Inside Zim voting ritual

HARARE - What goes around indeed comes around.

The elections came and went, it is done and dusted for sure, and winners are celebrating while losers are back to the drawing board if at all they have recovered from the losing trauma.

All those who managed to cast their votes for their favourite candidates did their part, it is time to expect all those goodies that they were told will suddenly overwhelm them or to harvest disappointment in grand proportions. 

As the clock ticks many will quickly realise that all that glitters is not gold and if wishes were horses everyone would have one of their own.

A fellow human being cannot give another person anything; you have to work on your own if you want to enjoy a good life.

For those who are on the losing side they should take heed of what most school heads say to those who will have fared badly at the end of each school term “If you have not done well this term, it is not the end of world, there will always be next time, try hard and it shall be well.”

You cannot change the world but you can make a better place by being the change you want yourself.

Well for those who are in the celebration mood do not offend those who are recovering from the trauma of losing because you are no better in any way.

Everyone will still buy from the same shops, live in the same localities, and go to the same schools.

The people of Zimbabwe must only celebrate when there are policies that can guarantee basic needs and better lives for themselves and their children, not a situation when others are dying from diseases of malnutrition and others die from diseases of “over-eating”.

What is critical is how the economy will be rejuvenated in a way that will have spill-overs to the rest of the populace.

While this has failed to manifest itself over the years what guarantee do we have that now all the challenges that the economy is facing will be tackled?

In Africa, and the rest of the Third World where there is no vibrant middle class that is rooted in pure production but on a parasitic semi-middle class whose survival hinges on benefitting disproportionately on rabid patronage systems, the vote only makes sense to the person being voted and their immediate families.

Some enthusiastic voters in the harmonised election are struggling to come to terms with their new but not very new reality.

They still live in the same dirty homes; move in vendor infested streets which requires people to have sharp reflexes to navigate their way.

For those in rural areas they still face hunger, destitution and starvation, they do not see truckloads of grain coming their way.

Goodies only come during these campaign periods as a form of bait by those masquerading as the dearest darlings of poverty-stricken individuals.

They will be back in five years time, promising better housing, dams, new schools, hospitals and heaven on earth.

When others were said to have slept at the polling stations to exercise their democratic right, some in Harare went about their usual business.

Why did they find no interest in such an important event?

One will be tempted to think that these people are illiterate or ignorant but a closer analysis will reveal that these people are some of the most intelligent individuals who understand what they are doing.

They have since realised that voting is just a ritual to allow few individuals to be strategically positioned to amass wealth through siphoning of State resources.

Some have voted the same individuals for a long time and nothing has materialised because the same individuals that one is looking forward to are actually looking for a secure job with guaranteed benefits.

It is time to move on and face the future with optimism and confidence.

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NATASHA - 8 August 2013

Morgan Tsvangirai, you naively trusted Mugabe and his Zanu PF Party while they went ahead and betrayed your trust. You drank tea, ate cookies, married into Zanu PF families and lived in a mansion with a chauffeured Mercedes Benz to drive and trotted all over the world yet the regal Mugabe targeted you for humiliation . Also, while you and your Minsters were enjoying the trappings of power, they planned to bring you down instead - "wakadziya moto wembava", now do not cry foul of their actions.

Tapera Yemurai Choto - 9 August 2013

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