Zuma has failed Zimbabwe: DA

HARARE - President Jacob Zuma has failed Zimbabwe with his message of congratulations to his counterpart Robert Mugabe, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said yesterday.

“Mr Zuma has allowed Mugabe to get away with a farce of an election,” DA MP Ian Davidson said in a statement.

Zuma congratulated Mugabe on his re-election as Zimbabwe’s president.

“President Zuma has failed Zimbabwe, failed Zimbabweans and failed the Southern African Development Community by not providing the leadership that the region desperately required,” said Davidson.

He suggested Zuma’s congratulations were “extremely premature” given reports of “very serious irregularities” in the elections.

Zuma was sending a message that his administration would tolerate “significant irregularities”, Davidson said.

In a statement issued by the international relations department, Zuma described Wednesday’s elections as “harmonised” and called for peace in the neighbouring country.

“President Zuma urges all political parties in Zimbabwe to accept the outcome of the elections as election observers reported it to be an expression of the will of the people.”

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The election was not free and fare Mr. Zulu. Accommodate us to your country, we will be there in our large numbers or in millions. Zanu pf is very egoistic party unlike the SOUTH African government which gives elderly people MUNDENDE/ monthly salaries and give married people stands, free hospital charges, almost free primary education... the roads are good, farms are for trained formers..... Here in Zimbabwe is the country was run well we were suppose to be better than SA but the riches of the country are going to MUGABE and his cronies. Morgan is a person with people at heart. To tell you guys ZANU is looting our natural recourses as well as our money. Imagine to change number plate you need nearly 2 000 rands.... Who is benefiting from indigenization of companies? Them.

Zulu - 5 August 2013

Come 2014 i think i know where my Vote will go...

Mfana Ka Sobhuku... - 5 August 2013

Zuma has failed Racist whites not Zimbabwean. Exactly what happened to puppet Raila Odinga who is now herding cattle at a ranch sowhere in kenya

crocodile squad - 5 August 2013

Zuma is weighing two options. 1. Benefits of criticising Mugabe faning hatred and anger that may plunge the country into chaos when there are less than 5 years remaining before Mugabe dies. 2. Or to pretending that he is on Mugabe's side and make sure peace prevails while Zimbabweans wait patiently for Mugabe to die in the next 5 years. Chaos will definately go beyond 5 years because Mugabe will radicalise his young hardliners to believe they have a genuine cause to fight for till death. Even when he dies within 5 years, the radicalised hardliners will continue to cause chaos in Zimbawe. So yes, Zuma you are right. We Zimbabweans have patience to watch Mugabe being killed by his own soldiers as he will never be able to feed them. It nearly happened before 2008. He was only saved by SADC's GNU. Otherwise he could have been either killed by his men or fled to China by now. 5 years of peace is better than chaos, hunger and anarchy for the rest of our lives. Mugabe is dying within 5 years that is if he ever manages to get that far.

Ziziharinanyanga - 5 August 2013

Ziziharinanyanga uri muroyi zimusatanist. Unoshuwira rufu kuna vaMugabe because he liked by us zimbabweans. But let me assure you, you are going to die first unless you are God. For your information soldiers are not primitive like you. That prayer of death to our President is already in your family. Uri imbwa chaiyo musatanist asina kana njere. You dont deserve to be in our society. Asi izvo zvaunoshuwira vamwe ndizvo zvirikuzoitika kwauri God is not a fool like you.

Takeiteasy Marcaves - 5 August 2013

Ngaafe kana hanya naye.

BUNZVA - 5 August 2013

Takeiteasy and Ziziharinanyanga: May God, with speed, pursue and smite to death those who say good what is evil, those who say they are protecting when they are destroying and those who shed innocent blood and those who steal elections. AMEN

rryyi - 5 August 2013

rryyi, Thumbs up for you dear, Amen

lee - 5 August 2013

Better afe in the next 12 months then toita ma fresh elections and all the VOTING STATIONERY WILL HAVE TO BE PRINTED BY SADC. and havalume futi ndinopika ne guva rezanu rinonzi rakawinner

EARTHQUAKE31JULY - 5 August 2013

Pane mufana uya akati kan vaMugabe vakahwina achavapa mukadzi wake. Ita tone mufana wangu

juwachuwa - 5 August 2013

zim is a sovereign country EARTHQUAKE31JULY therefore SADC cannot and will not run our electoral process. by the way read the constitution about the eventuality of the president dying in office. the bottom line is zanu will rule and we will perpetuate its rule even after mugabe

pop - 5 August 2013

takeiteasy wakaoma umwe wangu.kkkkkk. Haaaa! Zizi uyo izizi chairo. Dont worry Takeiteasy. Even if the Old Man dies today. Terera Zizi chikuvhu chako chiri muvhu zvoreva kuti wakatodepositor kare towards the grave. No one will come out of this life alive Zizi. Mudhara Bhobho was apointed by God and its only God who will remove Zizi. U dont have power over people's life. Neither should ur thinking be the thinking of everyone. Allow people to exercise heir will and stop being judgemental. Takeitseasy is right, those who curse leaders appointed by God will be cursed. You are inviting a curse upon your family. Be carefull with your words Zizi. But anywher its not your fault uri Zizi-period!!!

COMRADE - 5 August 2013

zvichapera chete watch out iro gore rino ndinopika hariperi

Iree Kushmun - 5 August 2013

AS for ZUMA this man has no interest on anything all he wants is to keep the ZIM issue as volatile as possible so that his business people can come in and loot ,That is the way he deals, EVERYTHING WILL COME TO AN END SOON, ZANU PF watch out

CASHTALK - 5 August 2013

Zuma like Thabo Mbeki before him, is a SADC person where Mugabe is one of the 15 Heads of States. Even though, SADC guaranteed the GPA, how many of its document Reforms (signposts), were implemented and who was putting spanners to their implementation? Even though the organisation chided Mugabe on their (GPA Reforms), not being implemented, did the organisation ever censure him at all? Not even once, yet the GPA is a SADC document it guaranteed. Is this the elections results, the organisation guaranteed? In this case, be you own judge, hopefully not like Chidyausiku.

Tapera Yemurai Choto - 6 August 2013

DA is for apartheid. They believes in Boer superiority. Do it in western Cape not Zim.

Patriot - 6 August 2013

Have always wondered about the entire SADC and Zuma on the Zim issue, they have never been serious! What a let down to the people of Zimbabwe, and let us not put faith in these people, they will never be for us!

Mr. G - 6 August 2013

For you the Dailynews l honest ask you take a survey of the MDC T supporters you will be shocked. These fools do not vote or register to vote, not because their are denied by ZEC. There are as fool as their leader Chematama who do not know what to say on a rally. who think the west will come and vote here. The west are pigs who fed on blackman's blood and flesh. pse THE DAILYNEWS educate your readers , not to mislead them. sure.For sure you will not win THIS MILK AND HONEY ZIMBABWE NYIKA YECHIPIKIRWA viva ZANU PF

BRAVO - 6 August 2013

Robert is far much better kaMandela kablack man with a white man's mentality. Wish he never recovers. Who's DA nonsense whites.

sandie-baby - 6 August 2013

DA what??? Zimbabwe was rundown by sanctions and selfishness yaTsvangison who thought everything he reads about daily can manage the country. He is NOW busy feeding the whitemen with nonsense at the expense of the electorate.Why not discussing with people who voted for him if he was that sensible to people than spending time on CNN; E-TV; BBC and so on??

DA - 6 August 2013

POP wakupenga kutonga kusvika rini, mira kamuchembere kenyu aka kafe then ndopaunoona kuti kaitamba netime bomb kachiti chihuri asasunge imi mhondi dzezanu. mhondi tinoto dzidimburawo mawoko musi uyu nekuti PHAROAH anenge apedza rwake mhondi dzinosara tichabvudzana chete MHOSVA HAIWORI, keep that in your SKULL

EARTHQAUKE31JULY - 6 August 2013

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