Zanu PF rigged election - Makoni

HARARE - Opposition Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) leader Simba Makoni has rejected election results alleging his former party Zanu PF has rigged the outcome.

The former Finance minister, who entered into an anti-President Robert Mugabe coalition with Morgan Tsvangirai, told the Daily News on Sunday that Zanu PF engineered the results of the just ended crunch harmonised elections.

“Vakabirira zvavo zviri pachena. Hazvisi izvo zvakaitwa nevanhu uye hatizvitambire izvozvo. (It is known that they rigged the results without doubt.

“I reject the results because that is not what the people said),” Makoni said.

Makoni, who came third in the 2008 presidential race, contested  as an aspiring legislator for Makoni Constituency but was defeated by Zanu PF’s Patrick Chinamasa.

Makoni said they were working on measures to expose the “rigging done by Zanu PF” in the just-ended July 31 elections.

“We are taking different measures to unmask the rigging techniques used by Zanu PF to win these elections,” Makoni said.

“We will engage with the general public and as well as engaging with the courts of law in so much that we disclose the rigging done by Zanu PF.”

Meanwhile, Sadc, African Union (AU) and Sadc PF observer mission have said the election was peaceful.

Olusegun Obasanjo, head of the AU observer mission admitted that the Zimbabwean elections had flaws but rather concluded in his report that they were free and fair; a conclusion reiterated by Sadc Election Observer Mission (Seom) and Sadc Parliamentary Forum (Sadc PF).

Tsvangirai has alleged that military intervention played a crucial role in fixing the election in Zanu PF’s favour.

He maintained that the elections were not credible.

“I was going to consider defeat in an honest and credible election. Being peaceful does not add up to a credible election,” said Tsvangirai.

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It's shameful that ZANUPF diverted $830 diamond money towards rigging elections instead fo improving people's lives - 4 August 2013

It's shameful that ZANUPF diverted $830 diamond money towards rigging elections instead of improving people's lives - 4 August 2013


JOSE - 4 August 2013


JOSE - 4 August 2013

@dunamatuna- Many thanks for your observation..what is of interest to me is how much did all the parties contesting the election spend on this poll? I wish there was ssomebody out there competent enough to tell us the figures inclusive of adverts by ZEC, ZESN and so on, and the other players, this should also include fuel and other transport costs..would one be far too wrong to say this is just slightly above USD one billion in total..Where did this money come from and would it not be interesting if one were to compute how far would we have used this money to advance our social welfare. I have USD 200 million each for the NRZ, All water bills for providing safe water for all city councils, Industry recapitalisation and the USD300m to ZEC to run the election and 20 million for each party's campaign and smiling... So you see our political class (all of them) have an interesting sense of priorities given this was a unity government..NO? Not withstanding rigging and all the other accusations thereof and counter arguments...where do we go from here ? We have been hanging for the past three years after a false start with the dawn of the inclusive government. Here is my take..why not fight each other in the courts or whereever but get our country back on its feet again and give the voters something to cheer about? There appears to be a funeral in the land for both winners and this how a post election scenario should like? Please take some time and think about the people who voted for you no matter what side of the political divide you are and remember children still have to go to school.

gutter poet - 4 August 2013

Bvumai kana makundwa. in a fair environment ie where there are no economic sanctions targeted or otherwise and where there are no pirate radio stations etc the MDC will never win a free and fair election even if those elections were supervised by their wives and monitored by their brothers. The truth is the people have spoken and let us respect the will of the people.

Tawanda Guropiro - 4 August 2013

Well done Tsvangirai my hero. Nobody on the face of the earth could have won such a flawed poll. Nayo nayo. Its ''power'' they want , it is power that we give them. For now all mouths shut as we watch and see.

Namibia express - 4 August 2013

Surely Makoni you did not exoect to win. i was supporting you until the last minute when you teamed up with Morgan and showed yourself to be desperate. Even your party Mavambo dumped you because you are not going anywhere. Stop wasting our time.

Muzimba - 4 August 2013

Kikikiki Hanzi na Bob i have 100 ways of winning elections and i have just used one. even tikaita mamwe he will use the next strategy imi makavhura maziso makatarisa ma Ballot papers. Kukiiwa chete.

Chikomba - 5 August 2013

leave them alone and watch form the terraces, they will struggle

kuziva mbuyahuudzwa - 5 August 2013

@Muzimba, i dnt blame Simba for teaming up with MOrgan. Here is the thing, we have a common enemy who is Mugabe and he is a strong enemy. Amongst us there is one person who is close to taking him down what do we do, team up and take the enemy down. Definately Zapu,MDC W, MDK were nt going to win, they shld have all rallied behind Tsvangirai and take down uncle Bob. Otherwise hapana dhiri

Chikomba - 5 August 2013

I was chatting with this man. When I told him that I am from Zimbabwe, he looked straight into my eyes for a while as if he was searching for words to say....then he said " the old man has cheated on the election"...! I was devasted and my heart was broken! If the word cheat is ascribed to this election it has potential to cast doubts over the whole leadership and has serious negative implication on the government that would emerge from this. For me it goes beyond this dating back to all the years that we were under the rule of this man! It imagine that he can cheat...all is lost for me!

Jungli - 5 August 2013

Zanu (PF) won whether they cheated or not is another case. They are in control whether we like it or not. Period. These are the scenarios of this world when men is in control but there is on thing men cannot control that is life. You cannot cheat on life. You cannot control life. You can not rig LIFE. Accord the winner with much respect and wait for God's time. Ignore things of the world God's time is the best time. Your ways are not God's ways His thoughts are higher than your ways. God's million years can be a day. I say you cannot rig or cheat life.

Report Masunda - 5 August 2013

The poling officers who were mostly security operatives were sending in the wrong figures to command centres in favour of Zanu PF. The special votes cast by the police had more than three ballot papers and had no names of the person who had cast them so that they could be closed out. If a zanu pf candidate got 209 votes, the polling officer would prefix with a 1 so that it reads 1209 votes. Thats why there was a blanket ban on announcing results displayed on the polling stations. In my ward the Zanu pf council got 149 votes and RGM got 70 votes. The elections were stolen. ZANU PF should now sort out their succession issue. Its no use giving the guy steriods to perform, it will not work this time.

chipolopolo - 5 August 2013

The first idiot to comment, talks of $830.00 as money used to rig elections, please can someone tell him that amount is for kindergarten fees per month. How could it have helped the economy. Am sure he does't even know his home address.

reason - 5 August 2013

Its so funny how ZPF operates. most Zimbabweansare not celebrating a loss and we have lost our freedom. We need to act fast before the wounds dry for if they dry up. we will die with an infection. For how long shall the peole suffer and why should we suffer....

alisha kanengoni - 5 August 2013

In Chikanga-Dangamvura, Tsvangirai imposed Giles Mutseyekwa who had lost in the Primaries to Anold Tsunga, before the elections, Tsvangirai said Tsunga would be expelled from the party if he did not heed his advice to step aside for Mutseyekwa. Now in the election, Tsunga wwent on to beat Mutseyekwa. So Mr Tsvangirai this is true, people in Mutare abandoned you because you wanted to imposed a loser and useless friend of yours on us. Was this not rigging on your part, subverting the will of the people of Chikanga-Dangamvura, next time be careful not to impose anyone on us. This is how you also lost to Zanu(PF) in Makoni Central where you imposed your new friend Simba Makoni against the people's choice. The result was the splitting of votes between Makoni and the people's choice, an internal rigging process. You have grown too big headed and take people for granted

Pepe - 5 August 2013

@chipolopolo u surprise me. The results were there at polling stations. If those who lost were serious candidates, they could have obtained correct figures from their polling agents and add them up tyo see if they agree with announced figures. If they did not have agents can it be the problem of the winners? Lets have facts not speculation. Waruza aruza vakomana.

Sturbonfacts - 5 August 2013

madyiwa madyiwa, u are puppets for real with o without US and Britain. this tym u r out u like o not.

ecm - 5 August 2013

bhora mugedhi

Junior Verengai - 5 August 2013

ECM ... It seems you are an owner of a diamond mine. Where does US and Britain fit here!! off topic!!!! The truth is this time you played with papers unlike what you did in 2008 h elections when you exposed your cruelty to the whole world when more than 200 people were killed and displaced. The truth is 90% of Zimbabweans hate Zanu pf because of its deeds.

Munhu - 5 August 2013

the good thing is that we will suffering together with the zanu pf supporters...have seen thousands roaming the streets with tattered clothes while Mugabe dines in countries...

good - 5 August 2013

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