MDC has to remain united

HARARE - While Zanu PF is poised for a majority two thirds in Parliament and their presidential candidate Robert Mugabe set to win resoundly, social and political commentators have urged the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai not to lose heart and regroup.

Rashweat Mukundu said while there were signs of rigging, “it was also a call for the MDCs to go back to the drawing board and reconnect with the people.

“They have to restart the struggle as in 2000.”

He said the vote was not actually a protest vote against the MDC.

“The electoral mechanics were simply made impossible for the MDC.

“The election was rigged right from the new Constitution and by the Zec and the Registrar’ Office.

“The MDC realised this game too late.”

Mukundu said the few elected MDC members of Parliament have no choice but to join the house when it opens.

“They need to check on Zanu PF and make noise from that front, but not to extend their energy on Parliament as they did with the GNU, but rather use their presence in Parliament to expose Zanu PF for what it really is and use Parliament to raise citizen concerns.”

Pan African activist Thomas Deve said there is a visibly depressed community out there and many people’s hopes for change have been dashed.

“The Zanu PF victory scenario had been projected, but the margins we are getting were not anticipated.
“At this rate, Mugabe will rule until the ancestors call him.

“The MDC needs to head for the drawing board pretty fast.

“One lesson from the GNU experiments in Kenya and Zimbabwe, have emerged, the junior partners always lose to the older incumbent’s party and aligned forces,” said Deve.

Deve said there is no doubt that the MDC stint in government led to some of its leadership’s weaknesses emerging.

“This was taken advantage of fully by Zanu PF especially non-performance of the local government service provision institutions.”

Playwright Leonard Matsa said if the election results stand, which is highly likely, doom will be an understatement to describe the MDC fate.

“Analysts ascribe lack of clear and consistent pro-poor policies as well as arrogance on the part of MDC leadership as responsible for their huge losses.

“On one hand, it would also appear Zanu PF started campaigning the day they were humiliated by the same voters in 2008.

“A new Zanu PF government will use State resources to perpetuate their populist policies motivated by the ghost of 2008.”

Matsa said with their “friends” fatigued with non-delivery of change for over 10 years, MDC might find itself without resources to do what they failed to do when they had resources.

“A new leader with an imposing charisma and non-abstract policies must definitely and urgently emerge.
“Morgan as a cult figure has been made ordinary by Zanu PF.

“Unfortunately, such a person does not exist within the current party vanguard.

“Yet a one party State is the last thing any country need.”

Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe, CCDZ director Phillip Pasirayi said the election was stolen and does not reflect the will of the people.

“There are several levels where this election was manipulated.

“Consider the following, the state of the voters’ roll and the refusal by Zanu PF to have the voter register compiled by the electoral management body, Zec; the chaotic voter registration process which failed to restore the voting rights of so-called aliens; the politicisation of the voter registration exercise; the criminalisation of NGOs and refusal by Zec to accredit organisations to conduct voter education,” said Pasirayi.

He added that the just-ended elections were relatively peaceful but believes fear is pervasive among rural voters’ intimidation of voters particularly in the rural areas skewed the vote in favour of Zanu PF.

“The people particularly in the rural areas are still fearful and think politics is synonymous with violence.

“For a long time to come Zanu PF will continue to reap the benefits of yesteryear violent politics,” said Pasirayi.

He said the other decisive factor particularly in Mashonaland provinces was the huge number of assisted voters.

Pasirayi said the only available option for the MDC and for Tsvangirai if he is to remain relevant is to re-charge his batteries, re-brand and re-align the MDC to the principles of a social democratic party.

“There is need for the MDC to demonstrate ideological clarity especially after agreeing to share power with Mugabe in 2009.”

He said two options are available for the MDC.

“The party can choose to disengage and withdraw all winning MPs and councillors because letting them take oath of office is to endorse the election outcome.

“This option has its downside and will only work if implemented together with other strategies such as mobilising mass action.

“The other problem about this strategy is when some MPs and councillors who defy their party directive and take oath of office. This could lead to further splits in the mainstream MDC.”

Pasirayi said the other option is for the MDC to engage Sadc and AU that the election was stolen and make the country ungovernable and prove to the world that the Zimbabwe crisis is far from being resolved.

“This option is a bit complicated considering that both Sadc and AU seem to have concluded that the election was free and fair.”

Poet Mhosva Chirasha said it is difficult to predict the MDC’s future.

“Politics is a gamble and since they have seats they might come back into the fold.

“They must work on art of politics of consistence, they will have more time to campaign for 2018 especially if they keep united,” said Chirasha.

Playwright Stxy Mhlanga said the results so far are shocking.

“I still want to find out how it all happened. Maybe many people who could have made a difference did not vote.”

Mhlanga said the MDC put themselves into a difficult position “by agreeing to play a game whose rules were already determined by someone else.”

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I agree with Pasirayi.The only option for the MDC-T is to withdraw all their winning candidates be it house of assembly and councillors.Let them not take part in anything associated with ZANU PF.Let ZANU PF rule on their own and see what happens.I bet you they wont last for a year.The moment you guys take up your positions in Parliament and local government,it means you have accepted the election results.Don't say we have not warned you.Good luck to you all.

Chigondo - 5 August 2013

We are tired of being drawn into the mud by Zanu. They arm twist everyone to policies that they don't want. Only a fool will put their hope on 2018 elections. they have stolen the vote and need to be exposed by the people letting this go means much more daring and callous shenanigans in the following elections. Havafanire kupiwa mukana wekumeka profit paumbavha hwavaita MHOSVA HAIROVI, Aluta Continua. Chimurenga ichi hachisati chapera nekuti tirikuponda ramangwana revana vedu.

washaya - 6 August 2013

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