elections results which he claims there “fraudulent and stolen” and demanded a re-run.

The High Court yesterday heard petitions filed by Tsvangirai that seek to compel electoral authorities to produce certain information and material relating to the conduct of the election.

The matter was heard before Justice Chinembiri Bhunu.

Lovemore Sekeramayi, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) chief elections officer, registrar general of voters, Tobaiwa Mudede and Mugabe were cited as the first, second and third respondents respectively.

The MDC wanted Zec to avail presidential results per constituency, copies of the voters’ roll used in all polling stations and copies of the voters’ roll used in the special vote conducted on July 14 and 15 and to be provided with a “register of assisted voters at all polling stations in the election; copies of voters’ roll used in postal voting delimited by ward and constituency; copies of the electronic voters roll as at July 31 2013; register of voters whose names did not appear in the voters’ roll but were allowed to vote using voter registration slips; the register of authorised postal and special voters and contents of the closed and sealed ballot boxes and sealed packets delivered to the first respondent”.

Tsvangirai has filed another appeal with the Constitutional Court over the parliamentary and presidential election results.

The lawyers said they discovered that 870 000 names were duplicated on the voters’ lists.

“It doesn’t matter going to court, even Zanu PF knows they stole the election,” Tsvangirai said.

“I was in Buhera and everyone was asking exactly who voted for Zanu PF. If you take yourself as a leader of a nation, whose people are disgruntled and you say you have won, there is something wrong.

“Now we want to see where you will get all that stuff you were promising people. Salary increments and scraping of (water and electricity) bills, that was all rhetorical speech without substance.”

However, the MDC leader said his party will not resort to violence.

“We want to make sure the change we are fighting for is achieved in our lifetime,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mafukeni’s body was carried by friends, family and MDC supporters for more than a kilometre from her home in Warren Park 1 to Warren Hills cemetery, where she was laid to rest.

Her mother said in a graveside speech that she had been robbed of her pillar of strength and bread winner.
Solomon Madzore, MDC youth chairman, who was also incarcerated with Mafukeni, said she was a fighter who never gave up.

“We have lost our sister, I got to know Rebecca in prison, what pains us is that a person who went to jail alive now returns home dead,” Madzore said. “We are pained so much, Zanu PF rigged our election and they also rigged Rebecca from us.

“They arrest before they investigate instead of investigating then arresting. Rebecca was a fighter who was fighting for Zimbabwe’s freedom. She was also fighting to be released, she was resolute, resilient and peace loving, and she would never give up, she was never a coward.”

The trial for 28 other activists who were arrested together with Mafukeni continues. They are all seeking discharge at the close of the case.

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hooo ndoo mhondi dzekuuraya mupurisa dziya.......shame inguva yange yakwana........Mwari vamuitire nyasha.....ndinovimba anga akakumbira Mwari ruregerero kumatadzo ake ose kunyanya irwo rutadzo rwokuuraya

bones - 15 August 2013

bones uri mhata chaiyo

magumoacho - 15 August 2013

save i don't urge you to publicly announce diplomatic issues prematurely thats why zvichizoita semuno pinduka pinduka coz your words will be used to formulate a strategy against you then you remain on the receiving end all the time.keep certain things to yoself let others say it on yo behalf advisors plz don't late save down by exposing him instead of advising dziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

maisvokwadzo - 15 August 2013

magumoacho kunyangwe ukatuka zvakapfuura ipapo wat i said wil not change n nothing wil be taken away from me....sveeeeeee

bones - 15 August 2013

Bones u are so stupid and naive. Mukosho wamai vako nezijende kufa rababa vako. Kumusha kure. Mukanwa munonhuhwa.

mdc Chakohwa - 15 August 2013

Mashoko makukutu Maisvokwadzo, Save take note

Syboks - 15 August 2013

Mashoko makukutu Maisvokwadzo, Save take note

Syboks - 15 August 2013

Taurayi Save. Kana muchatonga muchatonga nekuda kwamwari kwete vanhu.

Desdichado Desdichado - 15 August 2013

Bones you are an idiot., urimhondi se hama dzako PF znf. What proof do yu have yekuti she was a killer. If she is why was she remanded for 2 yrs without a sentence. Funga mhani iwe kwete kungo tungamidza politics. You are rubbish

Zvicapera - 15 August 2013

Bones you are an idiot., urimhondi se hama dzako PF znf. What proof do yu have yekuti she was a killer. If she is why was she remanded for 2 yrs without a sentence. Funga mhani iwe kwete kungo tungamidza politics. You are rubbish

Zvicapera - 15 August 2013

Tsvangirai a blatant liar. If he was so important why would ZANU PF fight his desire to extend the life span of the inclusive government. Who wants who here? This is worse than beer-hall talk. I have learnt a lot and came across wise man at such places than i have from this presidential 'hopeful'. Why the lie LOSSER? The time for inclusive garbage is over,its now time to separate the dirt from the grain!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mundamurefu - 15 August 2013

l think MDC T is full of educated fools plus their illiterate leader makes the leadership a mess.How can a qualified lawyer argue that voters roll is full of people with both first names and surnames similar and they differ on ID numbers?look here in Zimbabwe we have Moyo, Dube,Ndlovu, Sibanda,Mpofu, Ncube, Shumba,Dhliwayo,Sithole etc surnames of which you have more than ten people each with both first name and second name similar but differ on ID numbers depending on where one comes from.The elections were free ,fair and credible,pliz don't waste Zimbos precious time on stupid arguments,learn to accept defeat and wait for 2018.

sekemutema - 15 August 2013


BONZZO MOYO - 15 August 2013

losers will always be losers.....

bones - 15 August 2013

Yes Seke, they even admit that they are going to lose the court case. Their case is built on lies. If I share the same date of birth, first name and surname with someone and have different ID numbers do we become one person, Mr lawyer?

Mundamurefu - 15 August 2013

Save vane problem yeInferiority Complex.

Hlongwane Spinach - 15 August 2013

Oh shut up Morgan! The last time (2008) you said the same thing that you will never speak to ZanuPF but after Mbeki proposed you could get the position of Prime Minister you nevr gave it a second thought - you told everyone who warned you to get lost. If ZanuPF offered you a position of prime minister you are going to do the same as you did in 2008. You are going to lose the election Court case.

Chin - 15 August 2013

We are tired of these loud sounding nothings without action. If indeed Zanu confronted you Mr Tsvangirai and you still happen to have the agenda of making Zimbabwe a good place, i suggest you meet them and listern to what they have to say. Thats the only choice you are going to put your plans into action. If not, you are fighting a lost battle. thinking you can be elected to that helm is simply day dreaming. Zanu is older and smarter than you guys. Um sure you agree with me there. Politics is never a fair sport just like any other. We see people using banned substances, buying referees and all sorts of influencing results. In politics they use threats, violence, and rigging. Its life there is nothing you can do about it. The only way if you cant employ any of those in politics is to join them< now they are saying come reason its a chance go and do so for a better Zimbabwe.

NDANETA - 15 August 2013

@Mundamurefu: My brother you are in denial...Tsvangirai is important it's a fact no matter what....even GNU iyoyo he did not contest or apply for it...he was invited to legitimise yet another stolen election! Maona moto naye Save!

Gidza - 15 August 2013

It is very clear that Bones is not a true Zanu PF cadre. In Zanu PF even in war, we treated and respected human life, thats why we are told not to kill our captives. Then hunhu hwedu hechivanhu hautibvumidze kunyomba vafi nevafirwa nekuti tese tichafawo including Bones. Then spiritually, zvinonzi thou shall not judge. People like Bones have cost Zanu PF dearly. They do not belong to the struggle. Ngavadzidziswe havzive. We fought for democracy and it allows people freedom of speech and tolerance and that despite our differences, we are one people.

CDE Sinjonjo Tichatongachete - 15 August 2013

MR PRESIDENT mr RM Tsvangirai never open any room for any talks me I seconded you we must have fresh elections that will be free and transparent and fully paticipated by everyone including those citzens suffering in neibouring countries and all over the world. If everything is transparent (not only pleasing a certain sectition of the population) zvose vanhu kana vawirina anenge akundwa ajiwa ano fanirwa kubvuma then uyo adyiwa anobatsira uya awina kuwaka nyika by all efforts there will be no fighting. kwete apa ZANU PF haisati YATANGA uyi iwe mr RMT musangozowirarana uchisiya diaspora sezvamakaita kuti vahnu ava varege kuvhota muhnu vese chizvarwa chezimbabwe chinofarwa wo kupaticipata on this process where on earth had this happenned ???? your short cut will never work and will never set you free

DOFO - 15 August 2013

Then why does that old, dying, bag of bones want to talk to MT? He is running scared of ICC and the level-headed countries who know it was a fixed election. Now he wants to beg MT to drop his investigation of Nikuv etc!

Chivula Mapoti - 15 August 2013

You poor zpf loosers. You don't know what you are celebrating. What can this fool give you that he couldn't have given during the last 33 years. When he starts his nonsense because he has no one to blame for his failures now, you stupid lot will suddenly realise you should have queried the result of this sham election. You will probably be thinking about that on an empty stomach and an empty wallet as it was in 2008. Too late to complain by then. Did you see the happy people in 1980 and then the murdered, raped, starving, tortured and homeless same people in 2008? That's what is going to happen and you can do nothing about it because it will be a one party state again. Good luck sucker.

Peter Macklyn - 15 August 2013

Firstly l would like to pass my sincere condolonces to Mafukeni family for the loss of our sister may her soul rest in peace we will always remember her for her struggle for the emancipation of zimbabwe from oppressors .I salute her she is a Heroine.When you are under the reign of dictator we should all be prepared to die because a dictator knows how to kill & injure .Since the rule of Mugabe how many people have been brutally injured & murdered trying resist his oppression .Even our president R M Tsvangirai was severely beaten by the police under the instruction of Mugabe. He also lost his beloved wife in schemed road accident.Think of the true heroes like Josiah Tongogara who mysteriously died on the eve of enjoying independence of zim from the whites .The reign of dictator is characterised by atrocites- Gukurahundi matebeleland massacre -2008 june re-run election blood was shed Oppressors do not care as long as they stay in power that is nature of Mugabe & his ZANUPF

son of zimbabwe - 16 August 2013

Chinobhururuka chinomhara .Save u are the best necoke anongoshevedza kt save uchivhura regai tione kt vachasvika kp vezanu

Kuraramanekuba - 16 August 2013

Morgan should just keep quite and concentrate on his Harlot before anyone can take him seriously. He has a lot of mud on his doorstep which he must clean before talking about national issues.

reason - 16 August 2013

kana vachiti zimbabwe yakauya nehondo. havanyepe ipapo. Asika ngaichibenefiter munhuwese wemuzimbabwe. Haisiri mhoswa yangu yokuti hondo yakarwiwa tisati tazvagwa. nesuwo tingadai tiri mawar verts. Kanavachida kubva nechimurenga , isu vana veZimbabwe nokuda kwenhamo yataona tingaswa taivamba wani hondo yacho. izvi zvazonyanya.

Miller power - 16 August 2013

The biggest mistake we make is to take media avenues n as a means of a weapon to insult others rather than debate issues so as to come with solutions to tackle whatever problems we might be ha2ving as a society. But what do we do we use these platforms to insult others , shame on you you shameless people.

solomon chisoni - 16 August 2013

MDC T is a puppet party created by former Rhodesians with Roy Benert as the treasurer so Morgan shut up your dirty mouth.You are a minority party and ZANU PF is the majority party.Retire from politics coz you are a failure.

cobra - 20 August 2013

cobra: hey stupid one, tell us that when you have no food to eat and your children are starving. Unemployment 90% soon zpf fool puppet when will you learn that he has tried for 33 years and failed, do you think he will give anything now and who will he now blame for his failures?

Peter Macklyn - 22 August 2013

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