Massive vote fraud unearthed

HARARE - The Daily News yesterday unearthed a massive election rigging scandal as millions trooped to polling stations in Zimbabwe’s harmonised election.

As thousands of voters braved the early morning chill across country to queue hours before poll booths opened, just after 7am local time, our investigations team lifted the lid on electoral fraud that ended with a team of 20 Zanu PF youths being detained at Hatfield Police Station for distributing fake voter registration slips.

Both the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) and the MDC confirmed the scam.

Zec deputy chairperson Joyce Kazembe told a late night press conference: “Yes we have received that report, we have instituted investigations. But the issue of credibility, 20 (voters) out of the millions who have voted? I think you have to figure out for yourself."

“Probably when you talk about the issue of are there other people who would have voted with such slips, but we will cross the bridge when we reach there. As of now investigations are underway.”

But Biti said this was widespread across the country. He said: “This confirms all what we have been saying. This is cruel and blatant rigging and we will not allow this to pass. Let me express my gratitude to the Daily News who helped us expose this matter when during their investigations, they phoned us for comment and we immediately raised alarm with Zec and police reports were made.”

In the rigging plot unearthed by the Daily News, the newspaper’s investigations team discovered that the Zanu PF parliamentary aspirant for Hatfield Acie Lumumba, somehow had thousands of voter registration slips which were being distributed to unemployed youths, vagrants and many other youths bussed from Highfield, Mufakose, Mbare and other high density suburbs around Harare.

At a polling station in Gunhill, hundreds of police recruits who came in Zupco buses could be seen queuing to vote at the corner of Borrowdale Road and Churchill Avenue way after ordinary people had finished voting.

Zanu PF took advantage of Zec’s announcement that all those who were not on the voters’ roll but who had registration slips could vote. But somehow, some prospective Zanu PF candidates managed to get hold of the Zec registration slips.

The scandal only broke out after the Daily News phoned MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti to check if his party was aware of the scam well before he addressed the party’s press conference in the afternoon.

Soon after, the MDC raised alarm basing on information from the Daily News, leading to the arrest of at least 20 youths who reportedly confessed to the vote fraud.

Said one of the youths who spoke to the Daily News: “They recruited us from across Harare while some were shipped from nearby farms and rural areas. Buses spent 24 hours since Tuesday bringing in youths who were being paid at least $10 each and there was lots of food and drink.

“The people behind the fraud recruited more than 10 people who were issuing us with registration slips which were being backdated. They spent the whole night issuing the slips but we don’t know whether they are fake or genuine but the bottom line is they had thousands of them.

“People didn’t sleep and by morning thousands had been issued and we voted. The people behind this were phoning others throughout the country that the project was a resounding success and they were already celebrating,” said the youth. 

Further investigations by the Daily News discovered that the same tactic was being used in Gwanda, Epworth, Harare South and Mount Pleasant.

The fresh-faced Lumumba is squaring off against Tapiwa Mashakada, minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion.

When the Daily News crew arrived at Hatfield Police Station, the alleged vote riggers had been stripped of their shoes and were being shoved into the holding cells.

Mashakada said the fraud was unearthed after thousands of fraudsters had voted.

“When we were alerted to what was happening, it was too late, the elections had already progressed,” he said.

“My agents also heard some youths calling their colleagues to come and get their voting slips.”

Genuine slips are marked “certificates of registration as a voter” and are only issued by the Zec to bonafide voters.

The arrested youths were distributing their slips from a truck  registration number ABP 7244 and another BMW registration number ACA 6699 both of which have since been impounded by the police.

Mashakada said the election fraud that was discovered in his constituency could only be a tip of the iceberg.

“I was advised by some of my party’s agents that the same activities have been happening in Msasa and other places across the country,” he said.

“This is a syndicate of some 6 000 people according to those who have been arrested.”

The youths admitted to police they had been sent by Lumumba to distribute the slips to as many people as possible and that the slips had been printed on the night of July 30 in Newlands.

Lumumba yesterday distanced himself from the scam. Asked what he was doing at the police station if he had nothing to do with the scandal, he claimed that he only came  after he had been informed that people claiming to be his party cadres had been arrested.

Lumumba, who was driving his branded campaign vehicle well within 100 metres of a polling station in blatant violation of the Electoral Act, was recently dismissed from Star FM together with Tichafa Matambanadzo after they were fingered in a fraud case involving Hamtech and Onesay Investments respectively.

As Zimbabweans queued up — in their millions — there is an “uneasy calm” about this harmonised plebiscite.
Even though President Robert Mugabe has assured the world that he will step down if he loses, a naysayers’ feeling or sentiment abounds given Zanu PF’s 2008 intransigence.

This followed the octogenarian leader’s trouncing by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

With authoritative agencies such as Thomson-Reuters and Mugabe himself describing this crucial poll as a “knife-edge”, and “do-or-die”, respectively, the chaos leading up to this key event — epitomised by the unavailability of the voters’ roll until yesterday — means Zimbabwe is headed for a disputed election.

Tsvangirai yesterday said the voters’ register had been rigged, a claim that Mugabe rejected yesterday.

“I’m sure people will vote freely and fairly,” Mugabe told reporters after casting his ballot in a school in Harare’s Highfield township.

“There’s no pressure being exerted on anyone.”

Tsvangirai however, expressed confidence that he would win “quite resoundingly”.

“This is a very historic moment for all of us,” he said.

“We have come to complete the change we have always fought for,” he said.

“It is an emotional moment for me but I am filled with a sense of calmness.”

Biti told a news conference that Zanu PF was rigging elections by printing its own voter registration slips which they were dispersing in Hatfield and other parts of the country.

Among other inconsistencies were poor polling stations’ planning, irregularities with the ballot papers and anomalies on the voters’ roll.

“The number of persons being turned away is worrying, at Tafara Primary in Ward 46 by 12pm, 260 people had voted while 130 had been turned away,” Biti said.

“Wrong polling stations are being placed in wrong wards. Tafara Primary in Ward 19 is serving people in Ward 46, and there are many instances of this.

“Thousands of people are being disenfranchised and all this is connected to the shenanigans around the voters’ roll. If the voters’ roll had been available, people would have checked and avoided the current fiasco.”

He said the party had received numerous reports of teachers and other learned people being assisted to vote in rural areas.

“Another worrying development is the high number of people being assisted to vote despite the high literacy rate in Zimbabwe, in Mashonaland Central, Muzarabani,” Biti said.

“Even all this time if you are literate, but on voting day you are told to claim you are not so that you can assisted by Zanu PF people.”

Biti said some of the elementary mistakes made by Zec were appalling, with particular mention of misplacing pictures of candidates on the ballot papers.

“In Chipinge South, our candidate Meki Makuyana and Zanu-Ndonga candidate Tagarira Kumbula, when they printed the ballot papers they put Makuyana’s face on where Kumbula face should be and vice-versa, and so people are confused, we asked that voting be stopped but some continued with the voting,” Biti said.

“How in this day and age of ICT does one make that elementary mistake, is it a genuine mistake?

“In Zvishavane, about 300 ballot papers were found which contained different serial numbers dispatched there,” he said.

Biti said his party was concerned that security forces who voted in the special vote might have voted twice as their names were not crossed out from the voters’ roll, while some had their names crossed out when they did not vote.

He also made allegations of possible swopping of ballot boxes, since some ballot papers’ serial numbers were duplicated.

Rita Makarau, the Zec chairperson, admitted that some officers were disenfranchised.

“We are investigating how some police officers had their names cancelled when they did not vote. We have at least five cases that we are dealing with at the moment,” Makarau said.

The Zec chairperson said the commission had also received a number reports of people assisted to vote from rural areas under the guise that they were illiterate.

“This is a worry to us as to why such an increase, we are also investigating that,” she said.

Although Makarau could not give exact numbers of people who had voted by midday, she said a high turnout was recorded in Harare and some parts of Mashonaland Central.

Generally, there was a high number of people being assisted to vote in the rural areas, while in Hurungwe traditional leaders shepherded their subjects to polling stations and told them to cram the serial numbers on the ballot papers.

Several police officers had their names cancelled on the voters’ roll even though they had not cast their ballot in the special two-day special election on July 14 and 15.

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Verdict:This poll was irregular and illegitimate hence its a no contest.

tafamutekwe - 1 August 2013

Thank you for a seemingly well researched, but it is clear that you are fulfilling the assignment given by your paper i.e. the discredited gutter Daily News to produce to rubbish the election process. Despite your wishes that the election process should have produced a result favourable to former Prime Minister Tsvangirai who could emerged President and Commander in Chief of Zimbabwean Armed Forces. What a senseless dream. The only mitigating fact for the four of you is that you are young and have time to polish your journalism careers.

Rabison Nyundo(THE HAMMER) - 1 August 2013

Before the elections, private ZANU PF meetings were held on how to rig elections and win. The brains of ZANU PF were assembled and told , "If we do not rig the elections we will lose, because Tsvangirayi is so popular with the masses , so what do we do?" Then the plan was laid down as follows:- a. "We shall use Intimidation , torture camps and pungwes in the rural areas and chiefs will be told to force villagers to vote for ZANU PF otherwise the chiefs will lose the cars that we gave them." Then one of the big brains asked, "And if we are caught doing this what do we do?" The reply was, "We will deny it." b. ZEC will be manned by ZANU PF. ZEC is a ZANU PF baby so we have no problem there, they will rig the polls for us and we will win. c." The voters roll, we will fill it with names of dead people and ghost voters." " And if we are found out? "asked one of the planners. "We will deny it." Replied the other one of the planners. d. Ballot stuffing ," we will stuff the ballots before going to the polls. " "And if we are found out?" Asked another. "We will deny it,"replied the other. AND the SADC and AU were told what to do and to say becaise if they did not do and say as they were told , they would be deported and not enjoy the holiday they have been given to visit Vic Falls and the hotels in holiday resrts in Zimbabwe.

Comment - 1 August 2013

The problem is that the MDC and its mouth pieces rigged their minds into believing that they will win. Just like they celebrated the Maputo SADC summit, now reality is unfolding. Very sorry to the bliknkered supporters Inotambika, kurasika haisi mhosva.

reason - 1 August 2013

Any wonder why Zimbabweans are poor? Imagine how much was wasted in this electoral process, right from COPAC, referendum over $200m and where are we now? Square zero?

bepa revanhu - 1 August 2013

100s of those voting slips were also distributed and newlife convenant, by members of the zim youth council to congregants and were told there were luck to be voting, but on the premise they would vote in hatefield newlife covenant and ask them

lll - 1 August 2013

Thank you dailynews, but believe me God is still in charge, just wait an see if you play with knife you will die with it says the Lord of HOSTS

zvazviri 4 real - 1 August 2013

As someone on this forum once observed, @Rabison Nyundo does not sound entirely together upstairs. I guess some of us must accept that some people are beyond redemption.

Moses - 1 August 2013


BVUMA WASAKARA - 1 August 2013

Perfect "murder" is what these thugs and low lives are getting away with. Complicit in this farceis ZEC who knowingly printed duplicate ballots and then stuffed them getting rid of those boxes with vote that were cast by people supporting opposition ... Not even tried to mask it but just so brazen about it... It is a shame. I hope ZANU PF and its supporters will rot in hell. Surely what else can we do to get our misery, it feels like biblical Egypt and aint no Moses coming.

Tino - 1 August 2013

Sorry zvenyu, maruza. Pamberi neJongwe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mageja Siziba - 1 August 2013

Why should Mugabe have campaigned vigorously for the Presidency when he knew for sure that in addition to Nikuv Company rigging the Voters Roll, ZEC did not want it audited by the Parties participating in the elections, busing the Border Gezi Institute graduates, voting based on fake slips, getting the unemployed youths in all urban suburbs and to crown it all, there were rigging schemes devised for each constituency. Can all the above illegalities found by a Party on the voting day? Can people now realise why Mugabe hurried and wanted the elections held on 31 July 2013? the ele

Tapera Yemurai Choto - 2 August 2013

millions of those slips were distributed to all Zpf secretaries and people were bussed to constituencies of their choice hence the fake landslide

Mazmoor - 2 August 2013

An election were it was free for all to all Zanu pf and restrictive to all those perceived to be opposition.

Danisa - 2 August 2013

Vavo vaivhota mahara isu takavharirwa ne Zec. Well done NIKUV but God sees all that and he is soon taking the old man

puyu - 2 August 2013

Vavo vaivhota mahara isu takavharirwa ne Zec. Well done NIKUV but God sees all that and he is soon taking the old man

puyu - 2 August 2013

Voting is now a priviledge of those who attend Zanu pf meetings

Sibanda - 2 August 2013

Is this massive, stupid editor

Jay - 2 August 2013

Before mavotes akaundwa hanzi Zanu yanga ichimwa champagne ichiti yarova MDC. Vamwe veZanu vari overzelous vakato poster pa Twitter. Ukaona panonzi naMugabe kana akaruza haarambe kubva pachigaro nenharo dzake, wobva waziva kuti he is 100% kuti Rigging yabata basa. Question ndeyekuti vazviziva sei kuti vahwina even mavotes asati verengwa. Vanga vazviziva kuti RIGGING machine yanga yashanda OVERTIME. Chasara EGPTIAN REVOLT style , three million match ku State house. Kana vakapfura vanhu , mbumburu yacho inopa chete, kusiri kufa ndekupi? Vakatanga kufpura vanhu at least the world will come to our side like Libya, i think world iri kumirira kuti titange then wobva vapindira tosunungurwa zvakaitwa Libya. 94 % unemployment, no clean water in Harare, no electricity, no health system, no basic human needs. Kusiri kufa ndekupi? Achaitonga sei Zimba yacho, achiziva kuti 12 million yemaZimba haimuda , only 500 thousand yema relatives ndiyo yake, kutonga ne ginya chaiko.

Snuuga - 2 August 2013

Lets assume the slips were issued,a person enters ballot alone,uses his own hand to put an X ,unechokwadi here kuti avotera iwe?Vanhuwe kwanai

VICTORY - 2 August 2013

The perceived learned guys thinks they won the game....yes they won deceiving the deprived citizen, yes they won by riding on their own created problems giving the already suffering youth dirty and evil acquired $10 notes, yes they win to oppress their own people , yes they won to steal, kill, maim, rape and abuse they own parent, son and daughters of their own motherland, yes they won looting the much needed natural minerals to turn the table of our falling country, yes they won killing the already buried agriculture production, yes they won to relegate to dustbin the already dis functional industry, yes they won en massing they own people to foreign countries where we are enslaved, raped, laughed at........yes they won killing the already deprived school children their right to learn in preparation of developing their country, yes they won to enslave the long suffered and hard working civil servants, yes they won....yes they won......yes they won...Cry our beloved Country Cry.........the struggle of suffering will continue, to few evil elite celebrate but don't betray your conscience...

Genera - 2 August 2013

Mabuda pachena. Police station ye Daily News kwa Biti. Talk of objective journalism. The special vote was to allow police to vote so that they had to be deployed. They had to be transported from deployed areas to their voting areas after the special vote was bungled. Suppose Chinamasa will work towards changing that on his first day in office. So rigging - what rigging. Morris Depot

muvengwa munondivengerei - 2 August 2013

Leave GOD out of this. Its called blasphemy. God anoints leaders and one commentator actually put pen to paper to the effect that Tsvangirai was Gods anointed one. Does God allow rigging to prevent his anointing plans? Grow up. You were beaten fair and square.

muvengwa munondivengerei - 2 August 2013

Guys in next few months our shops are going to be empty again , few companies remaining are going to shut down , more and more an more are going to cross boarders in seek of greener pastures hospitals are going to collapes no books and teachers in schools then we will remember Morgan but it will be too late .

Diibulaanyika - 2 August 2013

Lets be honest are all uniformed forces zanu? if they are 64000 police handiti for the special votes lets say half of them failed to vote and a quarter of them voted twice we are talking about 45000 votes approx. In a country of 6mill registered voters what's the significance? Secondly these youths who are being given the registration slips how many did circulate? You say most people could not register to vote thereby disadvantaging MDC T but really if those that are not registered are mdc t it means maslips akapihwa ka mdc t supporters handizvo? Are you trying to say kuti vanhu vaivhotesa all around the country at all polling stations are zanu too? Well in that case then zanu will surely have a resounding victory coz it's supporters are plenty zve-e.

maruza imi - 2 August 2013

Zimbabweans in any struggle there setbacks but the sturggle goes on there is a possibilty that we will have are another presidential election in few months to come watch this space so let us sit down and make plans the fight is still on .

Diibulaanyika - 2 August 2013

Viva zanu-pf. thanks for safeguarding our resources.

ku - 2 August 2013

vanhu veMDC mutikwanire. munofunga kuti munovhoterwa nani.

Prophet Jeremiah - 2 August 2013

Zanu PF do not celebrate yet. others, if you are not a child of God stay out of this. this election has more to it than what meets the naked eye. the outcome is a spiritual attack on the people of Zimbabwe. Last saturday 27/07/13 I had a dream. in this dream I saw a white stick which all of a sudden turned into a snake (cobra). there were other people with me and we agreed that the snake should be killed. people came against this snake in every direction but we failed to lay hands on it and at the end it disappeared just like that. spiritually a snake represents very wicked spirits wickedly intelligent bent on complete destruction of their victim unless he/she gets help from a Spiritually higher authority. people from all over Zimbabwe voted to change rule over Zim. if the election had not be stolen change would have come. but the spirit behind the rigging, the same spirit that imposes an old tired men as leader over a nation, cannot be overcome by the ballot. this is spiritual warfare which needs weapons that are not carnal. that is why i said earlier on, if you are not a child of God stay out of this. it does not need any Egypt like protests which may give the devil a reason to cause Bloodshed. we do not even need UN or any super power to intervene. we need God almighty himself. if we take up this weapon 2Chronicles 7:14 as a united body of Christ we will not fail. more in the next post

Tendayi Mhashu - 2 August 2013

Some youths casted more than 20 prevoted ballot papers.Thats why ZEC had to print 2 million excess ballot papers to inflate the results in favour of ZANU.Take heart pple of zimbabwe God is in control.

kuda - 2 August 2013

It doesn't tak a rocket scientist to know that these elections were "beautifully" rigged. Absence of violence does not mean that those Chinese and israelites next to the dictator dd not do their job to ensure that "2m ghost voters" came in to the picture and did wonders for the dictator. Plzzzz unless if u a demented, everyone around the globe knows Mugabe has been rejected since 1990!! Who does not know that the whole drama with rushing elections before a new constitutions was in place, was to make sure that the evil israelites promised farms (and nothing for those stupid vagabounds who assisted in the rigging bussed from Mbare) would deliver. Mwari itai zvido zvevanhu Mugabe and his croones vachione!!!

Fatima Marufu - 2 August 2013

Mudede claims to have registered 700000 new voters. This amounts to only 3000 new voters per constituency ONLY. If you compare current results with those of 08, you will notice on average Zpf support ballooned by approx. 10000 per constituency, justifying nothing but the claim that Voter slips were illegally distributed to all who attended Zpf meetings whilst registration was made difficult for all perceived to be opposition.

Fake landslide - 3 August 2013


ROZINA - 3 August 2013


ROZINA - 3 August 2013

Very true. Thank you for highlighting this important dvp. With millions holding flawed slips but not on the voters roll, Zec I said to have issued a memo to all polling officers asking them to stop scrutinising such slips but simply allow them to vote but not to recording them as previously done in past elections.

Taneta nekunyeperwa - 3 August 2013

With approx. 3.9million people said to have voted in this election. This gives points to the fact that more than 1.3 million new voters registered btwn the 2008 rerun and now. However we all know Mudede registered 750000 new voters. The free for all slips phenomenon is very valid and its true they were bussed to vote in all swing constituencies just to give an urge to Zpf

Praise - 3 August 2013

Nikuv was very intelligent in recommending the voter slip rigging method. WHY? Because 1. Any holder can vote in any constituency of their choice and at any time if they manage to fill it correctly. 2. The slip is not left at the polling station so there is nobody to scrutinise its originality. 3. The slips do not have any security feature or any stamp so you cannot easily be traced as fake

Getrude - 3 August 2013

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid. How many times did I warn you that Zanu pf was conducting parallel voter registration during its party meetings and were freely issuing voting slips. This illegal registration started immediately after the closure of the 1st reg exercise nationwide but ended on the very day of the election itself. Tough luck coz already RGM has stolen legitimacy. Mission accomplished

Prukunya - 3 August 2013

What is worrying is that the 2m votes Bob got were just stuffed in ballot boxes which never sew the door of the polling station.This is the reason why all civilian drivers were substituted by soldiers and police officers as opposed to the initial process.Majority of ballot boxes used by voters were just kept in a secret place.There is noway Zanu Pf could have won this election at all costs.

badoo - 4 August 2013

Haa hameno

ndaneta - 5 August 2013

Welcome to Zhimbabwe. We wont allow western countries to plunder our riches (well chinese arent western, they can take all they want). Next stop total indigenisation of every company (our chinese friends can still steal our diamonds at will anyway they are our friends)

ZanuHood - 7 August 2013

Zimbabweans !!!

tj - 7 August 2013

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