I did not rig election — Mudede

HARARE - Registrar-general of Voters Tobaiwa Mudede yesterday denied manipulating the voters’ roll or rigging saying he is “walking quietly, innocently and undisturbed because I know the rules of the voting game.”

Mudede, who has been elusive to the media before the elections, spoke at a rare press briefing, addressing mounting allegations of vote rigging.

“This is a different industry where a lot has to be manufactured and created,” Mudede said.

“When something happens, people talk. If they win, they do not talk but if they lose they talk. I am not just saying because of what happened here. That’s why you see this man just walks quietly, innocently and undisturbed because I know what this game entails.”

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has denounced the election as a farce, saying it was “null and void.”
Mudede denied that he masterminded electoral fraud.

“I love that question (of whether the election was rigged or manipulated) and I think that is the question that has brought me here, manipulation. People also say rigging,” Mudede said.

“I want those who speak very good English, who did grammar at school to define to me at a later stage what constitute rigging but let’s talk about manipulation. The voters’ roll was not manipulated, not at all. I think those that were in this country know very well what has been happening even during  the times of our registration.”

Mudede ruled out voter manipulation.

“There is no question of manipulation at all,” he said. “Let me ask you one question, I have been running elections in this country for many years before the coming of Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission). A number of opposition parties came out with seats, when they won they never said anything. I think you know very well I was responsible for registration, compiling of the voters’ roll and everything in the 2008. Why was I not accused of manipulation or anyone accused of manipulation?”

He said the world over, when people lose they point fingers. Mudede gave examples of the United States and the United Kingdom where elections were contested at a certain stage.

Meanwhile, Mudede was questioned on his failure to release the electronic voters’ roll. He explained that his office only had a month to capture the data for all the registrants, to compile the voters’ roll and to print it.

“We did not have time for the electronic voters’ roll and we had to prioritise the hard copies because we were distributing them to the polling stations,” he said. 

Mudede said his office gave the Tsvangirai-led MDC 1 958 hard copies of voters’ rolls on July 31 after being directed to do so by the High Court.

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Even a wife caught in compromising position denies what everyone would have seen with their naked eyes. You are asking men without a conscience. Men who choose to die cheating all in the name of power and greed.

Edna - 3 August 2013

Mudede is one of the faceless men , he talks shit all the time look the way he runs the rego office ,i think he got his education thru correspondence. are a lump of shit.

Garahuro one - 3 August 2013

Mudede is one of the faceless men , he talks shit all the time look the way he runs the rego office ,i think he got his education thru correspondence,u are a lump of shit.

Garahuro one - 3 August 2013

Mudede, you have doing this job for many years now and many people including ZANU (PF) people think you are a member of ZANU (PF). Why do you cling to the job as if your life depend on it? People think you are unprofessional and a man of no integrity. That must have driven you into resigning. I think you don't want to resign because you believe no one will do the rigging and manipulation on behalf of ZANU (PF) better than you. In 2008, you rigged the vote. In 2008 most people think Tsvangirai garnered 55% of the vote in the first election but you changed it to 47,9% in order to cause a rerun of the presidential poll.

Maricho - 3 August 2013

Of course this half wit did not RIG the election. It required brains more than his can comprehend and so the clown is right he didn't. What he didn't say is that he does not have the brain power nor capacity to pull off this spectacular theft by the Nikuv. Zvichapera chete!!!!

Mhofu - 3 August 2013

Mudede you rigged the elections !!!!! You riggged the elections!!!!!! You rigged the elections!!!!! You rigged the elections!!!!!! Mudede chief election rigger !!!!!!!! Mudede chief election rigger ! !!!!!!!!!!!!Mudede chief cheat cheat cheat cheat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chief Cheat - 3 August 2013

Vamudede 30 yrs since you started this rigging business, why dont you go on pension you tell me you are not yet 65? Muchinyarawo even vazukuru are being teased at school bcoz of this retire and give others the chance to rigg

takurira nhamo - 3 August 2013

ZIMBABWE ELECTORAL FRAUD UNEARTHED A private South African based intelligence organisation Nasini Projects has allegedly unearthed a deadly electoral fraud in the just ended harmonized elections in Zimbabwe to end an unease coalition between strongman Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai,leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Speaking to NP News Saturday the chief executive officer of the Think tank Ms Lucia Mordi said a delicate ballot paper was used to rig the election. "From our findings so far we are 99.9% convinced that the election was rigged via a ballot paper.A special watermarked ballot was used to give president Mugabe a resounding victory.The ballot had a water X against President Mugabe's name such that if any ink is placed on the paper the substance on the paper will react and remove the ink and activate the watermarked X into print.If you look at some ballots you would see that Xs are very straight and Identical.These were mixed with ordinary ballot papers in a proportion that would favour Zanu PF.Therefore I call for the opposition parties and the international community to stage an urgent probe into this scam " When asked why she carried out the investigations Ms Mordi said her organisation was established to deal with issues related to serious fraud across the world. "Our organisation was established to reduce serious fraud across the world.After a tip from our China Branch we moved in to evaluate the situation"She said If Nasini Projects happen to be correct this could be the world's fraudulant experience since the world was formed NP News

Snuuga - 4 August 2013

Snuuga's contribution is the most likely scenario in this day and age, although it might appear to be far fetched sci-fi.

chimedzanemburungwe - 4 August 2013

You mudede and your zec team are a bunch of incompetent, uneducated fools who don't deserve to be where you are. You take on a career to become a tea boy with your level of reasoning.

jonasi - 4 August 2013

Mugabe is a Satanist, he will die than to leave that post. He is enjoying when people he claims to be rulling are suffering. What a man

new government - 9 August 2013

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