Mugabe to dump losers

HARARE - Zanu PF heavyweights who lost in the just-ended harmonised elections, among them serial political flip-flopper Jonathan Moyo, have little chance of getting into government following President Robert Mugabe’s vow not to let “losers” get into government.

Mugabe made this clear in June while he was in Japan for the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

The 89-year-old leader who has just received a fresh mandate to form a new government after winning the disputed elections, said Zanu PF members who would have been rejected in their constituencies would not be allowed to take part in government.

He said Zanu PF would not go the MDC route which appointed professors Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube who had been “dishonoured” by their people into government as “honourable” ministers.

Last week,  Moyo desperately tried to save himself by appealing to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) for a recount of the votes but this was thwarted when the winner, MDC’s Roseline Sipepa-Nkomo took the matter to the High Court.

The court turned down Moyo’s request after the former Information minister reportedly said there were flaws in the Tsholotsho North Constituency where he was contesting on a Zanu PF ticket.

The Daily News has been told that Moyo was dumped by the people of Tsholotsho North following his controversial decision to join Zanu PF when he had been elected in 2008 as an independent candidate.

The people in his former constituency were reportedly angered that he duped them into believing that he had nothing to do with Zanu PF only to rejoin the party after winning his ticket to Parliament.

Moyo was minister of Information and Publicity between 2000 and 2005 and was reportedly eyeing the same ministerial post but if Mugabe stands by his vows, then the former University of Zimbabwe lecturer will be reduced to a mere strategist at Zanu PF.

During his time, Moyo orchestrated the crafting of draconian media laws that saw the arrests, of media practitioners and the closure of several newspapers including the Daily News and its sister paper the Daily News on Sunday.

Businessman, Phillip Chiyangwa who was hoping to make a massive political comeback, lost to MDC’s Peter Mataruse, making him the only Zanu PF candidate to lose in Mashonaland West.

In March 2012 his appointment as the vice chairman for Mashonaland West Province was nullified by Zanu PF’s politburo following a complaint from another candidate who had lost.

Chiyangwa was reduced to a mere card-carrying member.

Not only has this election seen people like Moyo and Chiyangwa being left out in the cold but has seen the resurgence of perennial losers like Amos Midzi (Epworth) and Tendai Savanhu (Mbare).

Midzi was in the Zanu PF government as the minister of Energy and Power Development and later as minister of Mines and Mining Development from 2002 to 2009 but began to systematically lose to MDC candidates.

Other Zanu PF bigwigs including Joseph Made (former minister of Agriculture), Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and Sikhanyiso Ndlovu were ousted from the race earlier at the party’s primary elections.

However,  the Zimbabwean Constitution gives the president powers to appoint up to five non-constituency MPs.

Chapter 5 Section 104 (3) states that “…  Ministers and Deputy Ministers are appointed from among Senators or Members of the National Assembly, but up to five, chosen for their professional skills and competence, may be appointed from outside Parliament...”

It remains to be seen what Mugabe will do following his vow that losers will not be allowed into government as they were ‘dishonoured’ by their constituencies.

Besides the losers, Mugabe is also scratching his head on the tribal balancing, appeasement of Zanu PF factions and rewarding young politicians who also made it to Parliament when he makes his Cabinet appointments.

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Professor moyo for the ministry of information and publicity please. He s talented to silence the critiques

juwachuwa - 12 August 2013

In Africa there is no one who listens that elections were stolen in Zimbabwe.

chimwango - 12 August 2013

Mugabe with his rigging machine sought to silence many birds with one stone. Chiyangwa & Jonathan Moyo are still paying for their "misdeeds." Mugabe wants complaint wives and not people who are given to exuberance and a mind of their own...he cant take that. With MDC-T he ensured to take out all the sting and all potential threats who could have made a noise were dealt with. As for MDC led by Ncube, he just wanted to silence him and prevent the consolidation of Matebeleland and some parts of Midlands into a coherent force just as he has done in Manicaland and Masvingo. With the 2/3 majority in parliarment made up of yes man the Zezuru domination will go from strength to strength. As for MKD, he has sown the seed of doubt & ensured that Makoni cannot even go back to zanu "if you lose to Chinamasa then you have no political predigree and therefore how can you lead a party...any party."

Lt Gen - 12 August 2013

Zanu does not have the talent nor the will to develop Zimbabwe. It is a party that seeks to destroy in the name of liberation and fake/corrupt nationalism. It is true the zezuru clan is out to look after its own tribal interest. We are in hot water folks. Mugabe is the most destructive and incompetent President on this planet.

connie - 12 August 2013

You guys speak of the zezuru, zezuru when even us don't like these people. Talk of those who are around mugabe. If you check you would find that there was unprecedented violence in zezuru lands in 2008 elections. Don't paint us black we don't like the man. They rig in our areas so much because they know it's assumed we support him. satan ndisatan kumandebele, kumazezuru nekumakaranga musamubhabatidze nezita redu

tonderai tondondo - 12 August 2013

I hope MUGABE starts by dumping himself because, as he knows right inside him, he did not win the elections and so was a LOSER.

Johnson John - 12 August 2013

varume vemdc T zvino uyu ndiwo mukakana vekuti muratidze ” evidence” dzenyu ku SADC zvangu zvandakaona kuRUWA (Goromonzi south poling station yaichengetwa nekurindwa nemayouth e zanu pf pasina mayouth e MDC Aichengeta ipapo hameno kuti iwo ve MDC waiziwa here nezvepolling station iyi kana kuti yaingozikanwa ne ZEC nezanu pf chete takazviona for 2 today vahnu vese vakazviona vaigara pedyo nepoling station iyi.Zano ranguwo ngerekuti kanazvichibvira ngapaite anokumura nhumbi{hembe} dzose kusara mukuma pakati penyu imi vacharatizda umbowo kuitira kuti zvioneke kuti makabirwa zvechokwadi kwete zve fun- fun show them its the last chance they will not keep entataining you.DO the unusual in order to show the truth

DOFO - 12 August 2013

Mugabe to dump losers?oh the irony!

ndini - 12 August 2013

mdhara akahwinha feya feya

Nyika - 12 August 2013

ZANU PF ine utsotsi and its teaching the Nation what is not right. Mutezo is never wanted in Chimanimani west, akatora pump kuendesa kuUkondozi akasiya Nyanyadzi isina mvura mumaeka nokuti akanga aruza gore riya.

Chimanimani - 12 August 2013

The good news is in less than 5 years Mugabe will be dead of old age so why worry Zimbabweans . Achida asingadi ari kufa nokuchembera.

Ziziharinanyanga - 12 August 2013

Your newspaper sucks. You have been campaigning so openly against Mugabe but have the audacity to proffer useless predictions on his cabinet action plan? Not surprising if you go broke in the next 5 years.

Fosholo Kapwepwe - 13 August 2013

I agree with Fosholo Kapwepwe regarding the Daily News' campaign against Mugabe. The Daily News is likely to lose serious readers if it continues to publishthe views of journalists and pseudo analysts principally the false prophet GIFT PHIRI who predicted Tsvangirai winning by 61 per cent.

Rabison Nyundo (THE HAMMER) - 13 August 2013

First mistake: Thinking that spending four hours in a closed door meeting with Bob, the 89 year old strategist, was a breakthrough for you. Everything was recorded and given to Jonathan Moyo to scrutinise and analyse mafungiro ava Morgan. Secondly: Hanzi Machunks haasi nyama, Mercy haasi Mutsvene, MaLikes aBiti, MT naBaba Jukwa haasi maBallot paper. U based your popularity on internet enthusiasm. Vangani chemebere kumusha uko vane internet. 90% of those likes are non voters. Yes the elections were rigged but lets call a spade a spade. You were not going to get a white wash. MT was going to win but not by more than 55% and zanu MPs maitowana paine more than 50 seats. Third mistake: Zanu has been churning out propaganda against you on land and you only come out in the dying minutes talking about Tiitle deeds in your final campaign. Number four: Morgan ngaadzidzire kubata muromo wake, zvimwe unosiira ana Mwonzora or Chamisa. Remember they have 100 million to spend on tarnishing MT's name so he should desist from rushed responses to issues. Talk to your advisors MT before you react. They will make a meal out of rushed responses. Five: Munonzi muri party yevarungu yet you have never told the wananchi about Denis Norman, Chris Anderson, Amina Hughes, Fay Chung, Timothy Stamps. Six: Why not have your own propaganda department. Ask questions like ko ana Bredenkemp naana Reutenbauch varikudei kana zvichinzi zanu haina Western sponsorship. Have your own intelligence that digs up masources emari dzavo. Dont just sit and say vanhu vachativhotera nekutambura kwavarikuita. KoMadiamonds funds arikuenda kupi??? ask every day till the villager starts asking the same. Last but not least. Stop waisting precious time campaigning in Harare and Bulawayo urban. Go to the people who do not see or hear you on the Internet.

Chihombe Madala - 14 August 2013

@Chihombe Madala what a good comment. Zanu stole the election but opposition should stop wasting time fishing in the fishpond or musaga redzabatwa. go to Chikombedzi deep Gokwe Binga and talk to elderly and Youth with a language they understand. people are told MDC want to take the country back to whites and they believe that. i think MDC had and will have more factual issues to campaign against Zanu. Tru the qsn on diamonds proceeds is one that should make 90% of zimbos disgruntled.

yana - 14 August 2013

I think the president knows Jona is both experienced and intelligent to steer whatever ministry he would have been given to greater heights. So he should be appointed as a minister for his talents.

Zimunhu - 14 August 2013

@ Lt Gen, inga watanga nyaya zvakanaka wani uchiti "mugabe with his rigging machine", then waakutaura kuti Makoni akadyiwa chinamhata hausi kuona kuti yave njeya. the botton line is not more than 30 zpf people genuinely won on july 31. the rest won by pure rigging. ask yourself this stupid question, who in his right mind would vote for chinoz. kikikiki cicus.

Zvichapera Chete - 14 August 2013

To dump loosers.........from GNU, ofcoz[Tsvangison;Ncube & Mutambara].Chinguva ndakagara handina kumboona DOFO rakaita saTsvangirai rakaonekwa nomwana wanguwo. Kumhanyira panhepfenyuro kunge hure rinoda kukechwa mubhawa.

ndire ndire - 14 August 2013

Shumba inogara yega msango.... Mheni yachaminuka yakarova vanhu vongosara vongoona mashura

bones - 14 August 2013

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