Sadc urged Tsvangirai to quit polls

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC party took part in Zimbabwe’s elections against advice from the Southern African Development Community (Sadc), which urged him to withdraw from the polls.

A high-level diplomatic source has told City Press, Sadc told Tsvangirai at a summit in Maputo in June not to take part in the elections.

“This was the only way the elections could be delayed so concerns about the reforms of the security sector could be addressed,” said a government aide with close knowledge of the meeting.

But Zuma’s spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, said the proposal was not made at the meeting.

“Sadc’s communiqué (discussed in Maputo) wanted the parties to talk about their differences and approach the courts for a postponement of 14 days,” Maharaj said.

“It did not say that one party should withdraw. That was not an option. If any member advised this outside of the meeting, it would be an irresponsible thing to say.”

The Maputo meeting was attended by Sadc heads, including Zuma, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Tsvangirai, who served as prime minister of Zimbabwe’s unity government at the time.

The claim was corroborated by a separate source, who was briefed about the meeting.

But the second source said: “The MDC-T did not want to (pull out) because they were convinced that they would win the elections.”

Both the AU and the Sadc last week expressed concerns about the way the elections had been conducted, but in their preliminary pronouncements said the elections had been free.

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I wish to take this opportunity to thanks our political class for not burning our huts, maimining and killing us during the last election. The fact that you outfoxed and cheated each other is REALLY none of our business. How one party could be cheated with its eyes open says a lot about them..Of course we wait with baited breath to see whether the cheated one will even the odds by pulling an even faster one on the other...all we ask, keep your word and keep us out of it. Of course we will pass idle comment from time to time but the real contest is between the two of you, PLEASE KEEP US OUT OF IT. We have resigned ourselves to our fate, both your records of governance was appalling fight it out amongst yourselves!

gutter poet - 5 August 2013

Tsvangirayi is not Zimbabwe. What reforms are you talking about? What of the sanctions and pirate radio stations which are still illegally operational. If the advise to boycott the elections was a good advise why was it not said during the process of the summit. That high-level diplomatic source is a high-level liar.Why did he/she not say that before the elections and who advised that.Rubbish!!!

alloys - 5 August 2013

I think this Tswangirai guy is stupid and dull, he has lost the trust of people.. idiot

Mfana Ka Sobhuku... - 5 August 2013

Mfana Ka Sobhuku like your name suggests you are more than an idiot because you are an insane person.. you are a yes boss man. What ever said you say exactly what I wanted to say. You are also someone's bicycle, Mfana ke ZANU, that's why you are running the country like SAbhuku Chagogodza.

KULE - 5 August 2013

Cde Chinoz for Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Sorojena - 5 August 2013

Tsvangson is a celebrated idiot.

duncane - 5 August 2013

wise one, take pride in the thistle worded congratulations that uponst thy integrity we pile. they are thy blessings. let time, yes time judge each of us. the 28: GPA 4. let us learn from our mistakes. 2013 is not the end! i, as edward, understands Mugabe's reasons for jubilation, and of his otherwise prison bound mass murder lieutenants - jobs. how about my fellows? what will the ZANU gvt do for u?

edward - 5 August 2013

Gutter wakaoma. I have also asked the same question time and again- How can you get cheated when there are observers at the polling station. What a party of dull people who claim to rule the country.

comrade - 5 August 2013

@gutter poet - thumps up. @Daily News - can you please include like and dislike buttons for posted comments???

progress - 5 August 2013

hahaha Mugabe sweeping all seats in Matebeleland South. Shura chairo

Baiware - 5 August 2013

Now it is coming out that SADC told the MDC-T not to participate in the elections it had suggested be postponed for, at least, two weeks. First Tsvangirai did not listen to SADC's suggestion and this time Zuma, SADC's Facilitator on Zimbabwe, is not listening to Tsvangirai's suggestion. In the final analysis, who is going to cry foul and to whom?

Tapera Yemurai Choto - 6 August 2013

Congratulations by troika means facilitation is now closed and Zimbabwe is now under one leader who is RG Mugabe. Morgan stop wasting time.

Cliford Musvamhiri - 6 August 2013

All the people commenting do not know what is politics .Politics is talking lies , you treat people like your servants, you decide what to do when you are in control and no one can stop you. What you should know is politics is the abuse of the law and power is danger of secrecy. its misconduct against citizens mostly pepetrated by government engadged in secrecy.This will grow to causing society not to respect the politicians wether you are in power . so when commenting about politics dont use emotions and see one side of the cone.

Tarusenga Munyanyi - 6 August 2013

We can not look at the issue. A number of issues have to be looked at before we can say the election are free, fair or credible. If SADC has to be honest, if Zanu PF has to be honest, of which it doesnt really fall into that category, then the elections were really a farce. I bet a lot are excited that they didnt loose their homes, limbs etc, but the long and short is the people wanted an election to change things,and that is not what happened, which is why the whole nation is still coming out of their stress. The whole nation is weak all because some people stole the people's victory. It is sad.

change agent - 6 August 2013

Politics is all about the art of lying! Tell the povo that water bills from 4yrs ago will be written off and everyone ululates! Tell Civil Servants that you will award them with some hefty salary increments and everyone ululates! Tell the prospective voters that those still keeping the Zim $ will be compensated and everyone ululates! Tell the country synonymous of air-time & flea-market venders that they will get jobs with the new government and everyone ululates! Tell mapositori that I am also madzibaba and everyone ululates! Tell the force-matched people to the gathering that you are a democratic leader and everyone ululates! At the rally tell the fed-up povo that this ugly President is a womaniser despite being a prositute of proven record and everyone ululates! Tell the gathered mass that I am still strong and can run the country for some more terms of office yet it is abundantly clear that you cannot stand on your own and that you are more than 90 years of age and everyone ululates! Tell them that they will have a better living from the "new" government yet for the past 33 years there is ample evidence that the country was in cow-bow governance and everyone ululates! Tell them that you are their God-given leader and that no opposition should ever rule this country and that noone from the party is yet ripe to be President and everyone ululates! Tell them that you are a full-time catholic and have christian values despite all the hate speech; brutal killings; cheating and adultery and everyone ululates! Now that you have bestowed power upon yourself to continually destroy the almost promising economy, and that when people start complaining, you will hide in the name of sanctions and everyone ululates! When the heat is upon him the scapegoat is Tony Blair and everyone whilstles and ululates! Politicians are indeed good liars!!

Artful Politician - 6 August 2013

They should have urged him to quit puppet politics.

reason - 6 August 2013

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