Anti-Mugabe graffiti explodes in Harare

HARARE - Graffiti has exploded across Zimbabwe’s capital Harare protesting the disputed results of the July 31 vote that saw President Robert Mugabe romp to a landslide victory.

After weighing the risk of staging mass action against Mugabe’s re-election and deciding to refrain from confrontation, graffiti alluding to the “stolen election” under the “Zanu PF dictatorship” has erupted everywhere, with others drifting toward a style questioning the continued leadership of Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Bottled up emotions had been kept in check after Tsvangirai urged his supporters to remain calm as he pursues peaceful means in order to overturn Mugabe’s victory.

Apart from going to the courts, the MDC is also preparing a dossier of alleged poll irregularities which it will hand-over to Sadc member states as proof that elections were rigged.

Several walls in Harare’s central business district and some high density suburbs such as Budiriro, Glen View and Mbare are littered with messages of protest against Mugabe’s landslide win which gives him another five year term.

Window panes of popular shops in the city centre have not been spared either. Some of the messages inscribed on the walls read, “Mugabe rigged elections, batai munhu: We want a re-run.”

Other graffiti messages are openly inciting Zimbabweans to rise up against the “Zanu PF regime”.
“Election fraud: Arise and protect your vote”.

The graffiti is mainly anti-Mugabe messages plastered on city walls, streets and billboards.
Some of the messages are scribbled on billboards located at main bus termini such as Market Square and Copa Cabana.

Anti-Mugabe graffiti in Zimbabwe is an outlaw art done in the cover of darkness.

Political analysts say the political propaganda is being fuelled by the “stolen election” and the contest for power in elections which Mugabe controversially won.

No-one has claimed responsibility for the messages.

Charity Charamba, the police spokesperson, said whoever was defacing walls through the damning graffiti was breaking the law.

“I haven’t seen the writings, but obviously it is a crime,” she warned.

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Graffiti vs X(ballot). X-graffiti on the Ballot Paper wins, period.

Mundamurefu - 15 August 2013

The socalled graffiti or whatever it is, is only happening in Cities where MDC T won and not in rural areas where almost 300 000 families where resettled on good soils previously owned by Rhodies. These people plus many others voted ZANU PF bcoz they have tangible properties to protect and about 70% of rural people don't have access to social media which made BabaJukwa fool MDC that they will win l said MDC supporters are in Towns and have access to social networks but they constitute a minority of Zimbabweans as compared to those in rurals , ndosaka vakadyiwa maElections but they don't want to believe this.

sekemutema - 15 August 2013


NEUTRAL OBSERVER - 15 August 2013


NIP ISRAEL - 15 August 2013

Comrade mundmurefu, tell me something, what are the 300 000 "new farmers" doing out there? We are importing maize from Zambia and Malawi, milk from South Africa, meat from Botswana, is short we have become a net importer of basic agricultural commodities, a laughing stock of the region. Once again what are those farmers doing?

bingo wajakata - 15 August 2013

Sitting in their Mercedes and Range Rovers of course Mr. Wajakata. After all Mugabe and Dis-grace have 39 farms between them.

Chivula Mapoti - 15 August 2013

@bingo, this is the very reason why the economy should be controlled locally so that next time if foreigners want to pack and go it wont affect us. We will never develop in Africa if we keep depending on foreign aid. Africa is the very place where no country should be getting foreign aid because we have the resources to sustain ourselves but because we don't control those resources tinofa nenyota takanyika makumbo mumvura. look at Dubai etc they control there natural resources and they have managed over the years to built and give there people good living, look at iraq and Afghanistan they wait in line for fuel in a country which has the world largest oil reserves, this is because they dont control there own resources their are foreign controlled. Gents, harare and bulawayo are not Zimbabwe, just because the MDC has almost 100% support in towns that does not mean they should have won, there are more rural areas than towns in zimbabwe, and the way i see it the MDC relaxed being fooled by social media that they were going to win, there are as much ZANU supporters and MDC supporters online, also ZANU has being campaigning ever since 2008 and MDC were relaxed thinking because of what happened in 2008 it was going to repeat itself, the land reform moved people from urban to rural areas so you would see some who now has a piece of land which he never dreamed of ever having do you think that person would vote for someone who will take it away regardless whether they like em or not, NO!. also MDC made a lot of mistakes which they have been doing ever since the MDC was formed one of which is why do you go to extremes uchituka the very person you want to have vote for you, also latest, he threatened traditional leaders instead of kutovanyengerera or something, ofcourse the traditional made sure he was neva president because of that. apparently those who are in towns vakadzidza vacho vanotukwa left right and center, that why you see ZANU used MDC's word against them

my true zim - 15 August 2013

The educated voters in town voted MDC, the uneducated, illiterate, poor people in the rural areas with nothing to loose except their lives if they didn't vote zpf had to vote for mugs or so we think.

Peter Macklyn - 15 August 2013

the problem with africa is tajaira hand to mouth being spoon feed kupiwa takagara, ukashaya munhu waunoti BOSS kana kuti MURUNGU hatinzwe mushe, we will never do anything chinobatika because we think hatigone tega without the help from outside. look at other countries out there, they have managed why cant we, its not a process which will take over night but needs patience and a strong will, because aikushandisa hambofara kukuona wakuzviitira zvinhu zvako. its sad to see in africa we butcher and murder each other because of politics other than working together to build a beta africa. we are easy enticed into ethnic violence & war for no reason we dont even stop to think kuti we are being confused into not seeing whats actually happening on the ground. its like a thief coming into you home and making you fight each other and in the mist of it robbes you right in front of your eyes. you wont see it because you are too busy fighting each other. we should wake up africa the time is NOW.

my true zim - 15 August 2013

@Sekemutema, those people that you are talking about in the rural areas being given FOOD AID to vote for ZANU PF. Those people were forced to vote for ZANU PF so that they get food aid. They have not developed any land for lack of funds , they live from hand to mouth, they are suffering in abject poverty. If they had had their wish , they would have loved to vote for change, to vote for MDC T for a better life ! ! ! !

Mupedza Nhamo - 15 August 2013

The MDC-t is not against Land reform but wants a land audit to flush out multiple land owners. Black empowerment must not mean tolerance to corruption. Rural people do not belong to ZANU pf as much as urban people do not belong to the MDC. One Zimbabwe, One People, One Nation.

chipolopolo - 16 August 2013

How i wish all these issues could be debated publicly!

FreeZim - 16 August 2013

Batai munhu guys.

cde Bj - 16 August 2013

We are Anonymous !!!

zanupftothedogs - 16 August 2013

This is the same reporter who used to rely on the idiotic brainless baba jukwa face book page. Now that baba jukwa is a clueless born again, The reporter has become clueless also. Why not trek Lizzie the harlot and tell us where she is hiding.

reason - 16 August 2013

“I haven't seen the writings, but obviously it is a crime,” she warned. Rigging is not crime????????? the innocent are suffering but those who rigged are enjoying! Lets wait and see and....

nosmas - 16 August 2013

Lets have an on line vote and see if it matches in any way the official result:

Vote FOR Zimbabwe - 16 August 2013

Batai kasekuru katsotsi kachembera ako kachawa magirazi akapwanyika!! Takarwa hondo, takarwa hondo ukaiona unoiziva iwe??

Takarwa Hondo - 18 August 2013

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