Who are you? asks Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe yesterday slammed Western countries after they passed a damning verdict on his re-election on July 31.

In a tit-for-tat spat, Mugabe repeated accusations that Western countries were interfering in his country, following their sharp criticism of the electoral irregularities that blighted a presidential election he won by 61 percent, beating his longtime foe and former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

The United States and Britain said they were skeptical of Mugabe’s re-election, while Australia called for a fresh poll.

“Make no mistake: in light of substantial electoral irregularities reported by domestic and regional observers, the United States does not believe that the results announced today represent a credible expression of the will of the Zimbabwean people,” said John Kerry, US secretary of State.

William Hague, the British foreign secretary, also expressed “grave concerns” about the conduct of the vote.

Mugabe told journalists after a meeting of his Politburo at the Zanu PF headquarters in Harare yesterday that the Western countries were disgracing themselves by such language and behaviour.

Mugabe said Western leaders who made insulting and irrelevant comments about his re-election will be put on a fair trial by Zimbabwe at every international gathering.

In a broad-brush statement to remarks by European and US officials, he said: “Even as the whole of Africa is sending messages of congratulations to say well done, they are saying elections were not free and fair, they are talking from London and Washington with them. Were it that the MDC had won, they would say the elections were free and fair but because it’s regime change they are aiming for, they deny it,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe was speaking for the first time after his re-election in the July 31 polls.

He said Zimbabweans saw their security and future in supporting Zanu PF.

Mugabe claimed his party had won because it always fulfilled its promises.

Domestic election observers such as the Zimbabwe Election Support Network has said the poll was compromised as many eligible voters failed to cast their votes on July 31.

The African Union (AU) expressed concern over electoral irregularities which saw political parties only receiving the voters’ roll a day before the election, but said the election was free and an improvement from the 2008 plebiscite.

The 89-year-old Mugabe said the election had dislodged MDC “the enemy” that he said was bankrolled by his Western foes in a failed bid to overthrow him.

“The very enemy we have dislodged is the colonial masters… after all even their genuineness and agenda remains questionable, after all who are they? When you examine them and analyse them and the answer will always be, they are not themselves,” Mugabe said.

“They are a belonging of someone else, an imperialist. So a puppet organisation created outside the country by those who wanted to negate the gains of our own independence and this is what we said to the people, what they should look at and the people of course had understood, after all, as part of us, they understood our own theme,” Mugabe said to thundering applause from members of the supreme governing body. 

He said the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC which previously enjoyed majority support lost because their agenda was questionable.

He said the MDC had always been “simple-minded” and had nothing to offer the people.

He said his Zanu PF had something for the youths, who consisted of 60 percent of the population.

He said the youths understood Zanu PF’s theme which was anchored on indigenisation and empowerment.

“Those of them who are young enough, who are now, to a great extent, familiar with Zanu PF’s history, Zanu PF’s own revolutionary thrust, Zanu PF’s own promises that are fulfilled, Zanu PF’s programmes for their own future,” Mugabe said.

The Zanu PF leader also said MDC had lost the plot when they thought the revolutionary party had surrendered Zimbabwe’s sovereignty to Sadc.

He lambasted the West’s indication that it will maintain sanctions on him and members of his inner circle.

Mugabe said the Western countries, who had earlier promised to lift the targeted measures after a fair vote, were going back on their word.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said the politburo was pleased with the party’s performance during the elections.

“We are very, very happy and excited about the results,” Gumbo said. “Everything seems to be in our favour, the politburo congratulated the president, the winning candidates and everyone who participated in the process.”

The party spokesperson also took the opportunity to speak out on party members who contested as independent candidates after they lost in the primary elections.

Gumbo said the position of the party was clear and that the matter would be dealt with according to the party’s principles, which say those who stand as independent candidates are automatically expelled.

Comments (36)

Talk of a house which built by stolen bricks, cement, roofing materials etc. You can not be excited by building such a house neither can you enjoy staying in such a house. You keep thinking the owners will come and claim their own. Zanu pf guys are fooling themselves and reality will catch up with them soon.

collins thole - 8 August 2013

Mugabe is trying to cheat the whole world like what he did to the people of Zimbabwe,SADC and AU but its impossible to cheat all the people every time.People of Zimbabwe want a rerun.

chimwango - 8 August 2013

Mugabe is trying to cheat the whole world like what he did to the people of Zimbabwe,SADC and AU but its impossible to cheat all the people every time.People of Zimbabwe want a rerun.

chimwango - 8 August 2013

The hierarchy of ZANU PF is as follows , at the top of the helm is:- The Chinese government and partners the Russians and North Koreans, and under them comes Sam pa and NIKUV (Mossad), below them is Van Hoogstrachan, then below him is Chiwenga and partners Chihuri and Mnangagwa, then below comes Mugabe (who is now just a figure head in the ZANU PF party because of very old age and weakness and lack of energy), then below him are the ZANU PF members of parliament. That is the hierarchy structure of ZANU PF nowadays.

Jaycoob Plezmogg - 8 August 2013

Mugabe is trying the impossible,to have his cake and eat at the same time.He barred the EU,America and the UN from sending observes calling them imperialists with a regime change agenda.Now he wants the very same countries to to accept a flawed election and recognize him as the legitimate winner. Well you are barking the wrong tree and in eyes of the international community you remain a crook.

Squarebasher - 8 August 2013

Why does bob waste his breath on the west, when he is the one responsible for the demise of Zimbabwe. The western countries' presidents are not losing sleep over some dingy dark zimbabwe. Election was stolen first where have u ever heard the national registry being run by a foreign entity? Talking about they fufill what they have set and if the goals are to completely annihilate zim from the face of the earth they are succeeding. This old man must just die and leave Zim alone.

obama4eva - 8 August 2013

MDC Mad Dying Cow- Zimbabwe w'll not be a colony again!

ichocharira - 8 August 2013

Sekuru President (erect) Robert Mugabe, how about a granny nap! You have lost all the credibility that you had. You are now just a pale shadow of you 1980s self. A faded revolutionary who is presiding over a failed state. To top it all up, I remember one Dr Eddison Zvobgo (may his soul rest in peace) saying something about kleptocracy (that is government by thieves). Does that ring a bell Sekuru?

Observer - 8 August 2013

There is overwhelming evidence that there was massive vote rigging in last week's elections. Mugabe has never tried to deny that this was so because he knows that an audit would show that this was indeed the case. The very fact that his first public comment since the voting is that MDC was backed by the British and her allies goes to show just how sick this tyrant really is! How does continued denial of the ordinary people of Zimbabwe their basic rights and freedoms including the right to a meaningful say in the governance of the country equates to dealing a blow to the British! If Tsvangirai and MDC had not been so breathtakingly incompetent and had implemented the agreed reforms; Mugabe would have failed to rig the elections, at least not massively as happened last week. MDC have five years to implement the reforms and failed to get even one reform implemented. Not one!

Wilbert Mukori - 8 August 2013

Dude is going to die as president. Can't you tell people?

JOHN BOSA - 9 August 2013

wats ur problem mugabe step down baba ur nw old enough to be in a wheelchair

Osama - 9 August 2013

STUPID & IDIOTIOC old old grandfather, if you think you won this election then prove to PRESIDENT TSVANGIRAI that you did not rig the vote . Produce all voted ballots printed in China where there was already an X water mark, and let's analyse them the 2 VOTED & UNUSED BALLOT. kana usina kubira MA CIO AKO EKU ZEC NGAVABURITSE and prove your innocence. WAKABA MA VOTES EDU CHETE KAMUDHARA IWE KANA UINE SUPPORT LETS FOR FOR AFREE AND FAIR ELECTION TO PROVE THAT HAUNA KUBIRA and the BALLOTS must be printed ne AU & SADC since you said they oked your win. This time no ballots from CHINA or ZRP PRINTED

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 9 August 2013

Mugabe is the biggest traitor this country has ever seen. Look what he is doing!

Tiger Shona - 9 August 2013

well done bob Zim will never be a colony again.

sibs - 9 August 2013

The annoying thing about Mr Mugabe is he always insults the western countries but at the same time wants them to remove the travel ban against him and his friends. Any intelligent person would want to know why he wants to travel to those same countries he claims to hate? In addition we have never seen him wearing a Chinese or Russian or North Korean outfit. His clothes come from those same hated western countries. This is hypocrisy of the highest order. Everything about Mr Mugabe is western. He wants the ordinary people to Look East while he Looks West. Why do African politicians lack some basic sense of honesty and integrity? They seem to think intelligence and wisdom resides in themselves only in the whole country. African leaders make themselves a huge laughing stock, jokes and charlatans who are not ashamed to tell untruths to the nation.

Chenjerai Hove - 9 August 2013

Baba Mugabe muri nhume yakatumwa, kuzosunungura Zimbabwe....(singing) President munogona Viva!

Pamberi - 9 August 2013

The peoples' faces tells it all. It does not seem to be adding up. God knows the whole truth and has all the answers.

Mambo - 9 August 2013

I wonder if you guys are in Zimbabwe and witnessing whats really on the ground. Truth be told we love our President even though you have tried very hard ..too hard i can say to make us hate him... We respect Bob yes as a man he have made his wrongs and rights but we believe in what he stands for. Yes thy are some who think otherwise and that is fine people are free to do that. My friends and i voted for freely for Bob ... now does that meet the definition of rigging?? We love you Bob. Did u seriously think w wld vote for the other party?? If thy wld hev admitted tht Zanu PF had sound policies thy wld hev reached political maturiy ....mayb thn taigona kufunga zvimwe

Zim's Voiceyouth - 9 August 2013

Who the hell do these Westerners think they are? Zimbabweans are not stupid and the worst mistake they made was to think we are brainless and we would follow therr brainless puppet blindly. We are the best educated nation on the continent and they could not have expected to succed using an uneducated Tsvangson in trying to woodwink us. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again! Nada taramba

pretty - 9 August 2013

lol "We are the best educated nation on the continent " people just need to stop smoking. You are so clever and "educated" that you vote for Joseph Chinotimba & expect your fortunes to change?

Lt Gen - 9 August 2013

"Who are you?" I think you will find they are the people who banned you and your cabal from visiting their countries & spending stolen money your poor country men can ill afford. Mr Mugabe spends too much time whining about countries who dont want to do business with him and yet claims he doesnt need them. Quit talking & obsessing about them then & just look east. Btw your friends in the east, they hedge their bets and look west & south & everything inbetween.

Lt Gen - 9 August 2013

Chinokura chinokotama musoro wegudo waramba kuita chinokoro. Till when are we ruled by dependences. Zano hapachina vafanana na boy.

Shefu - 9 August 2013

And who are you too?Bloody idiot Mugabe.You cheated the elections but God will punish you,bastard.

josefa chinotimba - 9 August 2013

old mugabe we are tired nenyaya yako yekutuka mawest iwe tarisa east utipe zvatinoda usada kuvharavhara zvakaitika wakabira asi economy hauyibiri old man

ZZIMBO - 9 August 2013

Muregerereiwo Mugabe arikufa manje manje. Hapana makore maviri.

Ziziharinanyanga - 9 August 2013

Losers pliz do us a favour and accept that you lost period! There is no logic going to polls with one condition..to win only. You lost fair and square, see what Binga does????? Do you out-rig Zanu PF there? Pliz just do the voting public a good service and go to work for the votes you received (33%).

Enteen Munkombwe - 10 August 2013

Mugabe is our hero and will never bow out to Tsvangirai and his handlers.Alutacontinua

cobra - 10 August 2013

The problem with the MDC is, that party is a Western and British project and Zimbabweans in the diaspora know that too well. It is unfortunate that Zimbabweans have played into the imperialist hands so much that we can't even think at all. There is no way MDC would win and rule Zimbabwe its like giving the country back to the British, What do you think? Wakeup Zimbabweans have you become psychological slaves so much that you think you can't do without these british colonialists, definitely not. Lets wake up from our sleep and kick this British project called MDC out of sight for ever.

tonderayi - 10 August 2013

Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans, not the Americans, not the British and not the Europeans. When that statement becomes part of your DNA , you will be able to say that you are free from your white masters. Mugabe has given you a once in a lifetime opportunity, grasp it with both hands and leave a legacy for your children.

Neville Hendricks - 10 August 2013

Madman on the prawl

Antonetta - 10 August 2013

Sekuru President (erect) Robert Mugabe, how about a granny nap! You have lost all the credibility that you had. You are now just a pale shadow of you 1980s self. A faded revolutionary who is presiding over a failed state. To top it all up, I remember one Dr Eddison Zvobgo (may his soul rest in peace) saying something about kleptocracy (that is government by thieves). Does that ring a bell Sekuru?

zanu matomama - 11 August 2013

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again and we will not allow sell-outs to rule this country. We will steadfastly stand with our President Mugabe who has made his position with regards to homosexuality very very clear..as for Morgan, he lost fair and squarely and should live it now for others.

tapinda tapinda - 11 August 2013

I believe MDC T won the election but the rest is history. All those that are saying zanu won are using their emotion not ration, I can write a book on reasons why this "erection" was a sham, among them frog-marching Zimbabweans and ambushed (rushed) to this erection by zanu and its machinery (mudede, zec, judiciary, chinamasa, Nikuv, etc)? Why was the constitution violated left right and centre? Why numerous sections of the Electoral Act, Broadcasting Act, Presidential Powers among others were violated and abused? Why would zec be so worried about “violated” rights of only 26,00 special votes to the extent of seeking the concourt to allow a second chance for this vote when the same zec had refused millions a fair chance citing "compliance" to the same law? Now that over 300,00 were denided chance to vote why is zec not portioning the concourt to allow these to vote? Is this not the "All animals are equal but other are more equal than others"? This is not about murungu kana kuti America/Europe. I am a professional and a budding entrepreneur and the so called indiginisation is also a farce. I honestly do not see hope for my kids and generations to come. Anything that zanu is pursuing is not sustainable because there no basis/foundation to sustain it. Vana vevhu ngatidzidzeyi zvanhasi kuburikidza nezvanezuro kuitira ramangwana (33 years wasted). We learn the present in light of the past for the purpose of the future. Where do you place zanu in this???? For once think about it my fellow Zimbabwean.

Simon - 12 August 2013

Zimbabwe has been thown to the doldrums again by the unrully witches who think they are the bullies of the earth.Let them remember what hat happened to Saddam ,Gaddafi ,iddi amini,San Abacha etc.Time shall come ,the lord who is in heaven is not a coward he is watch what the evils are doing. Zimbabwe has got the most disciplined people who have been harrassed,tortured and abused by zanu pf without giving an revenge. Mugabe is now starting to blame everyone including the world icon Tata who is in Haspital.these are signs of desperations because there is no one listening to his evil utterances.The Zimbos are busy concentrating on how to manage the lives through coming hardships which have been invited by Mugabe.

Chemai ne tariro - 13 August 2013

It was Robert Mugabe who brought democracy to Zimbabwe, but it was a democracy only if you voted for him - ortherwise it was called toppling the government! He will die in power!

vortex - 14 August 2013

It was Robert Mugabe who brought democracy to Zimbabwe, but it was a democracy only if you voted for him - ortherwise it was called toppling the government! He will die in power!

vortex - 14 August 2013

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