Tension as Mugabe wins

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe, was yesterday declared winner of Zimbabwe’s presidential election, but rival Morgan Tsvangirai said he would challenge the outcome in court and asked supporters to avoid violence.

Tsvangirai said the controversial result means that Zimbabwe is back to the economic and political crisis that hit the country in 2008.

The 89-year-old Mugabe’s 61.09 percent win, described as “pyrrhic” by Tsvangirai who clinched 33.9 percent, avoided what could have been a divisive run-off penciled in for September 11.

Rita Makarau, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson, said Mugabe garnered 2 110 434 votes while Tsvangirai amassed 1 172 349 votes, Welshman Ncube got 92 637 votes, while Dumiso Dabengwa of Zapu clinched 25 416 votes and Kisinoti Mukwazhi of the Zimbabwe Development Party — who had withdrawn from the race — clinched 9 931 votes.

Tsvangirai, 61, said he would have conceded if the vote was fair, adding that there was “rampant illegality” in the electoral process and that democracy was on trial in Zimbabwe and he would challenge it in court.

“We are going to go to court, we are going to go to the AU (African Union), we are going to go to the Sadc (Southern African Development Community),” a charged Tsvangirai told a news conference at his Highlands home in Harare, also expressing misgivings with the appointment of judges to the Electoral Court by Mugabe on the eve of elections.

While Zanu PF spokespersonRugare Gumbo was not picking up his mobile last night, Patrick Chinamasa told a Friday press briefing: “If there is anybody dissatisfied with what happened, the courts are there.

The requirement is that those courts should give their decision expeditiously and Tsvangirai should avail himself to the constitutional provisions. He should start preparing his case if he has any.”

Tsvangirai, who was serving as prime minister in the fractious coalition, had also questioned the electoral process before the balloting.

The election commission, plagued by problems that dogged the vote, dismissed accusations of irregularities.

Tsvangirai said he totally rejects Zec’s results. He questioned claims that Mugabe’s Zanu PF had garnered 158 while MDC had 51 out of 210 National Assembly seats, with Jonathan Samkange winning as an independent.

“We did not lose this election,” Tsvangirai said. “It is in the imagination of Zanu PF that they won.”

He said he will present evidence in court to back his claims that the poll was a “monumental fraud” by Zanu PF.

“I thought this election was going to resolve this political crisis. It has not. It has plunged the country back to where it was,” Tsvangirai said.

The MDC leader addressed the press just after a crisis meeting of his MDC Standing Committee. He said the MDC is disengaging from all government institutions including Parliament saying he cannot “legitimise the illegitimate”.

“The fraudulent and stolen election has plunged Zimbabwe into a constitutional, political and economic crisis,” Tsvangirai said. “In this regard, the MDC expects that the Sadc and AU shall meet urgently to deal with this crisis in order to restore constitutional, political and legal legitimacy in the country.”

The former trade unionist claimed victory for his MDC party in parliamentary elections, despite results showing a huge defeat.

“The MDC totally rejects the 31 July elections on the basis of the process, the absence of reforms,” he said.

“From the evidence available, discounting all omissions and commissions, the MDC won that election.”

Tsvangirai said the election had been stolen by Mugabe’s Zanu PF party and said the country was “in mourning.”

Zimbabweans had hoped the vote, which passed off with no unrest, will restore their nation’s economy and reputation as one of southern Africa’s stable democracies after violence last time left more than 200 dead.

Many Zimbabweans have said they are determined to avoid a repeat of the post-2008 chaos, which paralysed a comatose economy further.

Church leaders sought to defuse tension this time and some said it was time to move on. Tension was running high, but streets were calm, with reinforced police deployments.

Tsvangirai said he will present the AU and Sadc with empirical evidence that Zanu PF rigged the July 31 polls.

“The MDC thanks and acknowledges the AU and Sadc missions in this regard,” he said.

“At their request, we will submit a dossier of all the irregularities and illegalities.”

He said in order to unearth massive irregularities that blighted the harmonised elections, there was need “for a forensic audit of the electoral process in particular the voters’ roll, the ballot papers and where they were printed, the special vote, voter displacement and voter registration certificates.”

Citing Muzarabani as an example, where more than 10 000 voters out of 17 000 were assisted to vote, Tsvangirai said the election was a big “fraud” that has the potential of reversing the country’s economic gains.

“The MDC national council resolved that the Sadc organ troika must investigate the role of the security sector and the militarisation of the election,” Tsvangirai said.

The largest group of domestic observers, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn), said problems with voter registration had left up to one million people unable to cast their ballots, most of them in MDC strongholds.

Christine Lagarde, the IMF managing director, told a Washington, DC press roundtable that: “I think it’s a bit early on, because we have not seen the results yet, we don’t know what the regularity or irregularities have been, so I think we don’t want to jump to conclusions before anything is revisited.”

The AU and Sadc observer mission have said the election was free and peaceful, but the AU withheld its verdict on the outcome.

According to Zec, almost 3.5 million people managed to cast their vote in this election out of the 6.4 million registered voters.

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When I visited Malawi in 1973 , I went to the Kamuzu Stadium to see Malawians celebrating their Independence day, and saw a large group of men and women singing these words, "Zonse Zimene za Kamuzu Banda, Zonse zimene za Kamuzu Banda, Akazi wonse, a Kamuzu Banda, Amuna wonse, a Kamuzu Banda." Which means everytihing belongs to Kamuzu Banda , all women belong to Kamuzu Banda , all the men belong to Kamuzu Banda." So in Zimbabwe the song will go like, "Zonse zimene za Bob Mugabe , Zonse Zimene za Bob Mugabe, Akazi onse a Bob Mugabe, Arume onse, a Bob Mugabe, AU yonse ya Bob Mugabe , SADC yonse , ya Bob Mugabe , ZEC yonse ya Bob Mugabe, Masoja onse a Bob Mugabe , Ma Police onse a Bob Mugabe , Ma Ballot Boxes onse, a Bob Mugabe, Ma Polling stations onse A Bob Mugabe , Ma Farms onse a Bob Mugabe, Ma Diamonds onse A Bob Mugabe , Ma Courts ne ma Judges onse a Bob Mugabe , Zonse Zimene za Bob Mugabe!!!" Nyika yonse , ya Bob Mugabe !" So even if Tsvangirayi goes to court to dispute the elections , he will meet a great, great big and enormous brick wall called " THE ZIMBABWE COURTS" waiting for him and he will be told by Chinamasa to speak to the brick wall to fight his case !!!

Comments - 4 August 2013

Now that Bob and his thugs have stolen the election whats next? Do they have a roadmap of the way forward. I doubt it, they have never had a road map for the past 33 years and I doubt that they will ever have one. ZANU PF needsthe MDC more badly than the MDC needs these thugs and to all you thugs in ZANU, you are nothing without the MDC. You are nothing in the eyes of democracy. One thing for sure is that ZANU is doomed to fail for the next 5 years. Bob, I don't even think you will rule for the next 5 years because you are going to die from your prostate cancer. Hope it eats you up more faster than you could ever imagine.

james - 4 August 2013

Bob in power again. No unity government. Back to square one - Hyperinflation, Quadrillion dollar notes and all that crap again. Or will our new colonizers from the Far east allow us to use their Yen?

jonasi - 4 August 2013


jose - 4 August 2013


JOSE - 4 August 2013


JOSE - 4 August 2013

this is the biggest mock in the face of zim and it's going to haunt our country for years to come. zanu pf has always has power as it's top agenda from within the party itself and even external challenges like now...since independence can someone tell me one thing we can point during the past 33 years that can be attributed to zanu pf...nothing and someone tells me it's the mdc's fault. i remember tsvangirai fighting for workers rights, filling stadiums during workers day and people have always loved him for championing people's right since ever. zanu pf was put under inf admin thru that esap programme because of gross economy mismanagement as far back as 1991, a mere 10 years after independence. can someone also tell me which mdc members got a piece of the so-called landmark achievement of land redistribution...are they not citizens of this country..? i wonder what these stoogies are celebrating really, it's a sad day for the country. first things they are going to address is the constituition-presidential terms, dual citizenship,gay rights, eradicating oposition media - people will have those cheap satelite dishes ripped from their roof. i m afraid it's becoming a real authoritarian society.

familyguy - 4 August 2013

there will be a nehanda currency.

familyguy - 4 August 2013

Shuwa amfumu marova panorwadza, Deyi kwabga kuri kwedu kuKaraga nyawu ayamva yatotanga kuparasura, guruva titii, Jeke Bhurara muridzi Weband, Zonse azimai naamuna vavo, achina Grace (Sainabu) osanyima pamene wafunira, Towi towi towira towira. Pamberi neZanu pamberi nenhamo pamberi nekutambura amuna.

Osawuza vana, niza akuru chabe - 4 August 2013

We have grown to know only one person who leads a group that pro-people and that person is none other than Tsvangirai. It pains to realize that the country is back into the hands of the devil. God help us.

Zimbabwean - 4 August 2013

some idiots are still hallucinating. baba jukwa is praying for forgiveness, kikii who in his right senses would expect Zimbabwe to be led by a half educated idiot.

reason - 4 August 2013

Reason. The very educated bob has got us nowhere for 33years. Of course iwe pane pauri kudya without working. Typical zanu pf. All we wanted was a govt which creates an environment which allows zimbabweans to work for themselves. Instead we get one which promises people sustanance from tobacco farming with a world wide tobacco ban looming.

magame - 4 August 2013

kkkkkkkkkkk.a ya h.NDAPERERWA NEMASHOKO. KKKKKKK. aaaaa yah. dzokelela .comments.wandibaya.' Zonse zimene zo zonse zonse zimene kkkkkkkkkk.am laughing bt a bitter heart for where to our beloved cursed country.We all waiting for Mrgza to blow the horns.Its our future not that of RMT thats at stake.lets lead and RMT will follow. 4 he alone will not reach us to our promised land.Ngachibvondeke. Kana munhu anetsa batai munhu. ndapedza.

zorodzai - 4 August 2013

It is difficult to concede defeat when you are on the losing end. Anyway there have been claims from the MDC Officials that there were some gross violations during the election. To Tsvangirai defeat is hard to accept and understandably so, however he should go on and tell the people of Zimbabwe that the people have spoken and he respects their wishes. Mr. Prime Minister you still has a bright future. Go back to the drawing board and come out with future strategies to improve lives in the Country. I wish to hear the President too, tell the nation that he takes those allegations of violations seriously and they will be investigated, leaving no stone unturned until the truth is known. Wouldn't Mugabe earn the respect of Tsvangirai? Some people might think the Prime Minster is just one man. Wouldn't the gesture earn the President the respect of Zimbabwe? You could say Zimbabwe is one nation therefore the respect won't cross our borders? Wouldn't the gesture earn the President the respect of SADC and the AU? All of a sudden all hell broke loose and the US, European Community and the rest of the World are satisfied that we do credible elections in Zimbabwe, then all sanctions are lifted. Guess what happens next, we receive AID from donors and grants from well-wishers. Oh I almost forget Investors. Investors are greedy; greed is what fuels the economy of any country, right? As of today, when a Zimbabwe firm is doing business overseas they say no credit, but in God we trust. Folks we do not have enough in God we trust currency floating in Zimbabwe but need credit. We are fortunate that during this decade we made major discoveries among our resources such as diamonds in Chiadzwa and Iron ore near Beatrice which could improve growth of our economy. Mr. President I urge you to demonstrate your integrity.

Tongai Mutongi - 5 August 2013

Money has no value without back-up. Zimbabweans will even survive without MDC

Cyclone De Beers - 5 August 2013

some people have bee talking a lot about Tsvangirai, yes he has his short commings but personaly i view him as better leader than Mugabe interms of respecting peace. In 2008 Tsvangirai won that election and it took a month to announce those results but Tsvangirai never said lets take to the streets instead he approached regional leaders sadc and AU to break the impass. Mugabe resorted to violence, close to 200 people lost their lives at that period because of zanu's greediness. Now Tsvangirai lost the elections due to a fraudulant electoral process but not even a single day did he said lets take to the street instead he has gatherd evidence to what he called a farce election to produce to the courts and to regional leaders. He went on to say not even a single drop of blood should be lost we will aproach this situation constitutionally. WHAT KIND OF A LEADER WOULD YOU WANT. May God bless him for his peace loving

saMutoko Mupanduki - 5 August 2013

“for a forensic audit of the electoral process in particular the voters' roll, the ballot papers and where they were printed, the special vote, voter displacement and voter registration certificates.” Ndochaipo apa. Ndopanenyaya yese

Muzimbo - 5 August 2013

I respect yu Mr Morgan Tsvangirai you are a of man leave this old man &his bastard cronies they love blood its their water to quench their thirsty .Keep it up for your peaceful approach you a true leader .Mugabe you are old age is catching up with you enjoy last days on earth you will do your tricks in the grave you are a dog idiot donkey thief criminal are you not tired of looting the wealth of our country yu are a bastard futseki donki re munhu .

kutsirai - 5 August 2013

I once watched a movie "Unthinkable"...US intelligencedealing with a captured terrorist who had planted bombs across a US city. Despite horrific torture the terrorist could not tell them abt the location of the bombs. But it was until Samuel L Jackson who was torturing the guy asked for the Terrorist's family and put a bullet in the wife's head. Facing the death of his kids.....u can guess what the terrorist did. I leave u to think what we need in Zim to get these thugs to change.

comrade - 5 August 2013

Zimbabweans should stop feeding Mugabe' s dogs, lions and croccodiles.Definately they will feed on him when they go hungry. Prior to 2008 his army, CIO and militias were about to revolt against him. Had it not been the MDC that saved him through GNU, he could have been finished by now. We are heading back towards that again and now is the time to watch him being devoured by his own monsters.

Zizi - 5 August 2013

You zims are still very far, and your bob will keep you guys on toes. Now wait for him to change the constitution so that he remains president for live

rono - 5 August 2013

Now that ZANU PF is in power and if they do not give jobs to people, as they have promised, will people vote for them again in 5 years time? Yes, people will vote for them and again they will get 61% and they will rule again and still there will be no jobs, no water, no electricity, no schools , no hospitals, no food and then ZANU PF will be voted again into power over and over again , in many many more years to come and still no jobs, no water no electricity and people will live happily ever after.

Baba Wa Bveni - 5 August 2013

zanu pf built schools,colleges,universities and hospitals throughout the country and based on such remarkable achievements it boggles the mind why some idiots ignoramusly deny such facts,chii chakaitwa na tsvangirai kunze kweku chinjanisa vana vevaridzi nekutiza kuhondo nekuchikoro

shelaz - 5 August 2013

Shelaz,U are myopic and idiot.Tsvangirai tel Obie(Obama) to take his US$ vanhu vamame

ngoni - 5 August 2013

Shelaz kwana ukuzvinzwa it also boggles the mind kuti someone credits zanu only on the schools nezvimwe zvawataura yet its the people of zimbabwe's taxes that developed zvese zvawataura not zanu but people of zimbabwe. And y u ignoring the fact that they destroyed everything we built with our tax money? He cannot even afford to get an eye exam at the local hospital u lauding to instead he goes to singapore! What does that say about zanu? They FAILED. they presided over the highest ever recorded inflation rate in history. Probably one of the largest outbreaks in recent memory of cholera woti ndokunatsa. Hameno kuti vanhu vezanu varikunyanyowonei zviri positive in zim!? Its really quite shocking. Zanu's war right now is against the west thats where they putting their energy at yet the west is getting ever more powerful economically etc they not losing sleep over some zimbabwe. Fact is zanu failed, they turned a diamond into ash, we cant even grow enough maize to support ourselves

obama4eva - 5 August 2013

I am inviting all those willing to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of Zimbabwe to watch this space. I will secure guns, bombs and materials of war to maim, kill leaders who have stolen peoples' vote for the third time. ZanuPF is at it weakest. The government is broke, police is ill-equipped, soldiers are angry. They cannot sustain an armed rebellion for one year. I am prepared. Guns and ammunition are available from friendly countries in the east, west and Africa.

never dhliwayo - 5 August 2013

All this hell will be over when one will be 100 years in power when he will be assisted to vote as a blind person. Zimbabwe is a country with the highest % of educated people in the world. Also the highest number of assisted to vote nearly a million. Those who were assisting them ZANU YONSE. ZIMBABWE THE HIGHEST COUNRTY WITH BLINDS.

Nosmas - 5 August 2013

Mugabe is now just a figure head in ZANU PF , his energy levels are now very diminished to a much much lower level than ever before, he is now very very weak in his physical and mental capabilities due to old old age, so the real people behind his power are the Chinese government jointly with Chiwenga and the securocrats, they are in power being assisted by the Chinese. The Chinese drew up a battle plan for the elections with NIKUV and advised the ZANU PF strategists vana Chiwenga , Mnangagwa, Sekeramai, Mudede, Chinamasa, Makarau and the other big wigs of ZANU PF to rig elections and win by 61%. So these men are the real power behind Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai was fighting with very corrupt and dishonest giants and there was nothing he could do about it during this dirty fight with these dishonest giants. And these dishonest and corrupt giants will still rig elections in future elections, long after Mugabe is gone, so Zimbabaweans will never ever taste a democratic Zimbabwe at any time in their lives, as long as the Chinese are in power in Zimbabwe.

HOSNI - 5 August 2013

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