'Zanu PF has stolen this election'

HARARE - We live in horrible times surrounded by horrible men. Men we have always assumed human, rational and real. They are not.

Since late Wednesday, July 31, we have been walking like zombies, drowning in dark shadows of pain and disbelief, hoping that this is just a nightmare where someone will wake us up in sweat and we will sink into prayer.

I am afraid it’s real. The unbelievable is happening. The surreal is playing. The insanity rolls on.

The conductor does not pause; he waves his arms in deep satisfaction to the exquisite delivery of the orchestra. The crowds applaud at the orchestra of insanity.

They must think we are fools. To think that we cannot have a seat in Masvingo, Manicaland, and the three Mashonaland provinces. What a loquacious tragedy!

Now the victims of  Gukurahundi have embraced them. Can you honestly tell the villagers of Matobo whose children were mercilessly thrown down mine shafts that they have now found peace with the people? Go to Esigodini and ask them.

Ask my friend Paul Temba Nyathi in Gwanda the same question. What a load of rubbish!

Can you tell the beautiful people of Gairezi in Nyanga North that Magadzire Nyanhongo is now their MP? Can you tell the people of Masvingo Urban that a failed businessman going by the name Daniel Shumba is now their MP?

I have said it before, water in its flow will never defy gravity.

A mouse can never hunt a lion.

Spare a thought for Theresa Makone.

Can someone in Borrowdale Road show me hands and say we voted Zanu PF? Maybe you are there at Sam Levy. Please get in touch if you are out there.

Spare a thought for Sean Timba and the beautiful suburb of Mount Pleasant.

I caught them in Churchill Avenue in broad daylight.

Innocent, under-age souls dusted and brought to life from the back of yonder at Nyangombe in the middle of Binya Road.

They looked like Tolkien’s hobbits or should I say little gollums. They were holding forged voter registration slips.

They froze and wet themselves when they saw us.

Tired, hungry and abused — despite the structural poverty gripping them. This is how desperate we get.

The thing is we always assume the revolutionary party has conscience or limits.

They do not. For power, they will do anything. When dealing with them always budget for the irrational, for the insane. Any assumption of sanity is wrong and naive.

They have stolen this election to the extent that they themselves are so embarrassed.

I suspect they did not intend to steal this far and create such a ridiculously so incredulous a situation such that no reasonable person would ever accept the same.

But you see, once you steal, you are just a thief and you can’t stop.

There is no such thing as a little cheating.

It reminds of the Loot Committee of 1895.

When the colonialists discovered there was no little Rand this side of the Limpopo, they started looting land and cattle belonging to the local natives.

It got so bad that they had to create a little committee to curtail their own avarice.

The committee was known as the Loot Committee and its first chairman was Thomas Meikles.

Yes that one of the Meikles empire (113 years later some things never change).

Back to the tired party, you must be pleased very much with your product.

You must be saying to yourselves ,and your spouses we did a good job.

Your children must be so pleased with you. “Daddy, we knocked out that Tsvangirai.”

“Yes son, nice job at least we can go to Beijing next week.” “Thank you dad, I love you so much.”
“But dad, why are the people not celebrating with us?”

“No son, the people are stupid, they have been bought. You must never be bought, at least the Chinese are better.”

Well you did a pretty damn good job didn’t you?

Guilt my friends is a heavy load. You can’t breathe when you carry guilt. Reputations, big reputations, have been soiled in this election. Some of you we thought were decent.

But we have found you out. Little, conniving, spineless people. You have fooled a lot of us. But you can’t fool all of us all the time. Can you?

But I am not suggesting anything. No, you did not force-march people to pretend they were now illiterate. No, no you did not fail to produce the voters’ roll to other political parties. No, you did not register people after July 9. No, you do not do that.

No, no you did not force chiefs, kraal heads and headman to force march people to vote at synchronised polling times. No, you did not chase people away from polling stations.

No, no Nikuv never helped you, never supplied you with those fantastic pens with mutating cast ballots. No, Nikuv never helped you with doctoring the voters’ roll. What cheap lies!

No, you did not issue en masse fake voter registration slips to anyone. That boy Silumbu, the Daily News is crazy.

No, you did not throw away at the Sheraton unpalatable special votes against yourselves.

No, no you did not cause the arrest of Morgen Komichi. I know people just create stories against you.

No, you did not print duplicate ballot papers. No, you did not swap ballot boxes in certain areas.

I swear NaMai Dzvororo, you did not do this.

No, no you are not working in collusion with or manipulating Zec. What a horrible lie!

No, you did not transport under age unregistered voters from refugee camps and Border Gezi training camps.

No, you won the election free and fair. After all, the people love you so much and are so grateful for everything you have done for us.

You gave us jobs, functioning industries, hospitals and Africa’s best country.

Wananchi, poor Wananchi. You worked so hard. You won the campaign.

It is so painful when some moron tells you the impossible. That one plus one equals seven. No it does not add up.

But Wananchi, we are not the victims .They are.

We did not lose this election. We do not accept this result, one that is so unashamedly a farce that it is null and void, as president Tsvangirai said at his press conference on Thursday.

Wananchi, let’s remain calm and keep our eyes on the ball.

They have made an opening move. They have indicated where they want to take this country.

They have reflected they will stop at nothing. Very well then. Very very well.

Time will tell who is the real winner. Time does not lie, does it? It always catches us out.

Yes time has all the time in the world. Only fools think they can steal from it. Or fornicate with it. No.

Now I am told they are desperately looking for some diversion from the grand theft.

They are always good at that. Something to divert the people’s pain.

I am also told that they want retribution. That violence will erupt against our people.

But guys you have won the election. Get on with governance.

I am also told that they also want to push us into some other government of national unity, or some variant of it.

But Wananchi, those who have won must govern on their own. Tongai Tione. Zikomo!

*The author is MDC secretary general and outgoing Finance minister.

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For Zanu PF its about power and not the people. Don't forget the crucial question that was posed to Mugabe by our president Morgan Tsvangirai during the Maputo SADC meeting. The question was; "Mr. Mugabe, why is it always about power and not the people?" For Mugabe its about power and as long as he is in power he doesn't care. And Mugabe knows very well that even if he were to race with a dog in the Zim election he will lose dismally and for him to win he has to employ all the best tricks he can. To my part members who were lucky to survive this rigging plot I urge you to leave government and let them rule. Go on with your lives and leave them to have another election in those constituencies where we won. We have be robed on our dignity, our image has been shuttered. All because of Mugabe and Peer, the NIKIVU guy. Don't take us for fools we have eyes and ears. we are crying simply becoz of this dying old man. Lets leave them alone, let the parliament be 100% Zanu PF. This time we are ready to let it got. They must go in the race alone. We must not be part to this bad history. Remember our names will appear in history and we don't want them to appear for the wrong reasons. We are a clean team. Me I vow I will not come back to Zim to be part of the team the kills our economy. Let them take over everything and finish it off. We are tired. Mugabe history shall judge you harshly. All the best Zanu.

Exiled - 4 August 2013

I think the dog may say, well thanks old man you have won even before taking on the race. Cry the beloved country. We have to remain resolute, the darkets hour is at dawn. SADC and AU are ashamed, they regret observing the elections, and they represent nobody buth themselves. I regarded President Zuma highly, but have a second opinion when he challenges Mr Tsvangirai to provide evidence of fraud. Is it normal for an election to go ahead before all parties are provided the voters' roll. To the Head of SADC observer mission who encouarges Zimbabweans for the good of their country, I am flabbergasted, mesmerised, etc. I doubt the intergrity and IQ of that person. Was he supposed to head the observer team, if yes, then CRY THE Beloved SADC. We have people of better integrity. What is the good that he has seen in the evil. Its better to keep that foul mouth shut. Shame on SADC, your lack of capacity is indicative of jelous towards Zimbabwe. You do not want to see Zimbabweans progressing. You are afraid of losing all the investments that may be directed towards a new zimbabwe. But God is watching and soon he will free his people. Pamberi nekudzvinywa pahuro

Musvipiwa Samajudha - 4 August 2013

Tendai. Put back the toys in the pram. No time for tantrums. Im a 30something professional and I proudly voted ZANU PF and if by some devlish miracle we have another election, you guys risk getting an even bigger hiding. Accept the result and get over it.

Boss - 4 August 2013

It is a shame that people think because they went to war, Zimbabwe is their personal property. Anyway we are all Zimbabweans. I would say let them govern and change the constitution as they wish. No point in crying, no point going to courts it's a waste of resources. Let them start printing Zim dollar. WE ARE TIRED.

Runbidzai - 4 August 2013

Boss. I think you are a foolish professional just like the ones you voted for, or you must be one of the looters. CSC is no more, NRZ is down, AIR ZIM is down, ZUPCO is down and ....................... the list is endless, that's the work of zanu pf.

North - 4 August 2013

Tsvangirai was told at the Maputo SADC Summit, not to participate in the elections of 31st July 2013. He did not heed the advice. Nobody can change the DNA of Zanu PF. Where does he go from here, specifically, to whom is he going to complain of the rigging?

Tapera Yemurai Choto - 4 August 2013

This is really a sad moment for my beloved countrry.The best the MDC should do is to stand on the sidelines and let this fool(ZANU PF) shoot itself in the foot as usual through their nonsensical populist policies.Soon it will back to the pre Unity government period.

CHARLES NCUBE - 5 August 2013


josh makoni - 5 August 2013

MDC must come and have a thorough investigastion on the ballot papers used. What people are saying that the paper was set up in such a way that any marking go to zanu-pf must be taken lightly. They must hire highly qualified investigators and they have to prove it to the United Nations that this was a stolen vote. They are in the deep end , they have to prove it to the world. We are behind you. Let me take this time to call on all everyone who has informatuion to come forward. Lets Save Zimbabwe.

Mzilikazi - 5 August 2013

Tirikuchema hama

chitova - 5 August 2013

Tirikuchema hama

chitova - 5 August 2013

Tirikuchema hama

chitova - 5 August 2013

Tsvangirayi, you are our leader. What you decide, we will follow. We promised people jobs and openning of firms through our friends and we were ready to do just that. They made their own promises, let them fulfil. None of our team should be part to the grave train. Let them ride with their Cousins and Nephews. The new dawn is on the horizon, let's soldier own.

Matandamavi - 5 August 2013

Zvakuda kuzoita manje, ZANU pf have scored an own goal, they overcheated and now its goin to backfire very soon, watch this space!

Mbiti - 5 August 2013

Habakkuk 1 The Message (MSG) Justice Is a Joke 1 1-4 GOD, how long do I have to cry out for help before you listen? How many times do I have to yell, “Help! Murder! Police!” before you come to the rescue? Why do you force me to look at evil, stare trouble in the face day after day? Anarchy and violence break out, quarrels and fights all over the place. Law and order fall to pieces. Justice is a joke. The wicked have the righteous hamstrung and stand justice on its head. Habakkuk 2 (The Message) 2-3 If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. It will come right on time. 6-8 “'Who do you think you are— getting rich by stealing and extortion? How long do you think you can get away with this?' Indeed, how long before your victims wake up, stand up and make you the victim? You've plundered nation after nation. Now you'll get a taste of your own medicine. All the survivors are out to plunder you, a payback for all your murders and massacres. 9-11 “Who do you think you are— recklessly grabbing and looting, Living it up, acting like king of the mountain, acting above it all, above trials and troubles? You've engineered the ruin of your own house. In ruining others you've ruined yourself. You've undermined your foundations, rotted out your own soul. The bricks of your house will speak up and accuse you. The woodwork will step forward with evidence. 12-14 “Who do you think you are— building a town by murder, a city with crime? Don't you know that GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies makes sure nothing comes of that but ashes, Makes sure the harder you work at that kind of thing, the less you are? Meanwhile the earth fills up with awareness of GOD's glory as the waters cover the sea.

chasemanjr - 5 August 2013

Perhaps the most shocking thing at the moment is the lack of joy and jubilation over the so-called victory and the eerie silence haunting every town, city and growth point. People are angry and are in total disbelief. This kind of cheating is not going unchallenged, Mugabe should better be warned. The election theft is going to soon backfire

Suluman - 5 August 2013

Perhaps the most shocking thing at the moment is the lack of joy and jubilation over the so-called victory and the eerie silence haunting every town, city and growth point. People are angry and are in total disbelief. This kind of cheating is not going unchallenged, Mugabe should better be warned. The election theft is going to soon backfire

Suluman - 5 August 2013

This is the best article iv met after the election shock. Weldone tendai. These idiots are underestimating our silence. Plz plz hirry up Mugabe to appoint your cabinet. Its power you want, therefore its power you get.. but you shall learn and know that a talking idiot is better than a silent one

Sis Roza - 5 August 2013

I guess this silence is stirring something pragmatic in ppls hearts and minds

Sulex - 5 August 2013


MAMPULA - 5 August 2013

The election was stolen through the abuse of close to a million of leaked voter slips. Getting a voter slip is like getting an open cheque. Any politician who gets hold of these slips can seriously manipulate the distribution and amount of votes but unfortunately the outcome wont reflect the true wishes of the people in that area

ChenChim - 5 August 2013

We know what we want,but in whose power does our destiny lie. Let us learn to put our trust in God. Ndivo vanogadza madzimambo nekuva bvisa.Its no time for tears...... joy cometh in the morning. President Morgan Richard TSVANGIRAI, tiri kuno waiting for your devine led leadership. Do not throw in the towel. Strength is not always from the muscles,but also smart brains. You have got them.

liberty - 5 August 2013

its not Zanu PF who have stolen this election but the people of Zimbabwe. If the election was stolen as you put it then yes we stole it because thats the way we voted.

bones - 6 August 2013

kuti Wananchi matii vaBiti. uye pamati zikomo ndatadza kupanzwa zvapanoreva

miti - 7 August 2013

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