Tsvangirai demands full poll results

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai’s chief election agent, Obert Gutu has written to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) requesting to be furnished with a full set of results for the “disputed” July 31 elections.

Tsvangirai and his party allege that the election was stolen using systematic rigging and various election irregularities, including voters’ roll anomalies and the contracting of an “infamous” Israeli company, Nikuv, to mess with the votes.

In a letter fired off on Monday to Lovemore Sekeramayi, the chief elections officer, Gutu demanded full presidential results for each and every constituency.

Furthermore, he requested a “detailed breakdown of the number of people who voted at each and every polling station nationwide as well as a detailed breakdown of the number of people who were turned away at each and every polling station and the reasons why they were turned away.”

“The above-mentioned information is required as a matter of extreme urgency and as such, I look forward to receiving the same from your office by close of business on Monday, August 5, 2013,” Gutu says in the letter.

The electoral commission led by Rita Makarau say they are a legitimate body who operate professionally and independently.

MDC declared the election null and void and is now seeking legal recourse, saying they have enough evidence to prove the will of the people was subverted by Zanu PF and Zec.

The MDC also requested a “detailed breakdown of all voters who were assisted nationwide and a detailed breakdown of the number of voters who used voter registration slips at each and every polling station nationwide.”

“A detailed breakdown of voters who used the special voting and postal voting mechanism as well as the relevant wards where special and postal votes were used,” the letter reads.

Gutu said they will file an urgent chamber application if Zec fails to comply with their demand by close of business today.

The main election observer missions, the Southern Africa Development Community and the African Union, in their preliminary reports said the elections were free but a final report would provide details on whether the July 31 poll was credible.

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Rita, kushata moto ne face zvese. Indava kufanana naMugabe? Time will tell....

Oh shame - 7 August 2013

I doubt if the courts can help in MDC's case. They are all stuffed by Mugabe's cronies. Approaching the courts will simply legitimise the poll. MDC should simply boycott all government structures, with a view of creating more uncertainty within the country. Ultimately it will lead to economic chaos, something that ZANU PF will need at the least. Am sure ZANU will come to the table and make a few concessions!

Tambainegidi - 7 August 2013

No concessions with losers.

muvengwa munondivengerei - 7 August 2013

Way to go Mr Chief Election Agent.

inini - 7 August 2013

Facts will never cease to exist if they are ignored. Tsvangirai, you failed us and pliz stop pretending to be clever after the election is lost. I for one thought yr main task in the inclusive gvt wz to study hw best MDC was going to win this election bt alas! I wz in dreamland. You also centred yr campain mainly in twn nt even bothering to break zanu pf stronghold in the rurals. We need a new leader who will take us a step further. Morgan you disappointed us.

Gonzoguru - 7 August 2013

Zvishoma nezvhishoma kusenga kwedhongi. There will come a time when Nikuv is so exhausted that they won't come to the party. Ben Menashe comes to mind.

Dangurangu - 7 August 2013

Civil Society are always the end losers in the titanic clash between the global political forces of darkness and of light. The forces of darkness are characteristically content with minimum if ostensible democratic standards, conveniently perceiving sinful intent in exhibited higher democratic ambitions.

Cde Fair Play - 8 August 2013

That's crapy Zanu lost the elections ,you all lying nobody likes you .Our parents fought in the liberation struggle now its Jonathan Moyo the gay Kasukuwere benefiting .whats the point of voting Mugabe into power .we lost family members muhondo today you leave ana mafios moyo and Kasukuwere doing whatever they want with the people .Zanu Pf have lost the core values of the liberation struggle.Lets get back to what we believed in the first place ndatenda

Marange diamond - 8 August 2013

Fellow country me, please lets move on. Most people are not happy about the election results but ZANU-PF will not reliquish power now just for the sake of satisfying the crying. Its all over, lets look forward or else we will be talking the same old song like parrots until our children dies of hunger.

Joseph Shiri - 8 August 2013

Guys we may point fingers about what should have been done to avoid electoral fraud but the fact is this A Dictator is an oppressor that is Mugabe &his Zanu pf party .An autocratic ruler has absolute no respect for rule of law he can do what ever he wishes you may argue but to a dictator it doesnt matter at the end of the day just like this election which were grossly rigged even a grade one child can see it but to a dictator who want to stay in power he doesn't care even if to go east or south .I salute MDC leadership ,advisors &at most supporters for the way your reacted after your will was stolen by the dictators you remain calm& peaceful you shamed the devil. I just heard that oppressor had already deployed the police &soldiers in the streets to defend his thievery. MDC YOU ARE HEROES .A dictator knows how to kill& injure & total disregard to the rule of law. In such a case what can you do just gather your evidence of malrigging take it court for record sake in future &don't expect much from the court becoz a dictator makes the laws& appoints judges they are like his mouthpieces in the court .From AU& SADC don't put hope on them they are toothless biased dogs composed of some "fellow" dictators & poor countries with unfinished problems back home. For a dictator time will come unexpectedly take moment and think of Gaddaffi the strongest of them all in Africa. Where is he?the least of oppressors gone is too long

hitler Gaddaffi - 8 August 2013

My messages to all dictators oppressors, murderers &thieves MUGABE and ZANUPF the innocent souls that you their blood will rise again .Genesis 9verse6 "Whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed :for in the image of God made he man" The book has been fulfilled already where is Saddam Hussein , Adolf Hitler my father ,Iddi Ammin ,Benito Mussolini KING OF AFRICA Muamuar Gaddaffi .Mugabe and your cronies watch out God is there watching you gruesome activities on innocent civilians

hitler Gaddaffi - 8 August 2013

My messages to all dictators oppressors, murderers &thieves MUGABE and ZANUPF the innocent souls that you their blood will rise again .Genesis 9verse6 "Whoso sheddeth man's blood by man shall his blood be shed :for in the image of God made he man" The book has been fulfilled already where is Saddam Hussein , Adolf Hitler my father ,Iddi Ammin ,Benito Mussolini KING OF AFRICA Muamuar Gaddaffi .Mugabe and your cronies watch out God is there watching you gruesome activities on innocent civilians

hitler Gaddaffi - 8 August 2013

Tsvangirai DONZA UKAKATE CHETE, don't let these DAYLIGHT ROBBERS escape. Let's take our case to SADC TROIKA if ZEC refuses to cooperate and also non of our MPS must not accept cabinet posts, handiti mugabe aiti MDC-T ndiyo yairambira nemari yekuwedzera ma civil servants and also to sponser other projects through out the country, so let him and his ZANU fufill what they [romised the zimbabwean poor electorate. Icha fema moto chete this time BITI don't accept to be used to source the funds which inturn zanu abuses by MUGABE'S UNNECESSARY TRIPS AND OVERSIZED DELIGATION . viva MDC-TEAM and LONG LIVE DR R.M. TSVANGIRAI, us zimbabweans we love you and you TEAM. dON'T GIVE IN TO ZANU DEMANDS OR OFFERS SEE WHAT THEY DID WITH THE GPA WHICH WAS NEVER FULLY IMPLIMENTED THIS TIME HAVA LUME VAKATINGWADZA PA GPA

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 8 August 2013


Watikiritai - 8 August 2013

Lets keep records of these offices guys, the day mugabe dies we will PETRO BOMB IT. at the moment i think it should be guarded ne PPU

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 8 August 2013

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! zvima comments zvevanhu varuza! Dai Tsangison wadai, Dai Gutu wadai. Dai kwaita unrest. Dai nyika yaparara. Dai economy yashata. Dai Doomsday yasvika. Dai Dai ...........

madhaka - 8 August 2013

even street kids have the results, is this man a genuine lawyer or he is one of those?

reason - 8 August 2013

Chief Election Agent- what a fuss. All along we have been told endless times by the mdc T that 1 million people were turned away at the polls, where did you get that figure, why going to zec now? sour grapes. Stupid group of mdc-T lawyers. like everyone is saying, if zanu pf indeed stole the election in the face of mdc-T academics, lawyers and professors, then you guys dont deserve to be in government. Anyway who paid this so called NIKUV? Government through the ministry of finance, dishonorable Tendai Biti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mundamurefu - 8 August 2013

The old and once respecteelrcd judge, Rita Makarau can not claim to be independent and professional, the way she conducted the harmonised elections is far short of professionalism. No judge worthy his/her salt should continue in that role. Resignation can save her reputation.

Ishmael Mundeta - 8 August 2013

The element of rigging is very vivid. How come in a country claiming to be penniless printed 8,7 million more than 35% the number of copies needed. Why wasting resources while 89% of the Zimbos are drinking water at mid morning. On top of that you failed to give youth loans for the projects.

Mukuru - 8 August 2013

Madhaka uri madhaka chaiwo. Ndipewo kamari keuri kupiwa kekuti urarame chete. Kamugodhi kako kachavharwa.

Bob - 8 August 2013

Gonzoguru uri Gonzo chairo.Waivepi pairambidzwa vanhu kuenda kumaRally eMDC-T kumaruwa?Don't talk shit wanzwa.Tsvangirai did his best to make in roads in those areas.

badoo - 8 August 2013

Hey,i was shocked when i saw the figures of the people who were assisted to vote and those who were turned away.truly this was a big shame in the face of the so called zec.with the level of education zimbabweans have,one would then wonder how 35 678 were assisted to vote in just one constituence?During the last election.these people were voting unassisted by how come now?why were people turned away?surely zec,are you telling us there were no spoilt papers?nemiwo vakomana,can this be a credible election?is this professionalism from zec?if you had contacted voter education,were you going to experience such big numbers of voters being turned away?the election that never was.God is watching the truth shall prevail very soon.

gulaz - 9 August 2013

Why waste time responding to idiotic puppets. Puppets are idiotic thus the need to assist them to vote in case they sell out. Good zpf.

reason - 9 August 2013

Did You seriously think we would vote for that party....We voted for RG Mugabe becoz we believe in what he stands for. We freely voted for now... tel me does tht meet ur definition of rigging??? Yes a man he has made his rights and wrongs but we LOVE him because we undersatnd wat he has been thru and whr he is coming from. ANY DAY ANY TIME will VOTE for ROBERT GABRIEL MUGABE. wen he went to speak to Mapositori ppl wr laughing and calling him al sot of names.... but look wr t gat him too... LONG LIVE RG

Zim's Voiceyouth - 9 August 2013

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